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  1. Music

    I generally listen to music for nostalgic reasons and it sometimes makes me think of what it would be like to be in a romantic relationship with a woman and other times, It makes me feel adventurous and kind of picks me up, depending on the song. There are sometimes when it makes me feel down and I have to force myself to really listen. I wouldn't say that it drive me to or away from God, but I tend to think of adventurous things about nature and the universe and that can make me ponder on the creation.
  2. Music

    Is it ok for a Christian to listen to secular music? I listen to mostly hard rock?
  3. Mental Illness

    Can a Christian suffer from mental illness?
  4. Bible

    Which translation of the bible do you think is the easiest to understand and why?
  5. Evolution

    Can a person be a Christian and believe in evolution? I know a lot of people in the Catholic faith believe in evolution that is guided by God?