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  1. Sarah7

    Be back

    I will be back here on April the 3. You are all in my prayers! True Family, love. haha!! I like this icon. sarah
  2. Father please give courage to our sister Tigger. You live inside her lungs and outside her lungs.
  3. Is it right if I add another prayer request? Im Sarah. My aunt I live with is Hannah. You know how all on this forums where ever you go theres soldier men and woman who make it safe here. And when you look next to them theres bright angels in all the corners but not the kind of bright that hurts your eyes and ears. My aunt Hannah is a kind of angel that she watches over me and helps me. She never complanes but I know im a lot of work to take care of. Please ask God to keep making her strong. Have you heared of a place called Sderot? Thats where I was born and we moved far east from there when I was 10. I was all weys very afrade in Sderot. Its not a good place or a safe place. After being 5 years old I didnt play outside anymore. The closest house to ares was my friend חַיָה Chaya, I would go out my door and run and scream until I got to her house. I didnt go any where else. חַיָה would go to school in a house and she would bring work home for me and teach me. She was 5 years older then me and she she died from being sick when she was 15. Her mother gave to me all חַיָה school books. My brothers and sisters went to school and other places. My parents think I was being bad and ungodly but I would feel very sick to leave my house. Every week or month more rockets exploded in my city. One time it was close to my brother and me and inside are ears was broken and then healed. I spent lots of time hiding inside to read lots of books of my friend, my fathers, and תּוֹרָה Now I live in Canada with my aunt Hannah and its very quiet in these streets. But I cant still go to school or my chest hurts and I vomit and sweat. I learn school work at home. Doda Hannah helps me. A special nurse for my mind comes every day to talk with me and help my mind to heal. I dont get scared here on this forums. I would like to go to school but I dont like noises and lights and loud people or busy places or places where theres lots of people. Some times I go into the chat room here and theres 20 names and then I cant talk. Usually I can talk if I pray first. I believe God can make people free from there own mind if they ask him. My prayer for me is my mind would be healed so I can go to school, and know friends, and tell them about Jesus, and grow up and be a school teacher.
  4. Nothing on the out side has changed, Im sure God is doing lots I cant see
  5. Sarah7

    Hey everyone

    Hi Haley sister Im new too and 14 too, from Judaism to Christianity, from Israel to Canada. Everyone here is very friendly. I dont know lots about the Bible yet but no one makes me feel bad. Im learning a lot. There is no tests. It is safe here. Lots of soldiers standing guard. Jesus is in this place you can see his heartprints every where. Lots of love here. I grew up following law and religion. It wasnt a bad law but it is just that Jesus set us free from that law a LONG time ago. That law was beautiful but without rest. Then I found Jesus and I learned to live in grace. It is restful. No more trying to please God. Only resting with God and being his child and he loves me and I love him. No forcing. I like to take all parts of my doing and my saying and give them to God so he can live good things throuhg me. Before I know God I felt alone and seperated. All of my life I was trying and trying to do good so I could be with God. All the time I was climbing up , God was sitting wating for me to come down and sit with him. I stopped climbing and I sat with God.
  6. Hi Ann Marie, you are loved here. Your sister
  7. I like the work you are doing. Reach the young peoples concerns and you will reach the young people. The concerns are in there hearts. Reach there concerns and you reach there hearts. God filled my heart and my concerns flowed out and didnt come back. Put a link from Gods heart to there heart. From God's love to there fears. There attention is on there hearts. You get in there hearts and you get their attention and all you say after that goes in there heart. A young persons heart is what controls the rest of their self. Young people dont think much with our brains. I told someone at Jerusalem Assembly that this world leaves me thirsty and dry and that person told me Jesus Christ is the Living Water. "God is resting place" reaches young peoples concern of "I am overwhelmed" Young people are feeling overwhelmed, afraid, lonely, insecure, unloved, unappreciated, disprespected, and unheard. And there is no part of this current world they would like to grow up and fit into. They think this world is a crule joke. They dred that adult life days are coming and they will have to make a place for myself in this world they dont want to be a part of. Reach all those concerns in them by presenting to them the corresponding attributes of God. You feel unloved? God is love. He doesnt just love you but he IS love. You dred the future? God IS the future and he has a place for you there. He is the current time and has a place for you here too. A plan. A purpose. God controls the future. And how lonelly you are? There is no rejection with him if you come to him. And all those who come to him become all of them your brothers and your sisters one big new family that you cant ever be unadopted from. God is your secure strong hold. He hears you. He thinks more thoughts of you before erev than all the sands on the shore. And he respects and loves and apprececeites you to the level of he gave his own Son that you could be with him for ever. You mess up every day and God doesnt turn his face to your fauxlts. All the times he looks on you he sees the blood of his Son and the right living of his Son. God removes our sin from us and he pours onto us and into us the goodness of his Son. Young people think they wont be able to live a good Christian life. Tell them the Holy Spirit comes to live inside them to live through them. The Spirit will live in them a life that brings glory back to God. We rest in God. It is done.
  8. Hi I'm Sarah Cohen 14 years old from Israel now Canada. My parents and 2 sisters 2 brothers are Jewish, they reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah. I was born again in Israel, Jerusalem Assembly 2 years ago. My parents were angry, brothers and sisters turned away from me. I lived in my friends house and then invited to live in Canada with my aunt who is a Christian. My family will not speak to me. I ask your prayer for peace in my family, salvation for all, and the peace of Jerusalem. My heart is broke for all.
  9. Sarah7


    I'm in the greater Vancouver area, the rain forest capital of the world, haha!
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