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  1. I had this idea of wanting a pet lamb many months ago or so. it's been my idea for awhile. I am a single unmarried Christian and I live with my two parents and my cat, these days I live alone in my home with my cat, I am not married so I would not have anyone to help me, even my sisters who have the same parents as me. They would not even care one bit. I really want a lamb because possibly it will help me go to Heaven if I am not mistaken. my belief with having a lamb would be that, I would be required to give the lamb the highest c are and love possible. What are the Christian benefits of having a pet lamb? is it true that what they say about cats and bunnies is that they are satanic? why would they not let me bring my cat to church now? even though I did in theow one past? my cat is a loving cat but is not actually completely loving, she does love me. She gets irritated if I do not feed her anything good to eat, or if I do not treat her good enough. so therefore I will try to improve on every aspect in pet care when having a lamb. Another thing is, why do people eat lamb meat and is that acceptable to even do as a Christian? I do not believe it is good, personally. It is like a marker that someone will go to Hell, I believe so that should be avoided right? How one treated a lamb in this life and age, affects where they will be in the next and is like forbidden meat like forbidden fruit. in Jesus' Second Coming and then those evil people who probably are also illiterate so they can not even read at all, more or less their name in the Book of Lamb, they are going to Hell. and it says somewhere Billions are headed for Hell. In the Throne Room, the Lamb of God was murdered by Satan and the Lamb and was the wolf that put on sheep's clothing. Although God is unkillable by Satan. I also need the bare basics, which is similar to what most even human requires. I probably need to move to a new climate zone where it is much warmer in a rural setting I live in Maryland near the Washington DC area. Would I have to move to maybe Georgia or South Carolina, in a specific rural zone and get a special permit? No neglect, or maltreatment of the animal is ever to be committed
  2. iloveGod4236

    The Future

    I want a honest truthful telling of what will be the future in key specific description that I look for. What will the global population in the future be like? How many people will be alive in the year 2050? 2100? 2500? 3000? 4000? what would the future be like? a place of prosperity, peace, happiness where only good people live in, like a utopia? or a dystopia? what will the global population count be at each stage of year/time? will the good be present or the earth be rampant with mostly evil people? Will the Antichrist be present and most be deceived? Is he planning to murder many people including Christians under a "gingerbread house deception"? (refer to Hansel and Gretel) What is the ultimate Christian agenda-goal concerning with this worldly place Earth or 3rd Heaven? will Christian goal be to go to Mars and inhabit it? Currently it is the year 2018. I currently kind of believe the world agenda is geared towards killing over 90% of the world population, including "professed Christians" while only allowing the most "elitest and purest" people to continue to live on. Weeding out, natural selection. I am not sure if this is what mainstream Christians think.
  3. iloveGod4236

    Hello, I need Help

    I attended my First Sabbath in a long while last Saturday and am continuing to attend church, only problem is I am looking to find a more real church. the other church had haughty people that literally hated on me and helped further my suffering and passed me by as dead, like forgetting me.
  4. iloveGod4236

    Hello, I need Help

    I am here to both help others and try to get help if they can help but I am not necessarily looking for money and I am not looking purely for money. I just need help that is all. basically I need help "healing".
  5. iloveGod4236

    Hello, I need Help

    I need help contacting real Christians. I am isolated from other REAL Christians.