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  1. Thanks for this Not Me, it really is about that still small voice isn't it
  2. Hey friends, What are the ways you describe repentance. I made this video because I am eager to explain repentance to the youth at my church in a way that is engaging and clear to them. I used an awesome passage from Matthew 11:21-30 as I've been posting on different threads here, I've really enjoyed reading what others have said So I'd love to hear your thoughts on this video, and your own thoughts about how you'd describe repentance? God Bless you...I love hearing peoples voices in this community
  3. Hey friend, I made a video with biblical tips about how to Jesus can help us when we're overwhelmed. I'd love to hear any ideas and experience you've learnt about dealing with being overwhelmed. If there was anything you fond helpful in this video. i'd love to know....and I'd love to know any of your helpful thoughtful about how God helps us when we're overwhelmed. I love being apart of this group
  4. broad road is the perfect description......and it's against basic comprehension and common sense. these religions could not be more different, and their explainations on how to be right with God and explaination for the menaing of life, (some denying God's existence) they are so different....so sya that their all the same and we should all agree and get along is soooooo lazy and irresponsible... and none of those religions had a person who performed witnessed miracles, and made claims that they were equal with God & proved it by rising from the dead. Soooooo, there you go. An eight year old could understand this lol.. so sad that people are indoctrinated by this new age people pleasing movement
  5. The law reveals that we deserve death because our sin so in effect the law highlights how amazing the work of Jesus is....blessing us with the indescribable gift of eternal life through his sacrifice.... The law highlights how greatly we don't deserve the gift that Jesus gave us
  6. dying to ourselves means dying to our life of this world, recognising the joy of etenrity is far far greater....and our stae of mind is focused on that eternal joy which shapes how we live now... Our source for joy is nothing in this world....but we have joy in makning his eternal love known while we are in this world.... so dying to ourselves is no a gloomy experience, it's a joyful one!
  7. true friend, but when we know the Love of God, that love compels us to make his love known. So our actions don't gain us his Love, our actions don't gain us his love, our actions are our response to His Love.
  8. Apparently it is a completely different word, that whole talk about it being the same word is actually not true, there are distinctions……we want everyone to agree, as though that’s gonna make the word better, but if that did happen, there’d still be questions
  9. This is troubling. We need Christians who won't comprise on God's word to rise up and spread their voices, by spreading the truth
  10. hey guys, I made this video that I think will really encourage you, with unique insights about following Jesus. Would love to hear your feedback
  11. I can’t believe we have a pope who doesn’t believe in the resurrected Jesus, it’s so sad, and I think people want to please people instead of pleasing the Lord. We need to be motivated by pleasing the Lord
  12. I think it is easy to become a Christian and still only live for the moment, instead of living for eternity. Our lives have eternal value, and yet we make a decision only for the moment, I think that’s where this issue comes from. We don’t live with that expectancy of the Lord returning, as you guys have explained so well
  13. Hey guys, keen to hear what you have to say about this topic. Can God make our dreams true, do you agree with this video? what are your views?
  14. These are awesome facts, thank you so much for sharing!
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