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  1. God did create the universe as you can't get biology from chemistry. No living from non living !!
  2. There is a website called answering Christianity. I don't quote the website unless a Christian plays copy paste game. Best way is to discuss bible & Quran and what Christians & Muslims believe
  3. The Jews don't as he brought up the fact that Jews interpret it in such way. Jews are not honest too when it comes to old testament. So what Jews say I don't generally care
  4. Jews also agree with Muslims that Jesus isn't the Messiah and never believed Jesus was God ! I am ready to agree with Jews for both of our claims
  5. I did not say no Christian is commenting. I said no Christian seems to agree with your statements. dont you understand the difference? go through the post and you will understand what I'm saying. And can you please take English lessons. It's a waste of time if you can't understand it
  6. Dont you understand story that has no basis is itself proof that it's fake one. What proof is needed. Can't you have some common sense and I have to explain sense to you every time. Well it's historians who have said Christian roots are from pagan sources. Too many documentaries are made for that. At least my Muslim brothers agree with me and only Shias are main deviated ones. You don't seem to have anyone who agrees with you. You must check in the the post which I made for you and no Christian seems to agree with your statements. You are confused my dear friend and belong to no one but yourself.
  7. Shias are Muslims, understand that. Like you can't pray to saints in our religion also we can't pray to saints. There are nullifies of faith which you might not know. Shais curse the companions of prophet and wife of prophet. As I said earlier Gharaniq is a fake story. Period. Now don't get me started on Greek & Christian similarities or Mithras. If shais are Muslims same way non trinitarians are Christians.
  8. Lol. Don't you see your double standards for Christianity & Islam. So you get to choose who real Christian is and I don't get to choose who real Muslim is? I'm getting more insights on why you left Islam. A true Muslim will have at least that much common sense.
  9. You have shown me Christian opinion. I don't buy that. Also you don't get to choose who is Christian & or not. It's a known sect in Christianity.
  10. Non trinitarians reject Trinity https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nontrinitarianism I'm telling you we are wasting time following trend of Mishael. We both have material to attack each other and when we share that, it's not gonna end. I am sure you are sensible person unlike mishael
  11. So is in Christianity. Every denomination has different beliefs. Some even reject Trinity or old testament altogether or books in bible.
  12. 1x1x1=1 when you count people you don't multiply. No wonder you are what you are
  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christian_denominations_by_number_of_members
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