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  1. Hi and Welcome to Worthy !
  2. Welcome to worthy, and may God bless you!
  3. islam is like a cult that had its teachings from the false pedophile prophet and his satanic book koran, im surprised that they didnt get killed by these cultists
  4. Hi all God bless, im a new secret convert from the "religion of peace". I live in one of the most dangerous countries for new converts, Iv accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I cant but believe. I feel blessed after believing and repenting. Iv accepted the Lord Jesus my only way and I read the Holy Bible but I cant get baptized. Its almost impossible here. Do I have to get baptized to complete my faith? also I dont know about different denominations, I dont have good knowledge about them where should I start? sorry if I bothered you but I need to talk to Christian brothers and sisters as I cant talk about anything here in this country im living in.
  5. just wanted to say to you all and God bless
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