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  1. Hi there and Welcome to you Jannie! Well I too live in Ca not too far from the Coast. I too love Proverbs 3: 5 and 6! Look forward to talking to you in the chat room one day!
  2. I am very poor at explaining things and please do not do this if it could injure anything else you have but sometimes this has helped some people. Some people have Meniere's Disease. My ex mother-in-law had this. She found on the Mayo clinic this treatment she said. You lie on your bed, with your head extended over the edge face up. You gently and slowly ... very slowly now.... TURN YOUR HEAD back and forth. She did this twice and twice a day for not sure how long.. can't remember but she said it worked and the dizziness went away. Take caution though I don't know if you have anything else that this could disrupt. Maybe ask your doc if it's ok
  3. Turtle did you check out the Mayo clinic? Maybe some good information.
  4. Praying for the Lord to lead, guide and protect you.
  5. Praying for you Turtle.. please be extra careful when you move around.
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