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  1. Praying for you dear Nigh and your family.
  2. Praying that they will both be saved and for them and especially for her and for you ML as you minster to her.
  3. My sister came home from the hospital and she fell again as her legs gave out even with the walker and someone there with her. Please pray for healing, and that the doctors choose treatment and options that have the best possible outcome for her and her recovery. She has special needs so her case is complicated. She was able to live alone before the fall (my mom helped her so much with rides and medications). My parents live 10 min from her apartment. The hospital people are saying she may not be able to go back to living alone. I just spoke to my mom and she is doing well under the circumstances . I know our prayers are making a difference as they always do. I pray God's perfect will be done for my sister and my parents. Thank you for praying for my family. On a good note today I was able to talk to my son for a long time about the Lord. Please pray for his salvation. I love you in the Lord for praying for my family.
  4. Lord, I pray for all who are struggling with illness and or pain, of any kind. I pray for healing and comfort from you Lord you are the God of all comfort. May we find our hope and strength in you while we are waiting on you for our healing. In Jesus' name I ask. Amen.
  5. Please pray for strength and healing for Jade and also for Annette's dad who had surgery.
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