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  1. Numbers today: Complaining brought Quail and fire judgement. It reminded me of Exodus (16) where they complained and the Lord gave them quail and manna. Why do you think they were judged the 2nd time? Do you think it's because they should have known better by this time?
  2. It struck me that as a picture of the one sacrifice for all, it was lacking, because Jesus was sacrificed by "unclean" Romans. Good point. So, our high priest was already perfect, did not need to make Himself clean, He made an offering of Himself as both the priest and the sacrifice, and of sufficient worth to pay for the sins of all! What a Savior, such a gift, amazing love! Amen. He is so Worthy .. Reminded me of Revelation 5.
  3. Praying for u dear aimzey.
  4. Welcome to Worthy! Glad you joined.
  5. Hi and Welcome to Worthy. This is the Welcome area. Make a few post here so other areas of Worthy will open up for posting.
  6. I found today's reading very interesting and brought many questions to my mind too. I think the Levites were a living sacrifice as they belonged to the Lord and were given to him as a wave offering. Reminded me of Romans 12: 1 and 2. Interesting the first sacrifice came from the tribe of Judah and the last from Naphtali. (Jesus from the tribe of Judah and Naphtali was the area of Nazareth I think). The lamps with their light pointing outward. Jesus the Light of the World. A few other things too and I need to reread.
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