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  1. As far as Peter, he is not infallible in his decisions, and it looks like to me that James was more or less honcho at Jerusalem church, which is unusual to me because James was not a disciple at first... Anyway, Paul corrected Peter to his face - at Antioch, Peter was going along with eating with Gentiles until "certain of James" arrived - then Peter drew back... Sure, Peter was great, but not infallible.
  2. Many are cold but few are frozen.
  3. I would say the creeds were from an UNDIVIDED CHURCH, before there was any split between Orthodox and Roman Catholic.
  4. I don't know if this is the proper thread for this, but I have run into - on other boards- some posters who have what I would describe as an exalted and inflated view of the Catholic church and the Pope. In a discussion about the Nicene Creed, someone said in 325 AD when Creed was first proposed, that the Catholic church was the only church there was! In actuality, there were far more Orthodox bishops, Eastern bishops, than Catholic at Nicea.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Roman_Symbol
  6. Chi Rho I never heard of -- Old Roman Symbol was an earlier, shorter version of Apostles Creed
  7. Yes. there is nothing to argue about in APOSTLES CREED it may go way back to 100 AD - coming out of THE OLD ROMAN SYMBOL
  8. I'm sorry Fidei, I don't have a copy of what the young people came up with. Methodists where I grew up used the APOSTLES CREED more than any other
  9. Those four are packed with heavy stuff. I was recently in a thread with someone who denied that Jesus had a human soul! Chalcedon is very specific, truly God and Truly Man. A few years ago the young people at our Methodist church made up their own creed -- it was very good, too.
  10. the spring of Harod by the way the men drank, Gideon chose his 300
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