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  1. I feel it was literal. 5000 men - not counting women and children- were fed by multiplied loaves and fishes. Another event was similar - 4000 men fed in same way - they were separate events, different numbers of baskets were filled with leftovers. I think there was an OT food-multiplication miracle with Elijah though on a smaller scale. What an odd thing to be a point of witness, as Jesus had said of some people that they were interested because they ate and were filled, rather than realizing the truth of His message. In any case, I hope you find the answers you need, Melinda12, and can make an effective witness. What would be the point of SYMBOLIC FOOD MULTIPLICATION? At one point, Jesus was speaking symbolically of "the leaven of the Pharisees", explaining to the confused disciples that he meant the DOCTRINE of the Pharisees, not real bread and leaven, deliberately contrasting the disciples wondering about "real bread" to the two incidents of feeding the 5000 and 4000, and the 12 and 7 baskets full of leftovers, like, "You're worried about REAL BREAD? You saw what I did with 5000 and 4000 - you picked up tons of leftovers!"
  2. As far as UNDERSTANDING it, well, we have the Holy Spirit as teacher, and we can always come to message boards and ARGUE, er, uh, I mean DISCUSS things with others.
  3. Genealogies are like those commercials on TV that you have seen a million times and seem to be destined to see a million more. My mind goes numb. I like what I have seen of New Living Translation. The original LIVING BIBLE was just a paraphrase, but had a neat feature - check off boxes chapter by chapter, I used its boxes even though I read mainly in KJV. I SKIPPED around years ago, til all boxes were checked. Just READ, Anyn It's all good I have read over 20 versions, these days I like the Bibles WITH THE BIGGEST PRINT !!
  4. Both John Galt of Atlas Shrugged and Howard Roark of The Fountainhead were simply human manifestations of Buddy the Mouse.
  5. Antecedents aside, something or someone is withholding, until he or it be taken out of the way. We have the phrase "what withholdeth" in one verse, and the Restrainer referred to as a HE in the next verse. God Himself can never be TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY. Archangel Michael might "stand up out of the way", but how would the Thessalonians KNOW that Michael was the restrainer, Paul said they KNEW what we don't - the identity of what withholdeth. I started the thread because I DON'T KNOW, but I can't see Holy Spirit as Restrainer because, again, Holy Spirit is God, and never will be gone.
  6. If God is doing the withholding, how can God be taken out of the way?
  7. Delete a thread that I started? Apparently it made someone uncomfortable. It's THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BUDDY THE MOUSE. Just ZAP it, please, any Mod or Admin.
  8. And as ye have heard that the antecedent shall come, even now are there many antecedents, by which we know it is the last time.
  9. LadyKay' s Buddy would do nothing, he be day-yud. My Buddy would schedule a joint Santa/Satan concert
  10. Some church bulletin already appeared with Santa autocorrected to Satan.
  11. One mention of "free will" and a whole BOOK of Piper-bombing appears, pitching Calvinism. Thread is about Christianity, not Calvinism. Some people are CHRISTOPHOBICS, and should be labelled as such. Like homophobic and Islamophobics, these CHRISTOPHOBICS pounce on things Christian.
  12. My Buddy is now talking with mice in Moscow about maybe doing the Requiem concert there.
  13. "My" Buddy is planning a Requiem concert for LadyKay' s little buddy. It will be a while, as my Buddy has a sprained wrist. There is talk of a possible Super Bowl halftime show, nothing definite.
  14. Possibly, yeah. His ministry, disputed by scholars to have lasted from one year to 3 and 1/2 years, was definitely within the 69th week, because He was cut off at end of the 69th week -He could do nothing on earth in first half of 70th week - He was gone. We can't get away from math and chronology. Let's go back to Jews returning from exile. First we have Cyrus declaring - "OK, you can go back" - but no one does, at first. This is way early - 538 BC, I am not sure. Then Ezra tries to light a fire under everybody, pulling out his beard, egg in ,'em on to go back, he gets some King' s letter around 450-something and the way is strengthened to go back. But not til Nehemiah leaves his kushy job as royal cup-bearer and gets a letter bout 444 BC -saying specifically that he can cut down trees for WALLS, is there a big group goin back, led by A prophet, if Nehemiah can be called a prophet, . Street, walls and temple needs rebuilding. Nehemiah eggs on these Jews to work on the wall and be ready to fight whatever -ITES are hassling them, and work with trowel in one hand, weapon in the other - get the street and wall built. Still no temple rebuilt. Haggai and some other prophet chew out the Jews again - "Get up off it and get God's Temple built, you lazy bums that built houses for yourselves while God doesn't have His house yet " - and finally a temple gets built, whether it took 46 years I dunno, some Pharisee said that to Jesus later on. The 46 years, if that is how long it took for TEMPLE, was AFTER street and wall were done, Temple was LAST. and done well within 70 weeks, maybe within first seven shauvim. There's still possibility of wall first, then 46 years of temple-building within those first 49 years. Jesus is cut off at end of 69th week. We got Peentecost, got Jews believing left and right, and Greeks get in on this deal too. By the time it gets to needing DEACONS, the Greek widows are howling that the Hebrew widows are edging them out of food distribution or what have you. So deacons are set up so the 12 (which now includes Matthias) don't have to leave the Word of God to wait on tables. Stephen is one of these first 7 deacons. Unbelieving Jews don't like him and start chunking' rocks. Saul of Tarsus holds their coats so they can throw better. Stephen sees Christ standing at the right hand of God before he dies. Easily could have been 7 years from RENT VAIL at crucifixion til Stephen was stoned, one of those "standing there" with Jesus who would not taste death til he saw Son of Man in glory. Believe in "mid-week cut off" if ya want. Show me.
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