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  1. Has God sent Islam to punish the west?

    I have thought that since only righteousness can defeat unrighteousness. And the “Christian” nations have forsaken righteousness. They can only fight unrighteousness with unrighteousness. And if you fight unrighteousness with unrighteousness whichever is more unrighteous will win. (my thoughts) much love in Christ, Not me
  2. Ok, question answered. Edit: no words, let me chew on how and where and what to do with all this food/truth, will post a comment later. Taking it to God. much love in Christ, Not me
  3. The Bible:

    I have often thought that it was the teaching “that we are our brothers keeper” that has done so much damage to Christianity. This is the teaching of communism. Even though this thought is found in the scriptures, it was put forth as a question. I have often thought the proper response to it would be; Depends on what you mean by “being my brothers keeper”. If by that you mean, I’m my brothers “meal ticket”, I say no. But if you mean by that, I am to help him to do right, and if he refuses to do right, I allow him reap the consequences of his action, I say correct. This, I believe, is the proper “keeping” one person “owes”another. (My ponderings and thoughts) much love in Christ, Not me
  4. This is what Christianity is, someone’s personal relationship with Christ. We all, those that are born again have a relationship with Christ. It is this relationship, that being fed, by whatever the believers heart is telling them is the proper way. Is the way to Christ. Some people’s course take them this direction, some that. For God alone knows what works best in the life of a believer. Even if that believer goes astary in His learning, if that believer is walking in the integrity of His heart torward God. He will be like the servant that thought he was doing the will of his master, even though he was wrong, he was only beaten with “few stripes”. For the integrity of his heart protected him. It is the honest heart before God that causes growth. Though we (all believers) are at different places in our walk with Him. He is the same to all. The standard of righteousness to all believers doesn’t change, will never change. We all know what we know, see what we see. But the fruit of the Spirit is love from a pure heart. Let love from a pure heart be our goal. Much love in Christ, Not me
  5. Loved this part, So absolutely true! ”The standard will never be lowered but He will lift us up to meet it” “If we ask” or “seeking.” That we, His body might be “seeking.” Peace and love to all His body, Not me
  6. Let’s all take it before the Throne of Grace, for He loves us all equally, and only what to increase Himself in each of us. If I have offended anybody I humbly offer my sincere apologies. All that’s important is that we grow in our relationship(s) with Christ. Much love in Christ, Not me
  7. No Yowm I won’t report you. I will pray for you and love you and hope best for you. That we both will get our “well done thou good and faithful servant(s)”. Much love in Christ, Not me
  8. Correction it was on page two of this thread toward the bottom. Much love in Christ, Not me
  9. Do you really except people to believe you? They can read for themselves what you posted and judge. You are my brother in Christ so I wish you well and God speed in your endeavors. Much love in Christ. Not me
  10. If your looking for where I got involved it’s on page three of this thread. Think it’s the third or so post down. The mythical thread where it got started is up to Yowm to bring forth. I just wanted to bring it before God. Much love in Christ, Not me
  11. Everyone can read the posts for themselves and judge for themselves Yowm. All your spin to cover your fault. Is just making things worse. If hope you see this. Much love in Christ, Not me
  12. If I live, I sin.

    Keep feeding your personal relationship with Christ and you will get your “well done thou good and faithful servant” much love in Christ, Not me
  13. Yowm, no one said it was “personal attack”. But it “WAS” a accusation against a brother. If you want to cover your accusation that’s fine. I just wanted to bring your accusation before the throne of Grace. So that if it was true, to maybe have an increase in Christ in the life of a fellow believer. But if you want to pretend that you didn’t accuse anybody that’s fine, we can drop the issue. Much love in Christ, Not me
  14. Couldn’t agree more. Different believers will have different styles of reading and studying the scriptures. Some may actually be better or worse, but as long as the believer is walking in the integrity of his heart before God. God will in His time make all thing plain to any and all that are willing to grow. Very wise words Butero. much love in Christ, Not me
  15. Yowm said; Yes, it was a carry over issue from another thread. This to me sounds like you are accusing someone of writing that they said they don’t need the Bible because Jesus teaches them personally. By saying “yes” to the above was stating that you know who that person was/is. You have not revealed his name.(yet), and no one said you did). So I thought in the Spirit of Love you should bring it forth and give that person (believer) a chance to explain himself. Don’t you agree that is how Christ would have you handle the situation? Much love on Christ, Not me