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  1. @JustPassingThrough Thanks for sharing a bit about how God has led and orchestrated your life. Was a blessing to read. This absolute dependence on God that is the ticket for growth, once seen, and given to, has such a capacity for growth in Him that far out weighs all to the contrary. Be most blessed as He continues to grow in you and all that are willing. In Christ, Not me
  2. It is a wonderful thing to see God in our lives. It is also a wonderful thing to see someone else see God in their lives. Be blessed for sharing your seeing, Not me
  3. I’m glad my writings can encourage another heart towards Christ. It is a awesome thing to hear. It does bless my heart so, thanks for saying so. Yes, Lord willing, I am on my course, and as each and every day goes by, as long as I have breath, Christ can be formed in me to a greater degree. As I too can tell from your writings, you are on your course also. Through all the pain of dying to our own wills, the joy that will be revealed in us will wash away all to the contrary....As is true with all that call on His name, out of a heart that would be His. Be blessed as He makes Himself more real to us as we yield to Him, Not me It brought joy to my heart to read this. Be so blessed in Him, as He magnifies Himself in you, in your innermost being, Not me
  4. Coming to the end of ourselves. Though this is extremely painful and can take time with many up’s and down’s. When it is finally realized and experienced the blessing that is received. Is like a woman giving birth, all the pain is forgotten because a new life has been birthed. This may be a metaphor but it is precisely what happens. All our Christian lives before this, is only for the purpose of this; bringing us to the end of ourselves. For God must do all, but God can not do all till our hope is in God alone and we get out of the way and hope and expect all from Him by faith. But this can’t be realized till we see how totally undone and helpless we are to walk in righteousness. Than as scripture says the “just shall live by faith”. Faith in God becomes our lives, faith in God becomes that very thing that is the first thing we think of in the morning. Turning the faith of our hearts to God, not just once, but every moment of the day. Knowing that if He does not cause us to walk in righteousness we will not do so. Faith in God who says all things have become new. This coming to the end of ourselves, is Paul realizing “in him dwells no good thing” it is something all Christians that would go on with God and be perfected in Him, have to go through. Giving up our very self live’s to God. Our very and actual lives to Him. Trusting Him for all, in all and with all, for faith receives from God. But to be brought to the place, as Christians, where faith is all we have left; is a dying to self, a faith and hope in God to do those things He has promised to do in us, for it has nothing left, it has tried all and failed. It’s only hope to walk in righteousness is for God to reach down and cause him to walk in His statutes, which is him walking in newness of life. Be blessed as God brings us to the end of ourselves, so that we might walk in newness of life. In Christ, Not me
  5. It seems to me this whole argument is futile; For once it is known and seen why Paul was accused of preaching a gospel of; “let us do evil that good may come” The ground of our salvation is known and whether OSAS is true or not is self evident. Blessings to all that pursue this truth. In Christ, Not me
  6. It all depends on if they have been born again. If one has the Divine Nature birthed in them before their departure into eternity, Heaven is their home. They may not have any rewards but seeing they have the one thing that is necessary for life in Heaven, they can not go anywhere else, no other place can receive them. (My two-cents worth on the subject.) Be blessed as we discover Christ as our lives, Not me
  7. By grace you have been saved and that through faith and that not of yourself it is a gift of God. ~And what a gift.~ Be blessed as we learn of this gift, Not me
  8. Thanks so very much for the witness; to have a heart like David had; to follow God fully. “The unity of the faith in the bound of peace.” That we all might come to see what is necessary for this to be a living reality in our life’s. Be blessed as we pray that He becomes our all, and everybody’s all, Not me
  9. Blessings JustPassingThrough, yes that we would yield more of ourselves to Him each and every day, so that He might have more of us. As we grow in and unto Him, be blessed, Not me
  10. This truth of Christ living His life in us is the very heart of our salvation. The entrance into this truth is seeing our deaths with Him. For as Christ went through both death and resurrection we too are called to the same. As this truth is constantly made more real in our lives, be blessed in Him, Not me
  11. I have thought about this and as you say if this would have happened now-a-days the parents would be up for child abuse... I have thought that just like when I was a child we never locked our houses when we went away, people didn’t steal because they all knew it was wrong and for the most part had the fear of God in their hearts. So I can only extrapolate that back than even more so. So over all, behavior, of and towards family, was something lost to us living in the times we do. My thoughts and ponderings on the issue. Be blessed as we search into Him, Not me
  12. Oh to have such a desire of life as this. Be blessed as we strive to make it so, Not me
  13. Intimacy with God seems like the answer to all my problems and issues of life. If God is not first place, all else is futile. As scripture says; a striving after wind. But with God as first place; is actually having all things. Be blessed all that would desire it, Not me
  14. God in our life’s. We, those that would want to be God’s, long to know we have God in our life’s. We cry out daily for Him and His presence to be made real to us. We have a degree of knowing Him revealed to us, but our hearts cry out for more. It is the cry of our hearts after God that is to be our lives. This desire, this hunger, this ache of our hearts after God. This continual desire of our souls turned towards God; the faith of the heart turned towards Him. This desire of Him to grow and become that which would control all that we do, say and think. This desire of our hearts after God. To know Him, to truly understand Him, to know that we know Him. For we have died and our lives are hidden with Christ in God. We read the words, but to know these words by experience. To truly know that nothing matters but the new creation. Access by faith into the grace wherein we stand. That these words would be opened up to our hearts to a degree we can’t even imagine, but our hearts tell us is real and we desire to be brought into the more. More of Him, more of God, to learn to please Him a little more today than yesterday, to grow into Him. That this gift of the new birth would grow and mature in us. Like a bride waiting for their bridegroom we would make ourselves ready. The desire of the heart turned towards God.... That He might become more and we less. Our hearts cry after the reality of this being made true in our life’s. That when Jesus died we died, to understand this truth to an ever increasing degree. To have one desire of life and that would be; “all of Him and nothing of me” Be blessed as He calls us deeper into the beloved. In Christ, Not me
  15. The nice thing about the movie version is, they stay away from all the anti-God parts of the book. Makes it, easier on the heart. (My experience anyways,) Not me edit; makes the movie version definitely worth a watch.
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