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  1. @lftc “my thinks” Was directed at what my thoughts are, as to what I wrote concerning the two trees or the two laws. And yes I agree, waiting before God is assuredly the best place to wait. I am, but not as much as tomorrow. For each and every day, if I can know and get closer to this Christ who died for me, a little more than yesterday, it was a blessed day. In Christ, Not me
  2. Thanks but I’m not convinced 100% yet, waiting for the confirmation from above, but I lean that way. So waiting before God I wait. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don’t believe there are two laws or two trees. There is only the law that was made for those that don’t know how to behave themselves, (the lawless). I feel the law; those instructions on what is sin..... is the law of liberty. For seeing how scripture says; he that sins is a slave of sin, so if one walks in perfect lawfulness (i.e. righteousness) that person would not be a slave, would be walking in perfect liberty and freedom. My thinks???? Be blessed in your searching after Him, Not me
  3. @Debp I’ve been wondering recently whether the works James talked about, if they were not in fact, the fruit that was spoken about in Galatians. Seeing how they both are for the benefit of others..... Anyways just my pondering..... Be blessed Debp as we keep our eyes Heavenwards, Not me
  4. @Seasoned by Grace Very true, for there are no opinions in truth....and only in truth as it is in Jesus can there be unity.... And only as much as we know Christ Jesus personally, to that degree can we know Truth. This is why foremost in our walks, should be our personal relationship with Christ. For as stated above, to the degree we know Christ to that degree can we know truth. All else is a playing with the words of life to the elevation of self. Be blessed in your searching after Him, Not me
  5. Me likes this,,,,, a lot. Blessings as this is truly made real in all of our life’s. In Christ, Not me
  6. Yes it is and your right, nothing compares. Be blessed in Him, Not me
  7. @Melinda12 This thread has blessed my heart so. I see in your writings a heart so open to God. Above all keep that open and soft heart before God for He knows the thoughts He has concerning you, to give you a future and a hope. Be most blessed as you continue your searching into and after Him, Not me
  8. Yes, that would be the highest gift and the greatest expression of love. Be blessed in Him Firm Foundation, as He grows Himself in us, Not me
  9. We are not responsible for someone else’s behavior, only our own. “For love covers a multitude of sins,” Be most blessed in Him, Not me
  10. Yes, and so true it is: and thank God Himself for His awesome and never ending love bestowed on us in the Beloved, for; 1 John 4:18 (NASB) There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. So let us grow into this highest realm; this perfection of love and fear no more... Be most blessed as each and every day we experience this “highest realm” in a more real and living way...Not me
  11. Lord willing a little more today than yesterday and tomorrow more still. Be blessed as we grow in Him, Not me
  12. A hearts cry, Oh Lord God cause me to know you in all reality and all truth. Not know about you, but truly to know you intimately like you spoke when you called me a friend. To be a friend of yours to have that intimate knowledge of you that a friend of yours would have. Lord you purchased my salvation with your death. You paid the highest price possible to secure my redemption. Cause me to understand just what my salvation in Christ consists of. All the benefits of being joined in and with you. Lord God you are not only my Creator but also the One who loves me. Cause me to know your love on such a intimate and personal scope. You said that all things have become new. Cause me to know this newness of all things you talked about. Lord you said you have come that we might have life and life more abundantly. Lord cause me to know this abundant life. Lord you came to lift the curse, cause all that call on your name to know life where the curse has been lifted. Lord though it’s not much but I just wanted to say thank you for my life and thank you for all the kindness you have showed me over the years. Thank you Most High for being you. All my hopes and dreams that I might be a disciple of yours, Not me
  13. @dhchristian Your OP was quite a good read. Thanks for bringing it forward. Blessings in Christ, Not me
  14. I think it should say “for” and not “from” but either way, I wish you all good things in Christ, Not me
  15. Hi Adam777, May God fill you with Himself, that the fruit of the Spirit might abound towards all. To the manifestation of Himself, Not me
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