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  1. Very correct, our position in society matters not at all. Only Christ acting through or in us. A friend of mine used to say; “it matters not the doing, only who’s doing the doing.” It’s all Christ or self, all that does not fall into one category, falls into the other. Blessings as we get as close to Christ as possible, that He might be written in our hearts that all may read. In Christ, Not me
  2. It is a great and freeing thing to see that only Christ is one’s Savior and not man. To expect everything from Christ and nothing from man. It is true only truth and righteousness can be trusted fully. To never change and let one down. To learn by experience to always and only look to Christ for truth, righteousness and reality, frees one up to love the other person deeper and in a more real way, because it asks nothing, expects nothing out of them. So they are free to respond either good or bad and it matters not. Only righteousness and truth working through love matters and the expression. Be blessed as you become more free to love all, with God’s love. In Christ, Not me
  3. Very nice read, your relationship with Christ shows through. Be blessed and as you know, God will continue to grow you in Him. In Christ, Not me
  4. I didn’t mean to make an issue of it. For it is a small thing as compared to the truth being put forth. “Christ acting through us” is also good, it is on point and scriptural. Just never cared for the “as us”, it seemed to leave to much room for controversy. For God is building His body, I can’t speak whether He will raise up yielded people in government or places of authority. I’m sure there will be some. (least I hope so) Scripture says, He is returning for a bride without spot or blemish. I’ve heard, as I’m sure you have, different peoples take on that verse. As for me, I understand it as they will be walking in newness of life. For only one walking in newness of life, can one walk free from sin. Which is the life of Christ being manifested in and through a believer, as your post put forth. How, when and where, I can not say. All I can do is get as close to Christ as I possibly can and keep oil in my lamp. Blessing to you as Christ is being pursued, Not me
  5. This just blessed me so! I love reading how another believer has had dealings with God. Brought joy to my heart. Continue on, continuing, and may God fill your heart with Himself, in a new and awesome way. In Christ, Not me
  6. Such a great and informative topic. Thanks to all that responded. Got to give a hat-tip to George for his insights. Be blessed all, as God is good. Not me
  7. As from what I read you are growing just fine in the faith. Keep searching, seeking, asking and above all trusting God's love for you personally. For He does all things well and knows the plans He has for you; to give you a future and a hope. Be blessed as you continue your growing up into Him in all things, as all those that are willing, find in them to be true. In Christ, Not me
  8. Yes we got some possums, but never hit one, thank the Lord. We got armadillos, turtles, skunks, which can be quite fragrant for a few miles. All sorts of little speed bumps to watch out for. You know fixing for road kill stew. Be blessed in Christ, Not me
  9. Quite a good article, a couple things gave me pause, but over all quite good. Years ago I met Mr Grubb, a fat dumpy old man I didn’t think much of at the time. But the Minister of the Church I go to, who has since passed away, Siegfried Enke, thought very highly of Him and I thought and still do think very highly of Sieg. “Christ as us” I never cared for, as for the terminology. For it is not “Christ as us” but it is “Christ in us” but I bare witness with the idea and the faith behind it, for that is how God has brought me along. For it is our deaths in Christ and the realization of the meaning and intent of our deaths in Christ by faith. Our reckoning ourselves “dead to sin and alive unto God” by the faith of the heart is what opens up one to walk in newness of life. This is that that has been lost to the body of Christ. This is what the article is putting forth, which I totally agree with. This and this alone is the one thing that is necessary for Christians to walk in newness of life. ~~That just as they received the Spirit by the faith of their hearts turned to God, all increase comes by the same way, by the faith of the heart turned towards God.~~ It is always a choice of Christ or self. Whichever one chooses to obey, his servants you are. This is what the Church as a whole is lacking, the knowledge of this truth. This same truth has been put forth by authors such as Andrew Murray and Watchman Nee, which there also are articles condemning; https://www.thepathoftruth.com/false-teachers/andrew-murray.htm/amp https://opc.org/qa.html?question_id=24 So you can find both good and bad articles on any and all authors if you search. So how is one to know which is of God and which one isn’t.... There is but one way and that is what your inner witness is telling you...This is what our obedience is to be to, our inner witness. So whichever way one’s inner witness directs them to, that is what they need to be obedient to.... Blessings to all as they go to God themselves and ask, Not me edit; Though I don’t think it’s always that one is of God and the other one isn’t. I think it’s the level and degree of maturity one has been brought into. For one can be totally convinced they are walking in all the light they see, and they can absolutely be. But still cannot grasp the truths being put forth, they would be gibberish to them.... So to wherever one lands, it is obedience to their inner witness that will guide them into the more, as long as their heart stays asking and willing. Just thought I should add this, Not me
  10. I’ve seen pictures of those “large grasshoppers”, they look worse than our “fluffy tailed rats”. I sure hope the don’t spread to the states! Lol Lord bless and ride safe. Not me
  11. I was on highway 12 in Washington with my helmet and armored riding jacket on. The deer, (fluffy tailed rats, to funny ) two of them, a mother and her baby just bolted right out in front, had no time to react, just grabbed a better grip and kept the bars straight. It was a Goldwing I was on so it wiped out the front fenders, the front shelter and I’m not sure if it bent the front forks. But I have full coverage so AAA will ship the bike back home or the shop. But I walked away without so much a a single scratch, which I know to be the hand of God. 15 years ago I hit an owl and a few months later I hit a deer and than clipped another deer in my truck. But this is my first and Lord willing my last on my bike. Goldwing’s are expensive to repair so they might total it, and you know what that means, those new 2020’s are sure looking pretty sweet. Be blessed and safe if you still ride, in Christ, Not me
  12. I like that: my appointment with God. It is like presenting ourselves before Him every day, moment, minute whatever word works, but a life before Him. Accept all things from His hand and look for and do the right and righteous thing in each and every circumstance and situation. Keeping our eyes on Christ and moving forward. Knowing He does all things well. Be blessed and may God so fill your heart with Himself, your heart would be overwhelmed with His love, Not me
  13. I’m going to take a stab and say; Just as we look to the passed by faith to the Messiah that has come. They looked forward by faith to the Messiah that was to come. (me thinks) In Christ, Not me
  14. I did it! My fav. Thanks Sonshine, Not me
  15. True story; 40 years or so ago when I was about 20 I wrote to one of these radio preachers. Told him about all the troubles in my life and he wrote back asking if I wanted to buy a cemetery plot. No joking, it really happened. Always wondered if he was trying to tell me something??? Lol Peace in Christ, Not me
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