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  1. Such a party pooper! lol As we seek after His heart, Not me 🙏
  2. My only question is; Are there going to be Jeeps and Motorcycles in Heaven. ?? lol And be blessed in our waiting, Not me
  3. (Not me on the plank) Whether Jesus had, after His resurrection, a pure physical or a pure spiritual body or some combination of them both, I don’t know....But scripture says, that His body could not only go through walls, but eat solid food....I have no idea how this could be, but I do believe (and I could be very wrong) that we will have a body just like His. Whatever substance it is made out of....But this is all my opinion, so take it with a whole bunch of salt. Not me walks the plank. Splash!
  4. @DeighAnn This is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. But I’m of the mind that our bodies will be the same as Jesus’s was after His resurrection. Where He could walk through walls and eat food/meat...Don’t ask me to explain His body or His, for lack of better words, His resurrection flesh. This is just my personal opinion on the thought. Be blessed as you look into this truth and all truths, Not me
  5. Yes, I am learning, that is what makes for life.... As I imagine we all are.... In Him Turtletwo, Not me Very nicely wrote out. To get to know personally this good God you wrote about. Not know just His attributes, but to have this one and one where obedience and walking in His will, which is walking in righteousness, becomes the law of our lives. Or as scripture calls it, the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, to know this Law exist, and to walk in such a Law. Be blessed Justin Adams as He, as we make Him our all. a fellow believer, Not me
  6. God is good, and it is this God that I want to know in all reality and all truth....Not know about Him, but know Him, personally... Where I, of a truth can say, that I know Him, and of a truth, that He knows me. Be blessed yourself also, as you pursue His heart. In the Beloved, Not me
  7. @Worship Warriors I just love that title! ”Living fascinated with God” It gives such promise. Be blessed as this fascination with God grows and grows. Can’t stop smiling over the thought, and all it brings forth. The title itself is such a meal! Thanks for the thoughts and write up. In Christ, Not me
  8. Romans 8:7 (NKJV) Because the carnal mind [is] enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be. This is our natural mind, that which we received by our births into this world. This is the mind that can not be subject to the laws of God. For anyone who has been a Christian for a season, has experienced this mind at battle with them in prayer. We would pray, but our minds bring this or that thought to the forefront. Many thoughts are so bad we would choose not to think them, if we could just figure out how to make them stop..... This is the carnal mind, this is that, that we are to reckon ourselves dead to....This mind that can not be, and will not be subject to the laws of God. As this truth of reckoning ourselves dead to these thoughts is learned by experience. This mind becomes less and less the controlling power of life in the believer. Though it is true this mind, to some degree, will always remain with the believer as long as they are in the body... The renewing of the mind takes place as the believer learns to reckon themselves dead to this mind. As this reckoning is learned, this mind loses it’s control, over the mind, heart and life of the believer.. This will be, and is the constant battle in the believer.. Which one will the believer choose to obey. The carnal mind or the new law of life that was born in each believer at the moment of salvation... The believer needs to know that this new law of life is in them, and this law of life is access by the faith of the heart turned towards it. For only to the degree that the heart chooses to yield to this new law of life in them, to this degree will they experience this walking in newness of life. Which the scriptures speaks of, which is our inheritance in Christ. It is a yielding to this new life, that is the reckoning ourselves dead in other verses.. Both scriptures are putting forth and pointing to the same truth; “to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants you are.” Christ or self, both lives, both minds, are in the believer. Which one rules, is measured by the fruit that the life produces. There are no substitutes, it is always one or the other that is being manifested, in the small as well as in the large..... Christ or self, blessings or curses God has set before the heart of man. The new birth is that that opens up and secures the potential of receiving God’s blessings. But the degree of blessings, and the choice of remaining a carnal or infant in Christ, is the choice of the believer’s heart...... (For I believe it to be true, to the degree one matures in Christ in this life, to that degree will they be able to experience the fullness of the Heavenly life..... but this is besides the matter.) For of a truth, Christ has been given to mankind. Mankind can have as much or as little of Him as his hearts desire after Him is. Though the gifts and offices do differ, the close personal, intimate relationship with Christ can be as strong in any believer as that believer would have it. Oh to have a heart like David that would follow God fully. Be blessed as we pray for this heart in each and every one that would have it, Not me
  9. Romans 7:17 (NASB) So now, no longer am I the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me. To correctly place this truth where it belongs among the truths concerning our salvation. This truth is not an excuse for sin. But is in fact the reason why the born again Christian still sins. Because sin still dwells in us....It is being made free from this sin that still dwells in us, is that that our new life in Christ is to overcome.... Therefore because this sin nature is ours by birth, this sin nature can therefore only go out by death. For that which was brought in by birth must come to and end by the same way of nature, which is, it must go out by death. And this necessary death is given to us by being joined by faith with Christ in His death. For this is the dilemma that plagues the Christian life, how to walk in newness of life? Which is answered, by, which life rules in the life of the Christian? Self or Christ. For seeing how there is no active power of the will that can overcome itself. A total denying of ones own will is the only avenue that is available to the sinner to get rid of himself. A turning to self for anything, is a turning away from the source of all help, to the weak and beggerly elements of this world. With a taste not, touch not, rules of behavior, that one puts forth, as one sees what they believe to be right at any given moment of time.... Which is nothing else but the soul striving to build a righteousness of it’s own. To be made free from sin, is the same thing as being made free from self. This life with our attempts at fixing this or that that we find wrong with it, is a necessary step to discover that if we get rid of this or that sin, another one pops up even worse. We may manage to stop ourselves from stealing, but pride in our accomplishments now takes it’s place, and we judge and condemn anyone who can not measure up to our judgement of our own measure of our walks with Christ. There is only one cure for this situation and it is the cure put forth in and by the salvation we have in Christ. A total and complete reckoning ourselves dead each and every moment of the day. A walk of faith before God. A constant looking to Him for all growth of the Divine nature in us. For the just shall live by faith.. This is why Paul was accused of preaching a Gospel of “let us do evil that good may come.” Because the foundation of the Gospel, which is our deaths on the cross with Christ was not understood by those that were accusing him of preaching such a Gospel. For as Paul asked in Galatians; “one thing do I want to know from you, did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, (what you yourselves can do) or by the hearing with faith.”..... For faith in God is what is required by God, from us, for our growth in Him. This; the just shall live by faith, is to be our all, concerning the how of walking in newness of life. For all things come from God through the faith of the heart turned towards Him. For as the woman with the blood issue touched Him with faith, as all around Him pressed Him, she was the only one to receive, because she was the only one that touched Him with faith...To Him who waits for our turning to Him and touching Him with faith... A fellow believer in Christ, Not me
  10. I do so bare witness with his posts, so I was thinking it was just a slip of the fingers. Keep pressing in, Not me No worries, it happens, but to Him be our all. And yes, all those that are His, may we all grow in our walks, faith and love for all. In the beloved, Not me
  11. @Walter and Deborah (Please forgive my boldness) As much as I like and bare witness with your posts and your heart after God.... All the scriptures you posted are in a ever present reality. Very true, very real, in real time...In an ever present now... It is the title that gives me pause. “Believer's Death To Sin In Principle:” Our deaths in Christ is not “in principle”. It is in a ever present reality. It is true now.... Whether one believes in it or not does not change the reality of what Christ did for us on the cross....When He died we died....It is accepting and believing and having faith in this truth that causes one to walk in newness of life. Where the works of the law are fulfilled in them, but not by them. Once again please forgive my boldness, but “in principle” takes away the truth of what our salvation in Christ consists of, namely, our deaths in Him as a ever present reality... Hopefully this is known and seen inwardly and this was just the wording, or maybe it is just me seeing something that isn’t or wasn’t meant. Either way, be most blessed in Him, as we grow into Him in all things. A fellow servant of His, Not me
  12. So true! And praise be to God, that He has made a way we can walk in newness of life. “for he that has died is freed from sin” To our blessed death in Him, Not me
  13. Yes, we all do, but the bar of righteousness remains the bar that all is measured against. as said to Turtletwo, to the desiring. That the desire of the purity of the product would be the desire of our hearts. Be blessed as we desire Him, to be our all, Not me
  14. Works for me! To be like Paul. In the beloved, Not me
  15. Yes, all things come from God through the faith of the heart turned towards Him...It is this faith or this hearts journey towards Him that makes or breaks the believer...All else is a means to the end to get the believers eyes on Christ, continually, moment by moment as they go through their day...For He wants to be, and as intimately concerned with even the smallest expression of righteousness in the believers life.....This is how faith grows, doing righteousness in all things, and trusting Him for the outcome and the fruit of that righteousness to be manifested as He wills...Faith and/or trust in Him as a ever present reality.... A constant looking to Jesus in all we do, say, think, dream, hope, desire....The lack of these, is why my walk with Christ is such a sad state of life and growth as compared to what is available to the believing heart....This is something I/we can not change on our own... For all growth comes from God, by God, all I/we can be is willing, so He might bring the growth.... Oh that today our hearts would be more willing than yesterday and tomorrow more even still...For as long as there is even a small bit of growth in our lives towards Him each and every day, sooner or later as long as we sojourn in this life, growth is the constant promise... Be blessed as we grow in Him, Not me
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