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  1. @Nedrah Yes, God is sooooo good, it is such a blessing to be called into fellowship with Him. Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me
  2. Thank you, as you too are fondly thought of and being prayed for. That God as always would be so lifted up in your life, as with all that call upon His name. Blessings, and praying that God does such a work in your life that all could see such a degree of Christ in your life, sun glasses would be needed, being around you. Much love in Christ, Not me
  3. Blessings as Christ is, each and every day grown and manifested in and through you, in a new and awesome way. Much love in Christ, Not me
  4. Hi, I hope I’m not speaking out of line or do I mean to cause any offense. But I’d like to speak kinda on the bold side, please forgive if it does upset the peace of Christ in your heart; As a Christian we always live under a open heaven. This is why Christ died, to open the way into the Holy of Holy’s. Seeing how this is a accomplished fact, something that can never be undone. Seeing the truth of this, the issue is always on our side. Seeing the truth of the above. Eyes on self, or eyes on something other than Christ is the only cause of a believer not being in fellowship with God. (Sin is the same as self, so they are all listed together.) Having said the above. There is one more thing that can cause a believer to not feel/sense their living relationship with Christ, as the deeper it should be growing daily. And that is if God is digging deeper. Or as it can be said pealing back, or off, another layer of self. Which in turn will cause the believer such a increase of joy and a deeper understanding and relationship with Jesus, that causes the heart to do back flips with the tasting of His love in a new, deeper and awesome way. This growing process is hard and can be very painful at times, but know He has promised to perfect those that are willing to commit their ways unto Him in all things, and trust His love for the heart that would be willing to die to all of themselves so they can have all of Him. Hope the above words did not offend, only meant to encourage and point to Christ, so an increase of Him, can and would be experienced in life. Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me
  5. A heart that would wish rest and peace on all, is a heart that has experienced rest and peace itself, and knows the great gift that it is. Blessings, back to you, and may your rest and peace in Him increase in all things. Much love in Christ, Not me
  6. I think your pretty much on point. I know this can be a bone of contention for some. I’ve seen couples with good and bad unity between them. It does seem, that those that both have a living relationship with Christ, are those that have the greater “oneness”. Someone has to have the final say. After prayer and a searching after righteousness, the hope is, righteousness would be manifested, and not any one’s “will.” Thereby God could bless. (my thinks) Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me
  7. I do believe, you, like me, have decided, let the world say and do what they want. “But for me and my house, we are going to serve the Lord” Blessings to all that have decided as such. Much love in Christ, Not me
  8. Hi, It is so sad and true, like you stated, that some people teach and claim, that scripture teaches that any faith will do. But that is not what scripture teaches at all. Scripture teaches that only the correct faith will do. The proof that someone has and is walking in the correct faith, is, that sin will no longer have mastery over them. For this was and is the purpose of our salvation, that we might walk in newness of life. Any faith that does not produce this walking in newness of life being manifested in a constant state of increase, is a faith and a relationship with Christ that is lacking. For the correct faith builds a relationship with Christ and the proper fruit of that relationship will be manifested. For if one’s relationship/faith is not in a constant state of growing in the manifestation of Christ living His life in and through a believer. That believer needs to have dealings with God. For to righteousness we have been called, so each and every day we should be being brought a little closer to that goal. For always, when scripture talks about faith, it is always speaking about the correct faith. Which is the faith that says,..... “when Jesus died we died.”...It is this faith that says;... because of the truth of us having “died with Christ” it, the correct faith, than says, “how can I, that have died to sin, live any longer in it.” This is what the correct faith says, and calls and believes into their having died with Christ, so that they might naturally by faith walk in newness of life. Whereby freedom from sin will be the natural fruit of such a correct walk of faith. For Paul was accused of teaching a Gospel that taught that a person can “sin that grace may abound”. But this was not what he taught at all. He taught because we have died with Christ we should walk and be as free from unrighteousness as we where free from righteousness before we became Christ’s. It is this correct faith that frees a person from the dictates of their fallen nature whereby they can walk in newness of life. And have the peace of God constantly in them as a guide to know what the good, acceptable and perfect is. Blessings also to you my fellow laborer in Christ. May we come to know Him in such a way that we could always be pleasing to Him. Much love in Christ, Not me
  9. Hi, try as I might, I do seem to miss the understanding and meaning of/in your post. It probably is just me. But I wish you all good things in Christ. Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me Hello, Yes, faith in God is what we are called to. May our faith and hope and love of God grow and abound in all things. Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me
  10. Thank you for such kind words. I have experienced, as I’m sure all have that the less I sin the more I get God’s blessings and smiles in my life. And if I may say so, the little things that only God can bring forth in my life. Such things as finding something I misplaced, or seeing how to fix or build something differently and/or easier. The so called small things are such a blessing and reminder of His love. That my heart just melts, smiles, rejoices at seeing His hand at work, as I did in your response to my thread. Many blessings in Christ. May He fill your heart with Himself in such a way that all would know and see you are His. Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me
  11. Your welcome; A heart that longs for the good, right and gentle. Blessed are you, you man of God. Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me
  12. 1 Timothy 6:11 (NASB) But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness. “and pursue righteousness, gentleness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness. The good thing or the right thing we are instructed to pursue. This is a always pursuit, not just when it’s convenient or stands a chance to get us what we want. But a always, at all times pursuit of the good and the right. The scripture uses the word pursue, as if something is to be chased after out of a few choices. Given there are choices set before man in all of life. The good and gentle and right thing we are instructed to choose. That which promotes a seemly life. One that does not elevate itself above it’s brethren. One that does take the lowest spot. That gives way and prefers the other over itself. In a constant state of humility towards all. Has but one heart towards all, a heart of edifying and love. Takes no account of wrongs, is quick to forgive. To pick out the good in the situation, to look for and pursue that which is right among many that are not. The right choice, the good choice, the faith choice. For many times we know not what the good, right and gentle thing is. But each time we pursue, we get closer to, that which is the good, right and the gentle. This is to be are walk in this life. To do all things for and to the good. For the good is only found in God, so the closer we get and walk to Him the more the good, right and gentle we will see and be able to walk in. For the good is eternal, it is never ending, always in a state of longing to be expressed. For the good is like righteousness, has all when it has itself. Will only be satisfied by itself, for the good is only found in God and to the degree one walks with God to that degree will they walk in the good, right, gentle and all things that make up the manifestation of Christ in us our Hope of Glory. “you man of God” For the pursuing of these things are only for those that would be men of God. For a heart that would be a man of God is the only heart that can and would be willing to give up it’s own will to pursue that which is the good, right, gentle and all things that make for the expression of love. For to the pursuing we are called to, so to the pursuing we give ourselves to. Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me
  13. This is so very true. We are all called to have faith and trust in this one Who says He loves us all, with a everlasting love. .... That we would know this love by experience, oh, that this would be true in all our lives. Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me
  14. It happens, thanks and no worries. Blessings as we get to know this One personally, Who died to set us free. Much love in Christ, Not me
  15. Hi, Thanks for your response; but I must speak; I’m sorry, I think you misconstrue my position. It is not; “doing things from doubt is sin.” It is; “whatever is not from faith is sin.” This; “whatever is not from faith is sin.” This is speaking of the correct faith that frees a believer from the dictates of their fallen nature’s. Which is the faith that continually reckons itself dead to sin and alive unto God. For people have faith in all sorts of things in this world, it is only the correct faith, and this correct faith alone that frees a person/believer from themselves/self. For self is all the evil or sin a believer possesses. For it is to the degree the believer is made free from themselves (their fallen nature’s) to that degree will they walk in freedom from sin. This is the universal truth, of, “the just shall walk, work, live by faith” For as we walk by faith in and towards God, great doubts can and will creep in. This has no bearing on whether we have the correct faith or not. Doubts are natural, they will be with us to a degree in our journey through this life. Even Paul said he had “doubts within” this means nothing towards someone’s faith. It is getting your eyes off of Christ and onto those doubts that causes the issues, and victory or defeat in whatever area is being worked on by God at that moment of time. But you are correct in the statement of it being whether or not they regard the idols. Sorry to speak so boldly, do not mean to offend. Blessings, Much love in Christ, Not me
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