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  1. Not me

    Trying to learn

    Thank you for such kind and encouraging words. Yes, walking in the integrity of your heart torward God is walking in righteousness before Him. For that is right. Blessed are you as you continue to “search for Him with all your heart.” But the first part of that scripture says “you shall find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” So rest assured your searching is not in vain, for that “shall” is a promise. For in the integrity of the heart we search and in the integrity of the heart we find. “He blesses righteousness”; When this is seen and sought after in all things, the believer is prepared to have and be in possession of a joy and a peace that is so deep, that nothing in this world can take it away from them. But the action and thought of not walking in righteousness. And this joy never stops growing as long as the believer continues to walk in righteousness. Because God is God and God is good. Blessings. Much love in Christ, Not me
  2. Not me

    'That ye may know'

    @Christine Oh yes! “That Ye May know” Him, Not with head knowledge alone, but by experience, whereby we know that He knows us, and we know that we know Him. Blessings Much love in Christ, Not me
  3. Not me

    A story of what God showed a little boy

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that does things like that. Lol Sometimes me and technology aren’t so much of friends. Sometimes it just won’t listen to me! 🥴 and auto-correct, we’re gonna have words! 😤 much love in Christ, Not me
  4. Not me

    A story of what God showed a little boy

    That was awesome! Much love in Christ, Not me
  5. Not me

    Trying to learn

    Scripture says; Ephesians 5:10 (NASB) “trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.” This here is the proper heart before God. Trying to learn what is pleasing to Him. We all fall short in many areas. But as long as we walk in the integrity of our hearts before God, He can both use us and we can grow. Though when we do something that displeases Him we will lose our peace before Him. The heart that looks to please Him in all things, will be quick to turn back or torward Him and ask “why is my spirit, disquieted in me”. Than God in His faithfulness is very quick, to the open heart before Him, to respond to such a heart. With, as scripture says “healing in His wings”. Blessed are they that have and look to have this heart in them. For the heart that can say when all things are falling apart and all things are dark, the heart that says; “where am I to go, You have the Words of eternal life”. Will most assuredly be filled. Blessings Much love in Christ, Not me
  6. Not me


    This question is a good one. I have thought it is because; “life can only come in by birth, and life can only end by death.” Henceforth the necessity of our death(s) in Christ, and the necessity of the New Birth. (my thinks) Much love in Christ, Not me
  7. Not me

    I am the vine, ye are the branches:

    Blessed be this truth. It has been and remains a strength to know. That it’s our job to “abide” it’s His job to bring forth the fruit. Blessings Much love in Christ, Not me
  8. Not me


    Colossians 2:17 (NASB) things which are a [mere] shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Christ. The “things” spoken about are that which the law pointed to. Sabbath days, new moons, festivals, fulfilling those things that were written in the law to do, i.e, the Ten Commandments, etc “but the substance belongs to Christ” Meaning that those things that were written about under the Old Covenant, were to be brought to manifestation in the lives of those that would turn to Christ. We read God’s promise’s; “to give us a new heart” “to give us a new spirit” “to teach us to walk in His ways” and moreover to “cause us to walk in His statutes and keep them” These are what is to be brought to manifestation in the believers life. In real time, in the here and now, experienced personally by each and every believer, in this life. The realization of, and actually being put in possession of, the new heart, new spirit, and being taught His ways, even to the “causing us to walk in His statutes and keep them”. This is what growing in the faith is. What is meant in the words “being conformed to His likeness in all things” Paul writes of those that have been babes in Christ for to long a time. He goes on to say we should be leaving the elementary things of Christ such as “repentance from dead works” which is just another way of saying the “works of self,” or of the “self life.” These things, as the believer grows, should be, by degree, line upon line, glory to glory, being seen in a much smaller and smaller degree in the believers life. Paul also writes of those things that are of “no use against the flesh and it’s indulgences.” For the Christian walk is to overcome the flesh and it’s indulgences. If this is not happening there is a problem somewhere. Meaning that there are those things that do overcome, and make the “flesh” of less and less of a manifestation in the believers life, and these things are to be sought after and put forth. “But the substance belongs to Christ” Meaning that those that are Christ’s, God has made a way for them to walk in newness of life. For His children growing to maturity is what God’s heart is after. So let us be of the mind and heart that we will search out, and whatever is necessary, be willing that things things, that are ours as His children, be brought to manifestation in our life's. These things, all of these things are ours. They are that which is meant for us under the New Covenant. Which is the manifestation of “Christ in us, the hope of glory.” That we as His body would walk in all the fullness of the Life of Christ in us. Blessings as we press into Him Much love in Christ, Not me
  9. Not me

    Your 'Life Verses'

    I’m not sure you could say this is my favorite verse(s) but it is my goal, dream, hope and desire that like Paul at the end of His life he could confidently say; “7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 8 Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.” To be able to say that from a pure and clean heart. Oh the glory. Much love in Christ, Not me
  10. Not me

    will gays go to hell if they do not repent?

    Untill the heart is taught inwardly it’s need of a Savior, all outward works of the law are profitless. Much love in Christ, Not me
  11. Not me


    Yes! This is quite good! Blessings to the author. May we all get to know Christ in this “secret place”. What a blessing it is to know that you know, Jesus will always be there waiting for you. Blessings. Much love in Christ, Not me
  12. Not me

    Joy and Compassion etc question

    I will say no more. But wish you a increase in Christ in your innermost being. Much love in Christ, Not me
  13. Not me

    Joy and Compassion etc question

    If you would bare with me once again; Seems to me what your asking for and what your heart is longing for is to have the “Fellowship of the Spirit” with someone. Which is just one persons relationship with Jesus touching another persons relationship with Jesus, wherein they both grow in the”Joy of the Lord” But it is to the degree that one’s personal relationship with Christ goes, it is to that degree can this “Fellowship of the Spirit” be enjoyed and experienced. This is what the Life of Christ in us craves for, and will cause a disquiet in the heart. For there is nothing in this world that can quite the human heart but the Fellowship of the Spirit, nothing else is capable of it, for that is why the human heart was created, for fellowship with it’s Creator. Though these next words may seem harsh they are nevertheless true. All besides the above will ultimately prove unsatisfying and fail, for it is a work of self. Much love in Christ, Not me
  14. Not me

    Joy and Compassion etc question

    If you wouldn’t mind; As you know, joy is only found in Christ. It comes from one’s personal relationship with Christ. It is that one and one relationship that produces joy, as you said, in the believers innermost being. When joy is lacking (for me) it is a sign that my fellowship with Christ is slipping or He is wanting to draw me into a deeper fellowship with Himself, and is trying to show me something new. Which in turn calls for me to press into Him more with my eyes fixed on Him in a new a deeper way. To accept all that comes my way as from His hand. Good things and not so good things. Seeing His hand in all things. And knowning that He can only bless righteousness, so it is righteousness that I am to strive after in all things, and, circumstances. Seeing there is a righteous action in every circumstance. It is this action (righteousness) that will bring God closer which in turn brings in more joy. Hope this is a encouragement to you and will be standing before the Throne of Grace with you. Much love in Christ, Not me
  15. Not me

    Growning in Christ.

    As long as this is what your personal relationship with Christ is teaching you, I wish you God speed with your relationship with Christ. Much love in Christ, Not me