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  1. Not me

    The Holy Trinity

    I have often thought of this description of the Trinity I once read; “If we are to talk of the Trinity we must use human and temporal words to describe eternal truths. Though our understanding of the words have both a beginning and a end; The Father is that which brings forth. For that is that which Father’s do, they bring forth. The Son is that which is bought forth, for that is that which Son’s are. Though in the Diety there was never a time it was not so. That is why the “Father” is called the “Father” and the “Son” the “Son”, with the Spirit flowing forth from both.” Have often thought this was a curious interpretation of the Trinity. Much love in Christ, Not me
  2. Not me

    Fact-founded Faith

    Yes, all of God’s promises are for all His children. That we as His children might come to know Him and what our salvation in Christ consists of, in all reality and in all truth. Much love in Christ, Not me
  3. Not me

    Fact-founded Faith

    You did just fine. It all does come down to one’s personal relationship with Christ. Whether this relationship is real and growning. It is to the believers desire after Christ will he be filled. Much love in Christ, Not me
  4. Not me

    Fact-founded Faith

    This is so true. To make the blessings of God (freedom from sin, all conscious sin) manifested in the believers life. The believer, by faith needs to “reckon himself dead to sin.” Sin is still very much alive, but the believer, has been made dead to it. For consider, if you were to die right now, would you not be free from all the power and temptation that sin could throw at you? Than, The next step is to, “present yourselfs as living sacrifices to God as those that are alive from the dead.” True again. But as this writing will continue to bring forth. It is by the “reckoning” that brings or manifests the blessings of “walking in newness of life” in a believers life. Whereby they can walk a victorious Christian life. Absolutely! This is what are salvation in Christ consists of. That the Divine Nature might be brought to life or manifested in the here and now in a believers life. Very well said! For as you (or whoever wrote this) stated “all” the blessings of God are appropriated by the believers faith. For the scripture says; “the just shall live by faith” But this “reckoning” or realizing is not just a mental acknowledgment of a certain set of facts, like someone might learn truths from a science book. The faith in these truths has to come from the heart. For until than, the knowledge or the belief in these truths, will remain in the intellect only, than when the believers faith is tried, he will invariably try to help God out, and that in itself will cause these truths to be of no effect in the believers life. For “self” will become involved, for it is “self” or “self will” that the believer needs to be freed from. For until than, these truths will be ineffective. The results being, He will still find himself in boundage to his fallen nature. For our salvation in Christ is a absolute and complete one. He has done all, and purchased all of our salvation, by His death on the cross. It’s just a matter of us appropriating it by faith. All of it, by the faith that comes from the heart, by seeing and understanding things, the way that they are, in all reality and all truth. Much love in Christ, Not me
  5. Not me

    Why Hollywood hates christianity

    True, thank the Lord there are some Christians in Hollywood, we get a least some movie that don’t upset your insides. I have the feeling it going to get worse and worse. When I grow up we never locked our front doors. Nowadays things are so much different you need to lock up everything. I sometimes think just how bad it will be in fifty years. Evil and unrighteousness will be manifested, they will have their day. Much love in Christ, Not me
  6. Not me

    Why Hollywood hates christianity

    It is righteousness that is hated, by those that love unrighteousness, so it shall be mocked. Two groups with apposing desires. In Ecclesiastes it divides into two groups, the right and the left, the wise and the fool. Ecclesiastes 10:2 (CSB) “A wise person's heart goes to the right, but a fool's heart to the left.” It seems so prophetic. much love in Christ, Not me
  7. Not me

    A Most Wonderful Pastor....

    It is such a blessing when we get to know and see Christ formed in another believer. Thanks for your testimony. Much love in Christ, Not me
  8. Not me

    When To Part Company

    If you wouldn’t mind me chiming in. ?? This is where ones personal relationship with Christ is so vital. To know if one should go to the right or left. Scripture says “let the peace of Christ rule in your heart.”. (let it be the arbiter) So as with all things, a believer needs to be guided by what the Spirit of Christ is telling them. For God does lead His people by that “still small voice”. So I can stand with you that you might know that you know what the answer to your question is. much love in Christ, Not me
  9. @Gideon I have thought there are two types of sinners; 1 Timothy 5:24 (NASB) The sins of some men are quite evident, going before them to judgment; for others, their [sins] follow after. Those who’s sins are evident and manifested to all that would see. And another type who’s sins “follow after” or in other words not manifested plainly. I have thought that those who’s sins (like mine) were blatant, were in a much better position before God to grow. For one who does not see or recognize their sins, can fall into the trap of thinking, they have arrived, or not so much a sinner like the next guy. Which I have always thought was a much tougher spot to be in than those who’s sins cry out. But than that could be, because I fall into the first category and can’t or don’t understand the second group. Just my thoughts on the subject. Much love in Christ, Not me
  10. Not me

    To all that struggle with sin.

    Thanks for the encouragement, it’s always appreciated. It is “for freedom that Christ set us free”. The freedom to live, not under the bondage of sin, but in the freedom of righteousness. That we may all find this freedom. Much love in Christ, Not me
  11. Not me

    Anne Frank Study

    That’s interesting? Much love in Christ, Not me
  12. After nearly 30 years of struggling to overcome my chosen sins. Those that my “old nature” chose to find pleasure in. I confidently can testify to all that would be free from their “old man and his deeds”, there is a way. That way is spelled out in Scripture. First there has to be a hunger for freedom from, as Paul says “the body of this death”. Than when that hunger or desire has reached its fullness and the believer still finds himself under the control of his passions and desires. Yet still that hunger after righteousness and God would not be satisfied and screams in Him “there is a way”. It is than the believer is brought to the place where he has been brought to the end of himself. He sees that there is absolutely no way he can live righteously before God, yet he would have it so. It is here his choice is to be made. He can choose to live a Carnal life where his sins are forgiven but he has intermittent fellowship with God. Broken by his sins and than repenting over and over. He can harden his heart and choose to ignore the voice of God in his innermost being. Or he can choose to prefer death over sinning. It is this last choice that brings Christ to life in a believers heart and life, where that believer can now grow to maturity. When a believer is brought to this place and is made willing to give up his whole life rather than sin. Victory over the old man is just right around the corner. For it is understanding this truth, “when Christ died I died” from the heart, that sets a person free from “self”. For self is our worst enemy, it is self that causes us not to grow in Christ. But the command to “deny self” which at first seems so hard and impossible to accomplish is really quite simple, once a believer has been brought to this place, where he sees the need for it. So I say to all that are struggling, do not stop pressing into Christ. As much as is possible in you, feed your personal relationship with Christ. It is this relationship with Christ that will teach you all things. It is this relationship that will make the words of scripture come alive in your heart. For our salvation in Christ is a absolute one, it is a complete one and a glorious one, which purpose is to produce righteousness in our lives. For God has given Christ to mankind, he can have as much or as little as he wants. That we as His body would come to know Him in all reality and all truth. Blessing to all that call on the name of the Lord Jesus from a pure heart. Much love in Christ, Not me
  13. Not me

    Wilderness Christianity

    I have often thought the same thing. For it was when the truth that “when Christ died I died” was made real to me. My relationship with Christ became solid, in such a way I could never have imagined before. It was no longer a couple of weeks, maybe even a month or two, before I found myself deep in sin again. Wishing for a way out. Hating myself and both loving my sin at the same time. Knowning I was displeasing to God, yet could find no victory over my chosen sins. In my life it was when the Lord brought me to the place where I was willing to die, rather than sin, that put me in the right position where God could finally reveal what our salvation in Christ consisted of; “when Christ died I died”. Than all the scriptures that speak of me “being crucified with Christ” and “Christ being my Life” came alive. I knew what was meant by them in such a living way. This is the door to walking a victorious Christian life. Where it is no longer a matter of promising God, I will try harder next time. For my next time would be like my last thousands of times. Failure on a grand scale. But to all that find themselves struggling with sin, there is hope like you can only dream of. I can remember telling God if there was just a button I could push that would make me 100% obedient to Him, I would push it in a heart beat. But I could never find the button. Till in the course of time, which I have come to learn, it was just a matter of me learning the truth of “that in me dwells no good thing”. It was when this truth, was learned that victory was just a matter of “reckoning myself dead”. But this learning had to wait till I was convinced in my heart, that death was better than sinning. When that lesson was learned, “reckoning myself dead” became my joy. To never lose fellowship with Him because of choosing to sin. Than I saw that truly of a certainty “I” or “self” was truly my worst enemy. Blessing to all that won’t let go of God, till He blesses them with a victorious Christian life. For that life is most assuredly for you. Much love in Christ, Not me
  14. Not me

    Wonderful books and authors

    I’m a Andrew Murray, Watchman Née and a William Law (1700) fan. Or anyone who has a living relationship with Christ. But these three are the ones the Lord has used in my life. Much love in Christ, Not me
  15. Walking in the light of life. Where man would know and experience God’s desire for mankind, which is only good. For God’s desire to be manifested in a believers life. The believer must walk in all the obedience he has grown into. It is sin in the believers life that stops a believer from growing or going on with God. For God has called us to righteousness. He can only bless righteousness in a believers life. For there is a righteous way in all things, and that way does exist. It is doing this righteousness in any and all circumstances that God smiles upon. There’s seems always to be a choice between doing what we want and doing what is right in the sight of God. It is doing what is right in His sight that receives the blessing. How many times have we chosen to do things our way, only to wish later that we had listened to that still small voice that told us there was a better way. It is learning to yield our wills up and listen to this still small voice that causes growth. The more we listen the more we grow. Opinions don’t matter, only doing righteousness in all things. For God has called us to walk in the light of life. That we as His children would not remain children but would grow up in all things. To have a increase in Christ in our innermost being. So that we might know this One who bled and died on the cross, so we might have Life abundantly and walk in the light of life. Much love in Christ, Not me