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  1. Shiloh Peace

    Everything That Can Be Shaken Is About To Be...

    I post these quotes here from this thread so that I may say I'm not ready to be a part of this message board. There are enough games going on in this world that I would hope an online house of God could be a safe haven void of games and trickery. My days are spent in deep study and in taking exams, and in reading the posts here the last couple days I don't find this a restful or safe place to unwind. I came here to read and take part in good discussions but I'm afraid to open my mouth or share my opinion. I commend those of you who are able to stand strong in the discussions when they turn ugly. I for one am not able to stand strong. So I've seen what I need to see too, and I have no problem admitting that I don't have what it takes to be here. With that, I'll leave now, and I wish you all the best. Pray that my faith will be made stronger. Thank you.
  2. Shiloh Peace

    Who are you? Really?

    WATER: What is your favorite kind of water in nature? and why? When the weather's fine, a lake at the part where it's only about a foot deep so I can sit there in my lawn chair in the water, with a beer and a good book or my fishing rod, and wiggle my feet on the rocks below. I've lost many a good book that way. I've invested in a fully waterproof Bible for just in case. ANIMAL: What is you favorite kind of wild animal? and why? Humming birds. The way they can fly upside down and backwards, or just float there in mid air as if they've never heard of gravity. PLACE: What place on earth would you like to go see? and why? Anywhere near the Oregon coast. I miss it. Especially the parks around the sand dunes. HOLIDAY: What is your favorite holiday? and why? AWESOMENESS: What is the coolest or most awesome thing that you seen? and why?
  3. Shiloh Peace

    Who are You? Round 2

    1. What is your favorite means of transportation? Why? If it's a long distance, motorhome, so I can pull over at rest stops and cook supper. If it's a short distance, walking, because I like to interact with the environment. See the sees and smell the smells. 2. What was your favorite class and your least favorite class in school? Why? In Elementary school I loved music, and also anything where we got homework. I loved worksheets. Math, Geography. Recess. In High school I loved drafting because it was organized and tidy, and I liked woodwork because the classroom smelled good and I liked making things that I could use. There are no classes in elementary or high school that I didn't like. I've always loved to learn and memorize. Now I'm taking "Survey of Old and New Testament", Biblical Greek, Historical Geography of the Bible, "Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn", and "Ethnography - Tools for Reading Social Contexts". I would like to have a better understanding of the God's word and God's people. 3. Who do you find to be the most interesting person mentioned in the Bible (other than Jesus)? Why? I think Noah was interesting. His whole life. The way he was a righteous man who lived a righteous life among those who were very unrighteous. He lived in the world but not of it. And how they must have tormented him and mocked him while he spent decades building the ark. 5. Who is the person who gave you the most encouragement in life? What did they do for you? When I was a teenager a new friend introduced me to Christ. He was a few years older and would take my friends and me out on day trips. We had Bible studies on the windy decks of ferries, in the park on the grass at 2am, around a bonfire at night on the beach, or on some hiking trail way up in the mountains. He showed me that God is everywhere I can go and beyond. I always thought Christianity was about rules and he showed me that in Christ I'm free indeed. He taught me how to live out of the box.
  4. Shiloh Peace

    Tarantula Burgers - not for the squeamish!

    YIKES!!!! That reminds me I forgot to vacuum under the couch this week...
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    God bless you, PledgedToGod!
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    Thanks John and SueZQ
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    Hello Worthy Ministries, This looks like a great Christian community and I see lots of interesting posts. I'm particularly interested in Christian apologetics and Middle Eastern studies. I'm working my way through online university education and will enjoy coming here to unwind. sp
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    Howdy Trucker!
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    Just walk away

    Hello RW!