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  1. On 4/18/2018 at 9:04 AM, GandalfTheWise said:

    Here is another set of questions.  Please feel free to start responding and engaging.   It was a blessing to see all the responses (and responses to responses) with the first set.  In one sense, it was just some simple answers, but in another sense, it was a celebration of seeing God's children through eyes that are perhaps a bit more childlike than we usually are in our typical serious adult lives.

    Question Set #2 

    1. What is your favorite means of transportation?  Why?   (e.g. walking, driving, motorcycle, flying)

    2. What was your favorite class and your least favorite class in school?  Why?  (Feel free to extend this to things outside of school such as guitar lessons or at church or work or something.  Basically, what was fun to learn? and what drove you up the wall?)

    3. Who do you find to be the most interesting  person mentioned in the Bible (other than Jesus)?  Why?

    4. What is your favorite fictional book, story, or movie?  Why?

    5. Who is the person who gave you the most encouragement in life?  What did they do for you?



    Hi everyone, I'm Brian. My favorite means of transportation is by jeep. Top down. Sunny day. Fresh air. Out on the California backroads. 

    My favorite class in school was physical education. Especially any sports we did outside. I loved math but hated grade 8 math class because the teacher was always rude and angry. 

    I think the most interesting person in the Bible is Adam, the friendship he would have had with God, walking with him in the cool of the day, and how he would have been able to play with lions and bears, and how he would have enjoyed full health. I have an unhealthy obsession with life preservation and look forward to receiving my new incorruptible body one day. 

    My favorite books are most any children's books by Dr Seuss. I loved to read them as a child and got a kick out of the silly names and creatures. Later in life i read them to my own kids and the custom lived on. 

    The person who encouraged me the most was my grade 2 teacher. I had just started at a new school, had no friends, and she helped me fit in and feel welcome. She also taught me how to read. She would keep me in after school and told the other kids she was teaching me advanced material. Really she was helping me get to a grade 2 reading level because I didn't know the alphabet. She saw ny potential. She sacrificed a lot of time and energy for me. 

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  2. 46 minutes ago, Katya said:

    Hi Brian! I like your font. Are you from NCIS? That's my favourite TV show :) Hope you will like it here. 

    Hi Katya, I'm nobody, but i hope to become somebody now that the Holy Spirit dwells in me. Welcome to Worthy :) 

  3. So we're not going to be able to adopt Andreas' and Eva's son because child services believes Eva is a danger to her son and she's well-known to police, and she knows our names, address, our places of work and all that. They think placing him with us is too big a risk. He'll be flown back to Colorado on Friday and be in custody of child services, and put in foster care. It's a bad day. 

  4. Andreas' wife Eva is addicted to drugs and battles mental illness. She spends a lot of time in detox and in mental institutions. Andreas was the anchor in their home. Eva would disappear and live with friends for months at a time, go through detox, come back home.

    She has no interest in caring for their 6-year-old son, and there is no family other than a 94 year old aunt. We spoke with Eva by skype last night, and she has asked us to take full custody of her son or else she will transfer him into foster care. We've wholeheartedly agreed to adopt him as our own.

    My wife and i have spoken many times with him and his dad in skype, and he already knows us well. I'm only 40 but he calls me grandad lol. Those of you who know my face, you know I look young from one angle and elderly from another. You never know which one you're gonna get. As far as the boy is concerned, he's sad about his dad but excited about the idea of coming to live with grandad. 

    Eva's only request is that we leave her alone and not contact her. We've offered to cover her medical expenses, to move her near to us and pay her rent, to set her up in the best health treatment facilities. She just wants to be left alone. We'll honor her wishes. She has all our contact info. 

    A family friend will escort the little guy out to us on Tuesday, and he will live with us as we work out the legalities. God help us. God help Eva. She says she loves the Lord Jesus Christ but that her own brain gets in the way. Thank you for praying. 


  5. Is the Tree of Life still on the earth or was it later removed? Does the Bible ever speak of it again? Will it have a future purpose? 

    Genesis 3 Verse 24 says: After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.


  6. This is helpful,Yowm.It says Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and settled in Nod,and then in the next sentence it says he then knew his wife.Unless he took a wife with him when he left Eden, then there must be some implied time between him leaving and the next sentence where he's with his wife.Over generations as people drifted from God and multiplied in number they would have spread out and filled the earth,whether in obedience to God or just naturally.

    I found it interesting that generations later a man killed one of Cain's decendants,and even what man knew what God had originally said about not killing Cain,and intetesting that what God said also applied to Cain's descendants,that the man who killed the descendant of Cain received the punishment as though killing Cain.Ive only read thebooks of Genesis and John and not yet had the privilege of reading the rest.I get caught up in every chapter with so many questions.His word is infinite!

    I had to view my posts on another device to see what youre saying about my font.I had no idea it was doing this.The day after my first post my security settings were changed.That might be the cause.Its not doing this in tweets or facebook or emails,texting.I'll have my security member resolve it for me.Im clueless but he works wonders,lol.I'll not post again until he's fixed it.My apologies,Yowm.Im thankful to have access to seasoned Christians here to run my questions by.

  7. My best friend Andreas since elementary school back in Colorado he passed away today from an aneurysm--if you can please pray for his wife and son thank you.He was 40 years old and a strong Christian.

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  8. In Genesis where it talks about how God banished Cain from God's presence after Cain killed Abel,and then Cain spoke of others out there in the wilderness who might kill him,why were they out there apart from everyone else?Had they done something to be banished from God's presence before Cain did?

    Also,when Adam and Eve sinned,God made them clothing out of animal skins.Was this the first time an animal had been killed?

  9. For the last week Ive been talking with God,just confessing my thoughts and feelings,as imperfect as they are,and started to read the Bible,have more questions than answers but Im falling in love with Jesus.

    Ive been seeking wisdom in how and where to declutter my life.So many thoughts,so much work to do,so much to take care of,so much wasted time and effort.

    Ive put together a long term plan where in three years I'll be able to retire from my curtent job and start a small home business with my family.

    Social media,it...owns me.Ive now hired someone to take care of all of it for me and just give me short summaries.Ive sold a small online business that took many hours a week to maintain.I was enroled in online university part time.Ive dropped out.I cut my volunteer hours down to 10 hours a week from 25.

    My wife and I have begun home schooling our children.We now have much more time together as a family.We've begun attending a house church with simple Bible studies we can apply to life.We're seeking to know Him more.

    If you dont know Him,if you dont have time for Him cut out from your life anything or anyone that is in the way of you getting to know Him.What else matters?Your degree,or fame,or social media popularity,or video game high scores or volunteer hours wont help you get to heaven.If you dont have Christ everything else is a waste of time.

  10. Hi Beth,welcome.Im new too.I hope that everything will work out for you and your partner,that you will be blessed in your service to God.We all need a place to belong,a family,support,people to share life with.Its out there and you'll find it.Dont give up.God's help is there.

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