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  1. Please find a better example then a near failed state run by drug cartels and a city surrounded by places without gun laws. Anybody can come into Chicago with a gun easily regardless of it's legality because it's not like anyone searches them. If you are not going to bring up examples that are analogous and in proper context then you're just fishing for arguments.
  2. Strict gun laws don't work unless the guns aren't there in the first place, hence why NZ is having a buy back. Australia did the same thing and gun deaths plummeted: http://fortune.com/2018/02/20/australia-gun-control-success/ I don't know why people are so dedicated to insisting gun control won't work when every single case study proves the opposite.
  3. Are you serious? Are you even stopping to think through the logic of what you're saying? "Hmmm stabbed and likely live, shot and likely die.." Tough choice.
  4. Clearly you didn't read the specifics of the case. This psychopath sneaked into a long term care facility and targeted people unable to move or scream. It wasn't like he barged into a crowd "knives blazing". Most knife attacks are non-fatal, another fact you ignore.
  5. You are a huge fan of false equivalency I see. How is a natural disaster and mass murder related? Unless you happen to live in Zimbabwe it was obviously reported enough for you to hear about.
  6. I'm clarifying your intent because the subject was New Zealand's gun reforms compared to the US and you instead brought up how the media portrays violence.
  7. I am not in control of the news, and getting indignant about how Christian persecution is reported has no effect on how I feel about the murder of others. Does the fact that Christian victims of violence is less reported make you less empathetic towards others?
  8. - I invite you to show me posts where someone corrected me with facts and I disregarded it. - Most of those beaten people are still alive. You also can't kill dozens of people with a bat or machete. - The constitution does not prohibit being "progressive". Do you seriously believe that? I follow the bible as best I can, I care not for the politics attached. - Every country which eliminated assault rifles and implements of mass murder saw a dramatic drop in mass killings. Countries like Japan and the UK have strict gun control and gun related homicide is almost unheard of.
  9. I'm confused about this post. Are you saying that the murder of Christians is worse than the murder of Muslims, or that Christian lives have more value? Murder is murder regardless of the thugs that carry it out.
  10. Pretty ironic statement considering it was at least 50 Muslims who were murdered by a nationalist.
  11. Sounds like a terrible church in my opinion. I would never go to a church where people are armed.
  12. I'm not interested in putting a band aid on a gaping wound, and I'm not much interested in protecting the "right" to own devices designed to kill.
  13. New Zealand's sweeping gun reform Amazing, over there all it takes is one massacre to make people take action. In the U.S. a mass shooting every week results in... nothing.
  14. You don't "own" your children, they are entrusted to your care by God. Hence why God warns parents not to provoke their children's anger.
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