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  1. He'll highly likely never get the money, nor should he for this waste of resources. As an aside, I am getting a bit exhausted with hearing the term "fake news". It's an Ad Hominem and in our case makes Christian's look foolish.
  2. The two are not analogous. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/27/world/middleeast/trump-mexico-wall-israel-west-bank.html
  3. I can't even begin to fathom why such petulant behavior is good. The wall is not going to get built, and it wouldn't do anything about illegal immigration even if it was. It's just an expensive and useless monument to people's anger.
  4. Border security and the TSA are calling in sick at record numbers. Many have started to drive Uber's since they can not longer feed their kids or pay rent.
  5. The American news is biased towards sensationalism. CNN is hampered by their unwillingness to challenge politicians, even when they blatantly lie. They also engage in the balance fallacy constantly by having "both sides" even when one side is fringe and obviously wrong. Fox is basically state TV for the GOP and has the most misinformed audience of all three networks. MSN is in bed with the democrats, they just aren't as blatantly activist as Fox (although they are getting there). In a nutshell: CNN: "He says the moon is made of rock, his opponent says the moon is made of cheese. Interesting debate but we'll have to leave it there." FOX: "Coming up, this honest, kind, caring republican vs a baby killing death panel democrat. Fox news, fair an balanced." MSN: "Hypocrisy in the news today as this family values republican has admitting to sleeping with this woman hundreds of times. Oh, this just in it turns out she's his wife. Well he hates puppies."
  6. We should continue unprecedented environmental damage because otherwise the gasoline would just lay around? I don't even know how to respond to that line of reasoning. I also don't understand how such environmental damage is okay because Fukushima is doing damage also.
  7. This holiday as many of you are celebrating Christmas please remember that there are so many people who will not be having a merry Christmas. There are so many people including teenagers and children on the streets and in abject poverty and anything extra on our parts could help to brighten their holidays a little bit. If you can, going out on Christmas day to pass out food and warm clothes would be wonderful. If you donate toys please remember that older kids and girls get far less in donations than young boys. Please try and get something for a boy and a girl, and try to get something for older kids if you can. I don't want to be preachy but please above all remember that for some people their suffering does not take a holiday and try and do what you can to bring a little cheer.
  8. Firstly you'd be wrong, I did check your facts hence why it took so long to reply. I listened to what you said and gave it a chance before dismissing your statement. All sources are not equal and on this issue I value the opinions of scientists over non-scientists. Otherwise I am doing what is called "Confirmation bias", giving more weight to the opinion I like then the most informed one. For example: If your doctor said you had a serious medical issue that needed treatment or you'd die, and then your janitor said you were fine and didn't need treatment which one would you most likely listen to? Obviously your doctor because not all opinions have equal weight. If you think that I'm wrong then show me some numbers from reputable sources. I'm pretty open minded. No expert is saying coal is coming back and wishful thinking won't change that.
  9. Forbes is not a scientific news source and the author does not link to any sources, which is an immediate red flag. Expertise matters and I will always go with the scientists using current data over opinion pieces. If you really believe the "tree huggers" have the power to censor the internet then nothing else I say will resonate. I don't believe in conspiracies, secret societies or shady cabals pulling the levers. You clearly don't like environmentalism or "liberal" causes. You also work closely in the fossil fuel industry which certainly colors your judgment on this issue. The worlds scientists are almost unified in their conclusion that fossil fuels are damaging the environment, and that said damage will be irreversible if we don't take action. I care about the future, including about our grandchildren who will have to live here after we're gone. I don't know about you but I don't want to risk my grandchildren having to ski to school in a respirator. Coal jobs are dying and nothing anyone does can fix that, because alternative energies are cheaper and safer. If they weren't, businesses would not be switching over. Oil is also going to be severely reduced due to alternative fuel sources. That really bites for people working in those industries but fighting change and clinging to the past is not helping anyone. Ideally people in those industries will be re-trained to take advantage of the new industries now coming to fruition. I get that some people adamantly do not want to change and just want their old ways back. Those people will either change with the times or be unemployed and bitter. One cannot resist the advancement of technology or society, just learn to change course and take advantage of new opportunities which are there if they're willing to open their eyes and see them. The National Geographic article does not say it's produces mostly steam, it says it burns coal to generate the steam required to move the turbines.
  10. - No one has said oil will be eliminated completely, as it is still needed for some purposes like lubricants. - Wind turbines produce 20 to 25 times more energy then it takes to produce them according to every study. https://brage.bibsys.no/xmlui/handle/11250/235015 https://www.inderscience.com/info/inarticle.php?artid=62496 https://www.statkraft.com/energy-sources/Power-plants/Norway/ - Considering oil has killed far more animals via spills and contaminated ground water I fail to see how appealing to turbines killing birds isn't a tad hypocritical. - Solar panels do not have moving parts and therefore require far less maintenance then oil and coal plants. - I cannot find any source that says coal plants are emitting 98% steam, and even if they were emitting at that rate what is coming out is enough to seriously damage our environment. You are correct, you are not a scientist and neither am I. Therefore I will listen to the experts, not appeals to conspiracy theories and conservative talk radio.
  11. Oil is a finite resource and evidence shows it is toxic to the environment. Renewable energies are cleaner, high tech and profitable. Virtually every climate scientist on earth is warning us to change our ways and showing the data to back it up.
  12. Roe V. Wade is settled law and they cannot just overturn a previous ruling, unless one can prove some sort of serious legal error in the prior ruling. In order to change things you have to change the law by electing leaders who will do so. A better way to prevent abortion is the create an environment where women don't think they need to have one in the first place.
  13. PinkBelt

    will gays go to hell if they do not repent?

    Is this a trolling post? God's salvation plan is the same regardless of if you are gay, and I find it highly unlikely you don't already know it.
  14. PinkBelt

    Abolishing Perversion

    I agreed with your premise, and then added my own on top. I am allowed to make two points in the same post, yes? Regardless, since the OP has not seen fit to clarify I'd say this thread is kind of pointless now.
  15. PinkBelt

    Abolishing Perversion

    Exactly. You can't tell people what to do with their own bodies. As long as they aren't harming anyone else people's bedroom antics are not the governments business. On top of that people who are not Christians cannot be expected to follow biblical morality, and trying to force them to via laws is a recipe for instigating a revolution.