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  1. Old cloth, even old wine skins. Israel forfeited their relationship with God because they could not BELIEVE Jesus Christ was their messiah. So in comes Paul the apostle to the gentiles. Israel is on the back burner now until the fullness of gentiles come to Christ. We are the Body of Christ. We will be raptured. Then God turns to Israel and the book of Revelation begins. Jacobs trouble. But ISRAEL will be saved.
  2. I honestly only whipped him once at a young bratty age. I threatened him forever after. I never had to smak him again. Threats worked for the rest of his growing up. “Do you need the whipping spoon?!!” Straightened Him right up. That’s how you must raise children! It’s NOT abusive. It’s being the authority.
  3. No. We are saved by grace. We learn to not call people fools by Grace. He changes us slowly but surely.
  4. Exactly. We cannot comprise the Word of God. I honestly would not care. But God is beyond clear on this subject. Serve who you will. I choose God.
  5. I know what you’re saying. My point is that hands are for love. Whipping spoons are for discipline. Trust me it works. Smak once, then threats are effective. “Do you need the whipping spoon?!” No ! He realized my authority.
  6. One smak changes everything. My son was a born rebel at 2. Smak. He now is a 21 year old pastor and student. I did what a God said. I never had to smak him again. I realize God has him in his hand. Not me. Truth.
  7. The Body of Christ will be raptured before the seals are opened. We are His Body! We already have been crucified. We are promised that we are NOT APPOINTED TO WRATH. The world thinks God is only a God of love. The world loves to beat us over the head with love love love. Our God is indeed love. The only love. However; He is also our God of wrath. He is going to destroy His enemies. He will not tolerate unbelief.
  8. God is in control. Be fruitful and multiply. That is an original command. You will be blessed beyond your imagination. We must have children. Don’t be afraid!
  9. We are called to bring the gospel of grace when we can to the lost. Unfortunately, most of the world is lost. It’s heartbreaking. Homosexuals aren’t the only lost souls. My own dad is an agnostic. Whatever that means. I will be be angry if my dad isn’t in heaven. He’s still alive. Please let’s pray for his salvation. Thank you
  10. You start now. Bring he/she up in the church of your choice. At about 3 years old explain the Gospel of Grace to your child. Read the Bible to them out loud. Pray for them. Be a decent example as best you can. Don’t yell at them unless totally necessary. Don’t hit them with your hand. Use a wooden spoon on a thigh early when they are horrible in their revolt of you. They will do this at two. Don’t be afraid. You take charge early and you will have a holy kid. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Get control EARLY it’s not mean, it’s LOVE. DONT BE PC.
  11. My opinion is that marijuana is probably the safest of drugs. Alcohol is worse. I’ve done both. But we as Christians, unless it is needed truly, should be filled instead with the Holy Spirit. But we can relax with a drink or a puff with impunity. We must be careful that it doesn’t take our eyes off our beloved Lord❤️ IMHO
  12. I feel exactly the same way. I’m afraid of guns, but I think it’s important for THIS country (US) to always allow the citizens to own guns if they so choose. It prevents government takeover by force. The holocaust could never have happened if the Jews had guns. Js.
  13. Thank you Abby-Joy for your honesty and candor. I began a search on the internet about satanism because I thought it was in the music industry. Well I followed it down the rabbit hole for weeks on end and was utterly shocked at what I learned. The Bible says that our enemies are not flesh and blood, but they are principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness, etc. Eph 6:12. I never really understood that because I see PEOPLE as being obviously evil. I now know that there are victims of those things. Some will choose Christ and become free. Some will reject the offered freedom and go to doom. I have to believe even in this pervasive horror, every human is confronted with and has the ability to choose whom will ye serve? What I’m saying is God must show himself to every human at some point in their life. Most reject him. Because they loved the darkness rather than light. This SRA is an organized and massively brutal result of sin. But we all have it, and we all must be delivered through he death, burial and RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. It’s the only way to salvation for anyone ❤️
  14. About laying on of hands: about a year ago I was at a truck stop and an obviously homeless man came up to me to chat. He didn’t ask for money, he told me that he thought the Holy Spirit wasn’t with him or had left him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and prayed for him to receive the Holy Spirit. I have never had anyone do that for me, but it just came to me as the thing to do. I’m glad I did it. I believe it was transforming for both of us.
  15. I tried to talk to her about it. She got very offended. I’m going to wait awhile and see what happens. I’ll try again if it doesn’t improve. I’ll be more gentle next time. Maybe I planted the seed for her to recognize it in herself and be more careful with her stories. Thank you everyone for your kind and helpful responses❤️
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