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  1. You know what, I speak in tongues. Now to be honest I just may be making it up. But it comes on me whenever I want. It’s personal and makes me feel relieved and relaxed when I’m stressed. I don’t know what I’m saying, but it soothes me. I perceive it’s Holy somehow. I pray in English everyday. My “tongues” I speak when I’m distressed or remember to try it.
  2. This breaks my heart for all concerned. I had abortion at 18. It ruined me spiritually for many years. I became so depressed and sad. I’m old now, but I can’t shake it off. I know I’m forgiven. I have 2 adult children now who love the Lord and walk in His ways. God is great. However, my spirit goes back sometimes to my ultimate sin. I can’t stand it! I cry even 35 years later. It broke me. I want all women to understand abortion will ruin your life and your hopes and dreams.
  3. The finished work of the cross and resurrection changed EVERYTHING. No food is forbidden now because it has been cleansed by His blood. Pray thanks over all you eat for the nourishment of your body and you will be blessed and healthy. No matter what it is. Try it before you rebuke what God says is clean now.
  4. Yes. You have understanding. Go forth and tell it to the world. It’s important. May God richly bless you!
  5. Welcome Cody! Stay and read and learn. Agree or disagree is common, but belief in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ lives here.
  6. Welcome! Tell them at the border to go back home and pray for their own countries. God blessed them with abundance.
  7. I have to disagree. The only way I have eked myself out of sinful desires, which were hounding me, is through prayer. My prayers are simple. Even laying down, I say help me God!!! I lay out my problems and sins and desires and keep on asking for help. It’s a process for me, but every good thing that happens to me seems to be an outcome of my prayers. I’m even ridiculous sometimes, but hey why not. God is good. He will answer and help you. Be persistent.
  8. I’m remarried. My divorce from my first husband was my fault. God seemed to have left me for a long time. I paid a heavy price, in that if you sow to the wind you reap the whirlwind. I nearly lost my mind. However; He never leaves us or forsakes us. His Grace is bigger than my sin. He loves us first and I love Him. I wanted a better life on my terms. Well, don’t let feelings or emotions blind you from Gods perfect word. If you do, it doesn’t mean you are not saved, but the goodness and blessings of God will be taken from you for who knows how long. BE CAREFUL. Obey God. It’s our only hope for peace here.
  9. I get u. When I was around 3 my grandpa told me what Jesus Christ did for me and why. I flung myself on the ground and bawled. I never knew I was bad. It broke my heart! But he planted the seed of salvation in my life. He told me the truth that was painful as a child, but the Rock of my salvation as I grew. Thank God for my grandpa who loved my eternal destiny more than he cared for my feelings. I can’t wait to see him again and thank him for loving me enough to insult my carnality!
  10. I was trying to be nice. I’m all for self defense. I’m even a bit aggressive my self. But peace if we can pull it off?
  11. I could not stand my husband. I got divorced because I couldn’t stand him. Fought all the time. No respect either way. He was a “good” man I guess. I divorced him. God surely dealt harshly with me. I have to live it. People are harsh too. I can’t unscramble eggs.
  12. Welcome! My advice is to read the book of Romans. (Chapters 11-12 are parenthetical, pertaining to Israel) but we are free in Christ. He will lead you to glory how He sees fit. Blessings. Work out. It’s good for your body, mind and emotions.
  13. I don’t think so. It’s good exercise and will give you confidence to avoid fights I believe. You will be able to use words better by not fearing physical confrontation. But by all means, let peace reign as far as it is possible by you.
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