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  1. Thank you everyone for your deep study and willingness to share your knowledge and understanding of our glorious scriptures! I believe in a pre trib rapture, but I am going to read through all this and the Bible. There is no end to God’s wisdom. It’s so simple, yet so very deep and provocative! Thank you to everyone who has posted.
  2. Try an employment agency for sure ^^ You are well educated, you could get a job anywhere. Employers love college degrees of any kind. It shows follow-through and grit. Be courageous and kind to yourself. Pray constantly instead of being bored. God is truly a lover of our souls, he is more precious and interesting than a physical lover! Just try.
  3. There has always been discrimination against unbelief. Look around the world. Unbelief wreaks havoc on those nations who have no believers. That is God’s discrimination. Man’s hatred is toward believers in Him. Western civilization was wrought by Gods own hand through a believing people. It is now being torn asunder by unbelief. So very sad.
  4. I may be reiterating here, but I feel your pain. If people in your life hate God, hence you, remove yourself from them. If it’s people on tv or in government that you see hate God, don’t watch it. Put goodness in your mind always. The rest will fall into place without your worry. Pray for all that bothers you. Be kind in person and give to those that ask (beggars). It’s really important to not read at watch all the horror and negativity the world wants us to drown in. You do well talking it out on here. Prayfully live. We do hate evil, but we hope for persons. They are not condemned yet. There is always hope❤️
  5. Palm Sunday was proof of the Lords Triumphant entry into Jerusalem. That day they could have crowned Him King! But alas, they did not. Some knew though. Oh Israel!
  6. Debp, I do too! It’s all part of my fondest memories of my innocent days. A joy to me!
  7. Debp, Exactly. Others love these holidays and it gives us an opportunity to share with them Jesus crucified and resurrected and what it means to us sinners. I’m grateful they are still national holidays so people like them and view them in a positive light.
  8. Kristin


    Welcome! Stay awhile.
  9. Welcome Emily! Let’s pray for him now. Father God, we ask that you heal completely Emily’s precious brother from all sickness and disease. You said that by His stripes we were healed. We claim this promise for Emily’s brother. Thank you God. You are only good! We pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
  10. Welcome! You will find great advice and the love of the Lord here. Have you gently discussed this with your husband? I assume you both are young? Men mellow as they age in that regard, but it can be a serious problem. Let’s pray. Father God we ask together that Andimj has the strength to tell her husband her honest feelings and her heart. We ask that husband will hear her in love and respect her needs and desires. Bless them. In The name of Jesus Christ we pray. Much love.
  11. I agree with Jayne^. I always see this verse as meaning an escape from sin. As in nobody in the Body of Christ should have to die in their sin.
  12. I don’t know where to throw this in, but in modern lingo it’s “beta” that is used as the opposite of “alpha”. Not “omega”. Just saying. Carry on!
  13. Love is real and does last. But you knew 5 years ago this man was not good for you. Please pray to be set free from your attachment and wondering. How can you successfully go forward when you’re looking in the rear view mirror. I did that for a long time when I was young. I wish now I would have looked forward a lot sooner. God has wonderful things in front of you. Not behind.
  14. I hear you. I have a thought though. Here in the United States it seems there are powers that be who would love to wipe all Christian holidays off the calendar completely. In fact they already have. No longer is it Easter break, the week before Easter. It’s Spring break just sometime in March. Same with Christmas. I’d rather this country celebrate as a nation Christian holidays rather than uhhh Ramadan or what have you. But for the Body of Christ, I see your point on trying to be precise. Although some of my nonbelieving family and friends only ever pray on those special days.
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