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    Reading, traveling (I’m a trucker sidekick haha), camping, fishing, anything fun! But what satisfies and uplifts me is my relationship with our Lord. It’s a lifelong lifestyle to be sure. Love!❤️

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  1. I’m in Amarillo tonight. 28 and ice all over.
  2. Welcome to Worthy! Very informative. We try to be kind when we disagree. Our success in in Jesus Christ!
  3. Welcome! This is an excellent Christian site.
  4. Welcome! All praise and glory to Jesus Christ! Amen! Nice intro. You will fit right in.
  5. Welcome here! This site would probably prove beneficial to you. Many Bible readers and believers here.
  6. Welcome! This is an excellent Christian site. Be kind always.
  7. Kristin


    You’re doing great. This is an excellent site. Have your Bible handy but don’t be intimidated. Be interested!
  8. Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Spirit. It is a language between the believer and God. It is private from my personal experience. A love language between you and your Creator.
  9. “How does one convert to Catholicism?” knowledgeable opinion: one doesn’t!
  10. It probably means: women shouldn’t yell out questions in church. Women as Christians had new involvement in the Church, as opposed to Judaism. So maybe they needed to learn how to be more involved without causing chaos. Or Jesus, through Paul, May have meant exactly as it it stated.
  11. I honestly think it means: we who are believers in the saving power of Jesus Christ through His death, burial and RESURRECTION literally become the Body of Christ. Spiritually probably. Just as we are seated already in heavenly places.
  12. Yes. We are living members of the Body of Christ.
  13. Don’t try and be Catholic. Be a member of the Body of Christ. Of course don’t be a “hateful bigot”. Be a Holy Spirit filled member of the Body of Christ! ❤️🙌
  14. It’s not so easy to count people physically. They tend to move. One can learn to estimate and be quite accurate. It takes practice though.
  15. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for thou art with me! Psalm 23
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