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  1. Kristin

    Healed by Jesus over a year ago

    Ohhh. I really just ride along. I used to do those things. Now we must drive drive drive. We make enough money, but not so much. We have 4 children. They are grown now, but not self sufficient. I know joy is the hard one to receive. I pray every day so that I don’t cry. I’m a struggler, but my joy is in the Lord, not my circumstances
  2. Kristin

    Healed by Jesus over a year ago

    @R. Hartono do you not have any joy? I always think I lack in that. But I certainly have some joy. Do you? Don’t quit posting. I apologize for being mean. I understand joyless times. I really do.
  3. So you don’t speak in tongues. It has nothing whatsoever to do with prosperity gospels. Sigh. You can speak in tongues if you desire to.
  4. Kristin


    JohnD is healed by Your stripes. We declare this in your name Jesus our Lord the Christ. Amen and amen.
  5. Please pray that I will get a lovely home and my family can be together at last! Thank you.
  6. Kristin

    Healed by Jesus over a year ago

    Are you mocking people? Be very careful if you are. Do you have “So much joy in your life”??
  7. Kristin

    My first testimony

    Joy and pain. I suppose my story is only unique. It’s not favorable. Nor is it unfavorable. Pain and all that accompanies it is a big part unfortunately. But Jesus carries me through unimaginable trials and sorrows. It’s an old hard life. I don’t know how unbelievers manage. Maybe I’m attacked more. It sure seems that way. But I put on the armor of God and stand. What else can I do?
  8. I’m no writer but I expressed it best with the the topic that say strange and supernatural. I have an older one which is dim. I don’t rely on this experience for salvation, but it happened to me. The supernatural is real. 😳
  9. If you read the testimonies I very poorly recount an angel visitation. I’m wondering if others have had this experience. Mine was utterly ecstatic and I wanted to go with him. But I’ve never seen him since. I put my whole trust in Jesus Christ my everything. I was just wondering. Read my my testimony because it has haunted me in a way my whole long life. Whoever is interested I’d appreciate thoughts.
  10. Kristin

    My first testimony

    I wrote it more detail above. It’s the same story tho. What happens after is another story I guess. I only can say the Bible is true and God is good.
  11. Kristin

    What does the Bible say about loneliness?g

    Jesus says He will never leave you or forsake you. When I’m lonely, I look to my right and say hello Jesus. Please hug me. Then I just bask in knowing He is right there for me. He is omnipresent so He is right there for you too❤️
  12. Kristin

    Lonely Christian

    This place is full of Christians. Don’t be intimidated by the knowledge some have. Get ready to be encouraged and to learn. Have a Bible handy ❤️
  13. Kristin


    Welcome Topaz! I hope we can help you. We are all kinds of folks here. I’m so sorry for your loss. My parents are in their 80s. I can’t bear the thought. Much love you will find here. But pull your Bible out! We are the Body of Christ and believe the Bible to be the true Word of God❤️
  14. Kristin


    Welcome here! Get ready to be amazed and get your Bible ready❤️
  15. Kristin

    Another Newbie

    Welcome here! Get your Bible because folks here are true believers in the Word. Nonsense is not acceptable. Otherwise, enjoy the new friends in the Lord ❤️