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  1. Kristin

    Disciplining Children!

    It must depend on the parent and the child. I never had to spank my daughter. My son. Oh my son. I spanked him only once. With a wooden spoon. He never defied me again. He now is studying to be a preacher of the Lord. He wants to, not me. I think God leads his saints. Even if they are frail and incompetent, it’s obvious to everyone they are strong. Lean on God every day and you can’t fail.
  2. Kristin

    ROMANS 14 and homosexuality

    Are you a homosexual Bryan?
  3. Kristin


    I’m pre Trib and you can’t sway me. God told me about His love and care. I’m looking up for my sweet Lord❤️
  4. Kristin

    ROMANS 14 and homosexuality

    Well I was a drunk. I loved it! Nobody else did. Homosexuality is so easily dismissed as fine. Everything else isn’t. However, God condemns it more fervently than other sins. Why? Well. It pollutes another. It separates one from all but a “community”, it injures ones body unspeakably (look it up)😢. It’s lying to God. It’s rebellion completely! It destroys salvation when one embraces it as “who they are”. It is a heartbreak to the Body of Christ.
  5. Kristin

    Renewing the mind

    Welcome to salvation Tyler. Be peaceful in your heart because God will never let you go. It will be tough, but you always have your God. Read the Bible and pray every day. You must. It’s a hard life either way, choose LIFE! Don’t let go.
  6. Yes. I agree. God will deal with whoever however He wants. I just praise Him for saving me. I have a long way to go, but who cares. I’m His own Body. Israel isn’t His Body. We are. Leave Israel alone because we don’t understand.
  7. Kristin

    Jesus (was/is) a Jew?

    I’m not reading through all this yet. Jesus IS a Jew. His human self is descended from Jacob who is Israel. The Bible leaves no doubt. It’s ok. He even is from Israel’s twelve JUdah. He is lion of the tribe of Judah. But we are not mixed and should not worry about these things. We are the Body of Christ. We are something separate from the Jews. Leave them to God. Be faithful to Christ and what all He has done for us.
  8. The creeps you mean. She reminds me of my elderly liberal mother running the House of Representatives! 😱
  9. This must be re thought in the Supreme Court. I’m no angel, but I’m not an idiot. It’s shocking really that my whole life murdering babies has been ok. We have all been harmed by this. God please help us!
  10. Kristin

    Should Christians own "Dream-Catchers?"

    The problem with dream catchers is that they are made for a reason Christian people don’t understand. They are something mystical. We must not have them. Why put yourself open to dark things you don’t understand???
  11. Kristin

    Should Christians own "Dream-Catchers?"

    I didn’t read through all this, but I had a dream catcher once. I threw it in the trash because I realized I didn’t want to “catch” my dreams. They are not always good!
  12. Yes. It’s very strange and rare. I think dark entities are around believers. I could cry! But we get to cry to our Lord. These horrible things have no power over us. But we know they are there. Praise Jesus Christ for our salvation. He has truly saved me.
  13. Kristin

    new caravan of illegals from el salvador

    I see it as an invasion. It is not cheap to drag yourself and others all the way through Mexico. Why not stay in Mexico if their country is so terrible? Common language and culture. No, they want all the free offerings we, for some reason, give to illegals and such instead of our own citizens. And never the taxpayer. It’s like we are fools for working hard!
  14. Kristin

    Suspicious Packages Sent to Politicians

    I always thought Seth Rich murder was suspicious