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  1. @1to3 Well, that is another animal. They are deceived who believe in anything other than the saving power of Jesus Christ. Which is that He is God the Son. He came in human form (left his own great glory for us) died on a cross and was buried in a tomb. Then.. He was RESURRECTED!! The whole world has now the opportunity of salvation. There is no mixing or diluting the Salvation that has been proclaimed. There just is no compromise. Only the truth, which is simple, will save anyone. Nothing else. The rest are just lies and deceive people to their destruction. We don’t ever want that.
  2. Which brings Salvation to they who will BELIEVE. That is Salvation. But there is a lot that follows it. That’s the harder part, of course. But it truly starts with faith. Then you are saved. But God never leaves his children at step one. But, for new people that is step one. Now you are saved..
  3. @1to3 yes. We will repent. But first we will be saved by Grace through faith. Then our transformation begins. But we are SAVED by faith. It’s obviously a process. Faith in the death, burial and RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ for our sins is the saving grace. The rest is how we grow and become who God created us to be. We repent our livelong lives. We change BECAUSE we have faith in Him who promised he would make a good end for us. He changes us. We can’t change ourselves or we would be gods. Faith first, then transformation.
  4. I completely disagree that we aren’t saved by faith. Paul is very clear that we are. Faith then brings repentance. But it is faith alone that saves the lost.
  5. Read all these true responses from the children of God, the Body of Christ. I’m with you sister. There are seasons, even years, things go badly. Even horribly! We are being sharpened like knives. We are being purified as gold. We are being cut as diamonds. Our job is to trust our God and savior. That’s OUR JOB. Nobody gets out of here alive, but we get eternity with our creator if we just trust and believe. I will pray for you LadyKay. I have enormous problems also. I used to pray to God to help me( I still do) but then I changed to Thank you God!! Thank you Thank you! It’s helped tremendously. Js
  6. For you have died and your life now is hidden in Christ in God. Colossians 3:3. What happens to Christians is our old nature dies and our spirit becomes born. And nothing or nobody can steal our souls forevermore! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord with your hand lifted up high!
  7. So, some of you put forth we must obey the commandments or we are not saved, or will fall away. We are not Israel. God has paid the price. The first four books of the New Testament are written to Israel. Not you per se. Paul writes to the gentiles. Those letters apply to us. IMO. He makes it clear we are saved by believing what He did for us.
  8. I wonder if this is tied to the gift of discernment. Often I get feelings and knowledge that seem to oppress me. It usually involves other people. It’s like empathy, but I always thought it was either discernment or knowledge.
  9. This Greta girl is completely special needs. I work with them. Very easy to manipulate. Sure, some have workable abilities. But it’s it. This poor girl has been taught since infancy probably the fears of her parents, who are sadly lost. This girl is verging on hysterical fear at such a young age it breaks my heart for her. Kind of. She is very easy to dislike tho. She is bitter and angry like an old hag.
  10. This can’t be good. It’s like Nephilim. Ungodly genes. We are fine how we are as God made us.
  11. I am close to the Lord. But when I’m with my husband I feel safer and closer. It’s the blessing of marriage that God intended. We are lucky and blessed ❤️
  12. The only thing I would advise about taking communion is that the one who partakes fully understands the meaning of it. It must be one who accepts the blood and body sacrifice we are partaking in. I brought my sister and brother-in-law to church, but didn’t invite them for the communion because they were visitors and I’m not sure what they believe.
  13. I agree with everyone who advised you. Why would you even be friends with someone willing to commit serious crimes? And put you in danger by telling you about it? If it is a friend, I would confront them and tell them I will expose them. You don’t need to be implicated. Crimes are dangerous and ruin lives. Flee from this “friend”. Trust us, they are no real friend.
  14. You know, it is just the Grace of God. This one piece of my life seems to be going good. I have 4 children and a second husband so pray for us! On Sunday tho, all seemed right in the world! For a moment, it all seemed right. But now I’m back to reality. 😳
  15. I was among those who use alcohol and drugs, not my son. I was just clarifying that to be fair to him. I’ve been saved and so has he, no matter who we USED to be, we are part of the Body of Christ now forevermore. Thank you for pointing that out.
  16. @Blood Bought 1953You are right! I have had my fair share of struggles in that realm. I just didn’t want to put my own failings on my son. He just hasn’t had those troubles thankfully. I’m not one to accuse drug or alcohol users ever because I was among them. Salvation is for everyone and can heal all things. Never give up! Never forget the Lord who saved you! Even when we fail, we are no longer lost ever.
  17. I had to share somewhere where people understand the significance of this. Thank you for caring!
  18. Today my son became a deacon of the children’s ministry at his church. He is 21. He was introduced and honored. I’m so very happy God has done such a work in his life. I’m divorced from his dad and it’s been beyond rough. But I’ve prayed for that boy constantly. The rewards are here!! It’s been very hard, but God is good! My son is a Deacon in a huge church, not a drug addict on the streets. I’m so grateful. God is good. He never did drugs just to add.
  19. Kristin


    Peace is something we must seal daily. Because we are assaulted daily by the enemy. When we wake up, the first thing we should do is pray. And don’t forget to pray for peace and joy and being able to stand long suffering PRAY.
  20. Well if you’re going to be on websites, this is the best one. The others, especially news sites will bring you down down down. Good luck and blessings.
  21. @RonaldBruno I honestly think some of us believe Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels and human women. It’s very strange. However I believe the Bible points to this as being true. They were (and maybe are) superhuman. Perhaps that’s where we get stories of super heroes and such. But they are evil in their nature and cannot be saved.
  22. @George So beautifully laid out. My only problem is I’m still stuck on me. I don’t know how to quit focusing on myself. It’s a hard thing in my estimation. Thank you for all that you do! i read through the thread. The answers are there.
  23. The price was God Himself as a blood sacrifice. We will be shocked when we go to Glory at the sacrifice He made for us.
  24. This to reinforce: Romans 8:1. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Jesus Christ. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.
  25. It is a puzzle. Let’s only speculate and love each other because in the end, we just don’t know.
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