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  1. I had laughs reading them thank you everyone for sharing
  2. if the finance of such churches are dealt well I think it’s good to have God provide the means to portrait the greatness and glory of Him through art it may just be a loving dedication to the Lord than just a waste of money, like the ointment of Maria poured out on Jesus yet people criticise her actions. besides, how pretty they are! reminds me how we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" \o/
  3. And... allow me to elaborate (or expand), not directing to anyone personally: if we work toward making "the Church" a "refuge" for the survivors it will fail no matter what... because people fail. places fail. the Church is designed as Christ’s Body and His Bride, it can not perform a function only God Himself could do, and all members can not be at the same life level/spiritual maturity, in order for the survivors to have consistsnt support and professional care. it must and could only be performed by a ministry (and/or work with other ministries together) for this purpose. and the healing process has a limited time also, then the survivors are released into broader range to perform their roles in the Body as well. some may be short, some may take longer. it’s very much like physical healing process. you don’t walk around too much when it hurts bad. unless you intended to ignore and numb it... the Body of Christ is also limited in its function APART FROM these wounded members. but thankfully the Head is not dissociated and the Spirit is ever in the work of unite... we can always promote awareness and help in the maturing progress so the Body could function better at accepting these survivors, and some may just be called out (or hear the call) and later get equipped in the field. There is no single strategy that wins all battles and we must take heed to the unique calling of each stage, the Lord Himself fights for us.
  4. what I meant to avoid (for all of us who have little to some knowledge or understanding), is to give the "map" or "cure/resolvement" of how the survivor’s mind or their life runs into ungodly hands, people can be curious or evil intended and not ready to do rightly toward these things, and make this place seem more unsafe to them while ppl may abtain more knowledge of them than themselves do! although truthful testimonies and rightly dividing the word of God is different, those seek power may just abuse whatever they got in hand. and it takes so much for the Lord to train up a servant in this ministry, and one could only "qualify" for such task with great prices. we need to pray for their protection also while they get themselves exposed at frontlines.
  5. I’m still waiting on the Lord for the right connections to help me grow in the Lord. I don’t have a local church or Christians near me, nor have I found such person that would make commitment to help me online. It is painful to stuck on the track and not able to move on. I’d appreciate it if you don’t post man’s opnions or ungodly advices here or make a religious show or socialize or preach like you understood or how you coped YOUR situation or details of other traumas etc., this is a prayer request thread, not counseling thread. and I don’t want to discuss openly here about personal issues. so don’t take the adventage of speaking about someone’s life while they can’t explain everything to everyone read it and heap it on them the burden to address what you did in their prayer request thread. Talk is cheap, it might took you few minutes to comment but I had been and am living in it. And if you could just reply without quoting my original words I’d appreciate that you don’t take away the right of me re-edit my post, when I want to close it so no more people would read it. There is no point quoting the whole thing. If you have a specific word to ME from the Lord, don’t make it public. Thank you and God bless.
  6. May I also advice of being cautious about giving out detailed information about the survivors, it would be like exposing their last "refuge" so to speak, trust it into hands of ungodly persons that might abuse such knowledge to do them harm. Also beware of false teachers and those seek to steal words to impress and manipulate their audience, not all have Discernment and might just fall into the traps, thank you.
  7. I am not left out in the "background music" thing but not ready to talk about it yet here, it is very personal to me (and Him) though a bit on catching up with you all's video posts in Christian music section because of internet access limitations. Hope could viewing them tho, must be great. Thank you for sharing them. some of the lyrics really speak to me.
  8. lol...not my intention. I had read this thread days ago and just thought to submit a feedback. I was also reminded by the Lord: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts." Yes may His Will be done, Amen.
  9. Yesterday the Lord gave me the verse of Isaiah 40:31 for encouragement and strengthening, and today earlier the song "Carry You" by Amy Grant. Then Heb 4:16 just now. It’s so comforting to know He is at work 【Hebrews 4:16】[KJV]Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.
  10. It will be tremendous blessing to hear what you’ve come to know through the studies, we need to know better than our enemies do and be equipped to fight in the realms He called us to. Please let us know when it is ready
  11. Oh good the threads are showing now. I was asking for the link before the thread was edited. I can see them now and fetched the lyrics. Thank you both for the encouragement and the WCF servants worked behind scenes for them to stay in the open God is good @Jostlerit is solved now, thank you
  12. @Jostler Thank you for sharing! Would you please paste the link to the content you posted above so those with limited internet access could find other ways to achieve it? it appears blank and says "Sorry, we can’t show this content because you do not have permission to see it."
  13. @EllaGrace is this what you were looking for? sorry if I got the wrong person to give notice at lol
  14. sorry to let you know that I had not been doing very well. stuck. bad dreams continue and self harm thoughts are still there. feel weary and tiresome in this long process...it’s been so long and I’ve done so much yet still so alone in this journey. I struggle to post here too afraid of rejection and hurt as I have no place to go. I wanted to make better posts that make better senses but got stuck everytime compose drafts. As I’ve fought the battle countless times but the sadness deep inside just don’t go away. Strength to make forward moves needed. I need help, miracle on daily basis. I come from very different background than most people here. hopefully there will be way out for things and the Lord gives me strength, clarity and carries me.... Please pray. Jesus help me
  15. Justice is God’s Way, and Revenge is His, though we could take things in our own hands and man’s selfish ways lead to destruction. It’s quite a dark world in which sins have increased the way beyond imagination, and to the distance of crucified our Lord Jesus Christ (and still do today, as in the persecution of the spiritual, and opposing God’s Will in our lives and even in churches), including ourselves’ sins nailed Him there. To have all things corrected in this world temporal on earth couldn’t be practical but have to wait for His Plan for everything to unfold. For some things, God told us to leave it there as He permits, because without simply taken out all the "bad" the Good God is even capable of turning it into miracles, "making all things work for those love Him", and we can rest in His care. His eyes are on the sparrow and Israel (us) for ever. Those do evil sin against God first, and Judgment awaits everyone (for the unbeliever the White Throne Judgment and Christians the Christ’s judgement seat). For some other things, not for our earthly benefits like gain and fame but eternal welfare, the Lord lead us as in other ways, to stretch His Kingdom and get trained for eternity, after all WE His children and masterpiece are what will last, not what we possess here for a period of time, and to serve Him in eternity is what we look forward to and our goal. And beside some special people GOD use to perform their duties on the job like spiritual deliverance, medical care, police or justice department, we "common citizens" may have less legal permissions and responsibilities of what could be done in chasing darkness down in a bigger range, but could still perform our God-given authority and be a Kingdom ambassador where we are, remember God is the Judge, and Christ is our righteousness. It is not wrong in hating evil and sin as a God-loving person will do, but continue to keep Faith and Hope and most of all Love, to love our Lord, and love others as ourselves, with the Love in us from above. In not being overcomed by evil but overcome evil with good we are already winning, and through Christ we are more than conquerors. God’s word is our weapon in this dark world, it’s the lamp to our feet and light to our path, keeps us strong and stand firm on right ground, nothing can be done without Christ but with God all things are possible. Learning to give things into the Lord’s Hands and trusting Him myself, from getting perspective (Discernment) to seek guidance and strength to follow through. Thanks for the opportunity of writing a reply from my own experience. Great topic I’m looking forward to others’ inputs
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