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  1. Ask God’s family to continue praying for me, as the health issues and flashbacks continue, still not been able to do more than manage taking care of my daily needs, or build local support and find some Christian friends (don’t know where to, lack of energy and safe plans to backup), asking the Lord to open a way for me
  2. Thank you all so much for the needed prayers, as other small "annoyance" kept coming and go like a badly hurting throat few days ago, and adapting to a new bought mattress. my chest (around ribs actually I think) still hurts or warns me about getting to be hurt so I could do much less but sleep less and sit on a chair instead, adjusting my posture constantly to be more comfortable. couldn't do much typing before. (but today I've came into chat and typed for hours! yet went to make tea and felt different with lifting cup??) I do wonder if it has to do with some spiritual reasons? and the fearful anxious alertness I still got at times from flashbacks (or they be part of the flashbacks) sometimes it felt overwhelming or mind "clogging" like I was in another state until come to myself and aware of what was going on, and took some more time to find a way to make myself busy as not to think negative or just wait for it to pass... and sometimes could "stood up" to do some binding prayers so to speak. ...and I'm a bit scared just finding myself typing all this with vocabulary I didnt know would come to me like "clogging"..? I didn't want to talk at all, or couldn't. and thought of to leave Worthy chat just speak of my mind. Thank you for prayers and reading this.... God is good. GBU all
  3. oh..a youtube link just showed up. no wonder I couldn't see it. sorry it's just for my country's internet policies. I can try with some proxy/vpn. sorry again.
  4. I can't see the post it's all blank to me
  5. I can't see the post it's all blank to me
  6. Please continue to pray for me to have better health and strength to take after myself, beside the physical affects from flashbacks of past abuse, like racing thoughts, hard to relax, having tense shoulders and muscles, sleep quality for adopting to different beds and mattress, rest is so needed as my arms got so sore that my chest or back of shoulder feels burning pain and a bit numb right now, cant do much typing in order to save strength. and for back loins to fully healed which was accidentally hurt days ago. Thank you!
  7. I had been struggling about interacting in the forums. just had a thought that maybe the devil doesn't like for me to post in here because he knows people would pray for it! and that prayers are powerful, also the testimonies out of it. you see it's not just about me as I am part of His plan and one in His Kingdom, there is spiritual side to what I had been and am going through, and when it became more clear of God's presence and doing among . and despite of what the enemy tried to convince me I AM DOING THE RIGHT THING IN CONNECTING WITH MY GOD'S FAMILY! They are God's gift in blessing me and showing Him to me when I can't do it alone or see myself. And TRUTH brings Healing even Freedom... there is NO FEAR IN LOVE and only BY LOVING AND BEING LOVED I AM MADE COMPLETE/PERFECT. so if I am giving Love or receiving Love I can rest assured that I'm on the right path... silence the accusing voices that condemn me or try to isolate me. Thank God for the revelation and timely ! pray the Truth be totally sinked in and be rooted deeper in LOVE... (above was written down about 5-6 hrs ago)
  8. I think the danger of the typhoon had gone it's my first time encouter one. The news said it decreased power, stayed for short, wind was only 8-9 degrees strong, not much damagies, and I have been safe indoor, which I belive was result of prayers have been feeling weak and exhausted, mind not very clear, maybe dehydrated but kidneys weak this morning? not sure of the expression in details. just slept through the afternoon into over 10 pm.. had some water and going back to sleep now as still feeling tired and sore I'm not medically acquinted or good at taking care of myself, and need strength for a shower but would have to put it off until better. pray would stay safe, not get ill or have a fever etc. I'm currently staying at my parents, by myself for they went traveling, will need to go back to my rental apartment after they come back as the mattress here in my old room doesn't work now after I accidentally hurt my back loins days ago, but pray the bed there will do or a solution come up soon...which was the reason I came over here, to be able to get some sleep. And just moved back to this city not too long ago so not having friends around to help, and to my current state a bit overwhelming to meet new ones. it's a little complicated. Thank you all for prayers and encouragment!
  9. I need to post a prayer request for help on overcoming the battles and walk out better. I still got constant flashbacks from past abuses on daily basis. it affects me on many areas and ability to have a balanced life and relationships etc.. It took many years of searching and reaching on my own to gain some understanding. for example I had always thought I'd not live longer than 15 yrs old, maybe due to one of the abuse experiences in which I almost got killed by my dad. And there had been other types of abuses too from other people. I don't have much life skills or godly examples around, need to learn my way of become independent and work out things here to have a life, even one that is pleasing to the Lord in a persecutive environment, with temptations around. He had sustained me and lead me this far. I pray will not lose patience in this long process. I pray that God will see me through and restore me in the places where the enemy had stole, killed and destoyed. I pray that in my weakness His Strength being made known and Grace sufficient for the day. I prayed that I can really trust the Lord with all my heart and know His Love and be perfect in it. and I pray that He leads me in my time around this site too, be my Defender and Finisher of my faith. There is a lot to pray about and I'll very appreciate it if you could keep me in your prayers, thank you so much for sharing the burden and be a Blessed vessel of Him. God bless you all
  10. There is a typhoon coming my place and rain just started to pour. I've stored up some food and upon preparation got too tired almost passed out minutes ago, in need of prayers for strength, health and safety, Thank you
  11. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, whosoever gather against me shall fall for my sake The Blood of Jesus cleanses me GOD LOVES ME!
  12. I just want to keep praising the Lord who had been faithful to me, gave His life for me and promised me a hopeful eternity with Him, and SHAME and Judgment on the enemy whatever their schemes against me they WILL FAIL because THE BIBLE SAYS I AM MORE THAN AN OVERCOMER THROUGH JESUS CHRIST!! Now I see perfectly clear that the enemy was angry for what I said during lunch time by commanding him to get out of my life, hours later attacked my body and sleep and use people too LOL well the battle is on you will see me thrive, one bad word you throw at me ten praises I will give to God! And I AIN'T FIGHTING ALONE!!
  13. It's been over an year now that I needed a suitable bed and health to be restored, which resulted in me had to stay indoor most of the time due to the burning pain of sore muscles and lack of strength, had to spend too much time moving from place to place to get some rest, tried some beds and mattress out and haven't find the right one for me yet. Please pray for God's provision and a solution come soon. Thank you
  14. TRUTH told now I'm on a roll... to futher forums I go See you around
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