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  1. Hmmm... that makes sense. That's what I love about Brian Deitzen is he just acts like a normal person, doesn't have an ego, but is a geniune actor because he "feels" what he's saying. He makes it not look so impossible to be him, down to earth.
  2. Thank you that made my day :))
  3. On my favourite TV show there's a man that I've seen in real life for three days in a row now and he won't speak to me. I tell him I recognize him but he just changes the subject. And now he won't talk to me at all anymore. He's very humble on TV and off TV. I'd like to talk with him about the show but how can I if he won't even admit it's him? But I've ruined it and now he's avoiding me. Should I keep trying to talk with him and make it right or should I just walk away? I didn't intend on making him uncomfortable.
  4. How are you and your family doing today, Brian Dietzen, who is pretending not to be the NCIS guy but really is, and won't answer my questions?
  5. Mexico must be a beautiful place :) I've never known another Katya, and the name Brian Deitzen also is rare. That's how I know it's really him. I just wish he wasn't so private. Oh i heard of the name Reuban before, the name of a sandwich lol. Love you, Friend! I think i will call you "Duff".
  6. Brian you still didn't answer my question...
  7. Aha! You ARE him. What normal person has a security member?
  8. You didn't answer the question. Failure to answer equals a yes. Your humility is commendable. I'm happy to see that you have found a quiet corner of the internet to call home. I'm a longtime reader and a newtime poster. See you around!
  9. Katya


    Hi Nickname, I like your nickname.
  10. Hi Brian! I like your font. Are you from NCIS? That's my favourite TV show Hope you will like it here.
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