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  1. Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for your prayers! Just arrived home a few hours ago. Was very tired the whole day, but then had something to eat at the lunch provided and gained my energy back. Was feeling a bit anxious walking into a full hall of people but i did okay and settled in slowly. Thank you all so much again for your prayers! Gbu all
  2. Hey everyone, As you can tell by the title - I am anxious!! I have my uncles unveiling for his headstone tomorrow and i am nervous for the following reasons: ● there will be heaps!!! If people (i have social anxiety) ● ive only met him once but hes my dads brother so i dont really know my uncles side of the family ● i dont know what to wear shoe wise (sounds silly i know) but i only have a pair of shoes n wedges/heels so hoping it wont rain tomorrow ● we are meeting my dads sister who flew from the america. It will be our first time meeting in person and i dont kniw what to expect I have prayed but would like prayer still if thats okay. I just want to be as prepared n ready as i dont know what to expect. I just know theres gonna be so much people as an open invitation has been sent out. Thank you all and god bless!
  3. Can you imagine clinging on the fathers hand as he leads you through the dark valley? Can you imagine what it’ll be like if it was your burden he carried? Did you know that the lord watches over you As you sleep through the night? Did you know he looks upon you and whispers you were worth the fight? Did you know that when your friends left he was there all along? He was right there next to you even when you did wrong He never left & never will Nothing can separate you and him apart That’s because to him you are his precious child You’re the beat of his heart
  4. Pour Out The Rainbow A gold painted globe of glittery dust That shines so bright from dawn till dusk A rainbow of hope that’s poured itself out On darkness, sorrow & even doubt Take up your brushes & paint away Erasing all the sadness, guilt & pain When you see the painting that you have done I promise it will be a beautiful one So when in sorrow & when in pain Pour out that rainbow & start again
  5. Thanks everyone. I actually canceled it yesterday and will reschedule my driving lesson. Thank you all for your prayers!
  6. Thanks everyone. I've decided to cancel it cause my head (anxiety) isn't in the right space at the moment. Thanks for your words of encouragement! Def will keep a look out for those crazy drivers lol This gives me time to save up to take more lessons as I'm always paying for single ones at a time. Gbu all
  7. Hey guys Would like to ask for prayer for my driving lesson tomorrow. Im really nervous n anxious bout it after seeing a crazy driver today. Kinda made me worried we'll have crazy drivers tomorrow since its school holidays. Pleas pray. I might have to cancel till my anxiety dies down or i might go ahead. Not sure yet. thanks
  8. Thank you everyone for praying! Just an update, I LOVED work placement and I enjoyed it so much! Looking forward to going the next 7 weeks. Thank you all for praying! Gbu
  9. Thanks for creating this group Twice! Looking forward to learning recipes and any tips for my diabetic diet!
  10. Thank you everyone! I have my first shift in 12 hours (tomorrow Morning). Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.
  11. Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers! Much appreciated
  12. Hey guys, I need prayer to be ready for work placement next Tuesday. I'm going through alot as mentioned in my previous prayer request but I trust that God put me in the right place. I am worried i might get triggered, especially with the state my mind is in at the moment. I need prayer to open up and talk to my lecturers cause to be honest I'm the type that internalizes and keeps things to myself. But i dont want to put my clients at risk when i go work placement. I dont want to get triggered and freak out and then just leave them there causing me to not do my job properly. Im excited, but i am scared. Please pray Thank you all and gbu
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