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  1. Thanks everyone! I just submitted my current assignment to our group document so hopefully they give me the thumbs up that my part of the group project is okay. Thanks for your prayers!
  2. Thanks everyone for your prayers and encouraging words! Gbu all
  3. Thanks for the advice Deb. I'm new to going to the Vet etc. My dad keeps saying they're gonna put her down but he doesn't know much about cats either. Planning to talk to my mum about taking her and hopefully save some money so we can just pay for her to get a cage to take it and get a check up for her too. Hopefully the lump is not serious cause i'm planning on getting her spayed too. Thanks for the advice. Will keep yous posted gbu
  4. Hey everyone, As some of you know, I am in uni. If you can please pray that I stay on top of it and figure out a study routine or some motivation cause I'm honestly slacking off. And because of that its just all piling up. We have work placement next month and i know I'm not ready. I just want to give up and walk away when we only have 3 months left and this course is over. I was doing okay last semester but this semester feels more intense. I think with me going to uni on my own, without my niece, learning to be on my own in class, dealing with the paranoia and trying to overcome it and being put into a group project without my niece has finally been put on my shoulders. Even though we have 5 days till our group assignment is due, I'm stressing because I just found out everyone else has finished their part and I haven't even started. And here I am stressing like its due tomorrow lol I've already started but just feeling so stressed that I cant seem to focus properly. If you could please pray for me that would be great. Gbu all and thank you
  5. Hey everyone, This prayer is not for me but for my cat d.j. i was just planning to get her spayed after next week but after feeding her today, for some random reason i felt her belly while she was eating and i felt a lump. I lifted her up n checked and she has a lump around one of her teet area. Im so worried bout her. Ive never been to the vet before but i was gonna take her to be spayed. I just messaged them about this n waiting for a reply. We dont even have a carry cage to take her in , she dissapears now n then. She just came back to us few weeks ago after dissapearing since last year march. Plus we might not be able to afford to take her straight away. Shes my first cat that belonged to me. I dont wanna loose her we already lost one last year. Please pray cause i honestly wanna cry. Thanks gbu all
  6. Hey Guys, I came back. I guess its obvious that I couldn't last without Christ. Pray yous will be all relieved that I am okay and turning back to Christ. Gbu all
  7. thanks for the memories. I guess slipping into the world has caught me. Bye everyone
  8. Thank you everyone for your prayers!
  9. Thanks everyone for your prayers. I went to uni yesterday and was a bit nervous but things went pretty okay. I was anxious and jittery when it was lunch break but I made it through the day. And thank you all for your continuous prayers and words of encouragement! Much appreciated
  10. Hey everyone, just wanted to ask if yous can keep my niece in your prayers. She has alot going on. She just started her new job last week, shes trying to juggle that along with school and also trying to manage or lose weight for a surgery that is coming up. Also shes trying hard to maintain her relationship with Jesus and I think its just all too much for her.. Please pray that she finds a way to sort everything out and get on top of things. But mostly that she finds encouragement as she gets discouraged easily and might lose hope in Jesus. Thank you gbu all
  11. Hey everyone, Just wanted to ask for prayer. My quiet time I usually spend with God is all over the place and on top of that i got school. I'm pretty much will be going on my own most days as my niece is working now. Last week i had a bad experience at school as i do have paranoid schizophrenia and social anxiety so i ended up leaving school early that day and didnt go the rest of the week. Well I'm going tomorrow and I'm worried. I am however seeing a psychologist in 2 weeks so hopefully that will help and i always take my medication which helps too. I feel like I've been doing this all on my own and i feel alone but I need Gods help and prayers. Thank you all and gbu
  12. Hey everyone! So I have a praise report. Recently my niece (late 20's), has been stressing. One night we were talking and she was pouring out her hardships to me. She has already been praying for a long time but she hasn't been reading the word of God. As we were talking that night i felt a thought or a nudge to encourage her to read her bible. I didn't think much of it. Until the next day we were chatting again about the same thing and i got the same thought/nudge like the day before. I finally gave in lol So I encouraged her to read the bible as her next step with walking with God. She opened a page in the old testament but because she is new to reading the Bible I explained to her that sometimes the Old Testament can confuse new believers. Therefore, I encouraged her to start in the book of John and she did. This was a month ago and she absolutely loving her new walk with God. She learning more about him, about his word. She is praying for every situation she goes through. Even when she gets nervous before going to an appointment etc. Whats even better is that her husband has joined in on reading the bible and praying together.. AND..She is now teacher her nieces (her sisters kids) about the word of God. It's gotten to the point where her nieces fight over who's going to pray lol How one act of obedience can open many doors for another person! Praise God for how he works! Gbu all
  13. Thanks everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement. The drs appointment went well. gbu all
  14. Thanks everyone. I've already told my dad this morning about it which is one step forward. We're gonna talk my key worker when I see her in a few days then talk more about it at the appointment. Thank you all for your prayers and word of encouragement! Gbu all
  15. Thank you everyone who have commented and your encouraging words! Thanks for praying!
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