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  1. Thank you all so much for your prayers! Gbu all
  2. Hey everyone, I would like to ask for some prayer for peace. God has been telling me the past few months to 'REST/REST IN HIM' and I haven't been listening. Now I'm soooo worn out, head is everywhere and I should've listened in the first place! Well, now I choose to obey as I know he cares about me and knows what's best. I've been trying to 'rest' but recently I've been feeling sick because of the weather change (it's summer here now), and also my paranoia triggers are setting off like crazy and I'm also struggling with sin where I have to keep re-submitting myself to christ cause I keep falling into temptation. I'm tired and I just want to rest in Jesus. It's been many years struggling with paranoid schizophrenia and this particular sin that I won't mention but I know God has my back. Prayers appreciated as I need to get back into spending time with God too which I thought would be good to do while I'm resting in him. Thank you all and hbu all
  3. Last Update: Thank you all for your prayers once again! My niece has been discharged today and is safe to go home Praise God and gbu all!
  4. Sorry for the late reply, My niece had her surgery yesterday and it was successful! She is now recovering. Not sure when is able to go home. Just wanted to thank you all for praying! Gbu all
  5. Gbu all. See yous if I come back x
  6. Thanks everyone, I'm feeling a bit better now. Just finished praying and going through Gods word and listening to worship music :). I think I'll be okay. Thanks for your prayers again!
  7. Hi, thank you for praying! Sometimes people are not laughing at me but it's apart of my mental health condition - Paranoid Schizophrenia. thanks for the advice too! Gbu
  8. Hey everyone, I was having a nice conversation with my niece on the phone. But then i heard laughing in the background and she said she had visitors over. It triggered my paranoia so I ended up cutting our conversation short. Please pray. I hate having these kind of days and please pray for others who go through the same. These days are not easy but I know if we come together and pray for each other, that that can be helpful. Gbu all
  9. Hey everyone! Just an update. I've been keeping up with my assignments all submitted and I only have 1 left to submit :). Thank you alllllll so much for your prayers! Gbu All
  10. Thanks for the prayers everyone!
  11. Thank you so much for the advice/encouragemen! Definitely need to find time for myself, fast etc. Gbu!
  12. Hey everyone, Thank you so much for your prayers. Unfortunately, my nieces surgery had to be rescheduled as another patient in the hospital was having complications. It has been rescheduled for next week. My niece is so gutted but I believe God has a reason for everything and I trust his timing. Continued prayers appreciated. Gbu all
  13. Thanks Guys, I finally got a reply back and my assignment extension was granted for 1 week which takes a bit of the stress off my shoulders. Gbu all
  14. Hey guys, Can you please pray for me? I feel at the moment that I have sooo much going on that I just can't keep up. I've applied for an extension for an assignment due next week and i havent started because theres so much confusion on what to do which is stressing me out. Theyve asked me for evidence of what i've done so far and I've done nothing because of all the confusion. One lecturer saying one thing, another lecturer saying something different, the students saying the lecturer told them this and that. Its stressing me out. If I fail, I fail. I'll take that on my shoulders cause theres not much i can do. Also, with helping mum at home, I find its just overwhelming. And then i got another course I'm doing but im so glad i only have 1 assignment left for that. Then theres all this other stuff I'm worried about. I need prayer for everything! lol It's stressing me out so much, so overwhelming to the point where i'm heading to the point of not caring if i fail my studies. Its just too much. I can barely catch my my breath. By the time i sit down to rest theres always something else to do. Thanks guys Gbu all
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