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  1. Thanks everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement. The drs appointment went well. gbu all
  2. Thanks everyone. I've already told my dad this morning about it which is one step forward. We're gonna talk my key worker when I see her in a few days then talk more about it at the appointment. Thank you all for your prayers and word of encouragement! Gbu all
  3. Thank you everyone who have commented and your encouraging words! Thanks for praying!
  4. Thank you! Will definitely download the bible audiobook to listen to. I've been really slack on the word lately but will try out the audiobook and changing my life to fit the word etc. Thank you so much for you encouragement!
  5. Hey guys, I'm in deep need of prayer please. I just started school (University or some call it college) a few weeks ago. I have social anxiety. At first the school wasnt so packed so it was pretty empty. I assumed it would stay that way until this week everyone is slowly starting their courses and just seeing so many people its making me so nervous. Its Friday night here and school is only Monday's and Tuesdays. But even now I am so anxious about it and I notice i hyperventilate a bit and it's not even Monday lol Also, I know I have depression as I have struggled with suicide since 2004ish. I am with a mental health service, but they only know about my Paranoid Schizophrenia side, not the depression side. They have asked questions here and there if I've felt sad or suicidal but I either just gave half truths or just said I was okay. My cousin said she noticed a cycle happening and it was like i would get depressed and suicidal every week, once a week. I am actually being discharged from the mental health services and this will be our last meeting with my GP to tell her and confirm that I will be under her care, of course, will still be taking my medication. But now that all this is on my shoulders I know it's time to speak up cause the suicidal moments are only getting worse. I HATE talking about it infront of my parents because I dont want them to hurt. It's hard for me to talk about my suicidal and depressed moments with people I am not very close to, for example my psychiatrist etc. But I know if I don't bring it up now then I might never get any better from this. Please pray for me as I am desperate. Even now I feel like crying because I can see the hurt in my dads eyes when he hears that although God is healing me, I still need help but this time with depression. Thank you all & Gbu All
  6. Hey guys! Sorry for not updating yous. I completely forget I posted up a prayer request about it. it went well and my first week of school was on Monday/Tuesday :) Slowly settling in but I'm doing okay. Thank you all for your prayers! gbu all
  7. hey guys please pray for me. I got orientation for school in a few hours and I'm already feeling the nerves and anxiety. I think im slowly having panic attacks. Would appreciate prayers. Gbu all
  8. Heres a simple recipe for Otai! It's perfect for summer https://www.thecoconet.tv/coco-cookbook/coco-cooking/how-to-make-otai/
  9. Hi everyone, Here's a simple recipe on chop suey. Enjoy https://www.thecoconet.tv/coco-cookbook/coco-cooking/sapasui-samoan-chop-suey-1/
  10. Miss_Kay

    Gbu All

    It's time to leave. Thanks for all the memories everyone. Pray that things will work out in God's will for my life. May God bless you all Take care
  11. Hey everyone, Thank you for all you prayers. I've discovered that it was the new meds i was taking. I've stopped taking them and i'm back to normal. Thank you so much once again! gbu all
  12. Hey guys, I need prayer. I won't go into deep details but I've been feeling anxiety and extreme paranoia. I'm not sure if its the new meds I've been taking ( wont say what im taking them for) or if its just me. Its just everything (especially random LITTLE things) are just making me super paranoid. Please pray that I find out whats causing this, if its me or these new meds im taking and please pray for protection. Gbu all
  13. Hey guys, Just another update. Sadly, my cousin passed away. Thank you all for your prayers. Please pray for her family and comfort. She is my auntie's only daughter and is only left with her 1 son. Thank you all so much for your prayers. Much appreciated.. Gbu all
  14. Hey everyone, Just a recent update. We were told that my cousin had an asthma attack and the dr's managed to bring her back to life but she hasn't woken up yet. Her dad who was an overstayer was able to fly back to Australia to see her. Gods grace indeed. Please keep praying. Gbu all
  15. Hey guys, Just an update. I just recently found out that my cousin is actually in a coma. Not sure what caused it but we are praying she wakes up. Please continue to pray gbu all and thank you
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