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  1. yes it took me a while to learn the difference, I think when I was convicted about something, I panicked and allowed fear to consume me, I began to condemn myself but as I have grown closer to God I dont feel condemned, but rather a prodding or feeling in my heart to do something or go in a certain direction. I think anxiety and doubt have always been my go to defence mechanisms to things I am unsure of. Thank you
  2. I really enjoyed reading the words of Luke 12 , in particular when Jesus was saying not to worry about food or clothing as God would provide for us, its true when you think about it birds are taken care of, fed and protected but they dont seem outwardly worried about how all this would happen, so should I as someone God made in his image and loves dearly worry.
  3. Thank you, I have become quite active in the chat and am following the bible reading club and enjoying it all
  4. Thank you for these words, its always nice when people present things to me I hadn't really considered, someone else said something similar to me about doubt so I guess its something that not a lot of christians see as so bad, I mean its not great to doubt God himself but I feel less condemned about it. I too have a lot to learn but thank you for helping to grow more in my understanding
  5. yes there are, I had been speaking to one but since coming on this site, I thought I'd ask in general as I'd seen that people on this site were quite helpful, but by answering me you have already helped me, you reminded me I am not alone so thank you
  6. thank you for the advice, no matter how much I try to shake the thought to be truthful it still stays in my heart, but fear and anxiety are causing my thoughts to go all over the place
  7. thank you for the advice, I wouldnt want to put another persons private information online, thats why I am keeping it brief, not because I dont want to share
  8. Its a bit private but its really about my fear of being honest. If I was to give more details, I'd say its being a witness to a sin, but the other person not knowing I know and not being honest, lieing when I am asked if I am okay because it has been bothering me and I am not okay.
  9. Hello I'd asked previously about the difference between knowing whether to mind my own business or clear my conscience, but I also wanted to ask, what do I do when something within me keeps telling me to tell another person the truth about something (not to do with me but them).I dont want to doubt God but I also dont want to do something that was not what he wanted. I am quite confused
  10. Hello I'd like to ask for advice on anxiety and doubt, as a christian aren't these things a sin, but I dont know how to stop doing them?
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