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  1. seekingGod97

    Bible Trivia questions

    Sunday, the 7th
  2. seekingGod97

    Bible Trivia questions

    Communion ?
  3. seekingGod97

    Hello From Australia

    Welcome to worthy sweetbear, nice to meet you :), the people on this site are all friendly and welcoming
  4. seekingGod97

    Giving me peace

    that's a really encouraging scripture Gary, thank you, you are right, I need to focus my mind more on things of God and not those of this world or situations around me.
  5. seekingGod97

    Karen Kingsbury

    I'd recommend any of Karen Kingsbury's books but her Baxter family series is really uplifting, and a really good story of redemption, I might go back when I have cash and repurchase the series, because fictional or not I think I need reminding of just how God is able to bring beauty out of any situation
  6. seekingGod97


    Thank you, nice to be here
  7. seekingGod97

    Honesty versus release of guilt

    yes I don't think I worded myself well, but yes I feel closer to God than I have done before. Thank you for the encouragement, I want to become even closer to God and be made more in Christ's image, I want to live with a clearer conscience and will take your advise. I believe God can use me for good and do good in my life.
  8. seekingGod97

    Honesty versus release of guilt

    I feel more assurance because despite all the fears that I have recently or anxieties, it is God who I want, who I believe can help me, because I truly believe that he has died for me. Although I gave my life a while ago I have never desperately and tried my best to pursue a relationship with God and really given deep thought to how I am living my life.
  9. seekingGod97

    Honesty versus release of guilt

    yes you are right, I am beginning to do that more. yes I am, I gave my life as a young teenager but I feel like my faith was no where near what it should be. Now I can feel more assurance that I am saved
  10. seekingGod97

    Giving me peace

    I spend so much time afraid and anxious, but not enough praising, I just want to thank God for giving me peace in the midst of my anxiety and for drawing me out of my despair!
  11. seekingGod97

    Honesty versus release of guilt

    thank you for the suggestion, I have repented of those sins and turning to the world for comfort, thats why every way possible I am trying to build up a better relationship with God.
  12. seekingGod97


    yeah that seems a little more spiritually reassuring lol
  13. seekingGod97


    yep I am pretty sure it does not end so well
  14. seekingGod97

    Honesty versus release of guilt

    Thank you for the scriptures, I was not aware of some of these scriptures(shows I still have a long way to go), my conscience has been pricking me for a while about something but due to fear and deciding to live in denial I ignored it for a while. but it kept bubbling up and I would push it back down, but I believe that God this time doesn't want me to push it back down again and pretend otherwise as I have really come to understand my salvation in recent months and am seeking God a lot more when before I would turn to things of the world, I took this as a sign that God was directing me because I could have just turned to things of the flesh to help me forget about it again but something (the holy spirit I think) told me to turn to God
  15. seekingGod97


    Lol yeah I did just have a second mind about it, my mum always quotes to me about a little sleep a little slumber (I'm not sure of the exact scripture verse) saying I should like sleep less