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  1. A Christian in my neighborhood, wife and 3 children slaughtered today night. The murderers left a message which reads " We have the right to kill anybody who does not Respect Islam"
  2. Thank you God for giving me more than i deserve. Plavious
  3. plavious


    You make me feel so special @marvelloustime. Internet service is very expensive here and i fine it difficult to connect quite often as am saving for my medical laboratory test.. Thank you once again. Plavious
  4. plavious


    Am doing well @Debp, i feel stronger these days. Since after the brief malaria illness, am doing very well. My son stepped on a nail yesterday but it's not that bad. His situation is under control. Thank you for your prayers and support. Am trusting God to finish the two remaining test of Transaminase and liver function soon. After i have done these, am sure the doctor will accept to start treatment. I have also gained so much weight recently especially at the stomach which is giving me much concern. Plavious
  5. He walked up this morning healthier. I was afraid but everything seems okay. I will give him anti-titanus vaccine today.
  6. Royce picked a nail while playing in the neighborhood after school today. He is in deep pains. The leg has been hanging as on the picture for almost an hour now
  7. Amen to all you prayers.
  8. Have been prescribe oral tablets for malaria after i finish with injection today.
  9. Amen to all your prayers. I had malaria with high quality of Plasmodium Falciparium(520g/cm3). I took one drip and will continue with treatment at home. Thank you so much
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