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  1. God took great care of them. He provided for them and brought me back safely.
  2. Am glad to be back. I was taken by separatists fighter for recruitment. I had drank many concoctions as sign of loyalty. I had not yet started training. My prayer was "Lord on to your hands I commit myself and my family " I could only pray in my heart. There, we were supposed to learn how to pray in Arab, the Muslim prayer. 5 day ago, the command came in, selected 7 of us and send to their Iman to teach us how to pray. We had a one on one discussion with the Iman and when I told him I have a sick child and wish to go home and take care of him, he called me yesterday and free me. He tied my eye and asked his boys to drop me where I can find myself to town. Am now with my children
  3. Today, -Two presidents are addressing Gabon -Two presidents addressing Ivory Coast Three presidents addressing Cameroon. Who will the people listen to? The less privilege are suffering. We need your prayers.
  4. Please pray that God will help me get the least job that I can take care of my family. We have suffered enough. No home, no food, no cloths, nothing except God's loving kindness. I have a master's degree Biochemistry and have been jobless since 2016 that the crisis started in Cameroon. I will take the riskiest job to feed my family.
  5. Nothing is big enough, bigger than giving my whole life in saving the almighty Jesus. He has save and healed me and my family from many situations. My son was dying, we took him to the hospital but had no money to buy drugs. I saw him dying. I cried but laid it in his hands. Thought his body is deformed, am glad Royce is still alive today. I have seen God most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him Philippians 1:20–21, our joy or satisfaction in God is a mandate. It’s not optional. It doesn’t matter what we go through. Philippians 3:1, “Rejoice in the Lord.” And Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord always. Paul tells us not to grumble, not to murmur in a setting where there is crookedness and darkness and evil. I know am face with dozen circumstances in my life that it just feels so right and natural to complain and murmur and grumble. In Philippians 4:10–13 Paul told me that, my family can hunger, my family can be abased, my family can go without. I think he was even saying that we can die content and peaceful. But Philippians 3:8 says, “Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” In other words, knowing Christ right now, experiencing fellowship with him right now, is more precious, more satisfying, more sweet than anything else. We are not just waiting to see how all the circumstances are going to turn out when he works everything for good. We are experiencing the sweetness in Christ right now in our suffering.
  6. Thank you so much. We live in an uncomplicated building in the neighborhood.
  7. We were evicted on the 6th of December after we accumulated two months unpaid rents. His body is worsening day by day. We hope the crisis will end soon as the United state is about to intervene.
  8. Thank you for you prayers. Out of a sudden I got an idea to go to the Baptist Hospital. When I got there, they consulted him and gave drugs. Send me to eye department. Somebody recognized me in the hospital as a former worker with the Education board of the Cameroon Baptist convention. I will pay later.
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