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  1. Lord, Please touch this situation. You are a God of miracles! We stand together and ask that you solve this issue for @turtletwo's daughter. Please provide for her. Help her to figure out what needs to be done with her car and help her in time so she can start her new job. Thank you for providing her with new employment and for inspiring her heart to rededicate herself to you. Lord, please move in her life and help her to see you in everything...even in the midst of this situation. I know Lord you are good and work everything out for our good. I pray your hands are all over this. Thank you Jesus in advance for working everything out! In Jesus' Name I Pray, Amen
  2. Lord, Touch @plavious and his family. Continue to be with them. Heal them and help them to preserve. Show them your will and way for their lives. Comfort and protect them. In Jesus' Name I Pray, Amen
  3. Lord, Thank you for everything you provide for me and my family. Thank you for your spirit that is alive and well. Thank you for blessing my husband with good employment. Thank you for blessing me with a good job too. Lord, I can't do this life without you and I ask that you forgive me for the times I rely on myself. I need you the most in this life. You are good, holy. and all powerful. You know everything and have infant wisdom. Lord, I ask that you help me continue to focus on you. Please continue to work in my husband's life and in his heart. I ask that his heart is soften to you and that his eyes clearly see you. Jesus, as a family we need more of you! You have seen us through such dark times and I don't want to loose sight of how great you are! Lord, I pray that your holy spirit fills our home and fills my husband's heart. Give us your strength to continue each day. Help us to listen to you. Please provide my husband and I with your wisdom and discernment. Thank you. thank you, thank you Jesus. You pour out your blessings everything day. You Lord are who I live for! Thank you for your peace. Thank you for your provision. In Jesus' Name I Pray, Amen
  4. Lord, I ask that you provide for @turtletwo's son. Bring him peace, provide for him, and please meet all his needs. In Your Name I Pray, Amen
  5. Lord, Touch @Nax and his situation. Bring your overwhelming peace and I ask that you show up for him in every way. I ask that your presence gives him a sense of strength and that he is able to see your will through this hard time. In Jesus' Name I Pray, Amen
  6. Lord, You have shown yourself so clearly in my life. I praise you for how you have really taken my heart and helped me to focus on you. Lord, I cannot do life without you in it. You are worthy of all my praise and my whole heart! Jesus thank you for providing for me. Thank you for helping me and my husband. Thank you for blessing us and standing along side us through unemployment, spiritual attacks, and many moments of anxiety and discord. You Jesus are my rock! I love you Lord! I ask Lord with the authority you provide your children through your name and power that you continue to stand with me and guide me. I ask for your wisdom and discernment and ask that you provide my husband with your wisdom and discernment as well. Please Jesus Touch his heart and captivate it! I ask that he gives you his desires. Please Jesus allow him to really follow you. Take the scales from his eyes and I ask that his heart softened and he focuses on you. Lord, please guide him to develop him into a spiritual leader in our home. I ask that he make make Christian friends that can help guide him and keep him accountable. I pray Lord that he abandon his desires to drink excessively and to smoke. I pray that you fill his heart with peace and bless him abundantly. Help me to see my husband with the love you have for him. I ask that you please help me to serve him and to help him as you have designed me to do. I pray that my behavior following you make a lasting impact on him and that he truly gives his life to you. Thank you Jesus for all you have done and do for my life. I need you everyday. Thank you for always showing up even when I’m not able. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  7. Jesus, Thank you for all that you have done in my life. Thank you Lord for bringing me through difficult times. Lord you have provided my husband with new employment and you have brought us through such hard times. I ask Jesus that you keep moving in our lives. Please touch my husband and remove worldly desires. He still struggles with drinking to much. I know Lord he is in your hands. Thank you for setting me free and for helping me through anxiety. Jesus, I know I am your daughter and that you are protecting me. Please bless our family abundantly. Please hold our family in your hands. Protect our marriage. Speak to my husband and I prayer that he becomes our family’s spiritual leader. I believe in your healing. I believe in you. You are good, Holy, and so worthy of my praise. Jesus, I love you. Thank you for transforming my heart. Thank you for helping me through. Thank you Jesus. I am in awe of you! How my life has changed. My perspective has changed. I know truly that you care far more for my husband than I do. I know you desire his heart. I know you are pursuing him. Thank you Jesus for never letting us go. I will follow you Lord anywhere and Lord I desire more and more of you. Although my husband’s heart isn’t fully invested in you, I see the change in him. I so appreciate your presence. I ask Jesus that your Holy Spirit continue to be present in our home. Move in my husband’s heart and remove his desires for alcohol and cigarettes. Jesus, I love you! I love you! I love you! In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen
  8. Jesus, You are good. Thank you for bringing peace to our home and to my husband’s heart. I am too at peace and our children are happy. Please Jesus, help us all to be happy and peaceful in your name. Thank you for the abundance of blessings. Thank you for my husband getting a job offer. I ask Lord that the background check goes well and that you bless him in his new job. Please protect our home from evil. Lord I ask that you help me to be consistent reading your word and help me to be the example you have called me to be in my home. Jesus, my husband still needs to accept you fully. I ask that you reveal yourself to him and help us both to follow you everyday. Inspire our hearts and please Jesus help us in this life. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  9. Jesus, You are so good. You are transforming my world and my marriage. You are transforming my husband and my heart. Lord, please touch my heart and continue to move in my home and in my husband’s heart. Jesus, I ask that you continue to protect my marriage. I ask that you don’t to heal our hearts. Please Lord, love in our other relationships. I ask that you please touch our best friends who stood by us while our marriage was at it worst. Now they are struggling and there is so much that is complicatiotheir situation. I pray for healing in their marriage just as you are healing my marriage. I ask that our relationship won’t be strained forever and that we will again get to be friends and fellowship with one another. Lord please pour your healing over us all! God you are holy, good, merciful, and fill with so much grace. Thank you for your grace and protection. I am full of love for you! I need you so much! I know you are for me and never against me. Thank you for seeing me through such dark times. I cannot praise you enough. I want Lord to renew our relationship daily. You Lord is what is always needed. Nothing else matters but you!!! Thank you for the healing you have brought. Please continue to heal my husband, his best friend, my best friend, and me. You Jesus have the plan and I trust you fully! In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  10. @turtletwo thank you for your encouragement and prayers. The Lord is not done with me or my husband but had changed my heart and my husband is responding in gentle kind ways. I’m giving everything to God daily...this journey has been hard and so painful. Our God in his wisdom and glory made me to withstand pain and has given me strength (as I alone am so weak). I’ve had many moments where I thought I couldn’t go on...but Jesus has walked along side of me every step of the way. He’s still walking with me. He has shown me what real love is. I’m choosing to love just as he does. I still fail but am starting to see my husband and life through his eyes. How broken am I! I break his heart when I’m not consistent with my faith walk and don’t spend daily time with him. He’s shown me how he feels through my painful situation with my husband. I’m so convicted and want Jesus every day on good days and bad. I’m looking forward to seeing what God has for me and my family. No longer do I want to put my faith or worth in my husband. God has my heart and he is most important. Please keep standing with me in prayer. My husband still needs to give his heart completely over to Jesus and also needs a job. I am committed to living life together with him and being a Godly wife and a witness to him. God is good always! ❤️
  11. Lord, I come to you this evening praising you for your goodness. Thank you for all the changes that have happened in my husband’s heart and our marriage. I ask that you please being a flood of employment offers to him. I ask that the job he wants will be offered to him. Thank you for your provision and mercy. Please bless my husband abundantly. I love you Lord all that you you and do for me and my family. You Lord are amazing and beautiful. I am excited to see what you have in store for my husband. I love you Jesus! In Your Name I Pray, Amen
  12. Lord, Thank you for the provision you provide to my family and I. Thank you for the peace and for moving so much in my life! You God are most important and are so merciful and gracious. Jesus, I need you more than I need anything. Thank you for the peace you have provided to me! Thank you for beginning to heal my marriage and my family relationships with my husband. Lord, thank you that my husband has curved his drinking and is more engaged in our family. Thank you for moving in his heart. Lord, I ask that he is compelled to find a church for our children and I attend with him. I ask that you continue to move and that your Spirit fill our home and my husband’s heart. Please Lord I ask that you become to most important thing in his life and heart. Jesus, please continue to help us. Help me husband find work soon and please help him to continue to connect with his children and I. You are amazing Lord and I’m watching you answer my prayers. Thank you Jesus for helping me through this season. I’ve lived through the toughest times of my life and feel you with me. Never have you left my side . You are merciful and so good. I pray my life live as a testimony to your goodness. I can’t wait to see how you move in my husband’s heart. I know Lord you are working. I know he will surrender his life to you. I am yours Lord and am so willing to do what you call me to do. I love you Jesus! In Your Name I Pray, Amen
  13. Lord, I thank you for your mercy and grace! Thank you for a new day today. I pray Jesus that you stay with me today. Please Lord, continue to guide me. My marriage is broken and so is my husband. Please Jesus, move in his heart and life. I ask that he look to you and become a man of God who pleases you. Help me to stand strong in your love. Please continue to shelter me from this storm. You are my God who commands the waves and wind! You are all powerful and all knowing. I know you are working all things for my good. I trust you and believe you and your promises. I can’t wait to see what you have for me! I’m so looking forward to enjoying life with my husband again. Thank you for allowing me to draw so close to you. I need you each day in my life. Forgive me for me inconsistent. I feel Lord you have taught me just how much I need you everyday! I’m committed to you Lord! I see how painful it is for you when I stray...as my heart aches for my husband. Forgive me Jesus. Help me to move forward with you forever. Bless my day and lift my head. Be with my husband and please Jesus I ask that he lay everything down at your feet. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  14. Jesus, Please Touch @IowaChristiangal and bring her comfort and peace. I ask that any attacks stop and that she stay in her word and stay connected to you. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
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