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  1. Lord, Please bless my weekend. My parents are in town and my husband is so mad at them. Soften his heart. Help me to communicate to him lovingly. Help me to ask for forgiveness for the pain I’ve caused him in the past. Help me to forgive him. Please help him to forgive my parents. I ask that you provide comfort and healing for all emotional wounds. Thank you Lord for your love and for giving me insight into some of my husband’s pain. I love you Jesus. In Your Name I Pray, Amen
  2. Lord, I love you and the peace you have given me. Thank you for being my God and for watching out for me. Lord I’m lonely. Please fill me so I don’t feel sad and lonely. My husband continues to come home really late. I’m trying to rely on you and know you are working behind the scenes. Help me to feel your presence and help me to trust you. I don’t want to be a knee jerk reaction person. Please Lord give me wisdom and discernment. Touch my husband and bless him. Thank you for the recognition he received at work and for the raise he got. Please Lord convict his heart and help him persue you. Touch his heart and heal his brokenness. Heal me emotionally and give me strength. I trust you Jesus! In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  3. Lord, Bless @turtletwo‘s daughter. Help her in her new position. Give her wisdom and peace. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  4. Lord, Please touch @Equippers and bring her your peace. I ask that you comfort her and help her to feel your presence in her life. Speak life into her and help her to pursue what you want her to. Bless her richly Lord. In Your Name I Pray, Amen
  5. Lord, Please help @plavious and provide him healing and bless his family and him. I ask that you help him rebuild his business and provide for his family. Keep them all safe and healthy. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  6. Lord, I pray for your healing hand across the individuals listed and all those who participate in the forum. You are our great healer and comforter. I ask for physical healing, emotional healing, and spiritual healing. Lord may our healing bring you glory! In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  7. Lord, You are good and holy. Thank you for another day. Thank you for giving me such peace in my heart. Lord, although I have a deep desire to see my husband submit to you fully, I do see things happening around us and I know you are at work. Thank you for helping me to change my attitude. Thank you for giving me joy. I’m hopeful you will help set all things right in my marriage. Help me not to live in fear. Help me to focus on you and to lean into your strength. I ask Lord that you continue to work in my husband’s heart. I ask that you pull on him and show him your love and mercy. Please Jesus I ask that you please allow him to see you and desire you. Continue to soften his heart and help him to want more of you. I ask Jesus that you guide me. Holy Spirit be with me. Lord heal my husband’s wounds and help smooth his relationship with my parents. He’s still so mad at them. Please bring forgiveness and cover us with you blood and your mercies. I ask that my husband is softened and is not graded with my parents this weekend. Please work in his heart and bring peace and joy. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen
  8. Lord, I ask that you please bless my husband and help him to see you clearly. I pray that you chase after him and that he gives himself freely to you. Please Lord, I pray for stability in his mind and heart. I ask that you touch him and heal his heart. Please Jesus be with him and save him! Lord I ask that you please change his heart. Please move in him. Help me to stay strong in you. Be with me Lord and Holy Spirit full my home. Protect our marriage and our children. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  9. Lord, Thank you for all you do. You are good and holy. I pray that you touch my husband and change his heart. Remove the desire to drink and please Jesus help him to see and follow you. Thank you for keeping us safe yesterday and I pray that you continue to protect my family. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  10. Lord, I pray for Frances and ask that you heal her and take away her pain. Touch her head and condo her. Give her your peace. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen
  11. Lord, I ask that you help submission's wife and give her peace. Help her to seek the help she needs and give submission wisdom to know what to do. I ask for healing, guidance, and comfort. In Jesus' name I Pray, Amen
  12. Jesus, I ask that you bless these missionaries' lives. Help him to hear your voice and provide them with open doors so that they can clearly see what is the next steps you have for them. I ask that you bring healing and wisdom and peace. In Jesus' Name I Pray, Amen
  13. Lord, I ask that you touch TurtleTwo's son. Give him rest and peace. Help him as he lays down to sleep to fall asleep quickly and to sleep well. Bless him at his job and help him in his daily life. In Jesus' name I Pray, Amen
  14. Lord, I pray that you be with my husband today. He has been coming home late working on his hobbies in the evenings and I am feeling lonely. I wasn't very nice to him last night. Please forgive me. I know when I asked for forgiveness this morning he brushed me off and said its fine, but I know his heart is sensitive. Please help me to treat him kindly even when I do not feel loved. I ask that you bring him home safely and convict his heart to follow you. Thank you for helping me to see that I serve you and am so love by you. I put less and less into the thought that my marriage defines me these days. You lord define me. Thank you for your loyalty and consistency. Even when I stumble you love me and give me grace. You are so good Jesus! Please bless my bible study this evening. I ask that you continue to work in my husband's heart. Bring him peace and heal his emotional wounds. Help him to see the life he is missing out on with his kids by not being at home. Please Jesus fix my home and my marriage. Fix me and help me to be the wife and mother you want me to be. Shine through me Jesus. I ask that you bind the enemy and keep him far from my home, family, marriage, and husband. Please Jesus help my husband to read or hear the word everyday. Bless and convict his best friend. I pray that you help him to grow in you and to witness to my husband. Lord I also ask that you protect my marriage from further damage and keep my husband from committing adultery. Please help him to be faithful to you and to me. I love you Jesus! In Jesus' Name I Pray, Amen
  15. Lord, I pray you guide this church and lead them to an amazing meeting place. May your name be glorified and lifted high. I ask that you make this church know you are with them. I pray they all have faith to hear your direction. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen
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