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    Life with Jesus flavored attitude, I love that guy, ''What-a God'' ''What-a-Man'' .. Seeing to it that my wife of 43 yrs is taken care of, she shoulda give up on me a long time ago , but she lives to make me happy .. Fishing, sports, politics ''conservative''.. Being nice when I can but more important to be right according to the Word of God with passion .. End time event watching ..

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  1. Whoa , ''hold your horses'' .. for real I just noticed I had put 43 yrs listed in my interests but today is my wife and I's 45 th .. Hope she don't catch my mistake she might ''let'r rip''
  2. I'd say that's where beating your child with a rod plays a big part .. Proverbs 23:13-14 .. I love my emotions and not ashamed, I beat my sons to teach them how to act and obey
  3. You would have to start at the ground up somehow in home and church .. My first recommendation is to show the truth of abortion, babies being torn to pieces alive limb by limb and thrown in the trash among other bad consequences . It's still gonna happen but Jesus is always the answer .. You'd have to teach the kids that sex in not the ultimate goal, and the boys that holding girls hands can be as exciting when you can see them as the beautiful creatures they are instead of thinking sex 24/7 as the only goal , it's OK not to live for sex, stay busy living life .. The filthy music culture needs to be seen as an enemy to our national morality and shunned instead of anything goes .. Dating in groups can be a blast with little pressure, just going and having fun, no pressure .. Sex before marriage is sin and leads to a more destructive unprepared life .. A few minutes of sexual pleasure is not worth a lifetime of regret and each stage of your life is a new adventure on it's own , enjoy it and don't get stuck in any phase but keep growing , there will be a time and place for everything if you put God first and stay prepared ..
  4. I think there has been many laws designed to put folks in debt .
  5. I don't know, it happens and God knew it would .. Does God condone it, did he allow it or allow for it ?
  6. Who said it was moral ? Paul addressed the issue in the NT and in the OT was laws concerning it .. Moses allowed divorce for any reason because of the hardness of their hearts , Jesus said Matthew 19:6-9 ..
  7. Slavery is not good, being in debt is not good .. If you work for someone you are their slave so to speak .. My grandmother told me before labor laws in the early 1900s late 1800s of some of her uncles/friends worked as children in the cotton mills and got whipped when they ''cut up'' by the bosses . The mill had a village houses owned by the mill, a company store , and gentlemens agreements not to hire good help to other mills .. Some sailers signed on crews understanding that if they didn't obey commands or do their jobs they would be whipped and/or thrown in the brig .. Long ago you defeated enemies and either killed them all or took slaves ''they were the law''.. Their was no great cash flows and your pay was provision for service . Israel served Egypt as slave for quite a while , when they were delivered from the Egyptians they had developed a slave mentality , When the Amalekites attacked them in the desert , God not only protected his people then but preserved the Amalekites for later .. God wanted Israel to take care of business .. He waited until Israel became self reliant, tuff and strong then sicked them on the Amalekites to kill everything men, women, children even all the animals .. Payback .. It's sad about the African slavery but remember the first president was Jon Hanson a Moor and black, many other notable Americans were black but history books lie about it .. .. The American slaves were captured, shipped and served as slaves but they come to know the Christian religion and Jesus, the civil war payed back our nation with great loss of life while black Americans suffered they/most grew strong in faith .. One of the worst slave owners in SC was William Ellison jr who was black, owned plenty of slaves, and could be pretty ruthless .. Uncle Tom ''Josiah Henson'' was actually a great, one of the greatest Christians ever in America imo and his full story needs to be told .. The only way it can be justified is God meant it for their good and salvation like Joseph . The good news will be at the judgment seat of Jesus
  8. Which brother talked the other brothers out of killing Joseph and into selling him into slavery instead ?
  9. I don't know either, I just jumped in
  10. Perhaps, I know I used to listen to roosters crow and If I needed to get up, it was good, If I didn't I could get up and pee then go back to bed and the crowing didn't bother me, actually it was soothing .. Which is the answer to the question as I understand it they called that trumpet blow the ''cockcrow''
  11. Between the 3rd watch beginning the 4th watch of the night a trumpet was blown . What did the Jews call that blowing of the trumpet ?
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