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  1. Hiya everyone, Please can you pray that I develop a solid prayer life? I go in cycles of praying for minimal amounts of time for a few days and then I will stop completely (I am currently in the season of having stopped completely). I need to get onto the stage where I'm praying for at least an hour at the time, so I can gain intimacy with God, as well as a relationship so that I can hear Him when He speaks. Realistically speaking I have two prayer requests: That I am fervent/consistent in my prayer life That I put God first before all, demolishing idols such ass the internet and food Sorry, I know it's a lot LOL P.S. My name is Deanne Thank you in advance everyone, God bless you all
  2. Hiya, I shall pray for her also but what's your daughter's forename please?
  3. Hey everyone! Happy 4th July to all who celebrate it I have a problem, this is the first time this has ever happened and I literally can't talk about it to anyone I know as I'm scared of being judged (this includes my believer friends/non-believer friends). I have shared this with one person, who ended up experiencing a similar situation so that didn't end up being so bad. I have spent a few weeks talking to someone from the office, he's the only other practicing believer (that I know of) in the building. I don't know how and when but towards the end of last week, I started to develop feelings for him, here's the cliffhanger that will stay a cliffhanger. The man is married. Married. I know my bible and what it says about marriage but regardless I wouldn't go there anyway. The point of this post is your advice on how to fizzle out these feelings whilst they're still subtle. So far, I've come to my own conclusion to just leave it in the hands of the Lord through prayer and to avoid him as much as I can, which is what I've been doing as of this morning. Haven't said more than a word to him all day. Any advice as to what else I can do please?
  4. My friend from work is ill but on the outside she looks fine. She has the sweats, constant nose bleeds and hair loss, also panic attacks. My spirit is deeply troubled when I hear her talk about her condition and the doctors aren't helping her. She is also an unpractising believer who has joked that she'll never get into heaven, again this deeply troubled my spirit. Please pray that her health is fully restored at a speed that can only be because of God and that she finds salvation. God bless you all.
  5. Thank you, God bless you. What's the update on yours?
  6. Praying for you to come out of your battle! ❤️
  7. May your spirit be at peace in Jesus' mighty name! Praying for you
  8. I rebuke any lies of the enemy from resting in your mind, you shall be restored full of joy in Jesus' mighty name! Praying for you and God bless you 🤗
  9. Greetings My brother and I have had the same problem for the last couple weeks, although his cough is a lot worse than mine. I'll be praying that both you and your wife are restored to full health and that you quickly find out the cause
  10. "Okay, I dislike to use the term "favourite", when it comes to things of God but I am intrigued. What is your preferred book/scripture? What is your preferred translation? My preferred versions are: THE AMP, TPT & NIV. My preferred books are: Proverbs, Psalms & Romans My preferred scriptures are: Romans 8:18, Galatians 6:2
  11. Hi everyone, I need advice for evangelising please. I have to preach the gospel, there are no two ways about it BUT my anxiety and lack of boldness prevent me from doing so. My church and I go out evangelisng every get Saturday, I always panic and freeze on the spot. I have heard on several occasions, "Open your mouth to speak and the Holy Spirit will give you utterance", "pray for boldness". Honestly, I feel no matter how often I pray for boldness, I stay in the same spot. So here are my questions: How do you approach someone? How do you open a conversation? How do you react if someone asks you a question you don't know how to respond? I have told myself (and God) on several occasions, that I will go out and preach the gospel alone, put it into practice but anxiety and fear stop me from doing it. I need to stop letting the enemy get satisfaction out of procrastinating to do the most important task as a believer. Brothers and sisters in Christ, your prayers will be greatly appreciated. God bless you all.
  12. Thank you very much, I will pray for those behind the stories you mentioned. I guess being unequally yoked is an issue more common than we like to believe and it's not only an issue for the believer but for their children. I have heard a couple testimonies of those brought up in multi-faith families and they were in a confused state of mind, I guess God can still find a purpose in our mess but it is something that can be avoided. I don't know why I'm saying all of this when you know already lol. Thank you for your message and God bless you
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