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  1. Yes farm killings are on the increase and targeted at white farmers. And yes also taking land without compensation, I don’t think that law has passed yet. And there is still a water crisis in parts of the West Cape and Eastern Cape. There have been numerous gatherings of prayer meetings around the country as churches are coming together in each city to prayer for our nation. Staring tomorrow in the town I’m in, there will be 24/7 prayer for the nation. Each day hosted by a different church.
  2. Sounds like you don’t believe God heals people in this day and age? And only the demonic has power and not God?
  3. Welcome to Worthy Olivia. Will be praying for you and your family. I just moved back to South Africa.
  4. Not if they serve in restricted nations
  5. The irony if it's under the dome of the rock.
  6. Dear Facebook, China will soon buy you out and then what will happen to that so called privacy you made us think we had? --- I hardly ever use Facebook, it's also blocked here anyway. People spend more time on Facebook than doing anything else. And I really don't need to read about people bragging about themselves or what they had for breakfast! Haha!!
  7. I was at the church for a weekend, it was probably one of the most blessed and refreshing time I've had in a while. Met people who are so in love with Jesus and demonstrate His love, really kind and friendly people too.
  8. Thanks turtletwo, yes Amy was also a mighty woman love her story and the work she did in India. William Carey also did amazing work in India.
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