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  1. Question to believers: What sport helps you best battle stress?
  2. What's so special about being at the gunpoint of potential hell all the time from the God? Isn't death much peaceful in that regard?
  3. Watch Matt Dilahaunty on youtube, he is a veteran among atheists and he will answer better than me.
  4. I understand. Atheists take easy way in life. Theist take a really hard or heroic one. That's a thing you can easily respect, even if idea of believers is painful to even look at(God's path or hell). I think on such a bright note it's a good thing to end.
  5. I still standing on my legitimate point that history can be forged, especially when extraordinary claims are made about Supernatural events. The evidence that theists present here is very weak because it can be easily faked one way or another. For example. We find few really old scrolls that state that wizards existed in the past and wielded magic and instruction to gain that magic. But the catch is that magic will be given in the next life. So what your reaction will be? "I believe it, let's spend life working towards magic". Or "I have more essential things to do".
  6. Selling Divine vacation... I can't afford it
  7. I simply don't share your obsession with an afterlife.
  8. It's not a crime to live a peaceful life and die. If you think it is, then it's your problem.
  9. My faith is the same as yours. Because the book and scroll you mentioned could have been edited - they don't hold a lot of evidence.
  10. We cannot verify God's supernatural intentions and intervention when all we have are some dudes who claim that it took place. It's tough to be a believer when almost everything is faith based.
  11. How can we verify that claims of supernatural revelation took place and they weren't faked? Using faith again?
  12. You can believe what ever you want, but in the end we don't know for a fact how things are there really. Your have your opinion, I have mine.
  13. So having a book about afterlife put's you in higher position than mine?
  14. It's retarded to put me in to "evil team"just because I refuse God.
  15. So your saying that refusal of God's offer is a crime by itself?