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  1. My dad likes squirrels. He buys walnuts and makes peanut butter sandwiches and sets them in the trees so that they have something to eat. On a personal side note, it would be pretty cool if vets and the like took on more injured wildlife. Around my area, they just put them down - which is kind of a kindness, considering i've heard tell of others simply leaving the animals to die. Even if they are just animals, they still feel pain and fear, and that's rather cruel and heartless on the human's end. I remember my brother and I stopping some neighborhood kids from beating a baby bat to death, and I let it recover inside of what was supposed to be an insect cage. I'm pretty sure we released it once it healed, but it's been so long, I can't remember clearly. It's good that this one got rescued, though.
  2. To get kids away from the home and also so that they can be trained for their adult life. Issue there is, it typically does a poor job of it. You don't go to school and learn chores, that's the parent's job. Same thing with cooking, budgeting, home maintenance, or much of anything related to actual job experience. Then when it comes time for college, where any actual training CAN begin (not to say it will because many classes offered are pointless), bankers have made it entirely too expensive for a good portion of the population and much of what they teach could really be learned through on-the-job training. Then you got technology making teachers more lazy and incompetent (many of whom are demanding higher pay), kids getting called purple penguins to avoid upsetting their gender sensibility, and children being taught all the joys and thrills of taboo sexual things. In this, it is revealed to be a massive waste of time and an attempt by the enemy to target our kids and warp their mentalities for the rest of their lives. As for why it is years here and years there, the reasons vary. Some schools are more rigorous or the population needs workers ASAP. Other cultures view the age of maturity differently, and even other states.
  3. The only one that wins in the court is the court. Justice is with God. My dad moved out of a house in decent condition years ago. The landlady came and found tons of "damage". She got in contact with a lawyer, who was both a friend of hers and very crooked, and filed a lawsuit against my dad. Except, being a crooked lawyer, he never sent my dad any papers and so he never knew about it. Lo and behold, if you're not present in court, it's taken as guilt and so he was stuck with a debt. He ended up having to pay her around... I think he said somewhere from $1300 to $1700 before he was able to prove in court that there was no damages. Then he had court fees on top of that. It's almost funny how people go out of their way to be petty, but it's really not funny.
  4. It might help to read up on biology. Think of it like a gynecologist. He got into it more than likely for the wrong reasons, but then it just becomes a bunch of medical jargon and he's seen so many (many in need of medical treatment, at that) that it doesn't do anything for him anymore. The human body, fascinating as it is, is also rather disgusting when you really think about it. Just think, "that's where she poops from," and it becomes far less appealing, I assure you.
  5. If your doctor says that it is impossible to conceive with Teratozoospermia, he's loco in the coco. It merely makes it difficult for the sperm to be transported to or adhere to the ovum. Antiestrogens can help one such as yourself produce more stable and normal sperm. Another option is ICSI, which would be the injection of your sperm into her egg. You could also just keep trying or maybe even consider adoption. Invitro fertilization is definitely not your only option.
  6. I'd keep an eye on her. It could be Alzheimers, but one can't rule out other neurological possibilities. If she has a period of head pain, severe dizziness, or her nose starts bleeding, i'd drag her in kicking and screaming if you must.
  7. Again, it depends on the heart, as others have said. I've heard this metaphor before, so i'll use it. Think of it like Cinderella. A raggedy and dishevelled woman doing chore after chore for her evil and overbearing stepmother and stepsisters. She does not mop the floor out of love. She does not do their bidding out of respect... Or, the right kind of respect, at least. She does them because she feels that she must. This is to seperate between the heart and the action. Even if you do the right thing, it means nothing if the reason why you did it wasn't right. If this person said it in a moment of anger, ignorance, or misunderstanding, then it was a mistake. We have all said or done things when we're upset that are regrettable. If the person truly repents of their anger and their words, and they truly do not hate God in their heart, then it would be forgiven. However, if someone says sorry and their heart snickers in disagreement, then it would be meaningless.
  8. Other people, even pleasant ones, are tiresome to me. Reading the Bible too long makes me sleepy. Things do indeed get rough. However, rather than use the word "fun," I think i'd use the word "enjoyable". I'm not having fun, per say, but it's nice all the same.
  9. This plays into a fear i've had since I was a kid. There was a movie called Dreamcatcher, where these guys go out to these snowy woods and lodge in a cabin. Then there's this mysterious disease that surfaces on all living organisms, which is actually a form of alien parasitic infection AKA people get sick because there's an extraterrestial worm growing within them. Once it is fully grown, it exits the host body, ending the host's life in the process. A random man shows up with the sickness, and unknowing of it, they allow him to recover at their cabin. Later in the movie, the man goes to the toilet because he feels like he has to go, but it's actually the alien worm coming out of his backside and he dies on the john. I rewatched it years later and got that it went OUT rather than IN, but as a kid, I thought that it came up through the toilet and killed the man through his rear. I was like 6 or 7 years old and it screwed me up. To this day, if i'm sitting on the toilet and it starts making noises, I get really uneasy. I realize that some giant alien parasite isn't going to attack me, but when has fear ever been rational?
  10. He also played as God on Bruce Almighty, a comedy movie, so I can't say i'm surprised.
  11. I normally just sit down and read until my eyes get tired/heavy. It happens easily with the Bible; I can read other things without an issue, but for some reason, the Bible fatigues me - Not to imply that it is boring, of course. If my eyes do get tired, I just close them for a few minutes before continuing. I try to read at least 5 chapters each day (depending on the chapter lengths) maybe reading up to what looks like a good stopping point or when it comes to books like Psalms, I typically had a "10 psalms a day" rule. It's like a regular exercise routine. It sounds tough at first, and maybe it will be, but once you get the hang of it, you don't like to go without. It makes you feel good. If you can't squeeze a bit of time in each day, just set aside time when it's available - I suppose it's not quite necessary that someone reads it every day after all.
  12. My goodness. You really do like to talk. My answer to this, you may not enjoy. It sounds to me both as if you've already left H and honestly, this P guy sounds a bit manipulative. There's a guy i've known for quite some time who is basically homeless, but he goes online and chats up women and (somehow) convinces them to let him move in with them over internet messaging. He just hops from woman to woman, moving on to the next when the former gets tired of him. This isn't quite the same as that, sure, but it just sounds to me like trouble. If anyone seems far too good to be true, they're probably not. If you want to abandon your husband, I think you'd both be better off, and again, it sounds as though you've already left him in your heart. If you want to go galavanting about with this P fellow, that's your choice - I'm not about to rush after someone who willingly leaps off a cliff. The fact that you're out and about with P, sleeping in the same hotel room, seems like adultery to me. If you were my wife, sayonara; i'll try to not let the door hit you on the way out. However, if you intend on mending your relationship with H, I would suggest having an actual sit-down with him. I doubt he is as closed off as you say. Voice your concerns about the relationhip and realize that love is a two-way street. A christian must know and realize that God does not like divorce, and only allows for it in the case of adultery or abandonment. Again, I cannot stop you if you truly want to follow after your desires, but I will voice my objection to it.
  13. Things in life rarely are. It may seem as though everything is falling apart, but that just means you can pick up the pieces and make something better. It's not what we have or do not have, it is what we do with what we have. Have faith. Everything will work out in the end - I shall pray for you, all the same.
  14. Everyone else has posted well, but I'd just like to correct the wording. You say Jesus was BURIED but the correct term would be "entombed". His corpse was placed within a cave and a large boulder was rolled over the opening, requiring multiple men in order to move it.
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