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  1. This wasn't recent, but I have a story. I went shopping at Walmart, and went to leave after I was finished. When I came near my truck, my pocket was empty. I looked through the window and, sure enough, I had locked my keys inside. My home is nowhere near Walmart and I didn't know what to do. As luck would have it, the little window that slides open in the back of the truck (above the bed) was unlocked (thank God). First, I slid it open and set my purchases inside my truck. Now, i'm not the biggest guy, but i'm not small, either. A little too much gut for me to be small. I struggled with getting my shoulders in, but successfully wiggled past that. Somehow got my gut through there, but not without the window catching my jeans. I was struggling now both with trying to get in and also trying to keep my pants on. There wasn't room within the truck, so to make room, I unlocked the front door. Not the best idea. WHACK! I smacked hard onto the ground with my pants around my ankles. I stood up and looked around to make sure nobody was looking. Just as I was doing so, a man holding his little girl walked by. She was thankfully looking elsewhere, but the man shielded her eyes and did a double take looking at me like, "does that guy seriously have his pants down?" Embarrassed, I pulled my pants back up and got out of there quick. I was afraid someone would think I was trying to steal my own truck, or maybe also might call me in for indecent exposure. So, yeah. That's how I dropped trousers in the Walmart parking lot.
  2. 2. How do you know that God is real? 3. How and/or why is homosexualiy wrong? 4. What is "sin"? 5. If Adam and Eve were the first people, then wouldn't they have had to engage in incest for people to come about? 6. Why did/would God create this world? That's all I can think of.
  3. Hate the sin, not the sinner. I like to think of it as "they would be such a good person if only they stopped ______..." and that applies to myself as well. I wish I wasn't rather quick to anger; i'd be better if I could keep my cool. I wish my eyes didn't wander; women deserve better and are worth more than that. It's not the homosexual themselves; they would be wonderful if they turned away from it. I'd also reinforce the idea that homosexuality is but A sin, and sin applies to everyone, not just gay people. Not the greatest nor least. The confusion surrounding this issue is rather strong, however. It's just two consenting adults; it's not kids or animals or something. Who does it hurt? Why is it wrong? If two adults consent to kill another, to lay in wait for someone to gut, does that make it okay? It does not matter this thing or that thing, because at it's roots, it is sin all the same. Things are rather simple, it's just that people are complicated and thus likewise complicate things. No life springs from such a union. Nothing is gained from it other than temporal pleasure, a fleeting joy. If one even thinks in terms of nature, it makes no sense for it to be "natural," and even then, natural does not mean "good". Would you wiggle your digits in front of a snapping turtle's face? Would you sit on a giant venus flytrap? Perhaps take a jaunt and play about in a field of wolf's bane? If a male dog mounts a male dog, it is a matter of domination, of being the alpha male; it is not proof nor reinforcement of such a sin. If we were animals, we would live in the woods and just poop wherever... Humans are humans; whilst technically animals, we are above the animals. It hurts those who do it. Are STDs more common amongst straight people or homosexuals? The anal cavity was not meant for such a thing; why must they use so much lubrication, and even then, why do their back ends bleed sometimes? They engage in sin, and sin is death. They dig their own grave. They hurt themselves. That is why it is wrong. Likewise, because the confusion is so strong, don't be surprised if this friend refuses you. I know it sucks to lose someone you care about, but who is of more importance, your friend or God? We could all be such lovely people, all be friends, if only they stopped denying God. I've kind of gone on for a minute and I apologize; the other commenters have covered everything else well.
  4. I was an atheist, previously. Kind of bounced around a bit before I found Christianity, or I guess, it found me. I would seek out people online and mock them for ther beliefs. I even still have a book report I wrote in high school where I needlessly included a lot of my views at the time, and it makes me cringe. I believed science was the absolute truth, rather than the search for it. You name it. Have faith. If it is meant to be, then he will come around in whatever way it may be. I would include more, but the other posters have pretty much covered it.
  5. The typical and generic idea of evil is a dark and evil figure with red eyes. It cackles and engages in a monologue about like, drinking the blood of your children using your skull as a cup or something. "I'm gonna rip your face off and wear it while I sleep" stuff. Really just puts itself out there and it's obviously bad news. It might as well bang on a gong and shout "i'm evil i'm evil" in your face. True evil, however, is a kindly face. True evil spits lies and tries to make itself appear good. It's real friendly from the get-go, oh yes, it has no shortage of charm and honeyed words. It waits until you have your guard down, waits until your back is turned, and then plunges a blade into your spine.
  6. All I think of whenever Earth Day rolls around is Ira Einhorn. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ira_Einhorn A fanatical hippie who murdered his girlfriend and claimed to play a part in creating and launching the event known as "Earth Day". Other event goers deny this, but in my opinion, it's probably just to try and seperate themselves from him. It was still started by a number of counterculture, anti-establishment hippies. I believe part of man's existence is acting as a steward for the environment. We are to keep it in a balance, both destroying and growing. However, this should be a thing all the time, not just a day out of the year. I don't buy into enviromental issues quite so much; I don't believe in global warming (which is not the same as climate change, per say) and I think a number of the figures and statistics thrown about are either paid for or deeply exaggerated. I don't discourage the search for other uses of resources (or conservation of resources), but I do agree that nothing comes without a price. Electricity is... Not the best solution in my opinion, either. I don't really see much else going on as far as other solutions, though. Who knows, maybe we'll have to hook up sails to our cars someday. Or maybe install some bicycle pedals instead. Better yet, do like the Flintstones do and leg it.
  7. People can have a lovely time without money. I'd rather take a stroll by the creek than go bowling, myself. If you would still like to offer her a surprise breakfast and you need the money, you can always just go door to door and do odd jobs. Mow a few lawns, cut some tree limbs, maybe some cleaning... Whatever needs done and that they're willing to pay for. Just say something like, "We know it's past your birthday, but we wanted to make you breakfast as a thank you for all that you've done for us. We love you, mom". You might even be able to afford a nice restaurant you could take her to, like a steakhouse. I'm sorry that the birthday didn't go well, though. I'll be praying for the welfare of your family.
  8. I think I enjoy it... A little too much. More because i'm really not big on people. I hope to become more loving, though. I just need to get out more.
  9. I thought about becoming a nurse as well when I was younger, but I read online that nurses normally had to take on specializations to find work, either that or they typically ended up taking care of old people most of the time (hospice and senior homes). I don't know if the situation has changed since then. The only trade from trade schools I can think of along those lines is message therapy, which I really don't know if i'd recommend. Your income relies much on return customers, and seeing as it says that you're female, you do get weirdos in there that think a massage therapist is a codeword for a... Well, loose woman. That, and you do have the oddball person that tries to claim sexual harrassment just to try and get money out of you. Not to mention how the job is just rubbing oily, probably hairy people all the time. Not a stable income, unless you're signed on to a busy parlor, and even then, you normally have to forfeit a bit of your wages to the business. There might be other trades from trade schools out there, though.
  10. You can do math when you play basketball. Calculate the momentum, use statistics to gauge whether you want to take the shot or not... Or you could just dribble the ball and play it by instinct. Honestly, the vast majority of jobs you have to go to college for could just do on-the-job training, but then that lacks prestige. Think of it like driving. The manual makes it kind of complicated, but then you get used to driving and it almost becomes second instinct. College is a bunch of technical babble to explain something that's more simple in practice. While numbers are important, one must never forget the element of people. If you make a good enough impression, you're willing to put in that extra effort to succeed, someone can give you a chance. If you have all of the qualifications for a job, but you show up wearing pajama bottoms and the most that they get out of you is a grunt or two, the job is going to be given to the more enthusiastic prospect. You would have to study hard, but i'm sure that if you want to, you can succeed. I was also going to suggest non-college options, as many jobs don't require a degree and still pay as much if not more than college careers, but then I read that you're seeking social work. I don't think that social workers are held to an exceptional standard; you're dealing with people, not doing brain surgery. One of those community places might be good enough. Even then, do you have a set career path in mind? I can think of a few trades a person could go to trade school for as well, if their intention is to work with people.
  11. When it comes to medical proceedures, I like to think medical staff are there... Sort of like a tool. They may try to save a person's life, but it is ultimately up to God whether they live or die. That is, of course, assuming the staff is behaving with honor and are not mere money schemers not looking to fix anything, but rather, get that dough. Commercialism is what makes the most sense in this world, it's just that it has a really bad inevitable habit of becoming rampant and hyperactive. Greed is very present in our industry. It used to make sense with merely breeding the best of the crop, but then food companies have to compete with one another. One decided to add a little bit of this to make their apples look more red, then another adds something else to make their apples look bigger... Soon enough, we're not eating apples so much as we are eating 30% apples 70% chemicals. That has negative effects on humans and animals both. Not to mention how much the FDA has become unreliable. They had a noble goal at the start, but it seems like if you pay them enough, they'll put it on the shelves anyway. Even then, many products are placed on shelves even without FDA approval. AnOrangeCat makes a point in that regard. Doctors even used to prescribe whiskey and cigars to people. Having breathing difficulty? Get a Cuban. Life got you down? You can find happiness at the bottom of a bottle. Even with the FDA in place, when they try to convince people that they are upright and honorable, you still have an endless supply of snake oil merchants. In my opinion, medicine and the likes thereof should be the last solution. We have become overly dependent on medicine to solve our ailments, and to me, that has created many weak immune systems. The proper ones may turn their noses, sure, but it's the pus in the wound that makes the blood stronger. I'm not saying we should forgoe medicine altogether, but it's a very dangerous road. Nothing comes without a price, and the convenience we've had in avoiding sickness will crumble someday.
  12. He can always take on grants. There's also the possibility of online education as well. I know of businesses that also offer college assistance. Not just the military. I'm pretty sure UPS is one; my mother worked there and she spoke to me about working there when I was younger, to get their assistance with school. I'll be praying, though. The bankers have utterly ruined higher education. It's shameful.
  13. I know you can find jars of grasshoppers at pet stores - normally advertized as treats for lizards. I don't know about locust though, that would likely be online. If you can get past the fact that it's a wringly, weird-looking bug, I do recommend it. It was good, and bugs are apparently a good source of protein.
  14. I can't say I have - I grew up in a "meat and potato" home. If it's not brown or beige, it's passed my lips very rarely. Unless it's juice or tea. Pork might have worms in it, but the taste of bacon simply defeats that fact, in my mind. Love conquers all, that kind of thing. I've tried grasshoppers before. It was a bit like chicken, but with a different texture. Like if chicken came as a paste rather than sinew. They're also using grasshoppers as flour now, too. They dry them out and then grind them into a fine powder, for use in baking. This way a person can make a cake and still get protein from eating it. On a side note, this flour specifies that it's made with grasshoppers - it's not likely in your ordinary wheat flour. In Japan, they have squid ink burgers. The buns are black with squid ink. Still the usual patty, cheese, and whatever else. Just with squid ink. I also used to eat leaves when I was a kid. They were crunchy, though rather tasteless. I've always wondered what leaves might taste like made into a stew or something.
  15. Fantasizing about doing it is... Not the best. I like to think, if those thoughts do manifest themselves, it's normally a response to something about the person or their situations that they want gone. They don't want to kill themselves, just whatever is bothering them. I thought about it back in high school, and it's not that I truly wished to die, it's just that I didn't like dealing with all the other kids spreading gossip about me. I was an outcast before, but then I became even more of one when the gossip started, and so going to school became a thing of dread. After high school, not so much. I'd like to think suicidal thoughts have crossed enough people's minds for it to not be so shocking, though they're still not okay. As for assisted suicide, I guess that depends on how you look at it. If the doctor decides to do a lethal injection, even at the patient's behest, that is still murder in my eyes. However, if it's a fairly incurable condition and the patient simply decides against treatment... I'm not sure. I've always thought that, if I got cancer, rather than getting buried in medical costs and going through what is basically torture just to save my life (what is my life on this earth worth anyway), I thought i'd just let it take me. Then my aunt got cancer, and whilst I wasn't there to witness it, she chose to let it take her as well. She was apparently malnourished and delirious before the end, being skin and bones, and seeing things dance on her pillow that weren't there, and it took far too long for that suffering to end. Now i'm not sure. I mean, the cancer is technically what took her life, but then treatment might have saved her, so her decision against it could also be scrutinized. Did she take her life, or did the cancer? Is it considered assisted suicide, if the help is there, and she simply didn't want it?
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