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  1. I think it's best to not be aware of such things. I looked into that kind of nonsense years ago, when I was an atheist looking for a religion. I'll sum it up nicely; it's a bunch of hokum that invites nothing but trouble.
  2. dr3032

    So is weed a sin or not?

    To me, anything that makes you different than you normally are isn't okay, even if it seems relatively harmless. It is an "artificial" relaxation, a temporary joy. I'd rather experience peace of mind and be able to relax without having to rely on a substance. To smoke it appeases the flesh, but not the spirit. True joy, true peace, that lies within the spirit. Far too many people want that instant kind of gratification, though; too few are willing to put in the patience and effort it takes for honest relaxation. For that matter, i'm against the recreational use of it primarily because it makes folks lazy. If they did it in their free time, sure, but just as it is with alcohol, it tends to overlap into social and workplace situations. Just like I don't want my doctor vomiting tequila, I also don't want him staring off into space and chuckling like a buffoon. That, and it's like as soon as someone takes a puff of it, they all have this standalone complex where they become entirely obnoxious and bothersome about it. Just smoke your weed, I don't need to hear about it. Also, it smells terrible. I've been around rotten, decomposing pigs that smelled better. I don't know about you, but i'd rather not have to deal with that dreadful stench everywhere I go. The thought of it alone makes me ill.
  3. dr3032

    Book of Enoch

    Do you consider it canon or non-canon? Why or why not?
  4. dr3032

    American culture hates men

    Me, I tend to hold the door open for anyone, man or woman, young or old. It's called etiquette. Not all of society has forgotten it, but many shirk it out of disregard for their fellows. That said, some etiquette, I don't really consider. Like the rule about how you have to smile at someone - i'd prefer to smile when i'm happy, thank you. Far too many schemers and decievers twist their faces away from their true intent, spewing honey rather than words. In all things, honesty is the best etiquette, I think. There are campaigns on both genders, either for or against. While both sides can make decent points, the vast majority of them are unequal and self-interested. It's all an instigation, an incitement to get men against women and women against men, to encourage chaos and disorder. More and more turn to the same sex, or a snip and injection here make them seem like the opposite gender. Women either strut about with all their stuff out on display or their noses are so far turned up that the insides of their nostrils are sunburnt. Men either hold a deep loathing of all women and avoid them or they simply become what the women want them to be and "hit and run" as it were. Society is fracturing at the seams, and the funny part is, it's doing it to itself. I have always said that people tend to not make a big deal out of something if you don't. In the case of sex-on-sex warfare, i'd say the best way to combat the flames is by disregarding such conflict. It is mere confusion, a push by the media to encourage havoc. If you don't buy into it, if you don't give the inferno oxygen to breathe, then it dies out. However, I feel like this is just a small part of what's to come, and this conflict will happen regardless of our lack of presence.
  5. dr3032

    Chrisitians, or slaves?

    Have you seen the Black Israelites? In general, there seems to be multiple communities within the black community who enjoy taking historical societies or persons and claiming that they were not who or what they were, but in fact, were black. Shakespeare was actually a black woman named Amelia Bassano. Remember how the Mongolians would stack the skulls of their enemies outside of the cities they wished to attack, in order to strike fear into it's populace? Well, they forgot to mention how the Mongolians were black. Jesus was black, Buddha was black, even George Washington was dark of skin. The "Egyptian" myth is probably the biggest one, though. For that matter, I don't think there's much to be proud of when it comes to ancient Egypt. Fascinating builders, sure, but they wore horse hair for wigs and shaved their eyebrows if their cats died. Not to mention how the Egyptians were SLAVERS and regarded anybody not like them as barbaric animals not worth regard. Totally not like early America or anything. As for the point of the post, slavery is over. It has been over for years now. Nobody alive today was whipped into submission nor forced to work the field. Yes, racism is still a thing, but it must be regarded in a realistic way and handled in a realistic way. Claiming all white people are racist or that you are an Egyptian, Mongolian, or Jewish, isn't going to solve anything and in fact will only worsen it. Black people are capable of so much if only they stop seeing themselves as this weak, oppressed group that the racists want them to be. If you feel like you don't have anything to be proud of, then do something great. Then, as for the left vs right debate, I feel like that's iffy. Race shouldn't define political alignment, nor does it. I'd throw that into the "doesn't solve anything/only stirs up more trouble" pile.
  6. dr3032

    Did God chose our appearance?

    To me, there's a certain peace in not being considered attractive in wordly terms. I am a short, pale, baby-faced guy with much more gut than butt. I don't drink, but let's say for a moment that i'm sitting in a bar. Some woman in a low-cut shirt struts up to me and says, "Hey there, handsome. How's about you buy me a drinky-poo?" I know darn well she just wants the drink and she can darn well buy her own. That, and I don't have to deal with a bunch of women who might want me just for my looks. Also to me, beauty is a thing of mystery and subtlety. If it is obvious in it's good looks, then it is nothing but glitter, with no soul behind it. If you have to stop and study something in order to see the emotion and beauty behind it, then it is wonderful. Think of it this way; every guy likes a woman in a maid costume. A woman dresses up like a maid, boom, she's got attention. Then almost every woman dresses up like a maid, and to those with taste, it loses it's effect. Then comes along a woman in a women's basketball uniform. Yowza, am I right? I myself prefer the jersey to the apron.
  7. dr3032

    What do you do when the world is cruel?

    Honestly? I have yet to get to a point where my initial reaction is calm and peaceful. I have a strong belief in civility, and when someone clearly has disregard for keeping things peaceful, well... I'm not very peaceful, lol. That said, after the initial burst of anger, I come to realize that my getting upset is what they want. Most of them, it's laughable that they even care enough to stir up such trouble; that's some deep insecurity they've got there. Perhaps it's not good to put it in such a generalization, but people are pretty stupid, and that even includes me. An ability to think isn't worth much if you don't do it. When they seem pathetic for their attempts at getting at you, it doesn't really affect you much. All I can say is, take a step back from the situation. Realize that getting upset is what they want, so don't give it to them.
  8. You have to do what you can to seperate yourself from such negativity. If you let him, he'll drag you down with him. There might be issues with members of your family, but you have to keep in mind that it never rains forever. I'm certain your mother and brother won't be a problem, but if your dad wants to be a big ol' baby, then just let him cry and wail in his crib until he cools off. Perhaps someday he might come to regret how he behaved, and i'd never encourage any form of hatred here, but i'd advise also to be cautious if this does come about; if he's manipulative now, he can always be the same later. Other than that, I wish you good fortune in your new home.
  9. dr3032

    Do We only want older Theologians here?

    As one of the younger folks on this site (i'm in my 20s), I realize I still have much to learn and far to go. Though also, perhaps this is the opinion of youth, but i'd like to think that maturity is not entirely dependent upon age. I've met many a thoughtful young people, and just as many if not more thoughtless old people. Anyone can seek wisdom at any age, and just as well, anyone can forgo wisdom at any age. While still fairly ignorant of many of the terms used both on and off this site, I don't take a major issue with "big words". A person can't come to know them if they never experience them, after all. More and more people don't know how to write in cursive, and more and more people find older texts difficult to read because writing has been getting "dumbed down" for some time now. An effort to maintain and grow knowledge isn't a bad thing. As for the political and religious schisms, I feel like much of that is because people make a deal of it. I just try to avoid that kind of conversation, even as someone who leans right (though not completely). No one is going to change unless they wish to, and while I wouldn't mind having a conversation now and then, most of the "debates" that take place both on and off the site seem less actual debate and much more egotistical posturing. It's an endless cycle best avoided, if possible.
  10. Well, you won't get it from me, as I agree. Thank you for answering my question.
  11. As for a desktop, is it a matter of PC vs Mac? I'd imagine someone would have to be fairly familiar with PC - Macs pretty much do everything for you. Though, that's coming from my experience making animations on both PC and Mac; I don't know if it would apply to game creation as well.
  12. dr3032

    Christian advice

    It seems the issue is not only speaking the truth, but how to go about engaging them. Whether they are calm or not, it doesn't matter. When they both have enough free time, gather them together. It might be best if you invite your elder sister along as well. Just say something along the lines of, "I don't wish to scare you, but i'd like to have a talk." Make sure everyone is sitting down. Studies have shown that people are more calm and less prone to anger when they're sitting. Turn off the tv, stereo, all electronics, and that does include setting your cell phone aside. Sit in a relaxed position (not leaning forward, as that is aggressive) and leave your arms open (as crossing them comes off as defensive). Beyond that, I don't really have a step-by-step deal you could go by, as I am not entirely aware of the situation nor familiar with the people involved. All I will say, however, is to be very direct and maintain control over the situation. Everyone will get their chance to speak, and disallow anyone from interrupting the other. Don't play social games; don't be mean, of course, but be honest. Let it be known that you wish to help and remind them, as the others have said, that this is not just a marriage but a family. Pray that God can assist them in resolving their issues, and pray also for the strength to sit them down and talk to them.
  13. dr3032

    a confused cookie

    A terrible history does not make a terrible person. After all, how can armor be forged if the blacksmith never puts hammer to steel? These things burn and hurt, but in them, you have become all the more stronger for it. Not everything in life goes well, but know that it only ever rains for so long. Have faith and be patient, as just like how Rome wasn't built in a day, all things take time and effort. Matthew 13:31-32: He set another man before them, saying, "The kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in it's branches."
  14. dr3032

    Trouble Ahead

    True enough. I remember not even being in middle school yet, and I went online looking for Garbage Pail Kids cards, as being a small child, I found vomit and urination funny. Thus, even though I sought GPK cards, I was introduced to internet porn. Like they say, it's only ever a few clicks away and you don't even have to be looking for it. More oft than not, as well, it tends to be strange; fetishes and taboo engagements are on the rise. The slippery slope warned about long ago is more evident now more than ever. Then I see these people giving their 4 year old children phones and tablets to waddle around with and I know that kid is going to have some serious issues as they get older. The suicide thing is true enough, too. I had a buddy in high school who got sent off to an institution. I only ever heard this through the grapevine, mind you, but I think the story was that he cut himself laying in the bathtub and his parents came home unexpectantly. He was on pills when he got back after... Just short of a year, I think? He seemed happier and he even got himself a girlfriend. I'd say he got lucky though, as many kids can't be saved before they bleed out. In general, even though society has always had it's issues, it seems to be escalating (or it HAS been), and rather quickly. Parents allow technology and the public school system to raise their kids, many kids go without one parent or even both, and then what they to have to look up to and admire are most often degenerates and reprobates. What is good is becoming evil, and what is evil is becoming good. Here in the western world, things are just as pagan and wicked as elsewhere, but it's covered in glitter to try and make it look pretty. It smiles at you, wishes you a swell day, and then kicks your dog. It looks attractive and attempts to appear good, but no amount of glitter can produce light in darkness.
  15. I like how many tend to take on a rather simplistic view of national affairs and actions. The whole of Israel is bent on destroying the world because nobody ever disagrees within legally set borderlines, and it's not like Hitler tossed many of his dissidents in the camps, either. It's a way of keeping it simple, yes, but things hardly ever are simple. As for the post, i've heard this train of thought before - it comes from people who either take /pol/ too seriously or they somehow buy into the idea that behind every conflict, there's a Jew at fault. 4chan is not a place for any kind of serious discussion and is definitely not a haven for intellectuals. Communism is Jewish, Capitalism is Jewish, Libertarianism is Jewish, and I just stole an old woman's underwear because Seth Rogen told me to and it sounded good to me. I said no but then he explained that he was Jewish and so I did it. It's ridiculous.