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  1. dr3032


    I used to have one, but I deleted it largely because it was pointless to me. Besides which, I prefer to speak with more anonymity on the internet, even though anonymity is virtually non-existent anywhere on the web thanks to IP tracking, which anyone can do. It's far more easy for me to speak, and keep speaking, when I don't quite have a name or a face. From what i've seen of Facebook though, it appears to be a cattle pen for people. FB truly does monitor and track everything, and being a very liberal organization, they do interfere with things that they find... Disagreeable. Many posts seem to not exist to anyone else, and you do have accounts set in a sort of "purgatory," where even though they post, nobody else can see it. Not to mention all the data stealing and sharing which I can guarantee they likely still participate in. Me personally, i'd rather not have Zuckerburg even reading so much as my tastes in music, much less anything personal. Nowhere on the web is safe, to be certain, but I just try to avoid sites that are well known as being safety risks and also those that ask for too much information.
  2. dr3032


    Largely what Adstar said. When we sin, it's like we're shaking our fists at God and telling him that we know better, when truly, we don't. Clenched within those fists are thoughts and opinions, rather than the word of God, which they grasp and hold on to relentlessly so as to justify themselves, their actions, and their hearts. Perhaps all of our hearts and minds interfere with us, but the mark of a Christian is the fight against one's self, the ability to know our sin and regret it, to work towards correcting ourselves. Quite often, you have families that feel strongly for a family member, and in doing so, do the unkind thing. One of my family members was a small town cop back in the day (I think it was my great grandfather, though i'm not sure). When he caught a teenager driving under the influence for the first time, rather than book them, he would often simply drive them home to their parents, and trust that the parents would punish the child. Would that kind of thing work today? Absolutely not. Even if the cop presented evidence of their incapacitated child, the parents would deny it; he's an angel, he would never do that, how dare you besmirch our son's good name. It is the same with a homosexual family member. They deny the wrongdoing because they don't wish to hurt their family, but in doing so, they encourage the behavior and thus allow the homosexual family member to hurt themselves far worse than if they had said, "no". They might not cotton to it, but it's far more kind than allowing them to proceed in their delusions. As for your brother, all you can do is present the word of the Lord in a calm and polite manner and then i'd leave it at that rather than persisting too much. You can only open a door; whether they walk through it or not is of their own volition. I'd also try to make a point with your family, who seem intent on interfering. Following the truth means standing for that truth, despite what objections and negativities might arise from doing so. I wish you luck, for it sounds like you're going to need it.
  3. dr3032

    SWEARING - Who Does It?

    Yeah, you have far too many people who let TV and the internet raise their kids, and plenty more who take some odd form of pleasure from teaching their kids worse and worse forms of vulgarity. Much of that vulgarity isn't verbal, either; teaching kids the finger, thrusting or shaking their hips/backsides, much less getting their young girls to wear skimpy clothing. Me, I still need to work on my anger and swearing. I can mind my words quite well when i'm calm, but then I can also get angry and the stuff just comes back. I get less angry, less often as time goes on, though. I also agree with the comments that supplements for the swear words are just as bad, as it is the intention(s) behind one's words rather than the words themselves. Even back in the medieval times, they would use "God's hooks!" which eventually became gadzooks. Plenty of "polite" ways to take the Lord's name in vain - I would suggest one do research on terms to make certain they aren't like that. A few of them, I had no idea they were bad.
  4. dr3032

    Is it a sin to be an instagram model?

    The general concensus so far is that no, it's not okay, really. Even the fitness models, women's fitness clothing can tend to be a bit too tight or too revealing. It's like those exercise program commercials where, while they talk about losing 127 lbs, they have some woman in tight shorts wiggling and waggling her backside right up in the camera. Also, in my mind, it's much like the folks who do next to nothing but take pictures of themselves and post them online continuously; it speaks of a massive vanity, of a large focus on one's self and one's flesh. However, perhaps you just like the idea of taking pretty pictures? You could always try to get into photography, painting, or any other form of art or craft. Just be mindful of the reason as to why; we must all guard ourselves against becoming vain or seeking out approval from others. Create simply to create, not to glorify yourself.
  5. dr3032


    My only objections to Halloween are the rampant commercialism and the deplorables who poison kid's candy. I avoid it merely out of not having kids and also not wishing to stuff the pockets of greedy corporations. I'd back up Lady Kay's statement. So long as someone isn't doing any witchcraft or busting in people's windows to kill their black cats, it's just folks having fun.
  6. I bet the taste wasn't much worth it, neither. That's still sad, though. May Ballard rest in peace.
  7. dr3032

    Renewing the mind

    I feel you here. The mind is a place of chaos and it's a place i'd really rather not be. However, the way I see it, you are what you focus on. I've still got problems because I spent quite some time being a non-believer, and all that nasty, awkward, or stupid stuff I did or watched still surges back to the forefront of my mind, more often than i'd prefer it to. I'd like to think i've gotten better with time, though. That is what we both need: time. Not only time to learn and grow, but a time to rest and reflect as well. Not that a drive isn't a good thing, but driving too hard will just wear you out, you know? It's like when you're running track and field; pace yourself. Freaking out will do more harm than good. What I find tends to help is to try and find things to distract myself with. Either actual labor or just challenging things to think about. Go for a walk, do a puzzle, maybe just try to think about life, those kinds of things. I also like to write poetry, which works wonders. Prayer, of course, but it never hurts to have a distraction. As for the job thing... Everyone here has given decent advice, but most folks forget that getting a job has much to do with confidence. Not overconfidence, mind you, but you just need to have that general attitude of "I know I can do this, I can do this". A reserved confidence, I like to call it. It's true that employers are absolutely doofy about who they do or do not hire, but whether you keep your job or not, just keep that in mind. I've had terrible endings to jobs before and i've sprung back, not only because of that reserved confidence, but also realizing that the Lord provides. If it is meant to be, so shall it be.
  8. dr3032

    Wrap up this Winter - a few ideas 

    A good rule of thumb: The closer it is, the warmer it is. It's good to have an adjustable coat so you can either tighten or loosen it according to your needs. Hoods work poorly if you're walking into the wind, so a hat that covers your ears is preferabble. Also, do you have trouble walking across an iced area? I've found it's best if you slow down. Also, don't roll your feet. Most folks are used to rolling from their heel to their toes, which makes slipping more likely. If you must walk across ice, walk slowly and step with your feet flat. If you can, grow out that facial hair. It works wonders in the cold. Sorry ladies, sucks to be you. 😎
  9. dr3032

    Does Anyone Have Itching Ears?

    I honestly don't understand it myself. I mean, it says clear as day multiple times throughout the bible, homosexuality is an abomination. It's like some weird form of selective reading. I guess some folks just like to think they're good people even though they don't really put in any effort or change and challenge themselves in any way. Like a "Participant" ribbon.
  10. If both your parents and the girl are attempting to tie the knot between you two, my friend, you need a really good pair of scissors. Maybe some shears. Her interest here is purely in remaining here in this country. Not God. Maybe you, a little bit, but still. To quote a Russian proverb, it is better to be slapped by the truth than kissed by a lie. The only way she would truly convert is if she did so of her own volition, and now that she stated that business about merely converting for the sake of the marriage, you would never know if she was being truthful or deceitful in her conversion. I'd just walk away from it. She either marries some chump or she goes back to China. No harm done.
  11. dr3032

    Can you help me by voicing an opinion?

    My votes were for 9 and 14. I put 9, but in truth, I rather liked 8. I don't know if "abstract" would be the right way to word it, but my taste in general are things that don't quite look... Right. Especially to a mild extent, to where things only look a little bit off rather being exaggeratedly so; it provokes thought, makes me think. As for 14, I rather liked the distribution of color, and the color itself. That's just my taste, though. I must say, you're quite good at landscape art. It almost reminds me a bit of Bob Ross, though still different.
  12. dr3032

    Dumb Criminals Stories

    This made me think of something that happened when I was still in high school. I found an article on it, even. https://www.twincities.com/2011/12/01/south-dakota-police-use-beanbags-against-man-with-samurai-swords/ In a nutshell, a drunk 48 year old man showed up at an inn wielding katanas (Japanese swords), one in each hand. The police shot his legs up with beanbags and apprehended him. He was apparently trying to do a "suicide by cop" scenario. Not exactly too dumb, but... The samurai swords are what stuck out. My friends and I joked that he must have been watching far too much anime. He tried to Kaze no Kizu the cops, that kind of thing.
  13. Small town... Are there farms nearby? They typically don't pay all that much, but you could maybe try looking around. I don't think it would be an option for your brother given his conditions, and you'd have to hope and pray you don't get stuck in a combat role, but the armed forces are also an option; they really pay piddly-squat, but they do have support programs. If you get a non-combat role, you could perhaps get specialized training and land a solid well-paying private sector job when you're not in-service. I wouldn't be especially fond of either of those, were I you. Farm work is hard and low-paying, as is the military, and the military also comes with a level of expectation and responsiblity that i'd think would make most (if not all) folks hesitate. You could also look into jobs in nearby towns. If there really aren't any job prospects nearby, i'd just get ready to go elsewhere. Sell the property and use the money sparingly to get to a better area. That's... Certainly not much of an option, but when worst comes to worst, there isn't much else left to lose. I guess I don't know what to say, exactly, but i'll be sure to keep both you and your brother in my prayers. I hope things work out for you.
  14. dr3032

    Advice about Angry Husband

    Rather than offer conjecture as to why he's upset, I think it might be best if you simply ask him directly. Say that you would like to help, if possible, by coming to agreements on how to handle the situation when he gets upset. In my experience, when I get angry, I just like to vent; maybe he just needs an ear to listen. He might perhaps be the sort who just likes to be left alone, and you two can agree that when he is angry, you can take the kids out for a short while and let him wind down.
  15. dr3032

    churches cause divorce?

    What causes divorce is the lack of regard for marriage, whether in the church or out of it. Even if people ar bound in marriage because of a reckless night between the two, that bonding does little to make the marriage work. My parents were NOT suited for one another. They were young and wild, drunk and sexually active party-goers. They would argue when they were sober, then they'd get drunk, and run off to engage in trysts with strangers as a way of revenge on one another. When my older brother came along, my mom's parents pretty much forced my dad to marry my mom. It was either marry her, or they would continue to harry him with harassment and police. They tried to make it work, they even figured that having me might fix their problems (somehow), but being bound in marriage didn't change the fact that they were ill-suited for one another. Cue a massive fight that ended up with a broken table and not seeing my mom for some years afterwards. So, who is to blame here; my grandparents for forcing them into marriage, or my parents for having such loose sexual morals to begin with? In my eyes, I think everyone in the situation was at least somewhat worthy of blame. That begs many difficult questions though, ones that make the whole process far too difficult. Reality is stranger than fantasy, as it were. In my experience, you get both judgements, being single. Certain churchgoers say that you should get married, to not marry is to live in sin, even if such an idea directly goes against scripture. Non-Christians, the vast majority of them, wholly support sleeping around and doing it without a guilty consience. On the one hand, why am I not married and why must I continue in my sin. One the other, why am I not hooking up with random women and why am I a virgin? Both groups are annoying, but I have learned to not pay other people much heed. If they have a problem with me, then it is their problem, not mine.