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  1. Pure Waters

    The Lord taketh, the Lord giveth

    Psalm 34:18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. And even though my heart has been shakened, and my legs are weak and I dont desire food nor water. I pray to you my LORD and praise your name, for you are the most High, You know what is best and what shall happen. I cry out to you Lord, I beg you.. but YOUR will shall be done not mine. Job 1:21 Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. So whatever is taken from me, only strengthens my faith into the LORD. Praised be thy name! Amen.
  2. Pure Waters

    Anyone heard of Dr. Gene Kim?

    I had to laugh so hard reading this, I didnt even know about the cat thing
  3. Pure Waters

    Anyone heard of Dr. Gene Kim?

    The titles are very much clickbait
  4. Pure Waters

    Anyone heard of Dr. Gene Kim?

    I think I saw a clip of that video Yes from what I heard hes Korean, I dont know from where he operates, his video description says " UC Berkeley & PBI "
  5. Pure Waters

    Anyone heard of Dr. Gene Kim?

    Not concerned, just curious if what he does and preaches is true to the Bible. Im not sure but it seems like he gets alot of backlash.
  6. Pure Waters

    Anyone heard of Dr. Gene Kim?

    Genuinely curious if anyone knows about his Youtube videos and what you guys think about them?
  7. Pure Waters

    Roman Catholic Church and the Pope being unpopular

    Seems that I opened a real can of worms with this thread
  8. Pure Waters

    Acts 5, 1-11

    Thanks! Thats just what I needed to understand it
  9. Pure Waters

    Acts 5, 1-11

    I mean Im a bit confused because I've never read of anyone who instantly died because of their sin(Probably because I just started reading the bible for the first time). Getting sick or possessed, that seems clear to me but instant death surprised me.
  10. Pure Waters

    Acts 5, 1-11

    So when it says they have Satan in their heart, was it Satan who killed them? Or what exactly killed them?
  11. Pure Waters

    Acts 5, 1-11

    Why did the couple in Acts of the Apostles immediately fall down and die when Peter confronted them?
  12. Pure Waters

    Praise be unto HIM

    Praise our Father who art in Heaven, I praise and rejoice in you my Lord for You are with me at all times. You embraced me when I was surrounded by enemies, You healed and protected me when I was sick and confused. Through You I embrace love and grace, with Your strength and authority no evil shall touch me. Although I am a sinner, You love and forgive me, just as I forgive others. Your Name and Your Word echoes within me and I shout with all my heart "HE is the Lord, and his Word is the Truth and we are His children!" Through Your Son I shall be saved and with Your Word I shall be wise and comforted wherever I go. I lay my heart and my soul and all my troubles into Your hands my Lord. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, not mine. May peace and mercy follow everyone who has the Lord in his heart and mind and may His Word be with you in all times Amen.
  13. Pure Waters

    Roman Catholic Church and the Pope being unpopular

    I havent heard of them yet, but they sound really fishy, I would think if any such books or scriptures existed, the Vatican would lay their hands on it and lock it up.
  14. Pure Waters

    A Taste of Islam

    This one is also interesting to watch:
  15. Pure Waters

    Roman Catholic Church and the Pope being unpopular

    I believe alot of weird and dark stuff happens in the secret chambers of the Vatican, I'll check out the books you linked me thanks!