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  1. yes, I do realise blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the one unforgivable sin .. all sins are deliberate and God loves the sinner but hates the sin and sin does lead to death, not life .. but all sins except blasphemy are forgivable IF we confess said sin to God and sincerely and genuinely ask His forgiveness and repent aka turn back to Him and His Will .. if we do this, our sin will be forgiven and we shall not be punished .. if we choose not to do this and some do, we shall have chosen the lake of fire .. there will be no unrepentant sinners in heaven, just repentant ones .. anyway, that is what I truly believe and that is what makes sense as well .. we are to do God's Will, not our own, and when we fail to do so and we do fail, we must make things right with God and such is easy but must be sincere and genuine, for God reads hearts and knows ..
  2. ty Jostler .. it will take me awhile to understand it all and I believe in the saying: "Keep it simple stupid" and I actually, think the word stupid is a misnomer as things do not have to be complicated which leads only to confusion and doubt and misunderstanding .. simple is best and as God's Word and Truth which is that of the Holy Spirit rises above man's languages and culture and thinking and reasoning and all that, God's Word is clear and not confusing .. granted, there are parts I do not fully understand "yet" but I shall when the Holy Spirit thinks I am ready to understand .. as for saved and no one can snatch us from God's hand, such is true in that God will not let go and no one can snatch us from His hand "but" we can let go of His hand and we do so when we sin which leads to death and choose not to repent which is the only way to restore life with God for eternity .. I know many do not agree with me but I am a firm believer in what I am saying, so shall not give into any other idea unless and until I can believe it IF that is ever meant to be .. but the bottom line does remain that if we are "with" Christ, no one can successfully be "against" us .. they can try but can never succeed ..
  3. okay, Abby Joy .. I shall follow your advice as best I can .. thank you for elaborating .. not sure I understand it all, though ..
  4. and, angels4u, you are right .. those who choose Jesus as their Saviour and stay close to Him at all times and grow in their personal intimate ever-growing relationship with Him will be protected by Him and kept safe from Satan and his demonic rituals .. at any time, people can come to, or choose to leave Jesus and the same would apply to Satan .. people can go to him and can leave him .. granted, according to what this forum promotes, leaving Satan would not be easy but there must be a way to get through to these people and draw them from Satan to Jesus .. in the meantime, we can pray for them and pray for a solution .. God, please help all involved in this and help them to find their way to you and help all of us who, maybe, can help to help .. Amen ..
  5. All I can do is take your word for it, Abby, and if what you say is true, I am very sorry for all the victims .. what can be done to stop it and to prevent it from getting more born into it .. also, what does the church of rome and any current churches have to do with it ..
  6. I have read every post given here and am still totally confused .. what are you talking about .. be more explicit in saying what allegedly has happened to people you are referring to so we can better understand your concern .. if you are so intent upon helping alleged victims, we need to know explicitly what this is all about as if it is true, might we not become victims, too, and if so, should we not be totally informed and warned so we can take any possible steps to help ourselves .. you refer to churches and to this starting with the Church in Rome .. what exactly have churches and the Church in Rome to do with all this ..
  7. All God wants from you and everyone else is that you believe in Him, love Him, obey His Holy Will, and repent sincerely when you fail to do so .. He, also, wants you to fully realise how much He loves and cares for you and that He will never leave you or forsake you, so be sure you never leave or forsake Him but, again, if you do, repent aka return to Him and to doing His Will, not your own will .. may God bless you in your own intimate personal ever-growing relationship with Him ..
  8. yes, right to the very end things can change .. with man, much is not possible but with God, all things are possible .. God reads hearts so even if a person's memory and/or mind functions are gone, the person still has a heart and God will read it from start to finish .. keep praying .. no one is lost or saved till God says he/she is
  9. there is nothing more I can say about this topic as I have no stories of my own that I can think of and am too busy to research any .. as I have said, I am so veryyyyyyyyyy happy when animals - wild or tame - are rescued and have their needs fulfilled as they depend upon us as stewards of this Earth to be there for them .. and as far as domesticated animals go, they give unconditional love and are loyal and are there for us when many human beings are not so, so we are drawn to them even more .. as far as wild animals go, they do not perform wanton killings as do many of mankind in their mass shootings, hunting for trophies only and not using the whole animal they kill, unreasonable and unnecessary gun culture of many, ... .. I shall admit that in most cases, I am emotionally affected by the plight of wild and tame animals' needs more so than those of human beings, even children, as it is human beings who are unnecessarily and criminally abusive and deadly and many children grow up to be such repulsive human beings .. animals kill by instinct which is automatic and not a process of reasoning and deciding for the best and wild animals kill to survive, not just for the thrill of it or to waste parts of the animals they kill .. this is not to say, I don't care about dangers and needs of man and children as I do but I am drawn more to those of animals as they are truly among the innocent and many of mankind are not .. so, I shall check back and forth about new stories added to this forum and may occasionally comment on such but for the most part, I have said all I have to say .. God bless all those who care about animals and who do all they can to help them .. God deal with those human beings who abuse life on Earth in the human and animal kingdoms (animals as in animals, birds, fish, ...) ..
  10. I know fire persons have rescued cats out of trees and I am happy they do rescue other animals in need ..
  11. I am so happy the little squirrel was rescued .. animals, tame and wild, depend upon us and they have a right to be helped in their needs by us .. when an animal, no matter what it is, is rescued from any dilemna, such makes me really happy ..
  12. Tampered With, I can appreciate all you are saying and I have NOTHING to do with aliens or evil persons in our world and I do not succumb to temptations of Satan and his demons. As for evil aliens, yes, some would be evil and intent upon evil just a some human beings are evil and intent on such. But, I am not ever going to go out of my way to engage aliens just to find out what they are like. And I learned from playing with the Ouija Board when I knew better that one must never open the door to Satan and his demons and I never shall do that again. You mention marijuana highs and I do believe that many alleged encounters with demons and the like are the result of being high on alcohol and/or drugs and, again, that is inviting trouble. Take care, Tampered With, and don't think your input has done no good as it has but all forum topics do come to an end eventually for all time or until another time. I still say: With God STAY or with Satan STRAY!
  13. as I said in past posts, aliens may be real and if so, I do not think they are necessarily evil demons and Satan but, rather, other species created by God who explore the universe as man has done to find answers .. I do believe, though, that there are truly evil persons among us who have sold their souls to Satan and would do all they can to have us do so, too, but if anyone is truly demon-possessed, I still believe he/she opened the door to such and empowered Satan and his demons who have no power of their own beyond temptation .. the spiritual battles we fight are mainly ones of our continuing to stay with God when things pleasing to our humanness tempt us and try to draw us away, so, IF we are with Christ, THEN who can be against us and win us over to them .. NO ONE ..
  14. I have heard stories of alien abductions and experiments and other things being done on/to the captives and I do believe such could very well have happened BUT what I don't believe is that the aliens had to have been Satan and his demons .. I believe there is a very vast universe out there and many planets and solar systems and I find it difficult to believe that God only inhabited Earth with man .. I believe there are other planets with their life forms aka aliens to us but that said persons are just that .. creations of God in their own world but subject to believing in God, loving Him, obeying Him, and repenting when they fail to do so .. I still maintain that the only power Satan and his demons ever have is given them by people .. people empower them and then don't know how to disempower them or don't believe they can do so .. some aliens may be evil and may be serving Satan and his demons by their own choice just as some Earthlings are evil and serving Satan and his demons by their own choice ..
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