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  1. in latter days, preachers will "tickle ears" instead of telling people ALL they NEED to know .. I agree that just preaching condemnation is wrong but ignoring it is as wrong .. there are righteous and unrighteous people .. if we continue in the faith and in obeying and doing God's Will, we shall have eternal life with Him .. if we choose to sin, we have two choices .. to repent or not .. if not, we are choosing to be in the lake of fire as believers who are unrepentant sinners .. if we choose to repent aka turn back to God aka change back to doing God's Will, not our own, we shall have life restored and eternal life with God .. our choices, our consequences .. God won't force us to come to Him or stay with Him or obey Him and no one else, including Satan, can force us .. all our choices are ours alone based on what and Who/who we choose to believe and follow/obey .. so, we must first wake up and accept salvation vs condemnation and how each is realised by us and how we can choose to make either a reality .. salvation is a gift earned by Christ's death for ALL but how ALL treat that gift is up to ALL .. the righteous choose eternal salvation and the unrighteous choose eternal punishment in the lake of fire .. which eternity will you choose? ..
  2. I still don't understand, Justin .. if the apostles "worded" events out of context, all I am asking you to do is to put the wording in the correct context so I can see the difference .. in other words, what do you say "out of Egypt" and "a virgin shall be with child" should correctly say?
  3. first: why is this the only forum topic with a star preceding it? second: what does your quote mean, Justin, regarding how the apostles took such out of context .. what would be the correct context then?
  4. I understand what is meant by "restoration" here but I believe that when one sins, one must genuinely repent aka turn back to God aka change of heart to do God's Will not one's own will and IF and WHEN one does so, true "restoration" has taken place, in that God will forgive and will not punish and once again one is back on track with one's personal intimate ongoing relationship with God and what better restoration can there be than that .. riches in blessings restored not monetary riches restored ...
  5. have not responded here for a long time and shall do so no more
  6. as much as I accept that all you say may or may not be true as I have no way of being sure, I am unqualified and unequipped to comment on these issues, so I am going to end being notified .. I wish you the very best in resolving whatever issues do exist and may God bless and guide you
  7. thanks .. great post .. what about our glorified bodies .. what exactly do you think that entails ..
  8. yes, I do realise blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the one unforgivable sin .. all sins are deliberate and God loves the sinner but hates the sin and sin does lead to death, not life .. but all sins except blasphemy are forgivable IF we confess said sin to God and sincerely and genuinely ask His forgiveness and repent aka turn back to Him and His Will .. if we do this, our sin will be forgiven and we shall not be punished .. if we choose not to do this and some do, we shall have chosen the lake of fire .. there will be no unrepentant sinners in heaven, just repentant ones .. anyway, that is what I truly believe and that is what makes sense as well .. we are to do God's Will, not our own, and when we fail to do so and we do fail, we must make things right with God and such is easy but must be sincere and genuine, for God reads hearts and knows ..
  9. ty Jostler .. it will take me awhile to understand it all and I believe in the saying: "Keep it simple stupid" and I actually, think the word stupid is a misnomer as things do not have to be complicated which leads only to confusion and doubt and misunderstanding .. simple is best and as God's Word and Truth which is that of the Holy Spirit rises above man's languages and culture and thinking and reasoning and all that, God's Word is clear and not confusing .. granted, there are parts I do not fully understand "yet" but I shall when the Holy Spirit thinks I am ready to understand .. as for saved and no one can snatch us from God's hand, such is true in that God will not let go and no one can snatch us from His hand "but" we can let go of His hand and we do so when we sin which leads to death and choose not to repent which is the only way to restore life with God for eternity .. I know many do not agree with me but I am a firm believer in what I am saying, so shall not give into any other idea unless and until I can believe it IF that is ever meant to be .. but the bottom line does remain that if we are "with" Christ, no one can successfully be "against" us .. they can try but can never succeed ..
  10. okay, Abby Joy .. I shall follow your advice as best I can .. thank you for elaborating .. not sure I understand it all, though ..
  11. and, angels4u, you are right .. those who choose Jesus as their Saviour and stay close to Him at all times and grow in their personal intimate ever-growing relationship with Him will be protected by Him and kept safe from Satan and his demonic rituals .. at any time, people can come to, or choose to leave Jesus and the same would apply to Satan .. people can go to him and can leave him .. granted, according to what this forum promotes, leaving Satan would not be easy but there must be a way to get through to these people and draw them from Satan to Jesus .. in the meantime, we can pray for them and pray for a solution .. God, please help all involved in this and help them to find their way to you and help all of us who, maybe, can help to help .. Amen ..
  12. All I can do is take your word for it, Abby, and if what you say is true, I am very sorry for all the victims .. what can be done to stop it and to prevent it from getting more born into it .. also, what does the church of rome and any current churches have to do with it ..
  13. I have read every post given here and am still totally confused .. what are you talking about .. be more explicit in saying what allegedly has happened to people you are referring to so we can better understand your concern .. if you are so intent upon helping alleged victims, we need to know explicitly what this is all about as if it is true, might we not become victims, too, and if so, should we not be totally informed and warned so we can take any possible steps to help ourselves .. you refer to churches and to this starting with the Church in Rome .. what exactly have churches and the Church in Rome to do with all this ..
  14. All God wants from you and everyone else is that you believe in Him, love Him, obey His Holy Will, and repent sincerely when you fail to do so .. He, also, wants you to fully realise how much He loves and cares for you and that He will never leave you or forsake you, so be sure you never leave or forsake Him but, again, if you do, repent aka return to Him and to doing His Will, not your own will .. may God bless you in your own intimate personal ever-growing relationship with Him ..
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