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  1. lusting after another man's wife or another woman's husband even just in one's mind is adultery .. the intent is there, just not actively acted upon for any number of reasons .. committing actual adultery is obvious .. if you are true to yourself in real truth, you know when lusting after another's spouse is more than a passing "involuntary" thought .. we really cannot fool ourselves no matter how hard we try and we most certainly can never fool God so not even worth trying .. I believe Jesus spoke in parables but for those with eyes to see and ears to hear and ability to perceive and understand, the parable message was clear (and Jesus explained most of them .. lol) .. what Jesus wanted us to know He made clearly known .. God's Holy Spirit inspired Word and Truth is ALL for ALL for ALL time, so no games being played .. blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the one and only UNFORGIVABLE sin, so definitely it leads to death any grievous unrepented sin will lead to death, too, by the sinner's own choosing and doing .. one can turn back to God and to His Will IF one chooses to .. or one can choose never to do so .. we can become "lost and dead" in our sins but if we repent, we are "found and alive" again .. our choice to sin and our choice to repent or not so our consequence to be "found" or "lost"
  2. obedience is ongoing, not just a one-time-thing .. and I have never and would never gloat over doing what I am to do IF I wish to be in and remain in God's Kingdom .. in many passages, Father and Son made it abundantly clear that we must endure in believing as not all will and endure in doing God's Will aka obeying/following/doing God's Will ONLY, not man's and not our own unless such are in accordance with His .. we have the opportunity to repent when we falter and we do .. the Holy Spirit and God's abundant graces can keep us doing His Will and repenting when we occasionally succumb to sin IF we submit to their doing so .. I do not find it WORK or lack of joy to obey God .. I wish to obey Him and I am constantly asking Him to help me not to deceive or mislead anyone and the more I ask Him to help me be a better person, the more I see that needs doing .. He reads my heart and knows I am genuine, so He will help me as needed and all I have to do is believe and trust in Him and do as He says, not as I or others say .. God's Way or the Highway and we know where that goes .. I never ever gloat over how good I may be in some ways as I am seriously lacking in other ways, so what is there to boast of .. my improving is because I am obeying God and submitting to Him coz without Him working in and through me via the Holy Spirit and the bountiful graces, I cannot improve .. I can only do so with them .. cannot do so on my own .. I say what I truly believe and I shall continue to do so UNLESS and UNTIL the Holy Spirit advises me otherwise .. I shall be posting many scriptures in my thread "WHAT I TRULY BELIEVE" that show clearly that we must "believe" and "obey/follow/do God's Will" OR we shall not have eternal life .. such is not rocket science, is it?
  3. sin cannot and will not have "dominion" over us IF we do not submit to it .. our choice, our consequence .. we are to obey God's Will and if we do not, we are sinning and if we repent all will be restored .. if we do not repent, we will have by our own choice and own doing, not God's or anyone else's, thrown away our free gift of salvation .. eternal life is according to God, not us, and God in so many passages has stated we must endure in belief and endure in obeying .. our choice to do so or not to do so .. anyone who does not obey God will NOT be with God in eternity
  4. that is a fantastic testimony, @JustPassingThru .. it is obvious you asked for your sins to be forgiven then and in repentance for them came to the Lord .. that, of course, was the right thing to do .. my question is: do you continue to realise we must "obey" the Father's and Son's commands and repent when we fail to do so in order to continue an eternal life with them .. most do believe in the one-time repentance but see no need after .. JLB and I and some others are saying that many passages in Scripture clearly say that eternal life will only be for those who continue to endure in believing and in keeping God's commands aka obeying God .. His Kingdom, His rules .. I do hope you realise being obedient is ongoing and not just the initial happening but, again, great and moving testimony
  5. JLB is correct .. eternal life in the Kingdom of God is according to what God wants and He has made it abundantly clear that we are to "believe" and to "love" actively .. such are His commands and they are to be obeyed by all .. the Holy Spirit and the abundant graces given us are all we need to make such obedience possible and when we succumb to occasional sin as we all do (one who says he/she does not sin is a liar), we must repent or not .. our choice, our consequence .. so, once again, JLB is right .. I shall be posting in my thread many passages that tell us we must obey the Father's and Son's commands or they will not be with us and, thus, we shall not have eternal life
  6. I believe God will do what He thinks best in His Way and His Timing with each individual according to that person's need .. He did a special thing with Thomas and now with Zola and I think He does the same with others He chooses to do such with ..
  7. yes, all who are still alive IN Jesus and all who are physically asleep IN Jesus will rise to eternal life with Jesus .. the key is those IN Jesus aka those who believed in and showed their love for Jesus by obeying His two great commandments after which He and His Father came to dwell in and with those who obeyed and they were IN Jesus
  8. lol, very true, @JohnD .. He is the ONLY Lord and Saviour and He has made it abundantly clear that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and how we must love Him by obeying His two great commandments of love and then and only then will He and His Father dwell in and with us for eternity (John 14:15-24)
  9. it is said, too, that we may be very surprised at who IS in Heaven and who IS NOT
  10. this and the other two colourful illustrations are true .. and eternal life IS in the Son and the Son in us .. in order to have such, Christ commands that we keep/obey His two great commandments of "love" IF we love Him and then He and His Father will dwell in and with us as eternal life .. John 14:15-24
  11. we may be predestined but that does not mean we shall reach our destination .. when one buys a bus ticket, one is predestined to arrive at a certain location but such will not happen IF one misses the bus, loses the ticket, gets thrown off the bus for inappropriate behaviour, has to get off for health reasons, etcetra ... the same applies for our predestination to eternal life .. we must do/follow/obey God's - Father's and Son's - COMMANDS and when we fail to do so, repent and get back on track or not .. we have the ticket to predestined eternal life but we must take care of the ticket and do all we need to do in obedience to God's Will as such is our means of transportation to eternal life in and with God and with God in and with us .. so our transportation ticket is called OBEDIENCE
  12. those saved and in Heaven will be those who accepted God and went to Him and stayed with Him and obeyed His Will/Commands/Rules/Laws/Words and repented when they failed to do so .. and the number of those who followed the narrow road and entered the narrow gate into the Kingdom would be "few" .. so, what percentage is "few"
  13. God - Father and Son - used the word "obey", so where it is placed on man's list matters to Them? .. I don't think so! .. all that matters is that we know and do/obey/follow God's Will
  14. again, right on, @JLB .. to be and to remain righteous we must always practise righteousness .. again obedience
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