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  1. all I am trying to say is that all this is a sign of persecution of Christians and Christianity and it is increasing with nothing being done about it as would be done with Muslims and others and all is a sign of end times .. it is nowhere near what persecution and death many others suffer but it is persecution on a growing scale, so we as Christians need to be aware and to be prepared for what IS coming .. we need to keep our faith and to endure and to encourage others to do so, too .. man is causing all this and God will allow it to happen until the time comes when He chooses to step in and end it all ..
  2. yes, @Daily verse and quote, God's Holy Spirit inspired Word and Truth is ALL for ALL for ALL time and just as the unsaved can end up becoming saved, the saved can end up being "lost" and "dead" in unrepentant sin as was the prodigal son until he repented and not all prodigals do repent .. so God's Holy Word and Truth is "living" and is calling all to come to God and, then, to persevere and endure in their faith in Him, love for Him, obedience to His two great Commandments IF they do love Him, and repentance aka confessing sinfulness and asking forgiveness, knowing that in doing so, they are forgiven with sins forgotten and no punishment to be paid as Christ paid it for all who would confess their ongoing sinfulness and ask forgiveness
  3. yes, very sad for that former minister and for the other one, too .. the former was very forthcoming in how he now feels and the other said what was unacceptable but would not actually admit to anything .. I am now praying nightly and saying, "God, please have mercy on the souls of ALL who have died, especially those who believed in and followed/obeyed You" .. I do know the latter ones are the only ones who will be saved but since God reads hearts and minds, I am including ALL and He will decide who will have eternal life and who will not .. I am truly divided in saying such as on the one hand, I am praying for those who have chosen not to go with God but on the other hand, I am praying for those who really do need every last chance to choose God .. it is up to Him, of course .. also, as for those two ministers, many others heard them but do not think it all that bad and some think that they will be forgiven even though they admit they believe it is blasphemy .. Christians really do need very sound teaching in their Churches and many are not getting it ..
  4. I agree, @Neighbor, except for the principle of it .. too many wrongful things are happening and some are played up more than others .. this is a Christian nativity scene, so for many, it is of little or no consequence .. had it been something to do with a Muslim mosque or display, the reaction would be much greater .. as it is, it is just another example of how Christianity and Christians are being put down and persecuted .. such persecution is nothing compared with what Christians in other parts of the world endure or die from but, still, we must recognise it for what it really is in what was done and in what the reaction to it by non-Christians and government levels as it is a distinct sign of end times events heating up .. I, too, would not worship such a scene but at this time of year which celebrates Christ's birth and His very important coming as Emmanuel aka God with us for what He was to give to all, it would be good if some Christian celebrations were respected and the saying of Merry Christmas the norm, not Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings .. as I said, it is the principle of the thing and a distinct and warning sign to all TRUE Christians of what is becoming more and more anti-Christian and threatening .. we need to endure and to keep the faith in the face of such adversities as they are not going to get any better ..
  5. I am not assuming they were saved .. they both claimed to have been saved just as you claim such .. in latter days, many will depart from the faith and such cannot be done unless one was part of the faith .. can't depart from what you were never a part of or in before .. it is a copout to just say that any who do lose their salvation were never saved in the first place .. some may not have been but others were .. one might add that truly saved persons do confess their sinfulness and do ask forgiveness for offending the Lord Whom they claim to have done so much for them in giving His life to pay the punishment, price, debt for their sins and sins of others .. we saved persons are not immune from sinning so when we do, we must repent genuinely and we shall not be punished
  6. yes, @Sonshine, we must confess our sins and ask forgiveness genuinely and it will be given and our sins forgotten and no punishment given, for Christ paid the punishment .. forgiveness is not automatic and not to be presumed .. if a child does wrong and refuses to admit to such and seek forgiveness, he/she may be punished but if the child acknowledges his/her wrongdoing and says he/she is sorry, he/she will be forgiven and may not be punished that time .. so, if a child needs to admit his/her wrongdoing and show sorrow and then he/she may or may not be punished, surely we must confess our sins and ask forgiveness and then know we shall not be punished
  7. these are the end times and all this and more is to be expected but TRUE Christians must not do such and must not approve of any of it in any way and must do all they can to help others refrain and to help others turn themselves around from engaging in any of these behaviours .. using the Nativity scene in such a way is totally wrong, sinful, and unacceptable and, yet, another example of "the end does not justify the means" .. wanting to resolve issues about illegals is good but not by such means .. keep the faith and continue to love and obey God's Will and repent when you fail to do so ..
  8. exactly, @Daily verse and quote.. Christ paid the "punishment aka price aka debt" for man's sinfulness, so IF man confesses his sins and asks forgiveness, he/she will be forgiven and sins forgotten AND NO PUNISHMENT METED OUT .. the punishment is paid, not the need to confess and ask forgiveness .. and, @Blood Bought 1953, I know one minister who is now an atheist and does not acknowledge God anymore and another minister who does not admit to having blasphemed the Holy Spirit but his words clearly show more than once that he has .. saved people CAN blaspheme the Holy Spirit and some saved people DO blaspheme the Holy Spirit
  9. blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the one unforgivable sin .. what if a saved Christian did blaspheme the Holy Spirit and such can happen, what then?
  10. no, you don't understand .. I am very sorry about your friend and about her children .. I think you may find with your friend that she will show in her own way a strength one would never expect despite how she is suffering .. may God bless and be with her and with her loved ones ..
  11. okay, @maryjayne .. I really can add no more to how I tried to explain
  12. also, about the cancer, my doctor and I had sooooooooo many laughs before I knew and after I knew I had cancer and during its treatment .. many people who know me tell me they find me amazing in how well I manage and they say they admire my great attitude .. attitude is really where it's at, @maryjayne, and my attitude is and always will remain GREAT with God's help
  13. I am sorry you view my posts that way, @maryjayne.. I believe that what we can change, we should change IF we wish to change it but live with the consequences if we do not wish to change it .. what we cannot change, we must accept and move on .. the key IS to move on, for there is still much more in our futures that we shall not experience if we stay in one place .. I realise it is more difficult for some to do so, but there are many who "choose" to feel sorry for themselves and to blame others for all that affects them .. such is not helpful to them at all .. as I have said before, we cannot always control what comes into our lives but we can control for the most part how we deal with it in that we can choose to accept it and move on to experience all that is ahead or we can just stay stagnant and wallow in self pity and play the blame game .. I am not without my own issues .. I have Narcolepsy and Cataplexy among many other debilitating health conditions and, thus, I get next to no quality sleep so am tired and with very limited energy ALWAYS - never any reprieve .. this has been known and steadily advancing since 1976 and will continue to do so for the rest of my life .. I am disabled and if it were not for my medichair scooter, I would be housebound but as it is, I get out two or more times daily and get about and enjoy the beautiful scenery - lake and mountains .. I have severe stomach and bowel problems that curtail many things I would otherwise be doing .. these are only "some" of my health issues .. I could choose to feel sorry for myself and play the blame game but I choose to accept what I cannot change and make the most of my life despite such or even by incorporating such .. I am, also, living well below the poverty line but, again, I do not let that inhibit me .. I choose to live, not just survive .. I choose to laugh, not cry .. I choose to be all I can be, not to be unduly limited by my conditions .. I choose to view the cup half full, not half empty .. as a result, my life is fulfilling even though very difficult and I am happy and look forward to every day .. I choose happiness, not sadness .. my choices WORK .. which apostles constantly complained about the difficulties in their lives? - none that I can recall - and they had very difficult lives in many ways .. I would not have cited these health issues except to illustrate that my life is very difficult but I am not giving in or giving up and it really does WORK .. I love living .. remaining positive and optimistic and laughing a lot really does make a difference .. we are what we choose to be in so many ways .. next month I shall be 75 y/o and I have suffered disabilities since I was 20 y/o but I refuse to let them rule my life .. I rule my life and I turn to God for help to do so .. my disabilities are never going to go away and are not even treatable and will only continue to advance and worsen but I shall deal with such .. I have, also, had cancer but it is gone .. it is a great possibility that I shall die due to the effects of Cataplexy and one main trigger for it is laughter and I refuse to stop laughing .. if I do die from Cataplexy due to laughing, I want it put on my tombstone: She Died Laughing and Had the Last Laugh .. LOL .. I do have great compassion for those who really suffer but keep on bravely living despite such .. the people I am not okay with are those who COULD but WILL NOT even try and I am sure you know many of them .. I say, "Try it, you'll like it!" .. so, @maryjayne, I am sorry you feel the way you do about my posts but I assure you that if you look closely, you will find that the sickest and most disabled persons are the ones living the most .. why?
  14. right, @Cletus.. but it does matter what any church claiming to be Christian is teaching and it is up to each TRUE Christian to do as the Bereans did and check to see if what a church is teaching is in complete accordance with God's Holy Spirit inspired Word and Truth and if it is not, it is not to be believed nor practised .. and, yes, the Church is the Body of Christ with Christ as the Head and each member being important in that each member helps make the whole Body function as Christ wants it to .. so each member must remain spiritually healthy and wholly functioning so as to fulfill his/her function in the Church aka Body of Christ .. one can only remain so by relying solely upon the nurturing and nourishing of God's Word and Truth found in His Holy Spirit inspired Word and Truth .. so, remain in and with Christ to stay healthy and wholly functioning or wander away and rely upon yourself and become sick, lost, and dead unless and until you choose to repent aka turn back and change back to God's Will and Way which will restore full health, belonging, and life ..
  15. TRUE Christians must beware of the EMERGENT Church which has been emerging and infiltrating since 1960 at least .. it includes "interfaith" celebrations which cannot be and it is centred around man-pleasing and man-serving as a result of man-loving instead of ONLY God-loving, God-pleasing, and God-serving .. the EMERGENT Church is invasive and very dangerous and all TRUE Christians must recognise it and "run .. don't walk .. from it" .. as for interfaith celebrations, how can such even be possible let alone God approved .. the only faith that counts for TRUE Christians is Christianity - belief in the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD - Father, Son, Holy Spirit TRINITY .. any and all other faiths aka belief systems are false .. TRUE Christians cannot engage in interfaith celebrations in which other participants believe in, worship, and pray to another God other than our TRUE Christian God .. I admit to having done so many many years ago and although I happen to be very intelligent, I did not fathom what I was actually doing .. I think part of the reason I didn't was because then I was too trusting that the Church would never mislead me .. WOWWWWWW, what an eyeopener when I found such to be very very untrue .. TRUE Christians must really be discerning and discriminating in evaluating what their Churches are promoting and practising so as not to fall into the trap of what the EMERGENT church is pushing and I mean pushing .. while you are at checking out the EMERGENT church, check out CHRISLAM which is an attempt to unite the two major world religions of Christianity and Islam into one world religion .. in such, Christians are falling for a lot they shouldn't be and are doing all the "giving" (erroneous and wrong as it is) which Muslims are "taking" and not reciprocating .. even the name CHRISLAM tells it all: CHR for Christianity and ISLAM for Islam .. TRUE Christians are targets of much deceit so cleverly devised and given that it appears from God but IS NOT OF OR FROM GOD .. TRUE CHRISTIANS BEWARE!!!!
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