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  1. I think given circumstances we are capable of anything at all. I cannot bear violence but - what if my mother or my dog or my husband were under immediate threat and i was able to defend them because i had a gun nearest to me? During a war maybe? What if a woman faces certain rape but has a knife to hand? Put anyone under great stress and they will be able to do whatever is necessary to survive. In our comfortable lives we would not hurt anyone. I would say i believe most people would never do appalling crimes without reason. Whereas truly evil humans may do things due to being psychopaths. Normal people never enjoy evil acts but evil people may do. So there is truth in that we are each capable of a huge amount but it would take a great deal for us to do it. As for harming children, rape, robbery - only evil people would do that. Though a desperate man may do a robbery to survive maybe. It is a big question.
  2. How come in many near death experiences people describe a tunnel, a loving light, amazing peace but - often no mention of Jesus Christ? Sometimes not God as such on any way. I believe people when they tell of such things because i really do not think they would make it up. Why would they after all? So how could a person who could well be an atheist have such peace? I am glad they do of course. Or could it be that is what happens and they retuen to tell of it but had they been kept dead, then they go on to be questioned about whether they accept Jesus. In order then to go to heaven or hell according to the judgement. I have sometimes read accounts of atheists near death who found themselves in or very near hell. They then chose to cry out to God even at that stage and were saved. Meaning maybe it may not be too late even then to accept God is real. Any thoughts?
  3. Yes! Me too. I pray about all my worries snd am continuously amazed and gratefully surprised at the solutions. Usually very different from my own feeble attempts. How good it is to know we are not alone - just that one fact is amazing. So many people lost, so much needless human misery around us because of lonely quiet despair instead of strength and joy.
  4. Hi Dustyroad That is awesomely inspiring, thankyou so much for sharing it. I hope you are feeling much better now. Once you know Lord Jesus is with you, everything changes from the inside of us outwards. The Holy Spirit is our greatest comforter. Jesus heals. I wish every person on earth understood. I am thankful you and i do. Peace be with you, continue in your healing. X
  5. Not an obvious dramatic miracle. I believe God works in subtle ways all the time in the lives of those who believe in Him. Daily i pray and receive small miracles. These past few years i have found my life transformed from within. I am a different person now. The best thing is i am more and more able to help others towards Christ. These are lasting miracles. Once we are saved and can help lead others to salvation, we are affecting each other's eternal destiny. What greater miracle can there be? It is just so good, once our eyes, ears and hearts are opened to the truth and light of hope in Christ.
  6. Hi Would you share a brief account of what happened to you please? Either here or private message if you prefer. I am interested.
  7. Wow! I just thought surely it has to be rare. Sibling rivalry sure is very prevalent, certainly in my family. But actually physically harming is so awful to contemplate. I have a fault in me, i gi around assuming people are decent and most are good. I am idealistic and naive. I don't want to be cynical.
  8. In reading Genesis chapter 37 verses 12 to 36, i am struck at the appalling savage cruelty. Joseph's brothers plotting to kill him for being a pain. Surely it is rare for anyone to wish truly to murder their own brother, no matter how annoying. I have brothers and we have always got on each others nerves, in fact very seriously as adults - we do not hardly speak now. Our outlooks on life are so different, we disagree a lot and things are often very bad between us. Many harsh words. But - to even think of murder? To inflict such pain and mourning on our parents! The bond of blood reigns strong. In fact if anything or anyone outside the family threatens, then that bond takes over. What savagery exists in the Old Testament stories. That Joseph's brothers could cause such pain to their old father. I bet killing of brother or sister is a rare crime?
  9. More than most realise. The tongue is powerful.
  10. I do not concern myself with arguments like many do. Waste of energy.
  11. Aha, the Bread of Life. I see.
  12. Elaborate a little please?
  13. Thankyou A non believer asked me, why were the Israelites wandering for so long? The distance is not so great after all. I was not sure how to answer. So i said it was because God had much to reach them and it took time. God's time.
  14. I am reading Exodus and am fascinated as to what manna was. Yes food. But is there a symbolic meaning which we can apply to our lives? That God provides daily as long as we obey His commands? People were to gather only the amount required daily, not try to store it as it went rotten. Along with quail, their nutritional needs were met for the long journey of decades. It was preserved for future generations and placed in the Ark of the Covenant. So has any of this incredible substance ever been found? Amazing. Also, why quail? They needed protein and bread, i presume this balance was obtained to keep the body fed and alive in a wildernesd where they would have died otherwise. I take it to mean whatever wilderness we find ourselves in during our lives, God will sustain us.
  15. It was just the culture of the time. Just factor that into your thinking. Paul was just guiding the early church. Women had no real standing in those days, now we have, now is a better kinder fairer world in many ways. In fact man or woman, we are all the same to God. Let nothing distract us from following Christ and understanding the Bible.
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