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  1. Me too! I can sense evil emanating from such programmes. The grip evil has on people. They think it is a bit of fun. It is not.
  2. My view is simple. The whole Bible or nothing. I believe the whole Bible is truth and inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Well, the principle is you cannot just ignore and cut out what you don't fancy in the Bible! I'm reading about a character called Marcion in the 2nd century A.D. He decided to cut out and edit large sections. Rejected OT completely. He was a powerful nan but so arrogant and misguided. Eventually got ex-communicated. Amazing behaviour! My view is you cannot mess with the inspired Word of God. Must never.
  4. Someone i know from a different church said they 'do not use the Old Testament'. What? I did not get a chance to discuss this matter with this person fully yet. I find this notion incredible! Are there really churches that only use the New Testament? Why?
  5. I have no wish to watch such trash again. Most TV horrifies me. It is a huge dumbing diwn exercise. I am glad the Jeremy Kyle show has gone. Awful cruel show of and for lost souls in agony.
  6. Curiosity. Horror. Only watched about 20 minutes. Research purposes! Just to see how low people go, how far their dignity is lost through stupidity. Can you imagine someone appearing naked on this trashy show and their family, friends and neighbours finding out? It intrigues me. The 'Christian' woman used Psalm 23 in an appalling unthinkably disrespectful way - look it up on google. Unforgivable.
  7. Oh this one is much much worse. It's people naked, deciding whether to date. Appalling.
  8. Purely by accident my husband and i came across a TV show that was so awful i could not help but watch for a short while. I was mesmerized in horror, seeing how bad it could actually get! 'Naked Attraction'. Bad enough but one woman contestant actually claimed to be a Christian and proceeded to truly mock all that she could. I was horrified and so enraged. This is how far this world is fallen. Cheapening all possible human values, attacking all decency. I shuddered at what these lost souls are doing and those who cheer them on while regarding it all as 'fun'. So much on TV is corrupt and damaging. I normally pick carefully what i allow into my mind - except this instance when i simply had to see how bad it could be! Naked men and women deciding if they want to date. Could it be more awful? It is driven by ignorance, temptation and evil. I sound like Mary Whitehouse but surely someone has to stand up and say these things are not acceptable?
  9. Actually i understand. Yes, you do have a good point.
  10. Hi Oh i take full charge of my own study and growth. But i want fellowship with true believers. From church i want that joy and to supplement my own faith and knowledge. I just get so disillusioned and fed up of people who just show off and glory themselves due to positions of authority. They never miss an opportunity to make sure everyone knows about their good works. I need to ignore the nonsense and focus on Jesus Christ and scripture.
  11. Would you ban your children from reading them? I would. Spells, sorcery. Not what Christians should ever have anything to do with. The Influences on young minds is bad news in my view.
  12. Could a person who is not a real believer still go ahead and make a career in the Church? I ask because as i grow i can tell. I know who is a true Christian through their behaviour towards others. Some people in authority in church are unapproachable. They focus on efficiency and structure of worship but i could never go to them and talk of my problems. They seem to love the position they hold, directing glory to themselves. As if the career path is far more important than any caring for others. They are the opposite of inspiring. They seem to be going through the motions without the heart being involved. Their eyes are cold. So why be there in the first place? A step further. Could it be the devil uses and deludes such people to infiltrate the churches and thus introduce disharmony and chaos? Do i sound paranoid? It's that i feel i can tell. Extreme examples are priests who are found to have abused children. Using the garb and authority of position in religion. Can anyone understand what i am saying? If the person leading worship is not truly a believer, how do you deal with them apart from just leaving that church? Prayer is my way.
  13. Hi Paz Good to have you here. I am si sorry you feel put off by arguments here. Things can get heated! Only because we are all mere humans and have strong opinions. Good question. The devil attacks spiritually. He is jealous and furious when we receive Christ as Saviour and follow Him. It means the devil loses our soul forever. Thus he tempts and undermines, confuses and tries to lead us away from God's will. He cannot make us do anything though. Our minds and souls are ours. Prayer is our weapon. Soon as we say the name of Christ and ask Him to protect and lead us, that prayer is granted. All evil flees. The devil can suggest, mock, make us doubt ourselves. Subtle ways. Make us believe that this world is the only reality. All the opposite to what Jesus and scripture teaches. Put afresh daily your trust 8n Christ, read the bible. Be vigilant. Pray constantly. Then you are protected. The devil cannot win!
  14. It's amazing. As long as what you ask is in accordance with God's will. Prayers are answered. I cannot count the number of my prayers that have been granted. Often instantaneously. Often though, i pray and it appears nothing happens. So i forget it. Only to find later that a solution has been granted but in an entirely unusual surprising way. Always for my benefit though sometimes painful. So be careful what you pray for. When it comes to prayer about money, i ask for God to keep me secure, to grant me wisdom, prudence and economy in my financial decisions. We cannot demand anything. Only ask with humility and careful wording.
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