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  1. Most likely yes in my view. All who deliberately reject Christ are condemning themselves. Jesus makes it very clear.
  2. Indeed i agree. We each choose how we act and where we go therefore. Eternity of love in heaven or burn in hell. To me it is clear. Our choice. God on one side, devil on the other. If you choose not to choose christ then by default you choose hell. Jesus was crystal clear about it.
  3. Well, how do we think God deals with the likes of Hitler and the other truly evil people?
  4. Daily i pray for guidance to control my tongue. To be aware of the power of word for good or ill.
  5. Pick a book in Bible that excites your curiosity. Don't force yourself to plough through any of it. If you are getting it right it shiuld be a joy, food and drink for your hungry soul. Perhaps read every other day? Read other informative books on alternate days. Some days just pray. It should be as you feel is right for you.
  6. I am glad for support from you here that know the truth. The Bible is the truth, Jesus Christ the name abive all names. I hate how this world still denies Him, how Christianity is dumbed down, diluted and tailored to people's own versions. This person i argued with is a peculiar character. He does good works, yet rarely even enters our church. He keeps the grounds tidy etc. Turns up at the odd big event. He does not belong to the weekly congregation, does not sing hymns nor take communion. Tells me he thinks the Bible was written by men who wish to control us! Does not believe in Christ. But he regards himself a christian. This privately enrages me. So i kept my voice quiet and calm but i held firm. I increasingly cannot be doing with nonsense. Jesus died for us, i am not going to stay silent as His name and all He gave us is denied by fools. One day we shall each face Him - i cannot wait! Many will know that they made a grave error in dismissing Him. All our eternal destinies depend upon how we conducted ourselves whilst we had the chance. Jesus was crystal clear. He is the only way to the Father. All pride needs to evaporate, we must throw ourselves at His feet and ask mercy. I do every day for i am a wretched sinner. Worthless yet so grateful. Lucky, so lucky to know the truth of Christ.
  7. Of viurse not. You either love God or Satan. You cannot serve two masters. We choose to allow ourselves to listen to one or the other. Those paths lead in opposite directions.
  8. I had a conversation with someone who i had assumed is an atheist. Fine. I like to get people talking. This is how it went. I am very direct i have to say, polite but i don't waste words. Life being too short. So, you are an atheist? No! Not at all. Oh do forgive me. So what do believe? I am a christian. Ah. How do you define that? I have a christian attitude. I help people. Do good. Do you know what a christian is? Oh that is up to each person surely? No. Actually a christian is he who accepts and has faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. That He came and died for you and all of us on the Cross and that the Bible is the true Word of God. Well that is your view only. Er no. Jesus makes it clear. I am the only Way to the Father he stated. So you are saying only those who believe in Jesus shall go to heaven? That is unfair. Who are you to impose your view about that. It's not my view. It is written in the Bible. What part do you find unclear exactly? Oh now you are being aggressive. Well, not really. It is your choice. Not mine or God's. He is here and loves you. But you choose Him or the devil. And so on. Ending up with this person walking off but me not backing down either. Why should i? To me it is clear and easy. Where is the confusion. You either do or don't believe in Jesus. But people cannot depend on good works to get them into heaven if they choose to deny Christ. In that case just say so. Am i right? Too direct? Wrong? What? Who is deluding themselves?
  9. Well, i love him. But i feel sad today. I mentioned a Christian women's gathering i want to attend. A worship and teachings day. My husband said oh it sounds like a cult. That they will all be 'happy clappy'. He said it mildly as always, he is a gentle good man but still. It means he thinks christianity is a nutty cult. I keep quiet. Hoping one day he will realise going to a mormal anglican church is not a cult.
  10. So true. The teaching and guidanceis always here to help us grow. I think i am put in place to lead my husband to be saved. He is a good decent man but steeped in the influences of this world. He has not yet made the leap into knowing the things above. The glorious treasures only Jesus can provide. I am surely uniquely placed to influence him as nobody else can? With love.
  11. Who can predict the human heart? We fall in love despite all sorts of logic warning us not to.Then live with the result. I believe love is good. A marriage based on respect and true dedication to each other is a very valuable tjing. I am certainly not ever throwing that away. I love him, he loves me. So for me prayer and setting a good christian example is my way. I just yearn for the day when we can be as one in Christ. That is my dream.
  12. Thankyou. That helps immensely.
  13. If...a person is married to someone who is not a believer? Human love took over and you find yourself yoked by the power of it to one who will not accept Jesus as Saviour. You yourself are on fire for Jesus! You want to be with fellow believers, get involved with bringing souls to Jesus. Keep developing as a Christian. The Bible and prayer are your food and drink. Yes you have a happy great marriage, he's kind and wonderful and you are crazy about him. But, he will not come to church. You cannot go together to christian events, discuss the Bible and worship together. You look at christian couples and envy them their togetherness. Do you just keep praying, hoping one day he shall realise who Jesus is? Splitting up is not an option. To hurt and destroy him is not right. A good marriage and real love is a precious thing. He is the only man for you. You cannot and must not force a person to be a believer. It must come in their own time or it cannot be real. Any advice gratefully received. Your prayers please. I so want miracles to happen. For us to stand before Jesus together in absolute awed worship and face life on that amazing basis.
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