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  1. That's ok. It is important. A great thing happened. Glory and worship given to Jesus Christ by mankind on the moon. Wow! The one miserable atheist is long forgotten after an unfortunate end. But Jesus is alive!
  2. Pray to Jesus to help you. It's just pure damage to the body God gave you.
  3. Indeed they should. Because that is the more likely hell. I understand hell is where God does not abide. Cold, dark, a banishment. Quite right that anyone who denies God and refuses to worship him should spend their eternity there. Entirely their own choice.
  4. I absolutely love it that Buzz Aldrin was Christian and took communion on the moon. What could be more important? What more wonderful! It fills me with joy that he did this on behalf of us all, to praise Jesus Christ. Thus thanking Him for the great achievement. Shame NASA hid this fact for various reasons. Like probably most people i never knew until now. It was all to do with some atheist woman who caused a lot of trouble. She is not remembered nor has she left any legacy worth anything. But Christianity thrives, Jesus is Lord. Her actions were futile. Misguided soul that she was.
  5. Hi What a great answer. I learn So much from what you and others say. It reflects my ien thoughts. I seek solitude for prayers and connection with God in the midst of the busy noisiness of life. Yes, an anchorite state of mind is the goal.
  6. Interesting. What about monks and nuns who live out of society in order to free themselves to worship and serve Christ? Or silent orders. Does that indicate mental problems? A need for solitude is surely positive. What of Thomas a Kempis and Julian of Norwich who produced amazingly wise writings by living solitary lives? Is it they who are crazy or so many in life who live noisy lives filled with nonsense and foolish values and who never u understand the value of silence to hear God?
  7. I study on my own. Today i have read about anchorites in connection with reading a wonderful book of the writings of Julian of Norwich. Such profound wisdom. I wondered, if you had lived in a past age, would you have wanted to be an anchorite? Living in seclusion but at the heart of a community. Spending your whole time in prayer and steeped in the Bible. Sounds good to me!
  8. I am glad the treatment has worked. Thank the Lord. May you continue to recover your full good health. X
  9. For this group. For many reasons i cannot attend church nor have i any Christian fellowship at the moment. Just knowing i can pop in on this group is a huge comfort. Like minded people, loving Lord Jesus. Actually, how about telling each other briefly what our life is like at the moment and what this group means to us? How are you today? I will start off. I am under huge stress. Feeling depressed and worried that i may be on the brink of illness. I feel i am drowning. I put all my troubles in prayer to Jesus Christ knowing He will take care of me always.
  10. How are you now? I'm sorry you are suffering from such ill health.
  11. That is so beautiful. It came straight inspired by your heart, influenced by the Holy Spirit.
  12. Pray about all that troubles me. But i begin by thanking Him for all the many blessings He has granted me. Each day in thought, word and deed i ask Him for guidance and protection. Prayer is just talking to God. I also regularly read hymns and books about scripture.
  13. I think tatoos are appalling and ugly especially on women. They ruin themselves. Maybe just one or two on a man might look good, a masculine thing. But any more i cannot think of any good reason.
  14. Astounding wisdom. An extract from Thomas a kempis book, Imitation of Christ, which can be viewed by googling 'Nature Versus Grace'. How sobering. What truths he speaks. I am ashamed yet inspired. How short i fall from what i could be. I do at least dwell on this. Nothing new or lasting in this world. Set your treasure in heaven alone. Again and again i glimpse this life in perspective. I wish i could stop worrying about my problems. How my family is always arguing, how little seemingly big problems actually matter in the end. I am so glad i can pray to Jesus and know i can depend upon Him as upon nobody else.
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