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  1. Hi Praise be to Jesus. What a wonderful account.
  2. Who here had a sudden conversion? Would you like to describe it - briefly or in-depth if you wish? I think such accounts are very inspiring. Mine was sudden. After a lifetime of atheism i faced the death of someone i loved. I simply instantly knew i needed God. Thus began my wonderful path to church, baptism, confirmation. It led to an incredible experience of the Holy Spirit and to so much awareness of the power of prayer. Now a few years later i continue to grow in my love for Jesus Christ, Lord of my life. However did i live before i knew Him! I was a blind, deaf fool. Now i am fully alive. I would love to hear from people who had similar experiences, on this forum or private message. Fellowship and mutual encouragement is so important. So few seem to understand me in my life. This is such a dark World that chooses to ignore Christ.
  3. Hi Good points. I am very confident and open about being christian. On the sikh forum i have told them this and asked if they mind me asking some questions. They say they welcome all faiths. I am respectful but asking searching questions. I have a user name for safety only as i do not ever disclose personal information.
  4. I want to join other faiths' forums and just compare and exchange thoughts. However, i hesitate about Muslims. Something tells me not to go there. I feel danger. Hard to explain. I tried reading the Quran couple of times and found i just couldn't. There was a 'deadness' to it, it just filled me with dread. Why i don't know. So far I've joined a Sikh one and they are very warm welcoming people. They are not troublesome people in this world and are charmingly happy to answer questions. I aim to join a Jewish and a catholic one, i have so many questions. Am i wrong about Islam? I just have such a bad feeling about them and a sense of real evil. If i am wrong i am sorry. Surely we should welcome dialogue with all and regard it as an opportunity to influence all for the good without being patronising? It's important to open our minds and spread peace and respect - this confirms not undermines confidence in our own Faith always in our precious Lord Jesus Christ. Each time we build bridges we are weakening the devil's plans.
  5. In order to truly understand people and other faiths, dialogue is necessary. Peaceful rational discussion. Rather than proceeding in ignorance and assumption. So, has anyone here ever joined forums of other faiths? Ventured into their world? I have lots of questions. It seems the best way to participate in such forums anonymously.
  6. I find her books incredibly clear and powerful on spiritual warfare that we Christians must address. I am reading 'Marching orders for the End Battle'. All based on the Bible and her own amazingly clear thinking faith. I am learning so much.
  7. I agree with this post. Though people should certainly make good use of professional medical help, it is wise to remember that that is not all there is to it. I say take ALL possible help in mental illness. There are powerful spiritual forces at work. Turn to Jesus Christ and pray for Him to help you. Only He can deal with such forces. When our Lord Jesus frees you, you will be free indeed!
  8. Do you use your FB page to spread the message of Jesus Christ? If yes, how? If no, why not? To me Facebook is a fantastic opportunity but i am subtle, never pushy. Usually i get ignored! But i bet i am planting seeds. As i am a great book-lover, i often write about christian books
  9. Well he would have less reason or need to listen. I had a good life a few years ago. Happy. Never considered God. Then my husband was told he had terminal cancer. I turned to God almost immediately. Why? Because i was empty. When at rock bottom one is ready to be filled by the Holy Spirit. This man is at rock bottom .
  10. I think you are right. I will support her whatever she does. Her life is a misery. Thankyou for your honest appraisal. It is helpful.
  11. Can i have advice please on how to help bring a dear friend's son to know Jesus Christ. To open his heart and let Christ transform his life. He has been an addict for years and deeply depressed since childhood. He goes on drink binges, gambles any money away, takes cocaine when very stressed. Lives with his mother from whom he steals and borrows money constantly. I have met him and he is a nice person inside, not dangerous just unable to resist temptations. He has seriously attempted suicide many times as he hates hurting his mother and the rest of the family hates him. His mother and i became good friends when we met by chance and she asked to come to our church. I have provided a listening ear for a year or so. I have been clear i have no professional skills. Her son has all medical and psychiatric help but it is not working. I and his Christian mum know he needs Jesus. Only the power of Christ can set him free. She is a strong lady, quiet and steady. But she is his only supporter. She is elderly and still works as he drains her money. She loves her son and knows he really will kill himself if she abandons him. So, i cannot directly talk to him as then he will know that his mother has told me all. What advice can i give? What steps to get him to church and understand Jesus loves him and he can come out of this dark pit and into the light? That he need not struggle alone, God is ready to help if only he asks. So far i have got our housegroups to pray for him to come to faith. But they don't know any details as i must maintain strict confidentiality. I pray daily of course. My great wish is to see this man freed from his terrible chains. Please tell me and his lovely mother how to help before there is a huge tragedy. She is under massive strain. Often she has gone to pay dealers so that they will not hurt him as he owes them money. I find this appalling! An elderly respectable lady doing this. Thanks.
  12. Just read something profound. 'Other books i read. This book reads me'. It is the greatest book ever written. Thankyou God that we have it to guide us through this life on earth and preparers us for our eternity.
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