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  1. I belong to a bereavement group. What amszes and worries me is the way they regard heaven and angels. Many simply assume that when you die, as long as you are a good person, you sprout wings and become an angel! Then you can come and watch over your loved 9nes down here. Often you leave nice white feathers. They never mention God, certainly not Jesus Christ and never refer to the Bible. In their views all that is required is 'love' - their version and perception of it. Such utter ignorance is hard to bear but it is widespread. I know it suits the devil beautifully of course. Bereaved vulnerable people who nobody would dare to correct. Worse, they visit mediums who proliferate their myths. I choose to look to the Bible and talk to fellow Christians.
  2. What about the way many people believe in guardian angels. Does the Bible say anything? We know of Michael and Gabriel as major powerful Angels for sure.
  3. How wondrous are these images of the heaven to come.
  4. I am helping a new friend in answering questions about Christianity and the Bible best i can. She asked me about angels. Do they exist for us in our life on earth? Such as guardian angels etc. So what does the Bible tell us and where can i point her to read for herself?
  5. Actually Coronation Street used to be a good programme. Families could safely watch. Emily Bishop was a key Christian character in it. She was portrayed well as a good kind true Christian. If only there was such a wholesome element now in programmes. A force for the good. I assume TV production is full of those who always wish to push the politically correct agendas into everything. Well i really do not like i.
  6. Indeed, of course just switch off, which i did. But that show was such a family favourite for so long. I gave up on it a few years ago. They place a Christian character in it only to be used as a controversial subject. It is interesting to observe how in sitcoms christian figures are often used to be mocked or make some point. The world does hate God. God is a sideshow. I am far happier going yo bed early to read - my Bible.
  7. I thought i would relax by watching a bit of Coronation Street. Which was always a nice family programme in the past. The gay male vicar was in a passionate kissing embrace, yet again, with a young man of course. I swiftly remembered why i stopped watching Corrie a few years ago. I am sick and tired of having such scenes shown before 9pm which should be family time. Surely? Am i wrong to be annoyed? Or right?
  8. Indeed. Back to basics. Who is a woman wishing to impress through how she dresses? Maybe many never ask themselves that question.
  9. Oh indeed. I never wear them. It's fashion which is fine but hardly for church. I like comfort., live in ankle boots.
  10. I know, i mean where does showing cleavage in a low cut dress at church fit in? Or anywhere for that matter. I've seen women wear stilletoes and totter in. Off the shoulder dresses. Just lack of thought i think. I just dress for comfort and practicality myself and i cover up!
  11. I think it matters very much how you look. We are Christ's followers. I think as a woman i must look neat, clean, tidy, smart and above all - modest. To look respectable gives a vital message. Men should look similarly smart and good. No ambassador or representatives in the business or workplace would look less than their best? Why would we? I think carefully every day to be at my best.
  12. We are lucky, our Queen Elizabeth here in the UK is a strongly Christian woman. Her son Charles is apparently not - he has said he wants to be a defender of 'faiths' upon becoming King if he does so at all. King George VI was Christian and this influence was significant during the war. It is vital that our leaders, anyine in positions of authority and power and influence uphold unashamedly Christian faith and values. Then our country is strong and in safe hands. So around the world which leaders, politicians are openly Christian? It is worth thinking about.
  13. Harry Billinge, 94 year old war veteran. How wonderful he has spoken out for Jesus and for prayer. In breakfast news he spread the truth. Interesting that he joked he could be arrested, also that they ran out of time. Reflecting today's politically correct intimidating atmosphere where we cannot speak of Christ's message for fear of offending Muslims etc. So what? This world may not wish to hear it but one day every knee shall bend for our Lord's return. I love this old soldier's courage and it delights my soul that he is a Christian. We all need to speak out with courage.
  14. Melinda12


    All this business has ruined my peace of mind. I feel guilty but why should i? It is not i neglecting my parent. I make it my priority to take care of both my ailing parent's needs, run my home and take care of my husband truly well. I also need to take care of me. I was exhausted trying to take care of this friend too. But as my own parents have weakened, i have not the strength to spare or i would collapse. What does a Christian do when people take blantant advantage? I cannot and will not involve myself with this lady's needs. I have no authority - her children are responsible. If not, then social services. If she falls again or needs an operation, nobody can really help. This is what happens when adult children neglect their parents. They should be ashamed. I feel ashamed but i know there is a point where one cannot be 'out there' doing good works whilst neglecting our own duties to our own family first. Is it not wise to know where to have borders? I know our hearts should always be open - but who among us is a saint with endless energy? Nit me.
  15. Both. We are commanded to love others as ourselves. So start by being respectful. Di the right decent thing. Then talk to and understand others point of view. Pray for them and be guided by God. It involves putting our own mind in order and in accordance with God's Will. It is very hard at times! Especially when dealing with foolish misguided stubborn people. But do it we must, to help them and ourselves to come to our Lord Jesus Christ.
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