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  1. Rockson

    Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    Sometimes I relish the thought that It'd be nice if people would just keep things more simplistic. I know Hollywood movies are just that...Hollywood movies but I found it somewhat a thing of freedom to think of end times the way it was portrayed in the 1961 Anthony Quinn film, Barabbas. They had the Christians merely putting their focus on the coming Kingdom and at some time in the future the world will be transformed by fire and a new world would come about. It was like the Christians had no stress about current events, who were the leaders of the nations but just seeking to win people to the Lord. Having said all this it does seem that God has defined end times in certain ways but wise are the Christians who don't slide into strife about non-clear issues. Jesus is coming back that we do know.
  2. Rockson

    Time Traveling

    Oh there's so many Biblical era's and times one could say. Seeing God through Moses split the Red Sea or seeing Jesus...but you know from a theological standpoint there 's one time I'd find interesting, and that's about 100 A.D. A few reasons. To see just how the body of Christ held up at the end of the disciples lives, what were the things they were saying about the WORD of God, what was the end result of Paul's ministry after he died. Also you'd have a better understanding of what actually happened to each one of the disciples or the Apostles...we know somewhat of Peter but what about all the others. I'm not Catholic but curious what happened to Jesus, Earth mother MARY. On another issue I don't believe in Preterism but if I visited 100 AD you'd really have it defined when John wrote Revelation. Anything after 70 AD and the whole then Preterism takes a dive.
  3. Oh don't be upset with the Lord over something like this. Just focus on what God has done for you. Jesus came to the Earth and did quite an amazing thing for you....he had spikes driven into his hands and feet and had a spear driven into his side....and was roughed up beaten and whipped....Guess who for....YOU. Worship God, praise him, keep your fellowship with him strong on a daily basis and feed your spirit with God's word continually. If God so desired to grant you what you'd consider a spectacular manifestation of something well that could come. It doesn't however mean God doesn't love you as compared to another if he doesn't it's just some things are by the sovereign will of God for a certain purpose. Moses saw God's glory but keep in mind the man was over 2 million people in leadership and might have needed GREAT ENCOURAGEMENT. So be glad for Moses that he received such. Also keep in mind.....Moses didn't even experience the burning bush until he was 80 years of age. When he saw God's glory....perhaps years after that. How about holding back from being upset about maybe not having the same experience until you're 85 OK? At least that'd be following the pattern of Moses. 🤗
  4. Rockson

    Jesus and the hymns He sang

    What hymns did Jesus sing? Well you sure know it wasn't Amazing Grace! No need for him to sing that! 🤗
  5. Rockson

    The Dangerous Lie of Preterism

    Well Shiloh some very interesting things you've put down on the subject. I'm not a believer in preterism or even partially although I do tend to think the passage of scripture of Israel being surrounded by armies did reflect the 70 A.D take down of Jerusalem. But to me there's too many problems with preterism claiming all the cataclysms and events of Revelation could have possibly occurred in about 70 A.D. Let me ask you something though....what if any did the early Christians let's say after 100 A.D to about 400 A.D. say about the book Revelation?
  6. Rockson

    Why Faith?

    Lots of ways to discuss this question I guess but why not go right to Jesus and get his remedy? Jesus stated, If anyone desires to do His will, he will know whether My teaching is from God or whether I speak on My own. John 7:18 Jesus recognized that people would have thoughts of wondering if his message and claims were valid. He said however for his listeners to test it out. Begin seeking and calling out for the Lord and he confirms you'll be brought into the realization that his words are true. How will he do this? I don't know but it will become manifest. Jesus one time asked his disciples who they thought he was. Peter said the Son of God and Jesus said flesh and blood had not revealed this to him but his Father. That wisdom and insight to him actually came by revelation. God KNOWS your address! He watches you closely and knows how many hairs you've got on your head! Such is how intense his observance of you is. SEEK HIM, CALL UPON HIM take out the gospels and ask that your eyes would be opened. I've seen atheists actually do this and became shocked that they actually did receive a spiritual experience with God of a sorts.
  7. Rockson

    Dealing with skepticism

    Well all the Bible books are good and beneficial but some books for people more or less new in the faith are in my opinion better to spend time in. Books like the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the Book of Acts and books like Romans might be more relevant to a new person. The 1st book of Genesis too has the interesting accounts of how all things started and began to play out . Many of the Old Testament books are good but better maybe later to as one grows in the faith. At that time I think you'd find them more beneficial and interesting. Just my thoughts.
  8. Rockson

    Teenage Crushes

    too long
  9. Rockson

    The Reality of Hell: The Avoided Doctrine

    Not in totality he isn't. But I'd say he has a part. I can agree with that. He shouldn't be the primary source of spiritual nourishment for a saint but sadly he many times is. Such makes for weak believers Well like I say in my opinion he has a part. And if he is a Pastor he should be able to do that at least in part to every member of his flock. If he can't then he needs to split up his church into smaller groups and appoint Pastors to oversee and strengthen them. So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming. Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. Ephesians 4:11-15 In truth I'd say we're ALL responsible to help the body grow and mature. Pastors, evangelists and even fellow believers for notice it says EVERY SUPPORTING LIGAMENT grows and builds itself up in love with EACH PART (that means all of us) doing it's work.
  10. Rockson

    The Reality of Hell: The Avoided Doctrine

    Exactly how can you have holiness without love seeing LOVE is the full fulling of the law? [Rom 13] If you could fulfill the law (wouldn't that make you absolutely pure, absolutely holy and sinless?
  11. Rockson

    The Reality of Hell: The Avoided Doctrine

    Yes granted and I'm in favor of that as long as it's not overly preoccupation all the time about that subject and theme. With respect I can't say it's not their responsibility. Totally though? No wouldn't say that. And not the pastors job to help them grow spiritually?? Well on this I'd have to say almost the opposite. Don't we read in Ephesians 4:11 in the ministry gifts that he gave different types? "And it was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists and some to be pastors and teachers..." Eph 4:11 It seems to me that some have the basic exclusive call to be an evangelist. I'd contend as a general rule that's more of their specialty. They're the ones who more so would spearhead the message and outreach warning sinners about Hell. And I think a lot of the what's called "Hell Fire" preachers of the past were just that very thing...evangelists. Doesn't negate the fact however that yes pastors and general members of the body of Christ shouldn't be doing that too. Pastors more so are to feed the flock and I think make sure they provide a whole balanced diet of spiritual things for the saints. Not saying I'm totally right in this but well merely my opinion.
  12. Rockson

    President Trump

    It seems they don't care if Trump got along with Putin or he didn't It's degraded itself so far now it's just about put down Trump without any logical reason.
  13. Rockson

    Tithing, Giving, and the Believer

  14. Rockson

    Tithing, Giving, and the Believer

    I don't believe we're under a 10% obligation to give tithes. I do find interesting that if you go back a generation there wasn't as many who didn't believe tithes weren't required. At least by my experience having been saved in the late 70's. I believe the internet has changed that. People are talking to people like never before discussing things comparing scripture with scripture and getting proper context. Not downing churches BUT I do think the clergy even unknown to them really believe in tithing because of the enormous pressure they're under to pay the bills . Such doesn't mean they're necessarily evil...but just under pressure. I'd love to imagine institution church things like paying for buildings didn't exist. What if much preaching and sharing could be done in people's homes or on hill sides (like the Sermon on the Mount) or on lake shores with beautiful scenery to boot. Seems to me Jesus did some of his best preaching standing on a small boat with the people on the shore. Imagine the freedom of taking up an offering and knowing it could go directly to helping the poor, or yes even to bless the minister with a reasonable honorarium. You know I think most modern day Pastors would love it. They'd be able to do what their hearts cried out to want to do in the first place. Just preach the gospel and get people saved not be so caught up and worried how they're going to maintain whatever are their buildings. You could probably buy a lot of tracts, books, DVDs and the like to give out in witnessing instead of paying something like 15K to have a new roof put on.
  15. Rockson

    The Reality of Hell: The Avoided Doctrine

    No offense but I don't think one can define holiness as greater than any of his other attributes. You seem to want to diminish LOVE as second to Holiness but maybe you should consider they're one and the same? Can you really have holiness without love? If someone is walking out of love wouldn't you define them as walking in a unholy fashion? Holiness means without sin and LOVE is the fulfilling of the law. Rom 13:10 If one fulfills the law then they're Holy but that is PURE LOVE. The Bible says "God Is Love" 1 John 4:8 It's not that God has LOVE but rather that he is LOVE. Well someone might state it's an unloving thing to send people to Hell so God's holiness trumps LOVE. I'd say not. Because God is LOVE he set up in the spirit a penalty so sever so as to discourage as many as possible to not bring death into the universe. It was because of LOVE that he did that and it's because of LOVE that he maintains justice. He would be unloving if he did anything different. And for the reason you see a reference, "Holy, Holy Holy" I'd suggest to you in no way puts LOVE as a second. It's just a praise that God is so pure and without sin BUT consider he is that way because he is LOVE. God is light and in him is no darkness. 1 John 1:5