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  1. Perhaps a question to go along with this is what literature do you give kids that can inspire their imagination and can be very entertaining. Of course I know Bible stories would be a given BUT beyond that. Anything else?
  2. I'd try not to take their gossip of you too seriously. Some do get offended at wrong doings and pull away from their loved ones but generally there's still great value in keeping family ties as strong as possible. I heard it said once that as a Christian when people do as wrong which normally would give us offense, it can be a good opportunity to practice the unconditional love of God in us. Many times our family members still very much love us but they get bored and start yapping about anything. I seek to take that into consideration. When people hurt us they really don't need to be hurt back. They need what we've got. The love of God that's in us. It's not easy to always walk in love but it the thing that unravels and does away with anger and strife. All strength and peace to you in Jesus Name.
  3. Kind of interesting speculation though as you point out the verses which says, "..as literal horses are the means of transportation and battle (Rev. 19:18). I know preterits don't believe in the book of Revelations necessarily being future I do though. That verse above does make one wonder though how that could play out with modern tech things but yes an CME could create such. I'm curious as to why Hollywood have never made a movie with that as a theme....the world thrown back to the 1800's. Or even a TV series like "Lost". Being thrown back to the 1800's would be interesting stuff in how culture would have to adapt. Everything would have to be done differently. The question is though is how long would culture be in such a state.
  4. I've seen many good ideas shared here. I think God wants us to focus many times too on certain themes that are relevant to whatever one is going through. For example if one is going through a trial where they're struggling with a certain thing, lets say someone has treated you unkind and you're tempted to go in strife God might have you focus on scriptures to strengthen you on that theme....all verses about love, forgiveness and keeping strife out. If there's a trial to make you worry well a focus on the theme of trusting God and we can mention many other themes too. Reading the whole Bible cover to cover can be good though. I think if you're going through some books like Leviticus you might find it beneficial to find out if some of your most enjoyable to read Bible teachers that you respect have commentary teachings in print or video on such books. It's just some good Bible teachers really can explain the significance of what you're reading something that you alone might not be able to do.
  5. I think a major key here is know where God wants you to go by his leading. Many times we bring out our checklist of favorable not favorable things to look for. Take for example the question is it a loving church? Many times I've seen that's the first thing people look at not maybe considering that God might lead one to a non loving church so that with their strength they might strengthen the weaker brethren in other words to help them become such. And the question do they have all the absolute right doctrines on absolutely everything. I think God's call for one to go to a certain church might go beyond what maybe a few minor differences but God might have a greater purpose in mind for one to attend a certain place. The point is always be in a mode of prayer thanking God continually that he's leading you and giving you the inspiration or revelation in your spirit on where you're to go and connect to.
  6. Yes passing through this world can be a challenge and difficult we need to consider it a good challenge for we embrace the belief that the Lord is on our side. The Apostle Paul gave us perspective.....by calling what we consider our great trials temporal items 2 Cor 4:18 and the encouragement is that we look to the bigger picture of eternity. But I think as well that we need to address, or if I might say attack our worries proactively. I like to find scriptures that God has promised to give us help and when worry knocks on the door WHICH IT WILL we cast down those thoughts 2 Cor 10:5 which try to lock us into their meditation and on purpose we declare and thank God for the opposite of the worry. It's a fight that we all have to engage in. No one is immune for the devil makes sure he always has some arrows to shoot Eph 6:18 at any believer but we also have God's Spirit and his angels who'll assist us in victory. It's said even of Christ while in trial that the angels came and strengthened him. They will for us too. Matt 4:10,
  7. First I wouldn't resign myself to my fate based on what a human doctor say. I believe there's one we call the Great Physician more than likely has a different opinion. (the possibility of prayer and healing) But not to change the topic why does everyone it seems do everything of expense to stay alive? It doesn't always come across that there's no hope. They give you maybe a 50/50 chance? But if you say NO HOPE but by paying much you could get a few more months? A friend told me this story just a few weeks back. One he knows was told NO HOPE he had at best about 6 months but with continual treatments maybe 9. He chose not to and said he rather enjoy life the last number of months rather than being in hospitals doing treatments etc. So he didn't go through it all. Um....8 years have passed and he's still alive and well. I asked was it a wrong diagnosis than. He told me no but the affliction just never did progress. I think sometimes though doctors do know what they're talking about...sometimes when they say the game is over they're right....BUT than again sometimes they're not. Depending on what it is.
  8. Find if funny how the science people talk about things. OK a quake....OK after shocks are expected and this could lead to a BIGGER ONE but then again it may not. In other words we don't have a clue. A big earthquake could happen absolutely any time possible in the next 100 years. I think all that these things are unpredictable. I am curious though when one sees these rooms shaking even though all still holds together what's that do to structural integrity inside of a building that you might not see? It boggles my mind to think everything can still just be fine with any building shaking like it does.
  9. I think Trump's political opponents and the left wing media are confounded on just how he's been able to pass through all that they've put him through. At times I've wondered myself how he's going work through situations. It almost seems like an analogy of Israel at the Red Sea with the Egyptians ready to do their thing.....and then their wheels fall off. One sees this with the Muller report and a great many other things.
  10. Sometimes I relish the thought that It'd be nice if people would just keep things more simplistic. I know Hollywood movies are just that...Hollywood movies but I found it somewhat a thing of freedom to think of end times the way it was portrayed in the 1961 Anthony Quinn film, Barabbas. They had the Christians merely putting their focus on the coming Kingdom and at some time in the future the world will be transformed by fire and a new world would come about. It was like the Christians had no stress about current events, who were the leaders of the nations but just seeking to win people to the Lord. Having said all this it does seem that God has defined end times in certain ways but wise are the Christians who don't slide into strife about non-clear issues. Jesus is coming back that we do know.
  11. Oh there's so many Biblical era's and times one could say. Seeing God through Moses split the Red Sea or seeing Jesus...but you know from a theological standpoint there 's one time I'd find interesting, and that's about 100 A.D. A few reasons. To see just how the body of Christ held up at the end of the disciples lives, what were the things they were saying about the WORD of God, what was the end result of Paul's ministry after he died. Also you'd have a better understanding of what actually happened to each one of the disciples or the Apostles...we know somewhat of Peter but what about all the others. I'm not Catholic but curious what happened to Jesus, Earth mother MARY. On another issue I don't believe in Preterism but if I visited 100 AD you'd really have it defined when John wrote Revelation. Anything after 70 AD and the whole then Preterism takes a dive.
  12. Oh don't be upset with the Lord over something like this. Just focus on what God has done for you. Jesus came to the Earth and did quite an amazing thing for you....he had spikes driven into his hands and feet and had a spear driven into his side....and was roughed up beaten and whipped....Guess who for....YOU. Worship God, praise him, keep your fellowship with him strong on a daily basis and feed your spirit with God's word continually. If God so desired to grant you what you'd consider a spectacular manifestation of something well that could come. It doesn't however mean God doesn't love you as compared to another if he doesn't it's just some things are by the sovereign will of God for a certain purpose. Moses saw God's glory but keep in mind the man was over 2 million people in leadership and might have needed GREAT ENCOURAGEMENT. So be glad for Moses that he received such. Also keep in mind.....Moses didn't even experience the burning bush until he was 80 years of age. When he saw God's glory....perhaps years after that. How about holding back from being upset about maybe not having the same experience until you're 85 OK? At least that'd be following the pattern of Moses. 🤗
  13. What hymns did Jesus sing? Well you sure know it wasn't Amazing Grace! No need for him to sing that! 🤗
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