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  1. I love dogs. Have three myself. They really are little bundles of joy to be sure.
  2. Perhaps a bit selfishly I would like to ask for a prayer for myself. I regularly struggle to stay close to Christ, I have frequent periods of falling in and out of good practice of my faith. I drink too much, am quick to anger, am lustful, and am regularly hateful to everyone if it only be in my mind (I rarely outright act on my feelings just kind of bury them inside). I am not nearly as close to God as I would like to be. Please lend me your prayers so that I will finally stay on the right path and not stray from it.
  3. I am diagnosed with bipolar w/ psychotic features and OCD. My medicine seems to help me, but sometimes I do wonder if my psychotic breaks were actually spiritual attacks. Honestly not sure where mental illness falls in a biblical perspective. I kinda reckon it is maybe a sort of thorn like Paul's to keep us humble and coming back to God. Not sure though.
  4. Thanks for the support everybody. It has helped a lot to get my head straight again. This is EXACTLY why the Bible says not to forsake assembly. Thanks again!
  5. Oops sorry let me correct the link. Fixed it. It is an article on some victories for religious freedom. EDIT: It works for a second then quits not sure why. Just google the Blackwell Religious freedom article on the Daily Caller. Sorry guys!
  6. https://amp.dailycaller.com/2019/03/07/blackwell-religious-freedom
  7. Thank you. Honestly most of the anger is directed at myself for falling short as I do so often. I know we will never achieve perfection on earth, I am just furious that I still sin even with all God has done for me I suppose. So who knows maybe it just is conviction of the Holy Spirit. I am not taking it out on others btw I keep it soley to myself. Just talking about it here seems to have cleared things up a bit for me mentally. I might be putting too much of a burden on myself is all. I appreciate the replies guys thanks for listening! I'll just continue to pray, and in time this issue will be over and I'll move on to the next sin to be angry at. Joking of course.
  8. Thank you for the link I will be sure to look over the writings. I read my Bible daily, but I always feel restless and worried all the same. I just don't understand why I am going through this. I accepted Jesus as my savior long ago (as I said I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit in my heart, it was amazing to be frank) and yet the peace people speak of is almost alien to me. I had a moment of clarity years back but haven't felt it since. It is very discouraging and as I said earlier frustrating.
  9. So as of late I am deeply concerned with the state of my heart and am questioning my salvation. I wake up angry every day, have hateful thoughts throughout it, and commit sins which I'd rather not go into detail on here. I have prayed for assistance on this and as far as I can tell nothing is changing. Daily I find myself asking for forgiveness for the same sins over and over and feel stuck in a rut. I have mental issues and I am sure that has something to do with it but I can honestly say I NEVER feel at peace with one sole exception years ago. I am always agonizing over everything I do worrying if it is a sin or not or worrying about my heart being hardened till the point I cannot be saved. Anyone else felt this way before? I had thought I had accepted Jesus years ago, literally felt the Holy Spirit enter me and yet here I am today, a sinful and angry man.
  10. I apologize for coming off as bitter. I suppose my main point is complacency is a dangerous thing ultimately. Perhaps I am wrong and should be happy in our salvation. Honestly I have feared since I was a child I would somehow lose it. Though that fear has weakened as I have grown older it is possible it still colors my views on certain subjects.
  11. I have always thought repentance was VITAL to knowing the Lord myself. I will be frank, and no disrespect meant others, but the grace argument being thrown constantly at people makes me think that people just want to continue to live in sin after accepting God. I have seen it many times myself. If you never repent from your sins you cannot say you "know" Jesus now can you? Don't let them take away from your experience. It was at my darkest hour when I broke down and asked God for help that I recieved His love. But I had to repent and admit my own issues to do that. Yes technically it is only because of grace we are spared, that doesn't mean you stop praying for forgiveness when you sin and just do whatever you want. If someone does that I say they need to ask themselves whether or not they are saved as they so claim. After all not all that call the Lord Lord will be recognized by him no? Went off on a bit of a tangeant there my apologies, sometimes I go into rant mode XD. But in short, if you refuse to repent, you are a liar if you say you know Jesus.
  12. They voted against gay clergymen/unrepented members who insist on living in sin, but it seems it is causing a split which will give rise to a false church. Any unrepented sin will earn God's disfavor, whether it be drunkness, adultery, or homosexuality etc. We all have things we need to work on but what separates us from others is we recognize sin for what it is and through the power of the Holy Spirit erradicate as much of it as possible. If you just say "I am gay and that will never change, you cannot be a Christian. I wonder what the new sect will be called? EDIT:For some reason my formatting is all messed up my apologies.
  13. I share this anger toward such displays myself. Few things are worse than someone exalting themself as some sort of warrior for God when they so clearly lack humility. Drives people away. Drove me away from the Church for quite some time. As others here said though be careful with assumptions and avoid assuming you know their heart, and if you do confront them do so as biblically instructed. I empathize however believe me.
  14. Good news brothers and sisters! The church did not cave, though a new false church may arise from the split. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/02/26/us/united-methodists-vote.amp.html?fbclid=IwAR3rYkcu9Pa9Ct-jzVrPTErnm4wY6g7CDjrCaeVOBcEYGjyR2JXL4FJMLzk
  15. Well they have already legalized infanticide even if you are of a more secular bent (22-24 weeks) for reasons as vague as "health" of the mother. Not life or death as it was previously or if the fetus had died or would have life threatening complications, but "health" of the mother. Even if you don't believe in God I imagine that law should disturb you even as a secular person, because at that late in the game how can you possibly deny it is a life with a straight face? Nothing shocks me at this point. It was that law that snapped me out of my agnostic haze and helped me realized how fallen the world is.
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