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  1. Where is the source of evil and sufferings...Satan or God?
  2. I have three that I’m very thankful for, but I would like to share only one very significant moment... When I was about 6 or so years old, there was a big flood near my home. The creek at the front of my home was full of water and I played in the creek. Then I was pulled into deep water. As I was about to drown, the pelican swam by me and I grabbed him and held on him real tight as he swam to dry land. He saved my life! I believe our Lord had His hand in it. Praise the Lord!
  3. My dear brother, I’m glad you found your Eve...God bless you! I have been studying and analyzing how 777,888, and 999 appear in Pi as well as how Pi and the Bible are interacted with each other. 777= God the Father 888= God the Son, Jesus 999= Man
  4. You probably also wondered about “Adam”. Why Adam? I had an auto accident and passed out for many hours and when I woke up, I only remembered the Voice calling me to wake up. The Voice said “wake up Adam!,wake up Adam!”. So, the name “Adam”.
  5. Hello JustPassingThru, Our Lord laterally saved your life. He has a purpose and a plan for you...discover that purpose and plan. lol, 999 is representing a perfect man whereas the 666 an imperfect man, the beast... Many blessings, Adam
  6. I, who has nothing, but God’s Lõvë would like to say Thank You to those who ordered my book...God bless you! have a happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!
  7. Thank you, Renee...God bless you! Lol, we all know that Petra was a pretty one and we all felt jealous about it hehehe. She passed away due to starvation. I miss her very much... Many blessings, Adam
  8. Hello Cletus! No, not yet, but I will though when I save up enough money. Many blessings, Adam
  9. Thank you Lolly...God bless you!
  10. Hello Ayin! I don’t have money too, but I have enough to order my book and have Amazon ships it to your address. This is my gift to you for this Christmas. Please in box me your address. Many blessings, Adam
  11. To me, I think, when I’m doing good thing or the right thing which are according to God’s will, Satan will try to attack me. The more Satan are attacking me, the more I’m doing good things, I think. I am praying for you!
  12. For this Christmas, I only have one wish...I wish that our Lord restores my mind!
  13. I just finished it too! I love it and I’m planning to watch it again... ”I Am coming soon!” Please come my Lord!
  14. I have one that I would whole-heartedly I’m thankful for. Between 1995 to 1997, my heart was full of hates and my head was full of revenges. I wanted to kill the people who hurt my family, my people(Cambodian), and me. I learned how to fly an airplane and saved up money for bombs. I was planning to drop bombs at their strong hold. Then, I found our Lord Jesus Christ through the number ‘888’ and I forgave them all. He laterally saved my life and soul. Thank you Lord!
  15. My children are grown up. My youngest child is 25 years old. However, for medical reasons, I may have to stay here in the USA. The USA has a very good medical services.
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