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  1. Father in your name I pray you lead and guide me as I use your word to overcome the dangers that may lie ahead. When I am faced with certain trials and tribulations lord lead me through the storm so I can stand strong and obey your holy word Amen. As strong believers in the faith we are often tempted by Satan that puts our faith to the test. Although we profess strong beliefs we are hindered by our strong faith when we sin and turn from God. God offers redemption for those who have sinned when we call upon God and ask for forgiveness through prayer. We must be patient in our prayers of redemption because our prayers are only deemed effective when we wait with patience for what he has in store for us. In psalm 27:14 God instructs us to have strong faith and trust in him. In order to establish trust in God we must do so through prayer because we confide in God when we need answers to problems. Through prayer we know that God can hear us if we call unto God and use our prayers with the intention to serve him wholeheartedly. For if we trust in God and lean not unto our own understanding, we have a strong fellowship in him and his holy word.
  2. O sorry the prophetic part came later for my grandmother prophesying about my future in faith and how it would lead me to faith. The prophetic part I implied. It wasn't stated specifically in the dream.
  3. Hello everyone I would like to revise the dreams I have been having lately. I have been watching a lot of horror films and need a complete detox. Lately my dreams have had a significant meaning and have become more prophetic. Within my dreams I see my mother singing in her room with me while laughing and having fun. We sing songs of worship and are reminiscent of the memories we shared with my grandmother. Being in my mothers room sharing these events displays how she was the cornerstone of how my spirituality continued. While living with my mother I got saved in 2015 in her room while meditating on Gods word and praying a sinners prayer. My mother took excellent care of the house we currently live and has built the house on the foundation of love, faith, and acceptance in Christ. This is something both my mother and grandmother instilled in me something I still carry with me today.
  4. I apologize for the ridiculous title. It just came to me, but remember how awful William Shatner's version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was. The first part of my dream involves three fictitious "Star Trek" episodes that someone unknown (and unseen by me) is criticizing for having a lack of continuity. I experience one event as if it is more than seeing it on a screen, though I am never a part of what is occurring. The scene involves Captain Kirk riding atop the neck of a giant robotic wolf on an alien planet, but which resembles the forests of Earth. Much of this sequence is distorted and somewhat abstract. There is a change to a different setting, though my waking-life identity is still mostly absent, yet my dream self maintains instinctual mode and creates my dream's outcome. I am in Cubitis in the south side yard, though no correct associations with Cubitis are present. It is nighttime. There is a tribal ritual relating to the "boats" of the gods. Two young Polynesian girls dance. A teenage Polynesian male is present. The idea is the gods travel on "boats" through outer space, and this is how the world was populated. I instinctually become aware of the vestibular cortex's "something coming down" process. I decide it will be an asteroid that will destroy the world. "There is your boat," I say, with very subtle sarcasm. (Although I am not lucid, I have no fear or concern about what will happen next. It is instinctual dreaming, the subliminal knowledge that I create and control most dream content other than that of enigmatic space or environmental factors of liminal space, such as real noise integrating into a dream.) I tell the other male the world will probably end in six hours. He seems concerned. I then say it will probably end in about two hours. The asteroid is approaching from the west and is about twice as big as the sun would be in the daytime.
  5. The dream starts with a false awakening, with the feeling that something is not right. I walk into the room where I am building models, and I find that the jar where I rinse my brushes have self-ignited when a rag fell into it. Carefully, I take the jar outside, and I empty it on the ground. Then the fire is flourishing, and it spreads to a huge circle. It's pitch black outside and there is a thin layer of fresh snow on the ground. The flames are getting high, and I think that it all looks so beautiful.
  6. I am doing something that makes no sense in an unfamiliar house implied to be my present home. I have the idea of typing out all my dreams with a manual typewriter even though I recall having the big loose-leaf binders from when I was younger. Although I am somewhat aware of computer technology and my dreams being digitally stored, I do not consider using a printer with Microsoft Word. I start with some Marvel comics. I had supposedly taken the staples out of the comic books and inserted the folded pairs of pages (from the bigger printed single sheets) into the typewriter. I read some of the text as I type, and the lines are evenly spaced as if I was using a blank sheet of A4 paper. I know I will also have to use my Harvey comic books such as "Casper and Nightmare." Thinking about it over time, and looking closely, I consider that typing over all the pages will make both the dreams and comic book stories challenging to read, especially when the typed text goes over parts of the comic book's speech balloons. However, the scene is unrealistic in that the lines are all between each other rather than mixed. I realize my activity will render everything unreadable, so I think I will type my dreams out on blank A4 paper instead. My mother is present, but I have no recall she died in 2002. I ask her if she has typing paper available. (She bought it for me in the 1970s even though I also used notebook pages for my dreams. The watermarked sheets of white paper came in a big gold box.) She tells me an opened pack of A4 printer paper is in the middle of a desk (like the one I had when much younger) where a drawer would otherwise be. When I look, I also find an opened pack of notebook paper and am unsure how to proceed. I become aware of Zsuzsanna, though no other recall exists at the time. (Zsuzsanna was never in America and never met my mother in person, let alone lived in the same house.)
  7. I'm on an airplane with Manei. The plane feels backwards. I'm never able to confirm it but it feels like all of the seats are facing twoards the back of the plane. It also seems as though we are both miniature size. (That or the seats are really big.) Also of note the entire plane, which seems to be a large commercial airliner is completely empty save for the two of us and the crew. I remember the flight attendant coming by and asking what I wanted for dinner. I looked at the in-flight menu and saw that they had steak, fish, lobster and chicken. Looking at the menu I became lucid because I knew airlines never had such good food IWL. (Interesting way to become Lucid but OK.) I ordered the fish. The attendant said she would be back in 10-15 minutes. Manei turned to me, kissed me on the forehead and said. "I'm so glad we're finally homebound." Intuition told me we were heading to her island home. I don't recall there being an airport on the island in any timeline.
  8. On June 17, 2015 21-year old Dylan Roof entered the Charleston Church armed. While the church was having a Wednesday night bible church Dylan Roof was 21-year old gunman Dylan Roof was involved in the Charleston South shooting that killed 9 and injured 1 person in a predominately black church. Many of the people who attended the church were attending a Wednesday night bible study revival meeting. As the bible study adjourned with a prayer Dylan Roof was present outside the church and fired the first gunshot. The entire church congregation was immediately taken back by the gunman that entered the church as he aimed and shot 9 of the victims. Roof was later arrested and plead not guilty to the charges brought against him. The judges final verdict was life imprisonment for the nine charges brought against him by the people he murdered.
  9. It looks like you have some prayer request(s) that could be extended. You can now do them all at the same time! Add 7 Days Does that mean I write more about my praise report when it says add praise report after extending 7 days?
  10. Romans 8:25 our spiritual side States that we come to the Lord with hope. Our hope is fixated on prayer and trust in the Lord. When we have hope it is for things that fulfill our Spiritual desires rather than our wants.
  11. Romans 8:13 As believers we can live for eternity because Christ gives us the option to live physically and spiritually.
  12. Romans 8:4 when we allow God to choose the path he has set in place for us. We naturally gravitate towards the flesh but righteousness allows us to seek eternity with the choices we make.
  13. In regards to Dennis we must trust in the lord because we gain strength wisdom and knowledge when we abound in the spirit.
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