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  1. The lord urges us to be sober and vigilant because the wiles of the devil can deceive a true believer. The wiles of the devil work privily and devour the souls of those who work against God. Those who haves strong convictions shall never be corrupted with the lies of the devil when they are enticed through lust. When we use righteousness to prevail over the wickedness of the devil, the devil flees from us and looks upon other souls to devour. Consequently in 1 Kings 21:23 The seductress Jezebel worshiped the pagan God Baal and became destructive therewith. Overtime Jezebel became very manipulative and corrupted the lives of her husband, the king, and all of Israel. Just as Elijah had prophesied Jezebel would die a slow painful death before she could correct her mistakes. Jezebels actions contributed to her demise and she experienced a violent and brutal untimely death.
  2. https://www.librarything.com/catalog/omegaman2point0/yourlibrary
  3. For Gods love does not change but remains consistent. (James 1:17). Yes as we face trials and temptations we must cleave to God to help us through the storm. Although we may lose people we love along the way we remain in control when we come to god through prayer.
  4. Yes the holy temple of christ is a safe stronghold. We are always safe in the lords eyes through faith.
  5. Does anybody have any recommendations for new books and book catalogs?
  6. Yes you accurately categorized and outlined names and titles to outline the stories.
  7. crossroads by william p young very funny yet informative!
  8. Amen for gospel tracts although I have never heard of them they do seem to do very well for those who intend to be saved.
  9. For our faith waivers not when we are holy and sanctified as one!
  10. Yes I was saved in 2015 and the power of the holy spirit allowed me to thrive as a holy christian.
  11. Joy is something eternal that that is measured on obedience and . Happiness is a feeling that is temporal and cannot be measured on the grounds of faith.
  12. The lord urges us to not feel envious against the workers of iniquity and confide solely in him. Trusting in the lord displays confidence in the clear path he has created for the righteous filled with holy blessings and revelations. Transgressors who go against this path are condemned by God because God’s wrath comes upon those who deceive his word. Therefore, we must seek God wholeheartedly because God has mercy upon the righteous because they seek acceptance from him. Acceptance from God allows God to establish the choices we make as he creates a path that fulfills his holy promise.
  13. The anna schmidt books are also very interesting: Safe Haven, Women of Pinecraft, All God's Children, Simple faith.
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