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  1. Follow all his instructions because we need God to reach eternity.
  2. Confess your faults unto one another saving yourself from a multitude of sin.
  3. As Christians believers we are taught to honor and respect Gods word and trust in him. Learning to trust in God is essential for those who want to seek eternity into his kingdom. Often times our faith in God is put to the test, but our motives are tested based on the validity of our faith. Only the righteous when tested by faith are able to endure temptation that outweigh the sinful nature of the ungodly.
  4. All the riches stored up in heaven are attainable on Earth but we must look towards God to obtain these riches. God wants us to put our trust and dependence on him in order to fight out the lust of the flush and remain sustainable in him. When we are faced with internal problems, we often turn towards sin because our natural instincts entice us to turn from God. However, God urges us to pray and look towards him because prayer displays confidence and trust in him. The lord also urges to fight against the wiles of the devil because we make an idol of ourselves when we gravitate towards satanic principles. When will my account be lifted from the warning stage?
  5. As Christians we are required to do what God instructs us to do when the spirit moves us. This means we are not subject to the law that goes against what God’s word says. Instead we are to put our faith in God and use faith to help us accomplish our tasks and goals. In many of our dreams we listen to the spirit when God is trying to send us a message or revelation about what’s to come in the future. When God reveals himself to us in a dream, we must follow his word because prophetic dreams are revelations from God.
  6. kdavis150


    Are we hear to discuss addictions or to point fingers?
  7. Amen my sinful nature led me to my porn addiction.
  8. The lord urges us to be sober and vigilant because the wiles of the devil can deceive a true believer. The wiles of the devil work privily and devour the souls of those who work against God. Those who haves strong convictions shall never be corrupted with the lies of the devil when they are enticed through lust. When we use righteousness to prevail over the wickedness of the devil, the devil flees from us and looks upon other souls to devour. Consequently in 1 Kings 21:23 The seductress Jezebel worshiped the pagan God Baal and became destructive therewith. Overtime Jezebel became very manipulative and corrupted the lives of her husband, the king, and all of Israel. Just as Elijah had prophesied Jezebel would die a slow painful death before she could correct her mistakes. Jezebels actions contributed to her demise and she experienced a violent and brutal untimely death.
  9. https://www.librarything.com/catalog/omegaman2point0/yourlibrary
  10. For Gods love does not change but remains consistent. (James 1:17). Yes as we face trials and temptations we must cleave to God to help us through the storm. Although we may lose people we love along the way we remain in control when we come to god through prayer.
  11. Yes the holy temple of christ is a safe stronghold. We are always safe in the lords eyes through faith.
  12. Does anybody have any recommendations for new books and book catalogs?
  13. Yes you accurately categorized and outlined names and titles to outline the stories.
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