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  1. On June 17, 2015 21-year old Dylan Roof entered the Charleston Church armed. While the church was having a Wednesday night bible church Dylan Roof was 21-year old gunman Dylan Roof was involved in the Charleston South shooting that killed 9 and injured 1 person in a predominately black church. Many of the people who attended the church were attending a Wednesday night bible study revival meeting. As the bible study adjourned with a prayer Dylan Roof was present outside the church and fired the first gunshot. The entire church congregation was immediately taken back by the gunman that entered the church as he aimed and shot 9 of the victims. Roof was later arrested and sought the death penalty as his final verdict.
  2. It looks like you have some prayer request(s) that could be extended. You can now do them all at the same time! Add 7 Days Does that mean I write more about my praise report when it says add praise report after extending 7 days?
  3. Romans 8:25 our spiritual side States that we come to the Lord with hope. Our hope is fixated on prayer and trust in the Lord. When we have hope it is for things that fulfill our Spiritual desires rather than our wants.
  4. Romans 8:13 As believers we can live for eternity because Christ gives us the option to live physically and spiritually.
  5. Romans 8:4 when we allow God to choose the path he has set in place for us. We naturally gravitate towards the flesh but righteousness allows us to seek eternity with the choices we make.
  6. In regards to Dennis we must trust in the lord because we gain strength wisdom and knowledge when we abound in the spirit.
  7. The lord reminds us not to not forget to entertain angels people who the lord has brought into our life for a specific purpose. Angels we entertain through faith serve as messengers of the gospel when we need an answer through prayer in our lives. We receive that answered prayer when we utilize faith to be kind to the people who unexpectedly enter our lives. Angels are a prevalent part of our everyday lives and we must entertain them with the notion that our time on the earth draws near. When Ruth's mother in law sent Ruth to get water from the well she was surrounded by a group of angry people. Elimelech who was kind and generous to Ruth offered to get some water from the well from her. His kind nature and generosity towards Ruth allowed him to be kind to Ruth who was a foreigner to the area in which she lived. Many people began to ridicule Ruth and began to beat her profusely until Elimelech stepped in to save her. Elimelech demanded that they stop beating her and return to their homeland at once. Ruth began to see Elimelech's kindred spirit as a form of trust because she could confide in Elimelech for help.
  8. How to add people and accept friend requests.
  9. Psalm 27:1 The lord is light of my salvation of whom shall I fear, thou an host or enemy should encamp me in this I am confident.
  10. Follow all his instructions because we need God to reach eternity.
  11. Confess your faults unto one another saving yourself from a multitude of sin.
  12. As Christians believers we are taught to honor and respect Gods word and trust in him. Learning to trust in God is essential for those who want to seek eternity into his kingdom. Often times our faith in God is put to the test, but our motives are tested based on the validity of our faith. Only the righteous when tested by faith are able to endure temptation that outweigh the sinful nature of the ungodly.
  13. All the riches stored up in heaven are attainable on Earth but we must look towards God to obtain these riches. God wants us to put our trust and dependence on him in order to fight out the lust of the flush and remain sustainable in him. When we are faced with internal problems, we often turn towards sin because our natural instincts entice us to turn from God. However, God urges us to pray and look towards him because prayer displays confidence and trust in him. The lord also urges to fight against the wiles of the devil because we make an idol of ourselves when we gravitate towards satanic principles. When will my account be lifted from the warning stage?
  14. As Christians we are required to do what God instructs us to do when the spirit moves us. This means we are not subject to the law that goes against what God’s word says. Instead we are to put our faith in God and use faith to help us accomplish our tasks and goals. In many of our dreams we listen to the spirit when God is trying to send us a message or revelation about what’s to come in the future. When God reveals himself to us in a dream, we must follow his word because prophetic dreams are revelations from God.
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