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  1. marilyn wow no one will be forced to not bragg in heaven but they will have nothing to bragg about in terms of how they got into heaven. Gess wiss woman! God is perfect nothing is pleasing but perfection, good thing grace is an atribute of a creator. Get this through your head Jesus only cares to have believers who want Him in thier lives in heaven. Satan is out because he did not want Jesus. Jesus's grace kicked him to the earth to try to be god of it and is doing a bad job. "Actually it was the holy spirit that raised Jesus from the dead." ok lets get tectnical. It was Jesus/God/spirit that raised the body reanimated it. caused it to vibrate again. there how is that. emoji toung sticking out. well you do know that hebrew is a form of Aramaic(Abraham)lol You do understand that the use of the word OBEY brings the connotation of a dictator god. That god you have is really Satan, who needs to control us to survive off our sweat. Jesus is a servent King, needs nothing from us. you choose now who you want to live with for eternity. paslms 51 was written by a guy trying to figure out who God is. because God is not very forth coming it would seem until you understand the Godman. " god resists the proud" that has nothing to do with going to heaven! If I/you truly believe" I will know where the Gospel is found in scripture and give it out to the masses 1 corith 15 "contrite repentant heart" well i guess Adam And Eve are doomed? lol seems to be alot of doing going on to get into your Catholic heaven. Go to blueletterbible.org and search all the different bible versions for all the times God repented(changed his mind) also look up all the times Obey is used and figure out what faction wrote that version. shed some light in your darkness. your use of the word "penitent" is a red flag. You are spewing cult message in a believer only to enter heaven cite. The sad thing is you bit the hook I was fishing for you with. this is both good and bad I will leave it up to you, the know it all, to figure out the good and bad.
  2. honestly, a lot of the scripture you quote has no value to me in light of the fact that Jesus did not ask or tell Adam to keep the 10 laws for salvation. It all goes in file 13 as Catholic rhetoric adding to scripture. "Did you ask Him to be your personel savior" would that make you feel comfort knowing I did? and want to continue convercing with me? show me where in scripture it says to do that. Dear? Paul sure as hell did not do that. "do you agree that Jesus is God" I do not have to agree woman. Anyone who does mirricals and resurrects is GOD Are you one of those fruit inspectors? Not realizing the only fruit Jesus is looking for is the edification of Him.
  3. "And your evidence that Adam didn't know how God expected him and his descendants to live is?" So was that required of them to go to heaven? Absolutely not. why you ask. hehe because Jesus should have made it clear as day to them by giving the 10 laws and stating keep them or go to the lake of fire. and not drag out His expectations 2500+ years. not a fair way to run your ship is what I would say to your god. "That Cain and Able sought to worship God shows that they knew how to worship and the correct way to worship. It is in gen 6 that we read that wickedness was increasing." yeah a free will offering of an animal sacrifice. The wickedness of unbelief was increasing. The more unbelief in a society, people tend to forget God. keep it (going to heaven) separated bro, from the law. "After Noah a rightous man the world was populated by his sons who knew about God and how to serve him. " Brother what made Noah righteous, lol, was His belief in the God that created his great granddad (Adam). Noah was not perfect and Ham went into his own mother and Canaan was the offspring of the coupling. Noah curst Canaan remember. "That people forgot or ignored what they were taught about God is not surprising, what is, is how willing God has always been to bring people into his worship see 1Kings 8:41-43 Solomons dedication of the temple includes other nations coming because they have heard about God." Think in context brother. 1 kings is a jewish book, The Jew entered into an impossible contract with Jesus at Mt. Sinai. Remember Moses and Jethro showing him Gods Mountain. Even Jethro knew God/Jesus. ie had a relationship with. Think about this one, Jesus used to talk with the prophets right, because most of the Jews decided they did not want to directly talk to Jesus at Sinai = Jabel el laws, which is in Saudi Arabia. anyway If Jesus wanted to convert people He can do it Himself as He did to Paul/Saul. I believe Jesus is just giving us something to tarry over while He is away. I would not get all tied up in knots trying to convert people that pressure is just coming from pastors who need money to fill there children's bellies. "Salvation is from the Jews, because Jesus was born, brought up and lived as a Jew." We need salvation from unbelief. The Jew needed salvation from the Romans, the law contract they could not keep and unbelief. Going to heaven is from believing in Christ's death burial and resurrection...now 1 corith 15. and eph 2 will tell you why.
  4. ok Marilyn this is where the rubber meets the road, and people talk with a forked tongue. Give me your definition of the word "REPENT" I will not assume, you do not know what it means! Did Adam and Eve confess their unbelief to Jesus when He asked what they had done to know they were naked? or did he just blame her and her the serpent? Is not, that called passing the buck? "Humble heart" so with your theology no one is in heaven? what kind of God do you have? My God knows that people are not perfect in fact only God is perfect and He proved that by keeping all the laws and hell yah He raised himself from the dead and many others. Quite frankly I do not want to be god because it will end me going to the lake of fire, where Satan is headed, for wanting nothing to do with Jesus but be A god. "God requires a repentant, humble heart." Show me in scripture this exact wording and I will tell you this is why the woman should not preach. Then, after all, you wrote the BTW statement. so Isn't it true that if we confess our sin we have something to brag about in heaven? ah haha I confessed my sin now I am in heaven hehehe. Sorry to burst your bubble woman the only one going to heaven are those who want Jesus in their lives now and we can brag about that and brag about what He had to go through to get some to believe, He is God in the flesh by His Resurrection. Be careful how you word things you could sound like a Catholic stuck in replacement theology. Adam did not even get baptized lol oh no he is in hell. yah right. what kind of God would slowly roll out what He expects of us over 2500 years! It is pretty obvious that believing what God says is very important to Jesus. When He said do not eat from the tree of death you are to believe that. He will not lead you astray. It was their unbelief that got them in trouble so they had to suffer here for 900 years. We suffer 100 if we are lucky but go to the lake of fire for unbelief. unbelief, before we die, is unforgivable. The Universe is the testament to a creator. If we understand the book of Genisis we can filter out the Catholic garbage that made its way into the KJV new testament. Even calling it a new and old testament is garbage. So after reading all that and you still have not looked up the meaning of ?Mateneo? ie. repent = change your mind do a 180 degree turn. So "Repent and believe," I think that wording will be found in scripture. Sorry to be brash Jesus was too. "pit of vipers and whitewashed tombs."
  5. Jesus is the God who walked with Adam in the Garden, put to sleep and pulled a rib out to make Eve. He is the one Moses saw the back side of. Also, the one who visited Abraham with 2 Angels and had dinner with. Jesus said to the woman with the blood issue He came for the Jew first. So His death and bloodshed was for the jew. His resurrection proved His Godhood and He made that the new covenant for the world to believe in. I can refute the Muslim just by showing them that God did not demand Adam not create SHIRK (idolatry) in the book that they are to refer to the people of the book for.
  6. the cults do not teach this. right! in light of the fact that if the laws were so important to Jesus He would have told Adam to keep them, and pass the info along to the family. Since Jesus is God in the flesh and all knowing. God does not try to pull a fast one on us. The Catholic's did though. Funny thing is they hoped no one would realize the book of Genisis set the scene for who Jesus's character is. They could not add to the word of God in the book of Genisis because the Jew had thousands of copies out. The Protestants did not even catch this. So you need to rethink what this means if you got an analytical mind?
  7. So all the cults can be blown out of the water answering this topic. You can not start the world by giving the first people grace and sometime in the future add the laws to going to heaven. notice I did not say salvation. no one but the Jews needed to be saved from the Law contract they foolishly agreed to keep. note they failed to keep both the law and the sacrifice. God is the only perfect Being and only that comes out of his mouth. Jesus set the Jews up for failure to prove a point. Satan gets it now but should have thunk first before wanting to be God, a created being can never be a god. Jesus is amused by how bad Satan is doing at godhood on Earth. If Jesus was here the lion would lay down with the sheep. Everything would be served to us on a gold plate. God is in the business of service to His created. You decide if you want Jesus now or go to the lake of fire for unbelief in His death burial and Resurrection that proved His GODHOOD. The only people that were blood bought would have to be the jew. The gentile had nothing to do with the contract. Adam and Eve were Gentiles if they wanted to end up in Heaven all they had to do was want to be with God/Jesus the Godman that told them He made them out of the ground they were standing on. Run from any pastor that tells you we are in the time of grace now. We have been under Grace since God decided to create the universe. hell! Jesus even gave Satan Grace to be god of the Earth for a time, all done to teach us a lesson. ie: You can not be god you need GOD to exist period make your choice before you die or your choice will be made for you.
  8. yes, I am doing fine, with the bible. Give the Gospel and let them Read for themselves. you think God wants us to "OBEY"? I never Agreed to do anything for Him. If you did then that's on you. Be careful of the words you use because it reflects back on us. I think all He wants is believers.
  9. I do not think Jesus needed a treasury. It was there to expose the heart of Judes.
  10. you know what crazy is? doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. giving money made the Roman Church so wealthy that they lend the money back out and charge interest! so much for "NON-PROFIT" They even play the stock market.
  11. most people have a good teacher called the Holy Spirit and the Bible.
  12. His ministry was over 2 years from age 30 to 33. I think if a person makes over 3 times the min wage they should give a lot to be in a building. I stand alone with JC. and the BIBLE. less politics.
  13. Abraham gave a free will offering of 10% and that Guy was wealthy beyond measure. He should have given all the spoils to the Priest. That act of giving all may have started Catholicism right then.
  14. well my wife brought me the gospel, good thing cause I am unemployed. stand quietly with a sandwich board with the Gospel printed out on them. 1 corith 15: 1-4
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