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  1. RRep

    To charge or not to charge.....

    yes, I am doing fine, with the bible. Give the Gospel and let them Read for themselves. you think God wants us to "OBEY"? I never Agreed to do anything for Him. If you did then that's on you. Be careful of the words you use because it reflects back on us. I think all He wants is believers.
  2. RRep

    To charge or not to charge.....

    I do not think Jesus needed a treasury. It was there to expose the heart of Judes.
  3. RRep

    To charge or not to charge.....

    you know what crazy is? doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. giving money made the Roman Church so wealthy that they lend the money back out and charge interest! so much for "NON-PROFIT" They even play the stock market.
  4. RRep

    To charge or not to charge.....

    most people have a good teacher called the Holy Spirit and the Bible.
  5. RRep

    To charge or not to charge.....

    His ministry was over 2 years from age 30 to 33. I think if a person makes over 3 times the min wage they should give a lot to be in a building. I stand alone with JC. and the BIBLE. less politics.
  6. RRep

    To charge or not to charge.....

    Abraham gave a free will offering of 10% and that Guy was wealthy beyond measure. He should have given all the spoils to the Priest. That act of giving all may have started Catholicism right then.
  7. RRep

    To charge or not to charge.....

    well my wife brought me the gospel, good thing cause I am unemployed. stand quietly with a sandwich board with the Gospel printed out on them. 1 corith 15: 1-4
  8. you should not want to tattoo your body. Believe in Jesus death burial and Resurrection for salvation.
  9. RRep

    Disturbed about Matthew 5:32

    If you believe the Gospel, you're saved. All sin is forgiven. Move forward in Jesus. Jesus was talking to Jews period.
  10. RRep

    Hello everyone, my first post here

  11. RRep

    1 corinthians 15 1-4

    ARE you trying to say (What you do not like is when folks tell you, you cannot walk in darkness and light)? If that is what you're telling me! I walk in light because I am saved by Belief Alone. Darkness has no part in the light. darkness flees away. you are also saying that I have to be perfect after I am saved? That will cause an argument! I am OSOS. you can go see the debate that is closed for comments. the OSOS side blows her away with the correct interpretations. Anyway your off topic
  12. RRep

    1 corinthians 15 1-4

    well, it is good to post once in a while. lots of newbies may not have seen it. like me even when a read the whole bible. the brain only remembers so much the first through.
  13. RRep

    1 corinthians 15 1-4

    I believe you. it is now were in the search. thats all.