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  1. Gibbus

    The Prophecy concerning Elijah

    (Back to Topic) Return of Elijah | Right Division (Daniel's Observances don't exceed 1000 in their week groupings or in the total, we'll come back to this statement .................. the parable of 1000 in Rev. 20 can be viewed a different way) DANIEL 2:32 This image's head [was] of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, DANIEL 2:33 His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. DANIEL 2:34 Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet [that were] of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. 1. Gold 2. Silver 3. Brass 4. Iron 5. Clay 6. "Stone Without Hands" 7. "Stone Finishes the Work" EDITING
  2. Gibbus

    The Prophecy concerning Elijah

    (Daniel's Divisions are Never Calculated to Equal more than 1000 Years individually, and each of those divisions 69th, 62th, "One Week/Middle of the Week", describe literal periods under 1000 Years (To the Exodus // To the Birth of Jesus // To the 153 Days of Star Wormwood/Noah) (Simplified ?) 70 // 1290 and 1335 // 42 (1260) 1947 to 2017 .......9/23/2017 + 450 Days/Prophets of Baal ....... 12/21/2018 + 42 Years (9/23 and 12/21 are spelled in the figures) (to 12/21/2060) ISAIAH 17:6 Yet gleaning grapes shall be left in it, as the shaking of an olive tree, two [or] three berries in the top of the uppermost bough, four [or] five in the outmost fruitful branches thereof, saith the LORD God of Israel. I KINGS 18:22 Then said Elijah unto the people, I, [even] I only, remain a prophet of the LORD; but Baal's prophets [are] four hundred and fifty men. I KINGS 18:23 Let them therefore give us two bullocks; and let them choose one bullock for themselves, and cut it in pieces, and lay [it] on wood, and put no fire [under]: and I will dress the other bullock, and lay [it] on wood, and put no fire [under]: ............................... 1000 (?) 2300 / 1290 1000 (?) 1260 1000 (?) 1335 ................................ 9/23/2017 the 70 Year of Daniel 9:2 42 Years Half of 77 years 35 Years Half of 77 Years ................................ Jesus was only Risen for 40 Days ................... not 42 Days, not 42 Months .................... 42 Years is the "Middle of the Week (s)" of Daniel for the Lord's Body ...................... (Assessment): "1260" is not the middle of "1290 and 1335", God already divided that figure, but "1260/42 Years" is the middle of 77 Years, leaving 35. We can say "1290" Marks the 70th Year, "1290 and 1335 or 1290 - 1335 = 450", marks the "One Week", and 1260/42 is the "One Week in Years" 1. Canaan Covenant to Abraham for the Hebrews (period ending in exodus) 2. Canaan Covenant to Abraham for the Hebrews (period ending in jesus birth) 3. Canaan Covenant to Abraham for the Hebrews (period ending in 153 Star Wormwood) As soon as Elijah talks about cutting the animals in half for the "Middle of the Week of Daniel", he is talking about the Canaan Covenant, God wanted Abraham to illustrate in that day, that is the association. From Nememiah's Wall to Jesus Birth, "Jeshua" appears in Nehemiah's Book and is a dominate figure in the line of priests there, is literal 483 B.C. to Jesus Arrival In Jerusalem around 1 A.D. (that is the Birth of Buddha 483 B.C., but, there are ties specifically to 42 B.C. 40 B.C. etc.). The other two figures of Daniel are not a literal date statement, but, the figures of Daniel overall are multiples as a parable, you can go from the Creation of the Universe as estimated, to the Current and Next Astrological Ages, and you will find those figures. But God is not giving that as a literal statement only as a parable. Since Daniel only Deals with Year Statements, the "One Week of Daniel" = 1260/42 God Revealed, can only be in Years, not months, not days, matching Daniel's Year Statements. (God first revealed in Isaiah as the Gentile Reign 11:9-11, matching Revelations 11). (Everything will be resolved on 12/21/2018) (Issac Newton is Halley's Comet) (Saint Malachy is Mayan Calendar) (William Miller is "2520" or 1260/42 for 1260 + 1260) (William Miller is 12/20 to 12/25 Christmas Day ................. 584283 for Mayan Calendar will give us the end of the calendar length at 12/20/2012 ...................... the old calendar systems always used 360 + 5 Days, to adjust for the Lord's Coming, and they are all proven false, unless God us using Sidreal Shift of the Stars, that is about 5 Days of Shift for 5000 Years or 5 Days of Shift for 2000 Years, from the Solstice of December to Christmas Day) (You can make the Mayan Calendar Say Anything, Example) (12/21/2012 is for Sun in Galactic Center .......... Tropical Zodiac of Sun around Ecliptic Unchanging Values, against the constellations, that report the Solstices/Equinoxes during the year, unchanging values) (12/20/2018/12/25/2018 CHRISTMAS is for Sun in Dark Rift ............ Sidreal Shift of Pole Stars against Constellations for Changing Values, should produce the Dark Rift alignment about 6 years away or 666) (BOTTOM LINE = Daniel's Divisions are in YEARS, not days, and that means that 1260 days or 42 months, is not the right answer) (further more Jesus did return for 40 days in jerusalem ... he did not return for 42 days ... he will return for 42 years, outside of the 70 years of daniel (many things happened before the birth of jesus) (You can make a number system say what you want ..................... God gaves us a "Number Table at Best", you can't really make it say what you want, since it is very rigid, as we've said) (perhaps nightly walk for ethnic euthanasia this week)
  3. Gibbus

    The Completion of Prophecy

    (Its a Long Study, I think................Back in a Few) 42 Generations of Matthew Abraham *** (Assyrian Temple in Jerusalem, no longer of Assyrian Reign) 1Chron5:6-9 Isaac Jacob Judah and Tamar " " (assyria) Perez Hezron Ram Amminadab Nahshon Salmon and Rachab " " (assyria) Boaz and Ruth " " (assyria) Obed Jesse *** (End of Temple Build under Assyria in Jerusalem) 1Chron5:6-9 David and Bathsheba (David to Emmanuel) 1Chron3:4-8 Solomon Rehoboam Abijah Asa Jehoshaphat Jehoram Ahaziah Jotham Ahaz Hezekiah Manasseh Amon Josiah Jeconiah Shealtiel Zerubbabel Abiud Eliakim Azor Zadok Achim Eliud Eleazar Matthan Jacob Joseph Jesus Emmanuel (Jesus Revealed Himself as Risen after Crucifixion) 1Chron3:4-8 Bathshua or Buddha from 1Chron3:4-8, that is the statement Jesus makes on the Cross at the 3/6/9/11 Hour appearing to mimic language from the "Chronicles of the Kings", that puts him in the "House of David - ELOI ELOI". Buddha in "Turkey, Rome" in 40 to 42 B.C. marking the end of the Assyrian Built Temple in Jerusalem, that is what the passage says in 1Chron5:6-9. Chipped off the Bottom of Matthew's Genealogy of 42 Matthan Jacob Joseph Jesus Emmanuel I CHRONICLES 9:31 And Mattithiah, [one] of the Levites, who [was] the firstborn of Shallum the Korahite, had the set office over the things that were made in the pans. I CHRONICLES 9:32 And [other] of their brethren, of the sons of the Kohathites, [were] over the shewbread, to prepare [it] every sabbath. I CHRONICLES 9:33 And these [are] the singers, chief of the fathers of the Levites, [who remaining] in the chambers [were] free: for they were employed in [that] work day and night. I CHRONICLES 9:34 These chief fathers of the Levites [were] chief throughout their generations; these dwelt at Jerusalem. I CHRONICLES 9:35 And in Gibeon dwelt the father of Gibeon, Jehiel, whose wife's name [was] Maachah: I CHRONICLES 9:36 And his firstborn son Abdon, then Zur, and Kish, and Baal, and Ner, and Nadab, I CHRONICLES 9:37 And Gedor, and Ahio, and Zechariah, and Mikloth. I CHRONICLES 9:38 And Mikloth begat Shimeam. And they also dwelt with their brethren at Jerusalem, over against their brethren. I CHRONICLES 9:39 And Ner begat Kish; and Kish begat Saul; and Saul begat Jonathan, and Malchishua, and Abinadab, and Eshbaal. "Emmanuel / Buddha", is tied to God's Reaction to Ending Assyria's Temple before Jesus was Born ................ that is why you see "Emmanuel / Buddha" tied to the genealogy of "Saul that Resisted David" in the above statement ......................... but as a revealed truth ............................. as we've said we see "Emmanuel / Buddha" tied to the "House of David" because that was a picture of the RISEN JESUS AFTER CRUCIFIXION. 42 Generations for the Chronicles of the Kings in the Line of Judah (that came before Isreal) (Matthew's 42 Genealogy Implied Statement) Solomon is Listed in Matthew for that Reason, "He Came Before Isreal", and Solomon is not Listed in Luke (because he came before Isreal) ............................. Jesus did not come as a "King in line of Judah to Minister", that is why "Emmanuel/Buddha" is not listed in the 42 of Matthew, but it is stated, that Jesus was and would become once again, the "Emmanuel/Buddha". After Jesus Rose for 40 Days the Law was Complete, and 42 Generations of Matthew were Completed. (Jesus wasn't Crucified in Jerusalem, but he came back for 40 Days to clear up the law, history is not clear, but that would of been about 1 year later). (Basis of Invalidation: "Correction to Opening Post, Previous Entry") God doesn't reveal "1260/1290" in the Book of Revelation, God only reveals "1260/42" ...................... Jesus was called "Emmanuel / Buddha" for at least 42 Years before his Birth or Before 1 A.D. that is before the 77 year period ..................... in order to complete that, it appears the figure was doubled for 42 years to the temples destruction but it was for only 40 Days to complete Matthew's Genealogy claim for the Kings of Judah, "appearing in Isreal". Jesus didn't appear Crucified for 42 Years within the 77 Year Period, if he did, it would invalidate 42 Years of Gentile Reign half of 77 years from Jesus Age of 35 at the Crucifixion ......................... this 42 Year Period of Jesus appearing Crucified must take place outside of Daniel's 70 Weeks, and therefore, we are not given number figures for the Prophecy of "One Week or Middle of the Week", we are given this information, later on, between the new testament and revelation. I had to use an illegal modifier "1260/1290" to satisfy the claims of the law, to place Jesus Risen for 42 years in jerusalem, rather then 40 Days in Jerusalem Gentile Prophecies of Saint Malachy=Mayan Calendar, Issac Newton=Halley's Comet, William Miller=Sign of Divorce (Lord's Body) ................. are to once again be considered valid along with "9/23/2017 to 12/21/2018" for Isaiah 17:6's claim that 9/23/2017 + 450 Days to begin 42 Years (which can only satisfy the law, outside of the 77 year period, but it is the "Middle of the Week or Half" from the Age of Jesus at 35 since he was Crucified ................... Jesus Body is 42 Years, not 40 Days, I've added information only to invalid the gentile prophecies in our previous post, but I've also modified the gospel's law, the "Correction to the Opening Post" must be considered invalid, 42 Years for Emmanuel/Buddha/Jesus) (God doubles his law, that means we can observe a 42 year period from the crucifixion roughly, and a 42 year period roughly from 9/11/2001 to Vietnam .................... but Jesus was called "Emmanuel" before his birth, before 77 years, and is going to be our answer for 9/23/2018 to 12/21/2018 .................... or simply 12/21/2018 ........................... God appears to say I will allow the Gates of Hell to Prevail against the Church in Revelation 11, for "3 Days of Darkness" for 42 Years, and then for "3 Days of Darkness for 150 Days" (153 no value to use since god does all the work, if we want to assist god in his discernment, it must take place during 1260/42) (Everything will be Resolved Soon on 12/21/2018)
  4. Gibbus

    The Completion of Prophecy

    (There's Legal Language for a 42 year period, and Legal evidence .................. but .................. Jesus didn't present his Crucified Body outside of the 77 Years in which he Presented his Birth to the Temple's Destruction (Emmanuel/Buddha was not the crucified body of Jesus, it was blindness for those operating outside the gospel, otherwise that is where I would obtain the 42 year value outside of 77 years, but that has no ties to CRUCIFIXION) .................... the argument that is presented in the opening post has to be corrected slightly, that is all ....................... the Gentile Arguments of William Miller, Saint Malachy, Issac Newton, all use information the gospel doesn't explicitly use, and they did a poor job at it, just because I've done a much better job at it, doesn't mean it is correct) (Opening Post Correction = About or Less than 77 Years for Last Generation) (to address jesus in 77 years) 1. 2300 (Jesus Birth to 1 A.D.) 2. 1290 // 1335 (Total Mary's Pregnancy to 1 A.D.) 3. 7 (Jesus Crucifixion 29 A.D.) 4. 7 (Jesus Crucifixion 29 A.D.) 5. 7 (Jesus Crucifixion 29 A.D.) 6. 7 (Jesus Crucifixion 29 A.D.) 7. 1260 // 1290 (30 A.D. difference of figures, is 40/42 years to Temple's Destruction) (One Year of Difference from Pregnancy to Birth, and, Crucifixion to Risen Jesus for 40 Days) Mary is Pregnant in 7 B.C. and Jesus is Born in 6 B.C. both figures to 1 A.D. that is a single statement + 28 Years to 29 A.D. then we see the final figure of "1260/1290", at 30 A.D. Jesus is Risen Marking 40/42 Years to Temple's Destruction. (Total Figures the Gospel Uses is 49 Years or 7x7 with God providing more detail, this argument can expand to 490 Years) (William Miller's Figure of 2520 or 1260 + 1260, is something the Gospel Doesn't use). (to address last generation 77 years) 1. 7 2. 7 3. 7 4. 1260 // 1290 (1968 Nguyen Van Lem to 9/11/2001 Twin Towers, 40/42 years) 5. 7 6. 2300 (6.3 Years) 7. 1290 // 1335 (One Week of Daniel, the Middle of the 70 Week and One Week) (Nguyen Van Lem in 1968 - 21 Years = 1947 Roswell UFO) (Turin Shroud of Jesus ... rather 1260 Days to 9/11/2001, then 1290 Days to 2004, then 7 Years to May 21, 2011 + 2300 Days to 9/23/2017 (which is also 1290 Days from Flight 370) to the 70th Year, and then 1335 Days to finish the Judgment, that is to begin 153 Days of God's Work Only) (2300 and 1290 both are references to the 70th Year, where as with the Birth of Jesus 2300 and "1290 and 1335" were both references to 1 A.D., so its almost the same) Issac Newton's Prophecy of 2060 A.D. does not look for a 42 Year Period within the 77 Years of Daniel, so it is Also False, a Conclusion the Bible does not use. enterprisemission.com/images/hoagland-moon-july06/shard-Comp.jpg spacestationmoon.blogspot.com/2011/02/lunar-lights-on-hollow-moon.html (God lumps a 40/42 Year Period within the 77 Years, and that is the Gospel's Official Position, and its easy to see that God uses the same multiple/figures he provides in different orders to obtain the conclusion) (Opening Post Correction = About or Less than 77 Years for Last Generation) (Ezra 8:35, lumps 1260/1290 together that is what officially invalidates William Miller's Prophecy of 2520 or 1260 + 1260 .................... Isaiah 17:6 Claim of "3 1/2 Days of Darkness" begins at 4th and 5th Seals, we'll see below if that is sound) 1. 1st Vial =1st Seal 2. 1st Trumpet 3. 2nd Vial 4. 2nd Seal 5. 2nd Trumpet 6. 3rd Vial 7. 3rd Seal=3rd Trumpet 153 Days God Kills the Saints/Prophets/Church (The Sun Goes Dark Creation is Finished, Mankind is Dead, God Performs all the Work like Noah) (Matthew 16:8, Rev. 16:8) 1. 4th Vial = 4th Seal = 4th Trumpet (God Officially Talks about Sun and Darkness) 2. 5th Vial 3. 5th Seal 4. 5th Trumpet = 6th Vial 5. 6th Seal 6. 6th Trumpet 7. 7th Vial =7th Seal =7th Trumpet **** God never dipped below the 4th Vial/4th Seal/4th Trumpet, we don't need to apply number values to these figures, since that is why we are given Daniel................In Reality, Hezekiah's Vision of the Sun going Black, and Fatima's Vision of the Sun going Black, were witnessed by a few people only, that was a vision, not something god actually performed! Something like "Saint Malachy=Mayan Calendar", that claims the Sun would Go Dark and the Gates of Hell would Prevail against the Church, is obviously a Gentile Work and it is obviously False! In Reality, God has opened all the Vials / Seals / Trumpets up to level 3 since creation, none of that information means anything, God didn't do anything with that since creation. The only Argument that is important is the "Sun Darkness" that God mentions, everything else is completed work, so its not important when any thing up the 3rd vial/seal/trumpet was opened. (Since they were all opened already since Creation, for spiritual reasons only). ................. ................. ................. CERN WATCH (Mini Doc): NASA, CERN & Gotthard Satanic Ceremony Breakdownyoutube.com/watch?v=u67cfLPUREU ................. ................. ................. (God is placed into a very unprofitable situation of having to kill all the "Saints/Prophets/Church" spiritually in order to open anything from the "4th's" and beyond, and then that allows "dead work/dead flesh" to be raised. God's Answer to that is 153 Days when everyone is already dead. Now you lots of ethnic people, lots of genetic lines not given in the book of life, if you want to challenge God on that, then "raise those dead bodies and dead work", then maybe God may raise the body of jesus for a witness also (the dead rise first with jesus) .................. otherwise, even that position appears to have no value with god .................... the good news is that you have less than 3 years until you die globally, most of that time you will spend, pleasuring yourselves with me in pain for pain until you die, maybe you could even get a kick out of the "North Korean War" ........................... (was God teaching anything with Moses as Nguyen Van Lem, or Flight 370, pointing to a North Korean War, probably not, but who knows, everything will be resolved soon) (after 9/11/2001 it was almost a month and some change since the usa continued its suicide pleasures with me ................... from time to time where there is a disaster, they tone down their suicide pleasures with me, like the recent disaster in the usa, just a few days, but the ethnics, my relatives, and the je*s and perhaps more will be back in full force soon) (Genealogy of Jesus, wikipedia .................. its 77 Generations for Daniel's Weeks in Luke, and 42 (counting Mary), these figures are taken out of the 77, just like we observe 42 years within the 77 year period ..................... I've said frequently that 70 Years + 42 Years for Matthew and Luke's Genealogy, but that was only to smooth things over with the Gentile Prophecies, that are obviously false, they had some sincerity, but the positions are really false) (Inc/rape/mur, with Moses, you've had more than enough time already which makes anything else unimportant with God ................. that said ..................... if there was any sincerity at all with God in these Gentile Prophecies, then the only answer is 9/23/2017 to 12/21/2018, 450 Days from the 70th year as Isaiah 17:6 implies, but as we've shown that statement was for the "SEALS". So we'll just have to see, if there is a sign or not. If there is not a sign that is better for us, we'll see if we can continue to produce the suicide by Moses equation until you die, your death, dumb and blind is not that bad, its actually quite good. Just imagine all the statements of euthanasia of ethnics and political people, I've made, as you realize that is the only viable solution, it will be you the people that encourage me to do that, otherwise outside of my goals, when ends with god, you suffer then you suffer, you die then you die, you cause me pain and death you feel pain and death, why on earth would any honest christian seek the pleasures of this world, that is the dispute of the 1260/42 figure = false)
  5. Gibbus

    Matt 24:20 Winter or a Storm

    We are certainly told about the Parable of the "Christmas Tree" in Genesis with Adam and Eve, and God sending them away with Fur Coats for the Winter Season. JOEL 1:12 The vine is dried up, and the fig tree languisheth; the pomegranate tree, the palm tree also, and the apple tree, [even] all the trees of the field, are withered: because joy is withered away from the sons of men. JOEL 1:13 Gird yourselves, and lament, ye priests: howl, ye ministers of the altar: come, lie all night in sackcloth, ye ministers of my God: for the meat offering and the drink offering is withholden from the house of your God. JOEL 1:14 Sanctify ye a fast, call a solemn assembly, gather the elders [and] all the inhabitants of the land [into] the house of the LORD your God, and cry unto the LORD, JOEL 1:15 Alas for the day! for the day of the LORD [is] at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come. Jesus revealed the "Withered Fig Tree/Christmas Tree", it is at that time, we would be in the last harvest when the living and dead zombies would be revealed. MATTHEW 24:20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: "Winter Solstice or 12/21", we are simply told not be disobedient in the Winter because that is the Sabbath of the Lord ........................(I would prefer to say Flight 370, but that did not happen in the Winter, and it was 1290 days from 9/23/2017, just a marker) .......................... 12/21/2012 was a complete prophecy for the sun in the galactic Center ....................... it was not a complete prophecy for the claims of the "Sun in Dark Rift" ............................ only the Gospel holds the key to that complete equation, and if that is true it can only be on a 12/21, perhaps 12/21/2018 is such a winter, we'll have to see very soon. MATTHEW 24:26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, [he is] in the secret chambers; believe [it] not. If the Desert is Jerusalem, they got rid of Jesus, and gave themselves up to sin, so we won't find him there ........................ If the Secret Chambers, are the Particle Colliders, we won't find him there either. Our universe has no native "true unified field", it was designed only to mirror that in its extremes ...................... the argument has to be revealed the "Second Light Source" for those arguments to come into play. (Jerusalem will be filled with many zombies, perhaps, but if the lord introduces somewhere else, then the zombies will first appear there, however the argument expands, we must keep watch)
  6. Gibbus

    The Completion of Prophecy

    (the Seven Churches are listed in "Asia", but they are essentially Roman Cities, now Jesus said the "Gates of Hell 4th Vial/4th Seal/4th Trumpet" would not prevail against the church ....................... so where was Jesus Crucified and Risen, if he was taken out of Jerusalem to be Crucified?) Ala┼čehir, in Antiquity and the Middle Ages known as Philadelphia is a town and district of Manisa Province in the Aegean region of Turkey. Philadelphia was in the administrative district of Sardis (Pliny NH 5.111). In AD 17, the city suffered badly in an earthquake, and the Roman emperor Tiberius relieved it of having to pay taxes - wikipedia Alasehir The Gospel claims, Rev. 3:7-8, that the Philadelphia Church was not over come by the "Gates of Hell", that is relative location where Jesus was Crucified and Risen, as the gospel claims, not inside Jerusalem or its Territory. (Not Inside Jerusalem or its Territory was Jesus Risen/Sign of Divorce) God says "Asia" for the Churches, but, they are listed in Rome territories only, Rev. 1:4, that lists a transition, for the "Wise Men - That Came from the East, from Asia, for the Birth of Jesus"........................ that legitimizes the historical claim of "Emmanuel/Buddha" (42 years to 100 years before Christ, a 42 Year Period outside of Daniels rough 77 year observance, the gospel indicates) .................... (Gautama Buddha - Wikipedia 483 B.C. that is Daniel's 69th Year Division, which corresponds with Nehemiah's Wall for Jerusalem to the Birth of Jesus (430 years in egypt, 480 in jerusalem before jesus birth, without a foreign power). ........................... https://books.google.com/books?id=1C1HPQW2QsgC&pg=PA63&lpg=PA63&dq=40+b.c.+buddha&source=bl&ots=2hD7Nai3O9&sig=adXV81P2Tgu7aQ-tCI9rxGjthsc&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjcvK3Fxc_dAhUrUt8KHQPTAWwQ6AEwE3oECAAQAQ#v=onepage&q=40 b.c. buddha&f=false ........................... Turkey around 42 to 40 B.C., Jesus/Emmanuel or Buddha is reported to have written many things about his Coming......................notice that TURKEY is the same location that God used in "Philadelphia" for the Crucifixion that is recorded in the book of Revelation. ........................... Issac Newton made his Prophecy of 2060 A.D. for 42 Years from the 70th Year of Daniel, meaning outside the 70 Weeks to 70 Year argument (Luke and Matthew's Genealogy), during the revolution of the early united states, this information was published. In which, he condoned the name of "Philadelphia" for the first Capital of the United States. HAUNTED PHILADELPHIA Paranormal Supernatural Mystery documentary .......... youtube.com/watch?v=yjCvrMISGt8 (There is even a local Prophecy in Philadelphia USA, in which the Lord makes his Second Coming here first, according to the gospel, but over time, Issac Newton's Prophecy was misplaced, and people simply claim that William Penn above City Hall in the City of Philadelphia will come down from heaven, and be seen by many) ........................... (if New York City, New York is the Center of the Jewish Population) God did not use the Center of the Jewish Population, God choose an arbitrary location some distance from Jerusalem, to conduct his business. The length of that is roughly 70 + 42 Years, the same argument that we are now in dispute with God, (9/23/2017 to 12/21/2018), today in the United States, not only is the "City of Philadelphia" near the center of the largest Jewish Population on earth ......................... but a isolated location near there, in "Oak Island" has also been very active with many prophecies (where the Seven Shall Die, meaning God allows the "Saints/Prophets/Church" to die, then will the Body of the Lord be Revealed in "Philadelphia USA") ........................... ("William Penn is Killed // Moses Killed a Man ................ then Seven Plagues of Egypt .................... then the Sign of Divorce is Discerned before the Nations) God equates the "Sign of Divorce/Joseph the Blessings/Second Light Source of Earth's Moon", to the Plagues of Egypt, and to the Babylonian Reign of Daniel (Sodom and Egypt in Revelation) ....................... that is not a coincidence, the plagues of egypt were only a place holder, not the real truth by a long measure. ........................... It appears that God reveals the Sign of Divorce above the nations or geographically according to his will over time, and based on the elimination of the ethnic people, disputed genetic lines of revelation, God modifies this argument for further rebuke ............................ in the Old Testament, God handled "dead work and dead flesh" ....................... in the New Testament, God disputes this issue with Satan (that is Michael and his Angels, witness, against the Devil and his Angels). (God is discerning a Seed Population for the New Earths, he will take about 200,000,000 from what constitutes humanity past and present and articulate this figure, what God cannot use of this Generation, he simply fills in the blanks ........................... that is what the nations are contending with God over, their immediate and actionable futures in god's eyes, there are people probably more qualified to be the "future generation", that are thousands of years dead, but God voices the argument that way, to discern "potential", since this generation is the produce of more of god's trials then the previous generations) (God often doubles truth to convict the wicked, that means Jesus did spend about 40/42 years crucified/risen before the Temple's Destruction ....................... but before that Emmanuel gave Prophecy for 40/42 Years) (Today there was only Nguyen Van Lem, ending with the 9/11/2001 twin towers that he prophesied about, and Nasa Recorded, as we've said ....................... that means this length of time according to prophecy 9/23/2017 to 12/21/2018, 450 Days for Isaiah 17:6 (7x6=42 Years), should have more value, and importance and not less, but we'll have to see what is necessary. If we infact understood God's revelation correctly based on what he said alone, then, the truth will be self explanatory and everything that we've said will be both actionable and clear, with no controversies or disputations) (very soon, everything will be resolved) (Paradox - the Gates of Hell is referred to as the Work of Satan in fulfilling prophecy, no value...................when God reacts the "Gates of Hell" is a reference to God in finishing the work of the Judgment (that means a "remnant is left over or furnished", "the dead rise with jesus first, then we are leftover or leftbehind").........................the only answer to the "Paradox of the Lord's Coming, God having to kill the "Saints/Prophets/Church", is the "appointed time is in dispute, or not correctly placed")
  7. Gibbus

    The Completion of Prophecy

    Time // Times // Half a Time 70 Years // 1290 and 1335 // 42 Years Time // Times // Half a Time 2300 // 1290 and 1335 // 1260 (42) *God answers the "One Week of Daniel" and the "Middle of the Week of Daniel", in only one Parable (Providing all the Figures for us to Use). God also substitutes the 70 Year Period, for a 2300 Day Period........................May 21, 2011 to 9/23/2017 is 2300 Days ...................... or .......................... You can go from Roswell UFO ............................... the legal reason for this substitution appears to be the fact that God has a specific observance of "2300 Literal Days" instead of 7 Years .......................... now the other specific reason for the number usage is the "Multiple Arguments" (God substitutes, because, he did not provide us with a number system for the gospel ................. God only provided the Mayan Calendar Number System, and that is not applicable for the Gospel). (Dispute with God) (Ezra 8:35 teaches us that God uses 1260/1290 in the same capacity to the 70th Year if that is true, there is no 42 Year Gentile Period.) (Isaiah 17:6 teaches us that 1290 does not function for 1260, that is where we minus 1290 and 1335 for 450 days to the 42 Year Period) (You can die in 2 Years and 1/2, roughly that is to May 21, 2021. We'll have to see what God want to have done on 12/21/2018 this year approximately, matching his intelligent design and connotation he released in the Mayan Calendar, only, this is the correct conclusion for the gospel) (Your more important or significant then the dead corpse for Moses God allows you to have, mass suicide with moses is only the gateway for a dumb corpse that is billions of people, we'll see if we can achieve the feat of Nguyen Van Lem or the first resurrection, or there is only suffering and pain until you die, all of this will be resolved this year, so very soon) (bleed me our or better, shoot me, in about a hour I'm on my way to city hall in the city of philadelphia, ethnic euthanasia
  8. Gibbus

    The Completion of Prophecy

    The Completion of Prophecy Part 2 (Daniel's 70 Weeks) . (Jesus Birth to Crucifixion to Temple Destruction) . (Revelation Claims) . (Divisions of Daniel's Weeks) . (Probably 9/23/2017 to 12/21/2018 Connection) 1. 2300 (6.3 Years) 2. 7 3. 7 4. 7 5. 7 6. 1290 // 1335 (7 Years - Multiple Figures) 7. 1260 // 42 (7 Years - Multiple Figures) **** **** **** **** (Play on the Multiples) **** **** **** **** (No Year Zero) 6 B.C. Jesus Born to 1. A.D. ... 1 A.D. + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 29 A.D. Crucifixion ... 30 A.D. (difference of 1290 and 1260) Jesus is Risen ... then about 42 Years to Temple's Destruction (42 Years - 24 Months = 40 Years to Temple's Destruction) ............................... Total 7 x 7 or 49 for Daniel's 70 Weeks, we are provided more detail Total 7 x 6 = 42 Years + 6.3 Years = 48.3 Years (69 Weeks of Daniel 483 Days) Total 7 x 5 = 35 Years + 6.3 Years = 41.3 Years (62 Weeks of Daniel 430 Days) (One Week of Daniel = "1290 and 1335") Middle of the Week of Daneil 1. 2300 (6.3 Years) (Total 1 to 6 = 42 Years) 2. 7 (Total 1 to 6 = 42 Years) 3. 7 (Total 1 to 6 = 42 Years) 4. 7 (Total 1 to 6 = 42 Years) 5. 7 (Total 1 to 6 = 42 Years) 6. 1290 // 1335 (7 Years - Multiple Figures) (Total 1 to 6 = 42 Years) 7. 1260 // 42 (7 Years - Multiple Figures) (42 Years) Numbers 1 to 6 = 42 Principal Figures, and then Number 7 = 42 Years, this is the MIDDLE OF THE WEEK, it is the association that is being made, that is important (between 42 and 42, that is "Revelation's Claim"). **** **** **** **** Count the Number of the Beast **** **** **** **** (not the Mayan 260 Day Year and 52 Solar Year, that number system is designed to collapse on 12/21/2012 for the Sun's Solar Alignment, that is complete on those terms, God is not doing that, the "Dark Rift Alignment" of the Mayan Calendar's equation was never completed, but that is what God would have in view, that is the Darkening of the Earth's Sun at the "Dark Rift Alignment) God answers us for the Number of the Beast by Providing these "Multiple Arguments" 6. 1290 // 1335 (7 Years - Multiple Figures) (Total 1 to 6 = 42 Years) 7. 1260 // 42 (7 Years - Multiple Figures) (42 Years) *Number 666 for Number 6 = 666 - 450 Days = 1260 or 42 Months 1290 Days to 9/23/2017 then 450 (1290 - 1335) (isaiah 17:6) days to 12/21/2018, finally 42 Years to 12/21/2060 Issac Newton's Prophecy for "Halley's Comet" as the Marker (we used Comet 67p for 9/23/2017 or you can use Fatima). We don't have a number system from God to complete the Mayan Calendar Equation that God wrote himself, we have a straight answer that is complete on the terms it is given, all of the information can be derived from the statements God has made for the Darkening of the Earth's Sun, "4th Vial//4th Seal//4th Trumpet" ............................. God is doing the same thing he has done before, only using Seven Divisions for the Entire Argument that is a Multiple of Seven, in this Case Daniel's 70 Weeks, has visual ties to the previous arguments. (its 6pm, I'm gona to City Hall for Euthanasia of Ethnics based on lethal force use against me, as a result of this truth to see how many die, but I'll be back in a hour or two, so not very long, you need to convince me more force will be used against me, then we'll do this again and again until you die again and again).
  9. Gibbus

    The Completion of Prophecy

    enterprisemission.com/images/hoagland-moon-july06/shard-Comp.jpg spacestationmoon.blogspot.com/2011/02/lunar-lights-on-hollow-moon.html (Nguyen Van Lem 1967/68 + 42 Years to 9/11/2001) (God is giving Moses knowledge of the resurrected Jesus, but in reality, God only has Moses in view, to dispute, weather or not, the church is guilty of sin, and if Guilty it must be judged as sinner, but if that isn't the case, then, the "Gates of Hell, Will not Prevail against the Church") (You'll have 2 and 1/2 years left to die once we reach 2019, global death) (there is no reason for the faithful to suffer with the wicked, but at the same time, God is disputing this issue of "more time", and that issue, is coming closer to a conclusion after 12/21/2018) (There is a tremendous difference between someone that is right with god, and a filthy sinner..................but to make things less clear, these are the tools of the dead sinner, adversities, uncleannesses, inconveniences, controversies, convolutions, disputations of the law and the revelation) (Do you believe that you are designed to answer for yourself weather you are saved, by a measure) (that is a great measure, to have these people billions die blind and dumb in only 2 and 1/2 years from 2019 just a few months away) (what god will do, or intends to do, maybe Moses knows, but once we all know, its for the faithful to decide weather that sign was for god or for man, and if for god, then that matter will be resolved in about or less than 2 and 1/2 years)
  10. Gibbus

    The Completion of Prophecy

    (Second Coming based Paradox, Looking for a Sign or a Vision) 1. God has a Timetable (Time, Times, Half a Time) 2. Dead Church Marks God's Timetable (Jesus Crucified to Temple Destruction, "1260/42") 3. Dead Jesus or Son of Man Marks God's Timetable (Two Witnesses Rev. 11, "1260/42") Around the 4th Vial / 4th Seal / 4th Trumpet, God has the "Sun" in view. God begins to "Touch this Creation", that marks the "Second Coming"........................ God apparently has circumstances in place before that happens, that is "all the saints and prophets, and the church are dead" (seals/vials/trumpets 1-3) ..................... if that qualifier isn't met, then God does nothing, time simply expires and mankind is allowed to die in blindness. 1. "The Mark of Beast comes to fruition in uncleanness Vials/Seals/Trumpets, all for 1 to 3", ends in dead prophets, saints, church. 2. "Sign of Divorce/Second Sun" is revealed and the ungodliness of men is tried before the global death, Vials/Seals/Trumpets, all for 4 to 7", ends in dead creation/universe. Are all the Prophets/Saints Dead? Is the Church Dead (Jesus is Crucified)? Obviously these qualifiers are not completed. Therefore God has not touched the Earth, and we don't see anything, the Sun is unchanged. Paradox. For God to impose the death of the "Prophets, Saints, Church" to complete his law, is a contradiction of the law God has provided, because "Dead Work and Dead Flesh" has no value with God. So why would God raise up "Dead Work and Dead Flesh", against his anointed? God has no Timetable to React. (the Gates of Hell the 4th Vial/4th Seal/4th Trumpet, will not prevail against the Church - Jesus Quote, Matt. 16:18) What is God Teaching Us then, If the "Signs and Visions" of Revelation are Fictitious in God's Eyes? God has no Timetable to React, what this means is: when a Saint or a Prophet or the Church is killed at any point in the gospels law, God is likely to rebuke that action, often with a sign. Such as you have seen with "Fatima, Turin Shroud, 9/11/2001, Flight 370, Wow Signal, Roswell UFO, and many others". God doesn't Kill Saints/Prophets/Church to Complete the Law, what this means is: God has assigned a natural length to their Testimony, Satan is the Murderer and that has no value. God claims in order to begin the "1260/42 years" that a "Three Days of Darkness" or the "Saints/Prophets/Church"'s testimony reaches its natural completion at that stage, this is not a murder, God is not killing, that is the way the judgment is designed. The Timetable is clearly given to us for God's Action, but he has not Timetable to react, this can be done at anytime (ethnic people are used like rabies and rabid dogs, to cause me suffering for pleasure for that reason...one dumb corpse goes away or is killed, and many more come after it). The Order for the SEALS have not changed, more detail is added. (When God allowed the 9/11/2001 Falling Man Moses to fall into the earth it was a picture of the Seals being completed, because, the Law is completed when 153 days begins and Jesus falls into the Earth). (What Satan does, is not important with God: "death of saints/prophets/church" must follow the natural course of the law, that position cannot be frustrated. With any, or the preference of ethnic people, human hunters ... my nightly walks for ethinc people is just a few bodies dead weekly at best, they don't have a will to see more dead, like I said, it only takes one negro or ethnic to make something up, use imprisonment or adversity, but I'll eventually be a free man ... your willingness to feel pain has limited your willing to keep hurting me) (so far, these are just a few of Satan's False Claims: 12/21/2012 Galactic Alignment, no additional detal (dark rift is repeatedly referenced) ... ... ... ... Fatima and 100 years to Third Temple, no such claim made, maybe for 100 years to the 70th year ... ... ... ... lots of loosed ends tied prematurely and you'll answer for that) (that is political and ethnic euthanasia, as a deterrent from stopping you in hurting yourselves in a worse case scenario, this will reach a peak of me having to do that, most recently, "john mccain", once I have the ability to do that, I'll carve a bigger dent, probably more frequently, that depends, maybe not at all) God's Natural Timetable? Are the Seals, or the Figures of Daniel or Both? God tells us his order of events in the parable of the "Lucky Sevens" stated in Revelation, but this divisions are clearly numbered and identified. That means some minor usages of turncoated figures. God talks about "Three Days of Darkness before 1260/42 years", and "Three Days of Darkness before 5 Months (153 Fish)" .............. that figure God associates with the "dead prophets/saints/church" that is God's natural process, not a murder, not god raising up dead work and dead flesh. 1. Three Days Darkness, for the Earth's Sun 2. Three Days of Darkness, for 153 Days Jesus and God only, no living people This kind of language is only introduced at the "4th Vial/4th Seal/4th Trumpet" (1260/42 Years), and the figure God uses for the Gentiles of Isaiah, follows the 4th to the 7th for all the figures God uses. (Everything will be resolved around 12/21/2018, if not exactly on that day) (I'm your government, your congress, your president, your peacekeeper if that is necessary, but, I believe the less Moses has to do, the better the position.) EDIT This is what I meant to say. Jesus said if the Church is not Dead in Matt. 16:18, then God does not go to the 4th Vial/4th Seal/4th Trumpet. If that is true, the value of "1260/42 Years" cannot be the result of a turncoated "1335" because the ARK/BOAT/CHURCH was not modified: (Flight 370) 1260/1290 Days to 70th Year, then 1335 Days and Everything is Finished (Ezra 8:35) If the Church was Guilty of Sin then "1335 is Turncoated the ARK/BOAT" 1290 to 70th Year, then (1290-1335) 450 Days to 42 Years ***This issue with God can only be resolved with nothing happening at all on 12/21/2018, the correct figure. Which is 450 Days from 9/23/2017 (isaiah 17:6) (for 42 years i'll, I mean moses whoever he is, will have to periodically euthanize, in addition, to other activities, which are much more fun ................ that is not the point ................. what do we want with this world and creation's "dying goods", if your judgment is over and finished, if we are not guilty in god's eyes? true, satan has made a muck of god's prophecies, but that is besides the point, everything will be resolved soon, this year)
  11. Gibbus

    The Completion of Prophecy

    The Living Church (Prophecy Completed) (Order against the Churches) No Earthly Judgment (Seven Candlesticks) (Final 70 Years of Daniel Comes into View and Gross Sin (Global Terrorisms) 1. 1st Vial =1st Seal 2. 1st Trumpet 3. 2nd Vial 4. 2nd Seal 5. 2nd Trumpet 6. 3rd Vial 7. 3rd Seal=3rd Trumpet Earthly Judgment (Seven Churches) (Earth's Sun Goes Dark to End of Gentile Reign/Sign of Divorce/True Unified Field) 1. 4th Vial = 4th Seal = 4th Trumpet 2. 5th Vial 3. 5th Seal 4. 5th Trumpet = 6th Vial 5. 6th Seal 6. 6th Trumpet 7. 7th Vial =7th Seal =7th Trumpet (God didn't reveal the "Sign of Divorce for 42 Years" from the Crucifixion to the Temple Destruction in Jerusalem ....................... that is the claim the gospel makes ..................... in otherwords ................... "Fatima" did not produce a 1260/42 Year Period in 1917 .................... this just has not happened, Isaiah's Gentile Prophecies are Unfulfilled) (70 Weeks for Ungodliness ..................... "One Week and Midst of the Week" for the Church to cleanse its sin ........................ that has not happened .................... have of 70 Weeks is "1260/42 Years", God reveals the "Midst of the Week" .............. and God reveals "One Week = 1290 - 1335", Isaiah 17:6" for Seven years (we can observe the First Half 1290 Days literally, but the association means we need to observe 450 Days, to the 42 Year Period) The Dead Church (Prophecy Incomplete) (We Plug in Number Figures Here) Relax Music - The Most Amazing Space Nebulas - 2 Hours - Sleep Meditation - 1080P HD youtube.com/watch?v=nY4uOZrzv0s (70 Years Only) 1. 1st Vial =1st Seal (5/21/2011 or "2300 Days" to 9/23/2017, the last stretch of time doubles as 70 year summary) 2. 1st Trumpet 3. 2nd Vial 4. 2nd Seal (9/11/2001 ... or "666 - 1335" (disputed figure) 5. 2nd Trumpet 6. 3rd Vial 7. 3rd Seal=3rd Trumpet (9/23/2017 Comet 67p) (1290 - 1260 = 30/42 Years ... 420 + 30 = 450 Days to 42 Years to 2060 Issac Newton's Prophecy) 1. 4th Vial = 4th Seal = 4th Trumpet (450 Days) 2. 5th Vial (450 Days) 3. 5th Seal (450 Days) 4. 5th Trumpet = 6th Vial (450 Days) 5. 6th Seal (42 Years) 6. 6th Trumpet (42 Years) 7. 7th Vial =7th Seal =7th Trumpet (153 Days ... God doesn't need us alive) (God gives us a direct answer, the "One Week / Middle of the Week" Prophecy of Daniel = 666 ................ obviously that is a parable, but our direct answer for God is "Isaiah 17:6", 666 - 450 Days = 1260/42 Years) (That is 9/23/2017 to 12/21/2018, Everything will be Resolved This Year ....................... God Wrote, the Prophecy of the Testator is of no effect one that person is dead, now Jesus was Crucified After John wrote the Prophecy of Daniel's "One Week/Middle of the Week", for "1260/42", now is Jesus Dead and Buried? The Answer is No, now the Gentiles like Saint Malachy, William Miller and Issac Newton had a field day on the figure of "1260/42", now my position is different, there is a delay period of 450 Days roughly before God does "1260/42", its not a straight 70 years and 42 Years for the Genealogies of Matthew and Luke, Jesus revealed in the New Testament) (Beyond that, Satan God to their Testimonies and Corrupted them, Corruption that is no longer present, essentially) (70 Years // 1290 and 1335 // 42 Years (1260) .................. (Times Time Half a Time of Daniel is not Violated at all, this information has more detail that had and has been set against this simple language, giving us an approximate date, of 12/21/2018 .................... coincidentally matching the material God has written from the Mayan Calendar and Iching Timewave Zero)
  12. Gibbus

    Explaining the 1335, 1290 and 1260 of Daniel 12

    (Issac Newton Style) DANIEL 9:2 In the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem. REVELATION 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six. 70 Weeks = 70 Years "One Week of Daniel" = 666 (not 7 Years) (.......................) 70 x 7 or "70 Weeks" = 490 490 / 7 = 70 Years *** 636 x 666 = 423576 423576 - 636666 = 213090 *** 9/23/2017 to 21 A.D. (not 2060 A.D. for Issac Newton, "21390") 1290 Days to 9/23/2017, then, 1335 Days to 5/21/2021 *** "42 Months" is read as apart of a "Number System", if God gave us "70 x 7, and corrected that to 70 Years" .... then when God says the dual figure "six threescore six" ......... "636 x 666" is corrected to identify with the "Midst/Middle of 1290 and 1335 for Seven Years" ................... we end up with ..................... "42 Months = Discredited", as literal years. (1290 to the 70 year, and 1335 then god finishes the judgment in 153 Days). (its 70 Years + "One Week", God is not clear on what "One Week" Means, but if Revelation is converted into a proper or less proper, number system, it will coincide with Daniel's literal declaration for this period of time) (Bottom Line: Jesus did not act outside of a relative 77 Year Period from his the Pregnancy/Birth to the Temple's Destruction. It is for this reason that when God wrote the, that when John wrote the book of revelation, the 42 years after crucifixion leads to the temple's destruction, those same events are tied together ........................ (God only destroyed the 9/11/2001 Buildings ................ God has no business with Jerusalem or anywhere else, (it was 42yrs from Nguyen Van Lem) .................. that location was chosen, because "Joseph Bones/Jacob's Pillow Stone" (Ray Mabus), was moved to the "Master Building in New York City" by Edward Leedskalnin/Nicholas Roerich/Arnold Toynbee and the others of that day) (The issue with God over, the figure of 450 Days, from 9/23/2017 to 12/21/2018 ............... that daniel's 1290 and 1335 seems to produce around this period, maybe tied to something else the Ancient Prophecies Identified Perhaps, or nothing, this can only be resolved soon, but the legal evidences for this position, is less significant, the position that extends the length of daniel's 77 weeks beyond 77 years is less significant and less plausible) (God only addressed Moses for 42 Years in the Andromeda Galaxy, the language I've said, guarantees that, but, the general trend of god's usage in figures, brings us to immediate death in a few years time in 2021) (Euthanasia as a result of using continuous lethal force against Moses, was at a all time high between 2013 and 2014 ................ we have another peak soon, then a lot more blindness ................... a north korean war as a substitute for the truth of the global death ................. you have not been hurting me full and truly, as much as you can, haven't seen those races, burn up, in public, in quite a while) (the level of force is good, between the ethnic police officers, my relatives and the public in hurting me under the guides of the united states and the je*s, I want this to increase, and we need to bring this back up to the usual levels, at least until the North Korean War officially begins soon) ("One Week" of Daniel, means a number of conclusions, until God acts. If God doesn't act soon, everything is finished, you minus well, since you have nothing to lose suffer the full level of pain, spiritually, until you die like Vietnam ............... I'll try to be walking around after dark on 12/21/2018 for that reason, but if God does anything at all, I may be very comfortable as I dispose of bits and pieces of these, rather large chunks of the political leadership and those kinds of peoples, whenever I please, as it suites my goals ................. so I can be very comfortable, or your need to keep hurting me at the usual rate, at least until the North Korean War Begins Soon) (the euthanasia by the conditions of the elements here in the usa, may have given me an additional week, in our euthanasia cycles of using euthanasia, lethal forces against me, I think that is what it was, its about 1.5 to 2.5 weeks cycles in euthanasias at their peaks)
  13. Gibbus

    September 23, 2017

    (.......................) 1. Flight 370 ............. (Fatima) 2. Twin Towers ................. (Turin Shroud) 3. Mayan Calendar ................. (Saint Malachy) (Biblical Figure Spacing, or, you can say, God has a Preference for Equinoctial Periods/Solstices, as distinctive markers, for the divisions he observers) (that one fact is true today and thousands of years ago) (.......................) 1. Malaysia Flight 370 .............. (Numbers 33:8-9 (1290 Days from 70 Year marker 9/23/2017) (Matthew 24:20 Flight 370) 2. Hijacked Twin Towers .............. (Genesis 4:22 // Isaiah 66:19 // Deuteronomy 1:1-2) 3. Mayan Calendar ................... (Joshua 15:3) (Isaiah 38:8 Aztec Calendar) (.......................) (Ethnic/J** suicide with Moses is the fulfillment of Prophecy with Moses for Rev. 11 .................. mankind didn't build any pyramids, and they didn't design any omega/alpha calendar systems, there just too unclean to have performed any of that, that is the work that God performed only, and the prophets revived from time to time ......................... now God tells us to "Count the Number of the Beast 666" ........................ there is a lot of work God performed, but as history says, ethnic slaves that marry their own sons and daughters, go on lives don't matter campaigns, immigrant campaigns, and terrorist campaigns, built all the pyramids, performed all the calculations, and designed and built all the colliders .........................) (Nightly Walk tonight for Ethnic Euthanasia to City Hall in the City of Philadelphia) (they don't have a legal right to minister, live or reproduce ... over their dead bodies, there won't be any more false witnesses against me, and I'll be free, right now I don't have the cooperation of the media or authorities, that those are multiplifiers for ethnic euthanasia when they use force against me, so its a problem of authority ................. with that said, the activities of moses are for the illustrations of god's mercies, this earth and its people are just dead heaps, not worth my attention, but I do intend to allows, some of God mercies to fall out of my hands) (God provided, complete truths, but didn't finish the language to proclaim that, God instead worth the Bible and that Finished the Work ................. Mayan Calendar is a work from god that is true, but its a broken work by our standards, very clearly, that information is not needed to complete and understand the gospel's claims, as we've illustrated ......................... God's activities with the generations without sin, before the homosapien, were articulated as the pyramids and the monoliths, some of that is a mixed work, but that is how God voiced, the figurative use of the genesis events, which account for, the book of job) (If the Euthanasia is Good tonight, we'll do this again soon, if the euthanasia is really good, we'll do this again this week)
  14. (666 - Rephrased) "We are told to Count" .................... "We've been given Knowledge of Good and Evil" ................. no traditional number system that deals, end time, uses that figure as a number base, therefore we should at least be creative before putting this as a parable, that is the figures of daniel already are sufficient: ***666 / 13 Months in a Lunar Year = 51.23076923076 May 21, 2011 + 2300 Days of Daniel = September 23, 2017 *** Fatima Prophecy, "May to October", is associated to a claim, that 100 Years of its Anniversary would mark the 70th Week of Daniel, that is 1917 to 2017 .................. the Prophecy itself never, stated or declared a "sign from god was expected" at the 100 year mark. That is information people later falsely added, but the Prophecy is creditable if not complete, valid and true. 1. Middle of 7 Years to the 70th Year ... "1290 and 1335" = 7 Years 2. Middle of 77 Years (70 Weeks) ... "1260/42 Years, and, Three and Half" = 77 Years (42+35) Logical and Legal (Daniel's Middle of the Week Prophecy for "666") 1. Mysterious Planes = 9/11/2001 as "42 Year" marker from Vietnam/Nguyen Van Lem 2. Mysterious Planes = Flight 370 as 1290 Days from 9/23/2017 and 1335 Days from May 21 to October 21 for 153 Days (Matching's Fatima's Prophecy) Logical and Legal (Continued) 70 Weeks only for Daniel, and the final 7 Years from the 69th Week to the 70th Week has a "1290 Day Half of 7 Years for "1290 and 1335", Marker to the 70th Year. That much is, fulfilled already...................if you don't like the "jupiter alignment of 9/23, then, either you trust God with "Fatima", or its a blasphemy, you'll have to make that choice. (Unresolved - Remember God does not Provide us with a "Number System for 666" so once again, a clever answer, will only clear things up) God Reveals "1260/42" for the Gentiles, at the same time, God Reveals "666", the intelligent thing to do is associate these figures in a simple way: "666 - 450 Days = 1260/42Years" Both "Middle of the Week" statements from Daniel's Prophecy, readily provide us with a figure of 450 Days (420 + 35, or 1290 - 1335) ............... this answer, readily provides us with, a duration of 9/23/2017 to 12/21/2018, figures that all previous "Number Systems with Base 260 for Mayan, or Base 64 for Iching", support, plus much more .................... then after 450 Days According to "Isaiah 17:6 ... 9/23/2017 + 450 Days", we go for "42 Years to roughly 12/21/2060: (Prophecy of Fatima Continued) Back in 2017, many people claimed the one thing that nobody that witnessed or recorded the prophecy claimed, that a sign from god would take place 100 year later, only that this date was important .................... the one piece of important information from "Fatima" = "May to October", that is a law from God if you believe that: May 21, 2011 + 2300 Days to 9/23/2011 + 450 Days to 12/21/2018 + 42 years to 2160 + 2130 Days from May 21, to October 21 (Fatima's Prophecy is Completed) As for God, "May to October of 2011" + 2300 Days Completed Fatima's Prophecy (You can discard the 2130 Days I added on the argument that is false, it is just for illustration, recall, the "153 Days" of Revelation has not value for Humanity, we are all deceased almost instantaneously, God's Discernment is Completed before that) ................... (God tells us to keep watch, now, what do I believe on this issue? God says the "dead are raised first", they are cut off spiritually, so often time it appears that God doubles his judgment .................... Nguyen Van Lem + 42 Years to 9/11/2001 ...................... is just a doubling of the judgment for the wicked ..................... God does not pay for the sin of Genetic Dan, and of those convicted, even those genetic lines missing from revelation ..................... what is done with jerusalem, if anything, will be answered after the assessment process that is really momentary ..................... holocaust and ethnic cleanings are man's natural positions, that said, God does have an answer planned for this generation, no different then the answer God gave during the Exodus and before the Temple's Destruction, under the umbrella of, the "Canaan Covenant" ..................... I believe also, relocation or death or both for jerusalem is good, the example with God and for the nations is set early on and then abandoned for a trial of sin at their hands, further in the process, this could be easy, my goals don't really require me to do any acts of euthanasia, only if I'm force in those postions, since that is less profitable for Moses, and less sound with god, now I can't simply depend on the fact that they will force me to mass suicide of jerusalem/isreal, if it happens, it happens)
  15. (traditional positions) 1. Science Position for 666 = Calculation System 2. Religious Position for 666 = Tied to Jeruslaem .......................... 1. Science Position for 666 = Daniel's 70 Weeks are Longer than 77 Years 2. Religious Position for 666 = Daniel's 70 Weeks are no Greater than 77 Years .......................... 1. Apostle Paul/Gentile 42 Years to Temple Destruction (Isaiah 11:10-11 (second coming), 2Kings2:23-25) 2. Jesus Birth to Temple Destruction did not exceed 77 Years (Ezra 8:35) .......................... 1. (Jewish Holocaust implied in all their theologies) 2. (Blind and Dumb death for non-religious in all their theologies) .......................... (I will make a statement, but everything will be resolved on 12/21/2018) .......................... 1. (Mayan Calendar Base 260/Issac Netwon 2060 ... Iching Base 64/Ninth Planet) (Isaiah 38:8) 2. Independance of Isreal + 66 Years to (flight 370) 1290 Days to end 70 Years/Weeks + 1335 Days to End of Earth (153 Days May 21, 2011 to Oct 21, 2011) (ezra 8:35) .......................... (Statement is Legal Evidence) .......................... 1. "1290 and 1335" from Jesus Birth (Star Bethlehem) 2. "42 Years from Crucifixion to "Jesus Touch Earth" Temple Destruction, within 77 Years .......................... 1. One Week of Daniel = "1290 and 1335" (half of this, middle of the week implied) 2. Middle of the Week (s) of Daniel = 42 Years (half of 77) .......................... 1. Flight 370 ... then 7 Years to end ... "1290 before and 1335 after" the 70th Year 2. Nguyen Van Lem 1968 then 42 years to 9/11/2001 ("Jesus Touch Earth") .......................... LAPIS EXILLIS: Lost Secrets of the Illuminati - HD FEATURE youtube.com/watch?v=Z_75v1XA46g&t=2011s Terrence Mckenna believed me, and a few others, I don't remember if Budd Hopkins was among those few, but I did mail him a letter about the aliens, using the mother of the father's surname, the rest is what history records ......................."Ray Mabus ............ is inscribed at the Master Building in New York", it was the end of the 42 Years for the Gentiles God had in view, and, the sign that appear over that building answer and removed all doubts, about my claim of "Jesus Touching the Earth" at that time ........................ nonetheless when they did silence Terrence Mckenna, he changed his "Timewave Zero" date from 9/11/2001 to 12/21/2012, he lost hope in humanity. And, Budd Hopkins followed in his footsetps, he also lost all hope in humanity, that is why I expressly contacted him about the aliens to provide more detail about the "Gentile Dispute" that claimed, Terrence Mckenna's, whole life, before Budd Hopkins was consumed and likewise, lost his whole life. .......................... (I told you my goal, was to bring truth, not to answer for the coming of the lord, not to provide a date for his return, but, to give these people what they want, while they are in their death throws, "pain for pain". And the magnitude of pain in what was necessary for hurting me is as you have seen it, and there can be much more. If I didn't already perceive that, that at the moment, the people in the highest positions of the united states, in the highest positions of the public trust, recently lost their desire to keep hurting me, after seeing only a small fraction of the pure suffering and death, that can happen very quickly, if you don't learn quickly to stop hurting me. Now. 12/21/2018. Maybe nothing at all, but it is the only correct position the gospel acknowledges if any, for any length of time beyond 77 years for daniel's week to year argument, and that argument is not straight forward. Now. One conclusion is that nothing happens, and billions will die with me, as a fool, blind, not knowing jesus in their final hours before they die. Or. the President of the USA will give the order to blow out my brains at Sutton and Macdade Blvd. in Folsom PA near my address, for the Prophecy of "Annemark of Nostradamus" or "Allen C. Martin", these are unfulfilled prophecies about the "Gentile Age, that is Disputed".................... we did talk about a "North Korea War", about how, I have proved, with legal evidences, how North Korea had launched a satellite into space that contained a nuclear weapon, one, the USA has no position on, and one that if dropped vertically, in a blind zone, will evade all weapons and defensive systems, until detonation takes place, and that is the only answer to provide the american citizens, before the "North Korea War", that will begin as soon as 12/21/2018 ...................... if you have nothing else, maybe, the blessing of the war, will be your peace, as this will happen soon)