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  1. Dear saints: Greetings to you all! As you might know, I had shared my prayer request for admission that I could get it. And through the help of your prayer I got it. Thanking to God for His answer of the prayers. And now is the time for VISA, This Monday I went to the embassy and there is problem. I came with sadness. BUT I believe God He will open it. The school which I got admission is sending official letter of the request to the Embassy directly and please pray for me that I could see the wonderful work of God on this. And I will get visa so soon and very well without any hindrances. God bless everyone! With Sincerely, Mei Kor
  2. Thank you everyone. I got admission already. Continue prayers for my visa. God bless.
  3. Dear all, I had done interview today. The result will be out 19, Wednesday. keep praying for me. Love all!
  4. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! I am going to taking interview from the College on this coming Thursday, December 13, 8:20am to 5oam around on Myanmar Time. Please pray for me that I can answer all the questions without any hesitations and nervousness by the help of God through your prayers support. God bless you. Mei Kor
  5. Thank you for all the prayers, brothers and sisters. I had submitted my documents today and continue pray for me to be granted the documents and can get admissions. Blessings. Mei Kor you can contact me with my email and welcome to my church. meikorsalai@gmail.com
  6. Your prayers is needed dear forums friends I am going to apply theological college this week, God will grant my petition. God Bless.
  7. Blessing be upon the church of ECC and may God find the needs of the church to build and a block of land. Praying! Let's us pray for this church and find a way for God's glory be shown in the country of Myanmar.
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