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  1. Dear Friends Please do pray for Mon State in Myanmar. Ten people have died and dozens are missing after a landslide in Mottama, a small town in Thaton District in Mon State, according to local sources. At least 30 others are still missing, according to the Mudon Recuse Association (MRA). According to the Mon State Government, 27 people have been injured in the landslide so far. The landslide hit at the base of a mountain just after 8 a.m. local time, according Bo Bo Win, a member of the rescue team. The landslide came as the area was hit with heavy rains on Thursday night. The region was already dealing with heavy flooding, with transportation limited or entirely shut down. Train routes between Rangoon to Ye Township have been canceled and much of the highways, completely submerged in water, have been closed off to cars—especially in Belin Township, where the Mon State government has opened eight camps that are currently housing 1,000 people displaced by flooding.
  2. Dear Friends Thank you for your faithful prayers support. My little John Hta Htun is almost recover fully. I thank God for answering the prayers that we vowed. Praise God!! In the other hand, I needs your prayer help again for my daughter Gloria Mawi San as she is getting the flu sickness today. She as infected from John. Blessings! Tun
  3. Thank you for praying! My son is doing better but not yet recover fully.
  4. I can't visit the site.
  5. Dear Friends Is there any translation ministry within our circles or else who wants to make English to Burmese such as Christian books and tracts? I want to work for my ministry income. Is someone knows please lead me to get! Bless!
  6. Dear Friends My son is getting fever from last night. He is 2 and half year old. So please do join me in prayers.
  7. Tun Lin

    Praise Report

    Dear Freinds I do thanks all of you for praying faithfully so that God answered the prayers and healed three orphans. Now they are fine and could able to go school. Blessings! Tun
  8. Yes brother. Thanks for your concerns. I did post already.
  9. Thank you for your prayers. Two girls are getting much better from yesterday. But the other one boy is still sick. God bless!
  10. Dear Friends Thank you all for your faithful prayer support. My three orphans are getting better in this evening at our time. Please continue to pray for them to recover fully. God bless you!
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