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  1. MyElShaddai


    Thank you!
  2. MyElShaddai


    Yes, love that song! After we studied the names of God, I was all proud I recognized some of His titles in the song and could interpret it. lol Its a beautiful song! And great worship!
  3. MyElShaddai


    Aww, thank you! I appreciate it! I was very nervous early on. God has already answered prayers and redirected the storm from direct impact from my area. And He's weakened the storm tremendously. We still have some dangers to consider, but trusting Him. And yes, my women's bible study did a lesson on the names of God's character. The study on El Shaddai really stood out for me and where I am in my walk. I fell I love with it. Thank you for sharing the link.
  4. MyElShaddai


    Thank you Shanee! I appreciate it!
  5. MyElShaddai


    Thank you so much!
  6. MyElShaddai


    Me too! Yes, I'm a little farther inland from my local beaches, and I didn't have to evacuate. However, the rain we're suppose to get is a major concern. The trees fall around here easily with the slightest heavy rain and winds. So we need God's mercy!
  7. MyElShaddai


    Thank you Angels4U!
  8. MyElShaddai


    Thank you all for your prayers! And for the friendly welcome! I appreciate it!
  9. MyElShaddai


    Hi everyone! I live on the east coast and have many family and friends on the coast as well. We need your prayers. This hurricane (Florence) headed our way is going to be devastating if it hits our areas at the magnitude predicted. But I know Jesus calmed the storm for Peter and the disciples. Please pray with many of us asking God's mercy and letting Him know we have faith in Him. I'm trusting Him no matter what, but I am I bit nervous. Thank you my brothers and sisters!