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    Jesus is my Lord!!! He's never given up on me and I can't fathom why He would love me so much. I suppose I'll figure it out on the other side.

    Proud single parent of three teenage boys! Lord, help me!!!!

    I LOVE music. I play a pretty mean bluegrass guitar and play/sing at my local church. Hank Williams is my absolute favorite artist!!! Pretty much, if it's old, I love it!!!

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  1. Yippie!!! I'm not a control freak!!!!
  2. Brother Gary Andrews-Enoch's Testimony This is from our PM service last night. Brother Andrews is short, sweet and to the point lol!!! Enjoy!!!!
  3. When Our Lord Shall Come Again Fill My Way With Love I Am Determined To Hold Out A New Name In Glory Gone Home
  4. If man is still alive..... if woman can survive......
  5. Hi, my name is Ron and I'm a Facebook addict!!!!
  6. Keep On The Sunny Side I Want To Know More About My Lord Jesus Hold My Hand I'm Going That Way Precious Memories
  7. I should have ya some more tomorrow......I sing 4 congregational songs per service, so two services tomorrow will equal 8 songs plus if I sing a solo or two.....
  8. Excuse me? I AM singing normal lol!!!!
  9. doesnt that hurt ??? most people use fingers or a plectrum :24: :24:
  10. In the year 2525..... (oops, wrong song lol)
  11. The amazing thing? I can't read a lick of music!!! I know just enough to tell what key something is written in but that's it. I play guitar by ear completely......
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