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  1. So, where scripture is pointing out WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING, to COUNT the NUMBER, it is really not saying to do that, but rather to do something else. That is an unusual conclusion based upon the actual text. Would it be your opinion that the gematria of the six original "ROMAN" numerals (I V X L C D) summing at 666 is mere coincidence?
  2. Jonathan ... Regarding Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let he who hath understanding count the number ... ... ... What language did you use and what numeric system did you use?
  3. Would our God have foreknowledge that the priests and popes of Rome would refer to themselves as "Father" and ... "Holy Father"?
  4. And call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father which is in heaven. Mathew 23:9 Why would our Father inspire this passage to be in His Word? Is it prophetic of His foreknowledge of future events? Your thoughts.
  5. Have I ever read the Book of Revelation you ask? ... Only for 40 years. I was drawn to this book before I was born again and baptized. I believe you have been reading too many books by the Hal Lindsays of this world and the Dallas School of Theology boys. When God destroys Vatican City (Mystery Babylon) you may (?) then realize that your futurist views (as opposed to historicism) are flawed ... futurists will then be saying ... how can this be, for according to futurism, the image mark and numbered beast were supposed to be revealed prior to the destruction of that great city. They may then realize that their "watchmen" were asleep on their watch.
  6. My memory is fading, but I do not recall the Bible referring to ... "The Antichrist". There are many.
  7. I believe, according to Hebrew gematria, when a Nun is a "final", it is valued at 700 by itself (Nrn Qsr). Have you wondered why God did not tell John of Patmos the language or numeric system to be used to count the number?
  8. canada


    From my findings, the first known use of the word Christes-Maess was in England, 1038. The Puritans passed an anti - Christmas law in 1659 and I believe it was opposed in Scotland at one time also.
  9. Not confirmed, but at one time I was informed that the only religion to hold an observing seat in the UN was the RCC and it was seat 66.
  10. canada


    Thanks, but no for the offer Diaste. The intent of my concern is that believers would understand what they are saying and how Rome has subtly accomplished the deception.
  11. canada


    Yes ... but the truth is important also.
  12. canada


    CHRISTMAS Christmas is an invention of Satan and subtly promoted by his church, the Church of Rome. When you say "merry Christmas" whether you know it or not, you are saying "merry death of Christ." The Roman Church took the "mass of Christ" ... reversed it to Christ-mass ... removed one "s" and the world and most of Christianity were deceived. Nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus (the day or month being unknown) but I would like to see Protestantism call the day ... Jesus' Birth or something similar. Mathew 24:24 said if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived ... were you deceived? Until recently, I know that I was.
  13. Well spoken friend ... I watch for God's ever burning destruction of Vatican City (Mystery Babylon) as noted in Revelation. Hint ... it is built upon volcanic rock and it's name is from "vatic" indicating "prophet". The Vatican hierarchy could be (?) the false prophet.
  14. "it's all about deception, and the ultimate deception is satan as Christ!!!!! AS CHRIST ... each and every pope is the VICAR of Christ ... vicarious ... in place of Christ ... instead of Christ.
  15. Yes ... come out of the RCC, not out of a country. Well spoken Davida, for they bow down to a huge bronze statue within the walls of the Vatican, kiss its foot so that the toe is near worn off. This is their god on earth. There is a biblical Peter and Mary, and then there is the blasphemous distortion that the Church of Rome has made of them ... come out of her.
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