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  1. Tzephanyahu

    A Loving God vs Pain & Suffering

    Shalom All, Do you run into the same objections of "Why does God allow this or that?" or perhaps "How can a God of love exist when this or that happens?". Well, I think this matter needs to be tackled head on. Too often the responses some Christians can give, if unprepared, can cause non-believers to run further from God. Yes, God does allow pain and suffering. Yes, God is to be feared before loved. And let's not forget exactly WHO is responsible for much of the suffering in this world - not God, not satan, but us. There are three short stories to explain the above principles. Hopefully they will be of use to you as well should you ever run into this difficult topic. Please take your time (if you have it) when reading each story as, although they are simple to read, they have been written to be thought on. faithandtheword.com/book-a/idb/heart/roots/ Love & Shalom
  2. Tzephanyahu


    Shalom! I thank Yahweh every day for: An able body and mind A time and area of calm A loving wife A home with food and water The means to earn a living What blessings he bestows upon us each day! It's important to not take any of the above for granted. Their all very, very special blessings. HalleluYah! Love & Shalom
  3. Shalom Equippers, When we feel far from God, and there is no obvious reason, you should assume that you are being tested and refined. God may want to prove your heart to Him, or prove something to you. Stay strong. the Bible is your anchor point in these stormy seas. Your love for God and trust in his faithfulness must be paramount at times like these. He won't abandon you if you fail to do this well, don't worry. But whatever you do, don't give in to the darker side of you that is clawing at you to pull you down and away from God. He sees everything, he knows everything. If it is happening, there is surely a beautiful reason behind it that a human mind cannot possibly fathom. You may see why tomorrow, you may see why in 10 years, you may never see why. Just stay true to God, follow the Messiah's ways and trust in God's wisdom. It won't be totally applicable to you, as it's mainly written for non-believers, but I think you may find real peace in reading these three stories, which deal with understanding God when things seem to be falling apart. faithandtheword.com/book-a/idb/heart/roots/ He loves you! Love & Shalom
  4. Tzephanyahu

    Another newbie

    Shalom Peavey! Welcome to Worthy. I hope you enjoy your time here. Love & Shalom
  5. Tzephanyahu

    Hi! New Member

    Shalom PurpleNight! Welcome to Worthy. It's great to have you aboard. Looks like we have similar interests! Love & Shalom
  6. Shalom All, Forgive the heavy title of this post! It's not as bad as you might think. Many people cannot believe in God because of all the pain, suffering and evil in the world, and there is a lot. Many people cannot understand God because he seems angry at sometimes and loving at others. For those people, those who cannot believe or cannot understand Him, there is a simple way to start answering these issues. There are three short stories you can read to help explain things simply and clearly. Take your time when reading each story. The truth about the world and God's nature can't be understood if scan-read. Read each story and consider the matter introspectively. You can read the three stories here: https://faithandtheword.com/book-a/idb/heart/roots/ Always ask questions. Always search out a matter. God will reward the diligent. Love & Shalom
  7. Tzephanyahu

    Proof of Global Flood?

    Shalom Melodyfire! Aw thank you for the kind words! Stay tuned! Love & Shalom
  8. Tzephanyahu

    Introducing Yeshua's Berean One

    Shalom! I'm also from the UK. Welcome in the name of Yeshua! I hope you enjoy your stay. Love & Shalom
  9. Shalom! Welcome aboard in the name of Yeshua! Love & Shalom
  10. Shalom! I admire your honesty – a true sign of bravery. These are all fantastic questions, some of which I considered, others than didn’t so thank you very much. I understand what you mean. There are ways to stray from the narrow path of salvation but they are all based on whether or not we have listened and applied his words. Many people just read or hear his words and don’t truly do them in their lives. These are those who don’t produce “fruit”. Now, that doesn’t mean we need to preach the gospel on a pedestal and cast out demons to produce fruit. Rather, it means we should truly learn to love each other, to care for each other and respect each other, even our enemies. The reason why there aren’t any specifics of what to do in order to guarantee salvation is because you could follow rules outwardly but still be full of negativity inwardly (like the pharisees). So then, the Law of the old testament is Quantitative (how to act) whereas the Law of the new testament is Qualitative (how to think). Therefore, when Jesus is saying “follow me”, he is actually saying “do as I do”. His miracles and wonders are one thing, but what was he ACTUALLY doing? Caring for those in need, helping the weak, loving his brothers and sisters and glorify God. He even made a point to intentionally heal on the Sabbath to show that helping each other is paramount over rule following. So, to trust in the name of Jesus is to affirm “Yes, I want to love God and each other as he showed us” – That’s the qualitative path that leads to salvation and the kind of attitude suitable for the next world. This is a tough question that’s not really easily covered in a post, I’m writing the article on this now actually. It’s not complete, but please visit the faithandtheword.com/idb/heart/ . I’m trying to complete it as soon as possible, but please do read it as it will hopefully start to answer your questions. See question 2. Men do indeed have a headship over women and it does SEEM that the old testament is biased to men but it’s not as you think. You see, the biggest mysterious treasure in the Bible is marriage. It’s present from the first book of the Bible to the very last. Marriage is the very point or climax of love. However, the Bible is quiet silent about how marriage should be! Sure, there are portions here and there but in general there’s nothing specific. Yet, at the same time, what we see it that the whole Bible is written around marriage – God to Israel and Jesus to the gentile bride. I believe that God will watch us carefully with how we deal with the opposite sex, especially in Marriage. Some men can love their church family well and yet treat their wife poorly – what do you imagine God would think of such men? Also, we are told that we become as one in a marriage. Therefore, when God addresses man, he addresses his woman too, because man is the covering, the protector and the provider for his “everything”, his wife. What then, are women inferior? Well, consider how the Church is inferior to God – but what do you imagine God thinks of his church? Does he not love her entirely? Isn’t that the sole focus of his attention? Didn’t he die to save her? Therefore, far be it from us to suggest a women is inferior (a horrible word), rather she is to be loved and respected utterly, as God loves us. See question 2. I hope to cover all of these questions more thoroughly on the site but, for now, I hope that gives you some peace my friend. Love & Shalom,
  11. Tzephanyahu

    Proof of Global Flood?

    Good idea, i'll and the link under "further questions". Thank you.
  12. Tzephanyahu

    Proof of Global Flood?

    Shalom Sojourner, A great site! Thank you. Although for a non-believer it might be a bit "Christian" no? I was trying to make it a bit less bias and just highlight the global flood proof before dealing with discussing God, if that makes sense. Love & Shalom
  13. Tzephanyahu

    Proof of Global Flood?

    Shalom Cletus, Have you seen this page? https://faithandtheword.com/idb/mind/real-argument/global-flood/investigation/fifth-area/ Is this what you mean? Love & Shalom
  14. Shalom, I don't know if this is what you want to hear, but I think there are two possibilities. Possibility 1 - It will happen. Consider how old Abraham was when he moved to Canaan. Consider hoe Jacob wasn't told that Joseph was okay for many years. Consider the age of Moses when he was called. We assume that God communicated with such prophets daily but the Bible doesn't say that. It seems that all of the patriachs and prophets went years and years between getting direction or word from Abba. It could be intentional testing to see how you fair in your Faith. Be strong. Possibility 2 - There is a wall. Did you feel that God asked you to confront an issue or resolve something and you haven't? Sometimes we can be left at a stalemate of communication. When we don't listen to Him, why do we expect Him to listen to us? From the last time you felt the Spirit with you, assess the changes in your life between that time and now that may have lead to this state. If you feel a conviction burning within you, face it. Be brave. I have been in the same scenario under both possibilities. Under the former, I had to wait for direction of what to do in serving Him. Under the latter, I had to dedicate more of my mind to His Word and clean up my act some more. I hope some of these ideas and everyone else's comments here help you in some way and you find some peace. Love & Shalom
  15. Tzephanyahu

    New to Worthy

    Shalom Betha, TZ is fine! I'm glad the UK has a presence here. Yes, the Sabbath is precious. I can't wait for the next one already! Love & Shalom