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  1. Yes, correct. It's for the post, not the entire thread it's within, just the single post that has received a lot of reactions - therefore it's badged.
  2. Someone else will surely be able to give a better answer than me, but basically it seems to means you have gone over a certain threshold of received reactions and become badged as a "much loved" post.
  3. Shalom @Curiosity, First of all, welcome to the forum! Secondly, it's encouraging hearing your story and you show yourself to be smart man who is not sleeping with rest of world, blindly following their daily routines and working towards holidays as the the meaning of life! I wonder what exciting things your life will bring... I'm not going to bombard you with Scripture here, but your post reminded me of something written in the Psalm 19:1-4... "The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known. They speak without a sound or word; their voice is never heard. Yet their message has gone throughout the earth, and their words to all the world." You have looked at the stars and the universe and heard their "voice" and heard their "message" - which is without words. It's this handiwork of Yahweh, the God of the Bible, which has made you question things. Indeed, science can offer observances and reasonable theories, but are found wanting, as they step around the concept of a Creator as if it were a disease. Let's say, for argument's sake, there IS a God who created all things. What do you think the likelihood is that His creation could understand His origin? Let me put it this way: You are a 30 year old man, with probably just over half of those years spent to serious, mature introspection, study and higher education. But even if you were educated by the best minds in the world during those years, in all schools of discipline - do you really think you would be capable of understanding God's origin? Where would you start? But let's imagine you can continue unto 90 years old - what could you realistically learn from mankind's educational systems that would give you the capacity to understand such a thing? We're still struggling to understand the nature we see. You are dealing with a completely different realm here. One unaffected by the physically laws we have in ours and not controlled by time as we know it. Some ancient Rabbis believed God's realm to consist of up to 10 dimensions, and I'm sure He can manipulate them at will. So trying to understand His origin, with our simple minds, is like trying to measure the wind with a ruler or weighing love in the heart. As far as man has come, we are still very simple in our understanding (as much as many like to boast the opposite). But you should also consider this: If you struggle to accept the possibility that there IS a God, then why bother wondering at his origin? Well, you know the story in the Bible of course. Yahweh formed man from the earth, utilising it's many chemical properties and then adding that property that science cannot yet measure and analyse (with the tools currently available) - the spirit. But science is catching up with the Bible on this matter, slowly. They have now conceded to a Mitochondrial Eve, the first mother, albeit their timescales still need work. Absolutely and well observed. This world is, in essence, a physical simulation. Everything you see is formed with biological codes and processes - some can be seen with the naked eye, others need a microscope. If you are aware of the video game "the Sims", this will help you understand a lot. Just as in "the Sims", you can look into and observe everyone's life and yet the characters are blissfully unaware of your presence and interact in their own reality. There was a time when the Creator's Son came into the "simulation" and became a "character" to interact with the others. This Son - the Lord Yahushua (Jesus) showed us the way to exit the "simulation" and join the Creator's reality - when the "simulation" is set for deletion. Yes. Personally, I believe that 5-10% of reported events and phenomena are real, with the remainder being misunderstandings, psychological issues and hoaxes. But yes, there are powers out there that cross over into our realm, from either Yahweh or from enemy's camp. Within the enemy's camp I refer to not only spiritual forces but the men who harness them also. I applaud you for this. Far too many don't think about it, either because they are scared, can't be bothered or doubt themselves in finding truth. I encourage you to keep searching, contemplating and questioning. You will be rewarded with answers and truth (which will be undeniable for you) if you continue to dig. I used to be like you, although I was actually against Christianity, rather than having your reasonable approach! However, the more I searched, contemplated and questioned things, I eventually found the truth in the Creator Yahweh, and His word the Bible. Once I cast aside my need to prove and evidence the things I accepted as "truth" and "reality", only then I was provided with the evidence. It was almost like Yahweh wanted me to accept Him and His word without any evidence for the crazy stories and claims within it - so that my faith would be based on spirit rather than science. The evidence is out there in abundance my friend, and I'll help you with any concern you may have with the Bible (if I can, by His grace). But real truth and evidence is within your spirit. If you keep searching, you will be rewarded. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. - Proverbs 25:2 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. - Jeremiah 29:13 Finally, I encourage you to read the Bible. For inspiration and reasons why to even bother with doing so - see this article here, which should hopefully be appropriate for you at this time. Through His Word, you will find Him and the answers for your questions of today and tomorrow. Love & Shalom
  4. Man, this makes me so sad! I've been worried about this being the general impression to new joiners for a while now. Makes me sick. Especially if an atheist was to join out of curiosity or looking for a supportive loving environment. If you want to see one way that enemy attacks Christians is through encouraging their prideful theological stances which cause divisions. This is why you see so much criticism and cruelty. Everyone's a "teacher" and everyone "knows it all". The enemy can turn our strengths into our weaknesses very quickly in this way. Not much has changed since the time of the Pharisees. I hope the foolish interactions you have witnessed on here do not discourage you. There are a handful of great people of God on this forum. Even though there is a lot of nonsense, there IS good as well. I won't give any names, but you will recognise them by their fruit. I can't promised you won't be criticised or disrespected in your future posts as it has happened to all of us, from those thinking they are serving the Lord. But to hold back what you have to share and what you have to ask, because of them, is to let them win and thereby ultimately the enemy. Therefore, take advantage of the anonymity in here. The foolish can't berate you in the media or knock at your front door! So ask your questions without fear. Share your thoughts without restraint, as long as you do so with love and peace in mind. Remember that not everyone who proclaims they are a Christian are one. The church is easily infiltrated by those with dark motives or evil intent, so how much more so in an online forum. But rather fear Yahweh than the devil and his minions. Study the Word regularly and acknowledge Yahweh in all your ways - then you will not need to be concerned with how the devil attacks. If you post this because you feel the enemy is attacking you now, and you have examined your life against Scripture - finding no disparity, I would perhaps recommend posting in the prayer request section. I'm sure our prayer warriors will be able to offer support and advice, according to the gifts bestowed to them. I hope this gives you some strength sister and that you feel encouraged to continue to post. Love & Shalom
  5. Shalom Joni, You can be fruitful and multiply as a disciple of the Messiah. Fruitful in good works, acts of love and kindness. Multiply by sharing the Word and making disciples of others, that the Lord leads across your path. The whole idea of being fruitful and multiplying is to raise a good seed for the Yahweh, our Father. In reaching the lost and making disciples of them you are doing just this - in some ways arguably better than just through procreation. Therefore, if you are asking this question on behalf of yourself, don't be concerned on the matter, as if Yahweh will seek to accuse you on this point. Many of the women in the early church were virgins by choice, for the sake of the Kingdom, and were blessed. If you are not having children out of choice or circumstance, you still have a great responsibility to fulfil. If you do have children, that responsibility does not diminish but only increases. So either way, bring forth good fruit for the time of harvest, as much as the Spirit enables you to do so. I hope that makes sense. Love & Shalom
  6. Shalom @mseals Welcome to the forum. I'm can't promise a blunt post will be received in the main forum, but no question is out of bounds within here, the question section or by direct message. The worse thing to do would be to bottle it up and stop asking and seeking. I relentlessly seek answers and the Father is faithful and revealing the truth when we press on persistently. If you would like to share the questions or concerns, please feel free to do so with anonymity. Love & Shalom
  7. As I wrote in the OP, it may be useful for someone to be introduced to the New Testament times i.e. new Christians. It probably won't be helpful to mature Christians.
  8. Shalom All, Here's a handy, all-in-one resource that may prove useful for you if you are introducing some to the New Testament and they get caught up on names and issues. Topics covered include: Background info on groups (Pharisees, Sadducees, Sanhedrin, Herodians etc) Understanding all the Herods that appear Understanding the scandals and political issues of the first century Differences between the gospels Page: Understanding the gospels It's written simply so that it shouldn't be too hard for anyone to understand. I hope its of some use to one of you, for His glory. Love & Shalom
  9. Shalom @worthlessness1979 I can sympathise with your concerns. This, unfortunately, is a speciality amongst most Christians and it is known to be like this from atheists as well. Everyone's a teacher, everyone's got it 100% right, everyone knows it all. You're doing well to check yourself against the Bible and not peer pressure. I personally don't think so, for two reasons. 1. We are living in a confusing time for the church. There are a lot of lukewarm teachings, confusion over basics (such as salvation and service) and ultimately a self-centred form of faith. This is a generalisation of course. It that way, we are living in the prophetic age of the Laodicean Church, as described in the book of Revelation. You're doing wise to guard your heart, which is possibly a spiritual perception. That said, it is important to trust and tolerate those of different views. We are a family and not all families get on, but they do come together when needed. I know it's hard to see much good and love out there amongst Christians at times (the tares are deeply entangled with the wheat) but there IS good and loving people out there for sure. Reasonable people, kind people and genuine people. If you shut yourself down completely, you will not get the pleasure of meeting them, learning from them and helping them. We are one body and so we cannot do somethings alone and need the input from other "parts" from time to time. (Personally, I believe that we won't get help from God at times, when we ought to be getting it from a chosen person in the body that we know, gifted with the answer we seek.) Conversely, you will also have help you can give to someone in need in the body - whether through advice, encouragement, a listening ear, cheerfulness, a challenging view, financial or other type of support. This is your great mission that only you can work out with Yahweh, but He surely has a mission for you and it will involve the body in some way. But no, it doesn't mean it has to be offline and face-to-face. Online is fine, as this forum and many other sites prove. 2. Building on the above, not everyone in the body is meant to be the same. We're not all shaped from the same cookie cutter! Some are meant to be deep in the church, surrounded with people and connecting with people. Others are meant to be further a field, sometimes right on the outskirts of the group. But why? I believe it's to reach those on the outskirts - non-believers and those wandering away from the centre. In that way, think of it like the role of a sheep dog. The dog isn't inside the group but on the perimeter helping to stop those straying away. (One shouldn't confuse this analogy with the sheep in the flock of God, of course you are part of that group, but your role maybe designed for perimeter work.) There will be people you get to interact with who would only talk to YOUR type of personality and style, whereas they would react badly to another. But if you were to ignore what feels right in your heart (in how you act and react), you might find yourself leaving your ordained role in favour of "copying Christians" in the centre of the group. How then could you speak with a clear conscious before Yahweh if He asked you why you didn't follow what was naturally in your heart? Therefore, don't get downhearted by judging yourself but what you see elsewhere. Trust and work for Yahweh in anyway you feel that He wants you to, with compassion and good motives towards the body. If they offend you, judge you or insult you unfairly, don't take it as representative of every Christian's point of view, just theirs. The Messiah and apostles dealt with the same. Instead let them act how they wish, self-righteous or judgemental, and just move on, working with good motives and love with anyone you feel that you can help or that the Lord has brought across your path, perhaps on the perimeter. Love & Shalom
  10. Shalom All, What do you think your Gift of the Holy Spirit is?
  11. How exciting is it to learn about Him day by day. Little glimpses here and there or sudden revelations that you can't quite compute because of the magnitude, of His love and of His power. Praise Yahweh, I hope one day I can make you laugh Father, and hear it!
  12. Shalom @joebloggs Yes definitely. We are made in His image so the emotions we experience are mirrors of Him. The Scripture has references of God laughing in mockery at those who challenge Him (humour of the obsurd) and even sarcasm at times (which is a type of humour). Our new lives with Him will be filled with many great emotions, including laughter. I can't wait to find out more of what He finds funny! Love & Shalom
  13. Shalom @Dennis1209, Great topic to raise. A very mysterious part of Scripture. And beyond the event itself, what about these considerations... Why is the being called a "man"? Who started the fight? Why could the "man" not defeat the typically weak Jacob? Why couldn't the "man" escape Jacob's grasp even after striking his hip? Could he be that much weaker? Why did the "man" stress about leaving before daybreak? If Jacob thought the "man" could bless him (thereby acknowledging his opponent is of higher stead), why did he treat him so violently? Why did the "man" ask Jacob's name? Why is the place called Peniel in verse 30, but Penuel in verse 31 straight after? Is there a hidden meaning within the subtle variance? Love & Shalom
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