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  1. Amen Lolly, amen. The depth of His love is more terrifying that the fierceness of His wrath. HalleluYah. Love & Shalom
  2. Praise Yahweh! What do you mean exactly? It's right to leave vengeance in His hands, but we have to forgive - seeing how much forgiveness we received. But maybe i have misunderstood you? Love & Shalom
  3. @sapphire15, thanks for the reply also. 1. I think this would be a wise area to pray within. When it's me, I ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the heart of the matter to me around such an event, and what I've done wrong. That can't hurt, if you haven't done so already. 2. This took me the longest to do in my own life. But remember that Paul said that he didn't judge himself. Only He can judge you, so don't beat yourself up unnecessarily. Remember this too - any charge you can't forgive will be brought up for trial. This will probably include our own charges against ourselves! So, try to understand your sins and faults, learn from them and forgive yourself. For if you cannot forgive yourself, how can you love your neighbour as yourself. Therefore, let your charges go and sin no more. Easy as it sounds! 3. I think I understand you, but not 100% sure, sorry :s Is the person still a concern for today? Is the threat real or is it more or a mental thing? Love & Shalom
  4. Shalom @sapphire15 Interesting. It sounds like the Holy Spirit is trying to get your attention, if you are feeling convicted or the need to dwell on this matter. Praise Yahweh - He teaches those He loves. Obviously, I don't know you, so it's difficult to give reasonable counsel. However, this "one person", have you truly forgiven them? You don't need to meet up with them, but have you truly forgiven them? A good way to see if you do is to pray a blessing towards them now and ask Yahweh to forgive them - if appropriate (I have no idea what they have done). If you find it hard to do that, or you do so reluctantly, that's perhaps an indication of unforgiveness. But, may I ask three questions? 1. Did something significant happen in your life at the time the illness started which might give you a clue? (you neednt give details) 2. Have you forgiven yourself? 3. Do you have a clear conscience at the moment, or is there something niggling in the background? Anyway, it's good news Sapphire. For it sounds like He is refining you, as hard or confusing as it may be now. So listen carefully to the Spirit and assess your life conceptually and allegorically to help understand the messages you are being taught. Love & Shalom
  5. To be fair, that's why I said "I believe...", hehe. Thanks for your response.
  6. Likewise friend. Thank you for your thoughts.
  7. Shalom @maryjayne Yes, doing a chronological reading can be tough because you run into a lot of laws and genealogies that can slow down the pace. However, it can be done. Check out this reading plan below for the Old Testament: GENESIS EXODUS – Only up to 20:17 NUMBERS – Only Chapters 11, 12, 13 & 14 DEUTERONOMY – Only Chapter 31 JOSHUA – Up to and including Chapter 11 and then Chapter 23 to end JUDGES 1 SAMUEL 2 SAMUEL 1 KINGS 2 KINGS EZRA NEHEMIAH Skip over any long lists of names ("..who was the son of..") and just get back to the main narrative, as detailed above. That plan will give you a complete chronology of the Old Testament which will give you a solid infrastructure to fill in the rest (prophets, wisdom books etc). If you want to see more about this plan, with other helpful guides, you should check out this handy page Have fun! Reading the Bible chronologically is the most epic adventure ever! I need to do so again soon. Love & Shalom
  8. Shalom @ContinuingCorletta Absolutely! The Father would have us having fun and even instructs us to on certain Feasts. Sometimes as Christians we get so caught up in the Word and doctrine (which is great) that we can forget just to have fun with our brothers and sisters. Being silly, telling jokes, playing games, dancing and creating etc can be so easily overlooked within Christian fellowship - and yet that is the whole point of all of this! Family, love, fun and joy. True, in this life we may suffer and be oppressed. But we weren't designed with this in mind. In the next life, there will be so much joy, peace, fun, singing, dancing, games, humour, creativity and playing that it will make everything else in this world look very dull in comparison. Ways to have fun that we cannot even perceive with our limited experience of this place. Rather than think "what does fun look like for a Christian", rather ask yourself "what do I find fun?" And, if it doesn't contradict the Word, then do it - relieve your heart from the heaviness of day-today life! It doesn't need to be a "Bible Quiz" or painting Noah's Ark in order to be acceptable to God, hehe. But, as long as it doesn't contradict His teachings, I'm sure His blessing will rest on you. So enjoy your hobby, games and hanging out with friends knowing that your capacity and desire to have fun was designed by Him. Love & Shalom
  9. Wow. I wonder if Bill knows it had such a profound effect on you. Incredible. Sometimes the things we say off the cuff can have ripple effects through time, without us realising. For me it started when I met a believer who referred to Jesus as Yeshua. I was like "What? What are you going on about?". Once I learned that the Name had been changed, I wondered why it wasn't a commonly known thing in the Church - it may have been I could have just been ignorant. So, I went to the Messianic fellowship that they were from and my mind was blown away. I felt like I had to relearn a lot, and I'm glad I did. That said, rather than considering myself a Messianic, I refer to myself as a Christian - for the sake of unity, understanding and balance. The Messianic group I attended became legalistic, predictably, and I left it many years ago. That said, the good teaching from the Messianic movement and the balance of Grace from Christians, helped me to see the big picture. The narrow path... The term narrow path in Scripture actually means a "compressed path", as in pressed upon from both sides. I believe that on one side is Torah and the other side is Grace. Now, the further into the Torah you go, the more legalistic you can become. Conversely, the further into Grace you go, the more sin you can commit. Therefore, the compressed path in between is both "living by Grace, serving by Torah". And how tricky it is to walk that compressed path when we are constantly being pushed or pulled into either side! Love & Shalom
  10. Shalom @Alive I'm sorry to hear this has been too much. I think the matter has got massively out of hand, to tell the truth. From both sides, as it always does. I hope you leave in peace brother and, if there is any question you have on the subject, please feel free to ask me. I don't imagine you would want to after all of this, but my door is open. I don't think you're foolish. I totally understand your position. So let's be at peace. Torah observance does secure your salvation more - it adds nothing to salvation. I just choose to follow it where I can but I don't disregard a brother or sister that doesn't! Therefore, if that statement seems reasonable to you, I hope we can move on as brothers in the Lord, in peace. Again, I'm sorry that this thread hasn't been beneficial and maybe even pushed you further from considering Torah. With the passions of both sides of the argument blazing strong, the whole point gets overlooked. Then the matter just feels heavy, confusing, wordy and "icky"! Love & Shalom
  11. Shalom @Willa Ahh I see. By the way the "making a list, checking it twice" was great and funny analogy. Yes, I used to be a full-on Messianic follower. When I first learned about the importance of Torah, I went to extreme the other way and started to try and carve out my own righteousness - even doubting my salvation when not following certain commandments. I was so foolish back then... The Father took me back to basics - love, mercy, forgiveness and peace. For the Torah is fulfilled in these things. Then I was was able to read and follow Torah with a new kind of freedom and new "eyes". The Torah was no longer a list of do's and don'ts, but almost conceptual. Much like the Messiah's beatitudes. For the Messiah wasn't commanding us to turn the other cheek and walk an extra mile per se. That was the instruction, which is good and true, but it was more of principle He was teaching us within those examples. Torah is much the same way. Albeit, one needs the Spirit to guide them in such matters. Without the Spirit, the Torah is very heavy. Yes, it was in context back in those times and the Jews were absolutely trying to convert Christians to Jews with the commitment of circumcision. However, on this forum, no one is saying or implying as much (at least I think!) But there is a certain contingent of members on this forum that try hard to twist words and accuse us of the opposite. I don't think you are one of them at all. But such poster's end up derailing a thread and making it appear as if it's a matter of Torah vs Grace - so of course, many innocent believers will choose the side of Grace, and quite rightly so. Sadly, within this repetitive battle which was being fought even in Paul's day, the wonderful wisdom in the Torah that can help us all refine our walk is disrespected, abased and sometimes even outright insulted. Again, I don't think you are within that group that do such things. Amen! And therefore you are a sister of mine. I'll stand with you and be there when you call. I hope you don't misunderstand my previous post. I respect you and show deference to you my sister, for I still have much to learn and consider myself an amateur in the Word. But I am a sensitive soul really and so when I see a thread to fall into tumult, as it often does in here, it upsets me. And so, when I see posts that have the potential to exasperate the situation, I speak out to try and counter it or minimise the potential catalyst effect. This is what I done with your post. But know it was done with my concern for others without ill-will towards you. I realise now you were replying to the OP, but the thread when ridiculous thereafter and your reply came at a heated moment (people getting banned, insults being thrown, blah blah blah). I see now that you didn't see all of that when you posted, so forgive me. *digital hug* Love & Shalom
  12. Yeah man, that question ought to be changed to something else really. Especially when you have some brothers and sisters believe the it was 6,000 years of creation. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate that opening question! I didn't realise you had previously left @BeauJangles. I can't imagine this forum without you. That just wouldn't be right. Love & Shalom
  13. What? For real? That's really bad. I would alert George, or one of the other moderators, if I were you. That is simply not acceptable behaviour - regardless of what the prayer request might have been.
  14. Shalom @Cognostic Welcome to the forum! Haha, that's hilarious! I didn't see that when I signed up, I wonder if it's new... @George, looks like you need to study Genesis again, my friend Hehe, just teasing. Anyway, welcome to the forum Cognostic, I hope you enjoy your time here. Love & Shalom
  15. Ah, just seen @Roar has been removed from this thread. I fear I'll be on the chopping block soon! Hehe. It's sad, so sad. The heart and goal of Torah is love, peace, equality and worship - just like the Gospel. Yet every time it's discussed, and handful start to take it down a dark path. Torah isn't a big scary dark void waiting to gobble up good little Christian boys and girls. But Paul's letters, out of context, can seem to teach against it. I know, I used to think the same as all of those content without Torah (and I'm not lessening anyone's position). But context is everything. Paul's letters need to be understood in context of the whole Word of God. Not the whole Word of God understood in the context of Paul's letters. That would be a misaligned judgment of authority. The whole Word of God sings one song. If one part seems to speak against another, we need to search for the harmony. Alas, maybe this thread will be locked down soon. As rather than sharing and discussing, tempers have been frayed so quickly yet again. It's so sad. Love & Shalom to the peacemakers.
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