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  1. Shalom @ozrick33 That's an interesting question. I hadn't considered how one might be lonely in that position. I hope the below advice gives you some ideas. 1. Your Mission Yes, being a pastor may be lonely, but I'm sure all leaders of the flock have felt this way at one time or another. I can believe that Moses felt lonely even though he was surrounded with many. Even his brother and sister seemed to have some separation between them and him. However, this lonely time is bonus time for you and Yahweh! It is time that can be wholly devoted to study, prayer, and fellowship with the Lord through the Holy Spirit. In a way, this separation is a blessing, to ensure you are refilled with wisdom and insight for the flock. One day. all this hard work and endurance through loneliness will be recompensed. 2. Others in a similar situation Are you able to have good fellowship with the rest of the staff at the church? Or perhaps there are other pastors in churches nearby you could meet for fellowship? Perhaps you could host a "Pastors Lunch" in your church for all the local pastors in your town and surrounding areas? I'm sure you'll meet at least a handful that you see eye to eye with, and you can share your similar burdens. 3. WCF! I hope you make plenty of friends on here. There are many wonderful people in this forum who are kind, caring and eager to fellowship with others. On here, you are not a pastor, doctor, scientist or lawyer - you are simply a username and user image. Take advantage of the anonymity and feel encouraged to share from the heart, not as a pastoral leader but as a brother. If you would ever like to chat or need to get somethings of your chest, you can always post in the forum or PM me directly. I'm sure there are many others who would also be glad to fellowship with you in this way. Yes, it's digital, but it can also be as fulfilling as face-to-face at times. Love & Shalom
  2. Shalom @Pekoudah An excellent post. Amen. We also shouldn't forget another principal in the Bible. If one continues within their sin, assuming God will forgive them when they are ready to repent, they might never get the opportunity. In such scenarios, God can choose to blind such people or harden their hearts to ensure their wicked scheme is not successful! These days, there seems to be a severe lack of the fear of Yahweh. There's little reverence when there are discussions about the wonderful gift of salvation and the undeserved grace He shows us. Many speak in ways they wouldn't dare to if the Lord Jesus was a moderator on this forum. You'll probably get a lot of aggression for the above, but I thought it was inspired. I know that this is how a lot of non-believers see how Christians are - hypocrites who just dump there responsibilities "at the cross" and carry on as they are, singing about grace. Great post Pekoudah. Love & Shalom
  3. Shalom @Darrell 48 May I ask what part of the Bible you are struggling with? A particular book or just in general? I don't believe that your situation is the one mentioned by the Lord Jesus on the various types of soil. That teaching isn't about comprehension, but about the heart. If you are reading the Word and don't understand it but WANT to - then rest at ease, you just need to persevere. I have a recommendation for you. An audio Bible might help you massively, with understanding AND remembering it. I would recommend the NIV one by David Suchet. It's not the best translation but David reads it incredibly well and it isn't as cheesy as others out there. Here is a sample and here is the audiobook. If you listen whilst travelling, working or walking, it will really help focus you on the Word. But don't just listen to it once - it should be a daily thing. This will help you tremendously in remembering the Word as well - psychologically speaking, listening vastly improves your information absorption rate. There are also a handful of great Bible films which will help you understand the text in context - but first you need to let me know which part you are struggling with! Finally, change your translation if you are having a hard time with it. I'm not sure what your style is, but the New Living Translation is one of the easier ones to understand and reflects the heart behind the text. Sure, it might not be the most word-for-word accurate translation, but it will teach you all you need to know from end-to-end. Love & Shalom
  4. Shalom everyone This is fantastic information which has helped reveal the common problematic themes of today. Thank you so much @pinacled, @Still Alive, @PromisesPromises!, @Cletus, @thomas t, @GandalfTheWise, @Pekoudah, @AnOrangeCat, @Tigger56, @Jostler, @In Him, @Sonshine☀️, @Marilyn C, @jsimms615, @Heybro. You have all contributed in ways that either confirmed my ideas or schooled me to others. So, again, thank you all very much for taking the time to reply thoughtfully, honestly and wisely. I pray that Yahweh blesses you all for your kindness and concern for the Body today. I will be using this information to help design the "Christian" section of my apologetics website. I need to focus my time on the most pressing needs of the Christian today, so the advice that all of you have provided so far has helped me massively. May Yahweh lead us with wisdom and love to help our brothers and sisters out of these struggles. Love & Shalom
  5. Shalom Emerald_Depths Welcome (back) to WCF! I think you'll need to post maybe 3 more times in order to be "let off your leash". Just a bot protection for the site I believe. I look forward to reading your posts. Love & Shalom
  6. Shalom @Cindy Molin Welcome to WCF! Yes, that is a fantastic Psalm. Please feel encouraged to share all of your thoughts and insights on it in the General Discussion room. Love & Shalom
  7. Tzephanyahu

    New guy

    Shalom Kokoro (doesn't that mean heart?) Welcome to the forum! Yes, the creators and moderators of this site do a great job. I hope you decide to stick around and join in our discussions. Love & Shalom
  8. Shalom Mary, Welcome to WCF! I hope you enjoy fellowshipping with us in here Love & Shalom
  9. Shalom All, I am currently working on a project and could really do with some help from you guys on WCF! What I would like to know is: What are the 3 main points/topics/issues that Christians struggle with today? This might be a topic of confusion that you have, or that you have witnessed in many others in church or on here. It might be about baptism, salvation, a book of the Bible etc. Don't worry if you repeat someone else's point, as it will only highlight the importance with its repetition! I'm not trying to answer all these points or seeking to start a debate really. Think of this as more of a survey. EVERYONE is welcome to reply! But I am particularly interested in reading the opinions of: @turtletwo, @Tigger56, @BeauJangles, @PromisesPromises!, @thomas t, @GandalfTheWise, @BorderCowboy, @pinacled, @americaneagle82, @Cletus, @Hobie_, @Pekoudah, @Heybro, @Sonshine☀️, @George, @Still Alive, @In Him, @Jostler Now, please don't take offence if your name hasn't been listed, these names were just in the front of my mind as I was typing. So everyone please feel free to reply as it would be a great help. Love & Shalom
  10. 68 pages... No further progress... I wonder who will remain adamant to get in the last word? I wonder who can spam the most Scriptures into one post? I wonder how many more name-calling and foolish accusations will be made? Perhaps we'll get bigger, bolder and brighter text when people try to make a point? Perhaps there will be even more division, disrespect and discord sown by people in their zeal to win? Perhaps we'll get to read this ongoing nonsense until Judgement day? Stay tuned to find out, in the next 68 pages of bickering...
  11. Shalom @BorderCowboy I'm gutted to read that you are feeling this way brother. You've had plenty of advice already and I'm not sure if you are still feeling this way but, if you are, please feel free to PM me if you need to talk or would like to share. I don't know what is currently going on but don't you dare back down at this stage cowboy! Don't you dare lose hope. Again, let me know if you need to rant at someone Love & Shalom
  12. Shalom @Lilyana Welcome (back) to WCF! It's great to have you come back to the site again. Any friend of Sonshine is sure to be a blessing to others on here. Love & Shalom
  13. Shalom @ozrick33 Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy the site and feel comfortable to start sharing in the discussions. I'm sure you'll like it here. Love & Shalom
  14. Shalom @jsimms615 Welcome to the forum! Please go right ahead and jump into discussions or start your own thread. You may need to post a couple more times in order to unlock the whole site but then you'll be good to go. Love & Shalom
  15. Shalom @lieb Welcome to WCF! I hope you enjoy your time on this site. Please feel free to share more of your posts in the General Discussion area. Love & Shalom
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