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  1. "her" in quotation marks eh? Interesting touch... Yeah, I'm dodging your question, 100%. I would happily discuss this question with almost any member of this forum. But as for you, Behold... I've seen enough of your posts to see how you operate. So try your tricks elsewhere, coz I'm not buying.
  2. Haha, I'm not so easily drawn into your games Behold.
  3. Your absolutely right Alive, how wise of you. I'll let the bullying continue... Where were we then? Oh yes, ahem.. "Miss 'Holy Spirit led'! Stop lying! Tell us!" Am I not touching the Ark anymore Alive?
  4. @Margo1945, look at the above comment. This is just one example of apparently a true Christian speaking with fruits of the Spirit, about grace... Hmm. Don't even bother with this one. Let him rant, imply, accuse, bully and get angry. Just nod, pat him on the head and leave him be. But don't waste anymore of your time.
  5. Shalom @ohso, May Yahweh bless you for your kind heart towards your friends. It is heart warming to hear you have concern for them and wanting act wisely. I think the advice that I will give won't necessarily be what you want to hear though... If you're not sure on what to advise then I suggest to not advise anything at all. Sometimes the Christian that "always has advice" can be a bad witness, especially if what is advised falls flat, as it wasn't spoken of human origin and not in wisdom of the Spirit. I think what is more important is that you lending a listening ear and a non-judgemental heart to your friend, which I'm sure you are doing already. Be quick to listen but slow to give advice. It's okay to tell them "I'm not sure what the best thing to do is" rather than try to fake it. Being a Christian doesn't mean we always should have answers. This belongs to those who are specifically gifted by the Spirit in that way, but there are many other gifts. But again, non-judgemental, kind and patient listening in love will speak in volumes to your friend over any kind of "Godly advice". And, if you listen long enough and hold your tongue back from saying what you think a "Christian" should say - the Lord may give you wisdom on the matter suddenly. When that happens you will know the advice is good and sound, and you won't second guess it. In summary - show your peace and love, wait for wisdom, and let your friend know you are there for them. Continue in prayer, as you are doing, as this may be your gift. Ask Him each day for Wisdom and He will reward you in due time - 100%. Love & Shalom
  6. Yes, it's a stomach churning event isn't it, as young innocent Joseph comes by to find his brothers unaware. He is one of the early prophecies of the Messiah's life as in the same way, the Messiah's "brothers" plotted against Him for His blood. And, in the same way, they will be utterly shocked when they recognise Him as their King later. Love & Shalom
  7. Shalom my friend, Difficult. First of all, if it offers you any encouragement at all, know that sometimes the harsh words or strong stance we take can have positive effects in another, inadvertently. Even though we might be in turmoil over the matter after, sometimes it can be exactly what is needed for another. However, let's assume for argument's sake that the above isn't the case here.... Whilst what you said is true and fair, he has probably taken it as "Jesus is my everything, I care little about you in comparison!". This is just how the hurt heart can hear things. Reason and logic thereafter go out the window and the abasement is paramount. Therefore, I think the key thing is to open up a dialogue with your son which focuses on "lifting him up" in your life. I think if you make it known that you spoke over-zealously and hastily, and that you love him dearly and more than anything, this will go a long way to restore your relationship with him (and his subsequent relationship with God). As for God, He is smarter and wiser than we can ever comprehend. He won't be offended in this matter if you do all you can to restore your son's heart to you. He won't be quick or keen to try and catch you out in your words as you raise up your son's standing in your life before your son. God surely understands the context of this situation and would surely want you two restored. So I'm not saying to move from your position of "loving Jesus more". But rather explain how much you love your son, before him with kind words, and raise his understanding of importance and impact he has on your life - positively, patiently, peacefully and lovingly - without caving into an argument or harsh words, as he may try to draw that out of you. This will be because he'll still be in pain and want you to share that, or because he is interested to see if you really mean what you say. So show him your love but be prepared to exercise patience and be "slapped about" verbally! Oh, to be a Dad... As for your son's concern with God, that is another question altogether. I would suggest to leave that debate entirely for now. First thing's first - restoration. Make the first move to "lift him up and dust him off" with much love, otherwise all subsequent debates will be worthless in his eyes, and endless arguments covering the real one beneath it. I hope something in that helps you. May Yahweh bring you two together swiftly Love & Shalom
  8. I know what you mean. I suppose the trick is to see, objectively, when we are just hitting a "brick wall"! Because only few will be interested, a lot will be ignorant, but the majority will simply not change - as prophesied. I find it's best not to debate with the latter crowd, who have clearly made up their mind and fight defiantly. If you expect to see changes, your heart is good, but your expectation is perhaps too high. I try to remember the below words of Paul and move on, leaving the rest to Him - if He wills. "I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow." - 1 Corinthians 3:6 Therefore, keep on sowing Betha. May another in the near future water and may He make it grow - in those He wills. Love & Shalom
  9. Absolutely! Yeah, I hope you...die laughing... I suppose? I dunno it sounds weird if I agree with you on that! Hehe. Love & Shalom
  10. Haha, oh dear. Was this not exactly the point I was making? Oh well. I'm not getting pulled into whatever "this" is. I'll leave you kids to it.
  11. No my friend, I'm not having a go at you at all. You've misread my post I guess. Oh well. Really? That might be your Spiritual Gift for you, but that is not the case for every born again believer. Indeed. And we will see more of that as the final days draw near, just you watch. Of all posts I have seen similar to this one, across the whole forum and during the past year, I can't remember one ending peacefully or maturely. However, I can remember many ending in accusations, member bands, reported posts and locked threads. Therefore, I hope you find a way to move peacefully between or out of these battles entirely as, again, they are only getting worse. They lead to nothing by contention, segregation, aggression, rudeness and eventually sin. People can quickly lose track of the fruit of the Spirit because of their zeal for fighting for the Lord, ironically. I'm not saying that's you, but I am saying that's the general observation of these type of debates. I don't see the Lord glorified, magnified or worshipped in these posts, but rather used in arguments and divisions as if in a lawsuit. Love & Shalom.
  12. Haha, I just like to overestimate with these things sister. But, at this rate it could even be before the end of this year! Things are getting hectic and moving fast now. There is nothing to suggest that we will need to wait much longer at all. This year is a possibility. Keep your eyes on the news and Israel. Either way, whatever happens, I look forward to meeting you in New Jerusalem for a good chat. Love & Shalom
  13. Not long now sister! Could be less than 30 years from the signs we see.
  14. Hehe. I'm getting the impression that you're quite a cheeky one, aren't ya! We all need to keep an eye on this one.
  15. Amen & Shalom to @Betha and @Margo1945. I stand with you in agreement with you two. And indeed more profitable to knit than argue! Especially, if you give those items to the poor - good on you Betha. Shalom to you @Flowersun. I agree with you that not everyone on this site has the Holy Spirit or is from God. Even so, such people cannot always be discerned by a difference of doctrine - especially when it is backed by Scripture. Rather, such people can be discerned by their fruit (actions, attitude and words). For example, I know people on both side of this argument. Some are godly and some are not. I think it's very easy to misunderstand each other when we only have text alone. If we were all sat around a table I'm sure we would understand each other's heart and motive much better and get on well. I can actually see you three having the potential to get on much better once this "Torah vs Grace" argument is let go in peace. Now, I think it's quite clear that no one is saying you must follow the commandments to be saved - even if it seems that way. In the same way, I also think it's quite clear that no one is saying "grace means you can sin all you want" - even if it seems that way. So why repeat this debate against an opposing point which doesn't exist? Discussion is great and promotes growth, but only if it progresses. Otherwise it can become quite a cyclical argument and frustrating for both sides. And I personally believe you three are much better than that. Love & Shalom
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