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  1. This is a word is sorely needed for the Church today. Woe to the one who thinks the prophets in the Tanak are nothing but history.
  2. Thanks Abby-Joy, I will watch this later this evening.
  3. Amen @naominash. Sometimes we need to be broken to truly understand what it is to have faith in Yahweh. It think that is more true in this day and age than any other time in history. We are saturated with shallow friendships, wavering morality, distracting technology, busy schedules, and big entertainment ready for us with a simple touch. Amen! If only more remembered the former rather than the latter! Nearly all Christians run to God when things fall apart and get tough, with a yearning heart. But how many have the same yearning heart in times of prosperity, peace and blessing? If they did this, perhaps the rough times wouldn't have to come. Therefore, we should always seek the Father and His ways in the best of times and when we are happiest - with the same passion as if we were destitute and broken. I'm glad to see you think this too Naomi. Love & Shalom
  4. A brave testimony my friend. I have made many, many mistakes as well. Thankfully, He is faithful to forgive us if we truly apologise and change our ways with a sincere heart. Trust in His goodness. 1 John 1:9 Love & Shalom
  5. Wow. That's horrible. It would probably be a lot darker if it wasn't for law enforcement agencies deterring any further violent action. But HalleluYah! For as much as you stand against such resistance, the more you'll be rewarded my brother. I'm sure I'll meet you in the land one day - either on one of your tours or in New Jerusalem! Love & Shalom
  6. That's what makes me think that the current in-gathering into the land is not what is described in the prophecies of Isaiah and Micah. I think the current in-gathering is but a foreshadow of the single great event coming soon. Even though it is culturally diverse, would you say Christians can live there comfortably or is there a general atmosphere of wanting to push them out? Love & Shalom
  7. Okay, slightly a clickbait title. But I find this new technology so sad. What is man doing to himself?
  8. Shalom @Peteros The older generation are always going to think that they have got it right and the younger generation does not. Whether they are actually right or not, is known only to Yahweh (God). I don't know what your understanding is of the Bible and of the Lord Jesus, but I can say this to you (and everyone reading): Never assume you have understood the fundamentals! Christians spend a lot of time on understanding the Bible by selected verses - whether it's in devotionals, through a TV preacher, a Christian self-help book and even church. They can feel very grounded in the Bible but still have vast gaps in their knowledge on the fundamentals. So how can you get the fundamentals? If you can read the New Testament, cover-to-cover, with no preconceived ideas (from Christianity, the Church, Sunday school) then you will learn them. This is what it means to "receive the Kingdom of God like a child" - that means will innocence, simplicity and no man-made teachings and traditions. I would recommend you to do that, and eventually the whole Bible, Old and New Testaments, and you'll be well grounded. But don't limit yourself and your faith to the opinion of others. So what if he used to be a priest? Aren't you are teenager who is humble enough to admit you still have much to learn? Therefore, ignore what this or that person says about your faith. It's between you and Yahweh at this stage. One other thing, just a technicality which might help you. Rather than thinking you want to learn more about "Christianity", reframe that to wanting to learn more about the Bible. Even though you are a Christian, the term "Christianity" comes with a lot of trappings of religions. There are a lot of traditions and errors in Christianity as a religion, mixed in with the good and the truth. Therefore, seek to learn more about the Bible than Christianity. Who you will become will massively overlap with Christianity - but will not extend to the additional trappings, traditions and errors, added by mere men. One final thing for you my friend, again: Never assume you have understood the fundamentals - even when you reach 93. A wise man once said: The greatest barrier for seeing the truth, is to assume you already know it. To this day, as a Christian for about 15 years, I still never assume them and always count myself as an amateur. I always read the Bible with an open mind and a clean slate - ready to cast aside any theology I may have picked up which isn't in the Bible. And praise Yahweh, this is how He will reveal truth to you. The Word is alive! One day you will read it and see one thing, the next month another. The Holy Spirit takes you through this life-long journey of the Bible at a walking pace. So remain humble and never assume "Yep, I know all there is to know about this and that". If you need any guides or helps for reading through the Scripture, just let me know. I know of some handy resources which will help you. Love & Shalom
  9. Shalom @BillDavis3347 I'm sorry to hear you have had such a situation happen to you. I had something similar in my past as well, so I can empathise. In the world we are in today, and a young age, many get scared of getting into a serious relationship. This is due to how the world conditions young men and women to think. Instead, they are encouraged to experiment and celebrate many diverse relationships to "find out what you want in a parter". It's utter chaos and nonsense. Eventually, the women start worrying around about 28-29, and frantically looking to settle with a man, get married and have kids immediately. Men are a little more haphazard, and often end up settling with a partner who pushes or tricks them into make commitments. In general, both such people will end up unhappy, disloyal or stuck with cognitive dissonance. It's not easy out there today, that's for sure. This lady you liked has clearly left the set. It is very sad that she left but, realistically, you have to let her go now. You can't woo her or argue her back to you, and any attempt to do so will only sour the memory of you in her mind. So you almost have to treat it as a loss and grief for her. Then, pick yourself up and move on... It sounds like you are putting relationships (and maybe even this girl) on too much of a high pedestal. It seems too important to you. Now, I realise you cared for her, have needs and have desires too, but above EVERYTHING, there should be Yahweh. If we favour something, work on something, adore something more than Yahweh, we are, simply put, out of alignment. Then, our relationships and successes will only go as far as our strength can take them. So don't think He gave you her and then pulled her away from you. It's more likely that you done things in your own strength and failed. That sounds brutal, I know I'm sorry. But understand I have been there myself - more than once. It sucks. But I'm blamed myself, not the Yahweh. My advice? I would say use this time alone to "recenter" yourself around Yahweh and His Word. Understand that He is God, and not someone who should come AFTER relationships or this girl. Raise Him in your mind and life above everyone, every thing, every feeling and every concept. It may be that He is not responding to you because He feels second or third place in your life. Kinda like "Oh, NOW you would come and talk to me? Now you come calling and asking for something?" It that is that case, it's not cool man. You might have had a best friend who suddenly ignores you when he gets a girlfriend - how does that make you feel? If we do that with our Father, our Creator, our Sustainer and our Saviour - we have no right to call him our God. Rather, we are then treating him like a genie or a lucky charm (even if we don't think that). But He will always be faithful to forgive us when we confess our wrongs, with sincerity. He will surely want you happy, secure, stable and at peace. But how can He bless you with such things when your priorities are wrong? Wouldn't that only reinforce your misalignment? Then you would feel no need to change, and be on a dangerous course. So, AFTER you feel properly centred around Yahweh and His Word AND you can honestly say to yourself "married or not, I live my life for Yahweh" - THEN you'll be ready. Not only to meet someone (who will find you more attractive because you won't seem needy) but also because the Creator of the Universe will be with you and bless you. Practically, I would say try meeting someone on a Christian online dating service. This will hopefully give you a chance to get to know each other first. It's becoming a more common method in this age. It also means you won't necessarily be limited within your church walls, as some feel they are and make poor decisions because of it. But what do I know? I'm just a man and Yahweh may have a divine interaction in wait for you. Either way, focus your adoration, desire and goals on Him, and everything else will follow. Don't worry my friend. It won't hurt this bad forever. Love & Shalom
  10. Absolutely @TheBaptist! It sounds like a new chapter is about to begin for you, one which all the previous chapters have been building too. Consider how old Abraham was (roughly his 70s) when moving to Canaan, on nothing more than a promise of Yahweh. Rather than settling down with his creature comforts in his older years, he set off at the word of Yahweh. Consider Moses, who for 40 years lived as a ruler in Egypt. Then, for a further 40 years lived in the wilderness as a shepherd. I don't know about you, but if I was him a 79 years old (before the burning bush) I would be thinking my life was over and I did little of note with half my life. It doesn't matter what age you are to Yahweh. He knows the plans He has for you and when He will call you back to him. Therefore, don't defeat yourself with a number, or any weakness ache or pain. The service you will do today and tomorrow is all that counts, forget what has (or hasn't) gone before hand. You might being wondering "but what can I do?" But your life has lead to this moment, so I'm sure all your past experience and lessons learned will be used appropriately. You may simply be sowing seeds for someone else to water, you may be watering someone else's seeds, you may have just on word to give to someone who will then go on to help thousands. It could even be a stepping stone for something else for you. Whether you see results of not (the workers of Yahweh often didn't!), if you love Him and want to serve Him - all will be well my friend. I personally believe that many will be called by Yahweh at ages older than you. If I was sending an ambassador for ME, I would want someone experienced and mature, I wouldn't send a young guy - who will likely still have lots to learn. I think it's the same for Yahweh. I think He wants those who have learned, experienced and matured to represent Him. Don't see the years gone as waste, see them as necessary. And again, your service today and tomorrow is all that counts, never what's gone before. So don't think your service is not important or worthy over a simple number, my friend. Instead, get excited for the journey ahead as a chance to serve Yahweh is coming! May Yahweh work through you greatly for His glory, today and tomorrow. Love & Shalom
  11. We are made in the image of Yahweh, and so have His traits by reflection. Creativity, love, hate, joy, sadness, laughter, crying, singing, lamenting, intimacy, jealousy, kindness, anger, playfulness, strategism, hope and humour. All of the above you can observe in mankind and in Yahweh, through His Word. But are they holy... Some think being holy is just the soft, gentle, sweet and heavenly - along with white gowns, halos and fluffy clouds. No, not all. Holy simply means set-apart or separated, as in not common. Therefore, in that sense, emotions are not holy, because they are regularly experienced and abused by all mankind. However, what a gift they are! They are an incredibly wonderful gift, and I don't believe the Father has shared all of them with animal kingdom. But how precious it is that He shared them with us at creation. In that sense, they are a "holy gift". But if any atheist wants to start saying what is and isn't holy, as if they are an expert, the conversation can be cut short with: "what defines holiness and who defines it? If there is no God, nothing is holy." Then tickle them and hope they enjoy the kinesthetic relay of nerves, which triggers a neurological pathway activating a display deference to stimulus, with submissive facial muscle contractions and preferential audible cues to offer feedback on comfortability. Love & Shalom
  12. Wow @*Dusty... I didn't feel right giving that post a thumbs up! But wanted to thank you for posting that. Very sobering and I hope each verse will speak personally to someone out there. Love & Shalom
  13. Shalom everybody, Let me ask you a question... How different are you now compared to your first day on Worthy Christian Forums? Whether you have been here a week, month, year or decade - I'm sure you have all grown, learned and developed in amazing ways. You see, we aren't just learning from the wisdom, guidance and information in these posts, but we are truly learning from our interactions with each other because of them. The laughs, the empathy, the debates and the arguments... Whether the experience is positive or negative in our interactions, whether some respond with the love of the spirit or the malice of the flesh - everyone inevitably grows because of it. Praise Yahweh! Despite how good or bad our posts are on the surface, ultimately they bring all of us from around the world together, to unify, contest, correct and harmonise. So think of who you were (how you interacted with Christians, and what your theology was like) on the first day of joining this forum and compare it to who you are today. Have you changed? Love & Shalom
  14. Shalom @Addison If you want a short and cold answer - "No, it's not the point". If you want a longer answer... Whilst it would be great to have an 100% confirmation of our eternal peace prior to death, you're not likely to get it. Indeed, I don't think even Paul had this kind of confirmation. But he had faith in the matter. In Hebrews 11 we read about the faith of the great heroes in the Bible. Whilst they did not attain the goal of their faith (in this life) they walked with the surety that they would. Indeed, they will be rewarded greatly for the this. In the same way, we should walk with the same kind of confident faith in Yahweh's promises, goodness, mercy and grace. He has made a vow, through the Lord Yahushua (Jesus), that He will stick to - we stake our lives on it. But we have to hold up our side of the "bargain" as well. If you find that you are having severe doubts or big mood swings suddenly about your destiny, it could be the Father prompting you to bring about changes in your life, or to turn from certain behaviours or practices. Assess your life and heart objectively and critically through the Word. Better to be too hard on yourself than too lenient - but everything in moderation. I used to feel the same way as you did, when my heart and life wasn't correctly aligned with Yahweh. I had sudden fears of the end days or judgement day. So I took everything back to naught and went through the Bible, cover-to-cover, to seek Yahweh on the matter and understand my shortfalls. Today (whilst I'm not perfect!!) I have faith and confidence in the future. Not because who I am, but because I realised who He is even more. How merciful He is and how loyal He is to His word. I realised that, as long as I endeavoured to do my part (to love Yahweh with all my strength and to love my neighbour, forgiving even my enemies) I could have faith that He would save me. And this is the point I'm making... Abraham believed in the promise of Yahweh, and it was credited to Him as righteousness. So, in the face of any worldly doubt, challenge and fleshly weakness - you will be rewarded based on the defiant faith you have in Yahweh, regardless of circumstance. So why would Yahweh confirm your personal future outcome? If He did, He would be short-changing you of all the rewards He could have given to you! Your faith would be nothing of note - you'd simply be living each day as a countdown. Therefore, even as your faith is being challenged right now, it is being observed by Him - so trust, trust, trust. Believe His words and He won't let you down. But there is another reassurance, beyond building the faith of your heart. If you haven't been baptised with the Holy Spirit - seek that above all things. After I went through the above, I made that my mission to seek this. After a long time it eventually happened and a reassurance, joy and peace came upon me. That reassurance held me up like a friend when my faith started to waiver. Therefore, if this hasn't happened for you yet - seek this above all things. The Holy Spirit will not confirm your future outcome, but you will have reassurance when your heart is right and conviction when you need course correction. With such a wonderful gift from the Father, we can be sure of our walk today and take confidence in the path of tomorrow. Love & Shalom
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