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  1. Shalom brother, Welcome to WCF! There are always plenty of discussions going on in this forum so I'm sure you'll find some topics of interest. I'm sure we have plenty of other parents in here tackling similar issues as yourself. Love & Shalom
  2. Shalom friend, I'm afraid I can't help you with this one, but just wanted to say: Welcome to the forum! Love & Shalom
  3. Shalom friend, You have to let go of this world. Christian's are just passing through this life. When the New Jerusalem arrives, all of this world's entertainment, problems and desirable things will seem less than what you find under a log in the woods. Read the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament. It is written by King Solomon who was the richest, wisest most prosperous king in the history of the world. However, at the end of his life he turned his heart towards the world and got lost from Yahweh. With his much free time and much riches, he experienced all their was to know offered in the kingdom of men and wrote about his conclusions. Thank you for being so honest with your opening post. Welcome to the forum! I hope it's a blessing to you. Love & Shalom
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    Shalom Josiah, Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time on this forum. Reddit can be very useful as well but this one is a little more user-friendly I think. Love & Shalom
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    Shalom RevDr, Welcome to the forum! I hope you find WCF useful for learning and sharing. Love & Shalom
  6. Thanks brother! I hope you can use this example one day when speaking with others.
  7. Love without defintion is subjective. Do you mean love as a muslim understands it? A homosexual? A 10 year old boy or an 80 year old woman?
  8. Shalom all, There were two men, one called Chris and the other called Mike. Both sat down to play a game. Chris understood how to WIN the game and Mike understood how to PLAY the game. This began a debate… Chris: “There’s no need for me to play the game, I know how to win it already” Mike: “How can you win the game if you don’t play it? You don’t even know the rules.” Chris: “So what? I know how to win the game. That’s all that matters. Why do you play if you don’t know how to win?” Mike: “I do know how to win... kind of. But more importantly, I know how to play and all the strategies” Chris: “You don’t need to know all the rules and strategies to win the game, it’s quite simple!” Mike: “Well how can you even win the game if you don’t play it in the first place??” ----------- Many times in our lives we like to think everything is black or white. We don’t like the uncertainty of grey. Therefore, when we have chosen a side, we vigilantly argue for it, partially out of belief and partially to not accept that we’re wrong. Accepting we’re wrong can have a catastrophic, reformative implications for us, which we naturally avoid at all costs. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it” ~ Matthew 7:13-14. The word used for narrow above can also mean compressed, as in surrounded from both sides. Imagine like a narrow path in the middle of many wrong paths, which get further in error the further they are away from the middle, correct one. Chris represents the typical mindset of Christians. Mike represents the typical mindset of Messianics. Such mindsets in both disciplines are wrong. It’s not just grace and it’s not just law. It’s both. It’s in the middle, as a fine line, a narrow path – sharing the correct offerings from both but not straying off into the extremity of either. Should we take advantage of grace as Christians? Should we enslave our family with Torah as Messianics? Neither. Both such ways aren’t “complete”. Willing collaboration, from both sides, is needed. This can only bring blessings to each other. Or shall we continue to hide from the grey narrow path, because of the catastrophic, reformative implications? Consider what's at risk here. Is it really worth just arguing repetitively with so little time? ----------- The conversation could continue like this, forever… Chris: “Listen! I know how to win! You are trying to bombard me with the rules and I won’t have it! You are in massive error! Be gone!” Mike: “Fool! You can’t win without the rules! You are blinded to the truth and probably will never ever win the game!” Or we could change it for ourselves, with humility... Chris: “Okay, I don’t know all the rules, I didn’t really get all of them to be honest. But I know how to win. Maybe we can work together?” Mike: “Sounds good. Tell you what, I’ll walk you through the game, a step at a time, and you guide me on how to win it. Deal?” Love & Shalom
  9. Shalom Tigger, A wise and thoughtful post. I believe the Father is opening the eyes of His disciples more and more on this matter. It seems that even on this forum you can see that change slowly developing. Praise Yahweh. I imagine you are about to reap a storm of the same ol' frustrated replies, from the same ol' suspects! But I stand with you my brother. Love & Shalom
  10. Shalom Christopher, Firstly, welcome to the forum! Secondly, I applaud you for your honesty. Such a brazen testimony means a lot to me, so please consider me open for contact directly by PM if you ever want some advice – my door is open to you. Thirdly, I can sympathize. I was in a similar dark place as you for a long time. I can relate with your experiences. But let me tell you this – the victorious Christian life DOES exist! But there is a way out for you. Let’s go into how… This sounds like the simplest thing you need to do, and in some ways it really is. That said, it may prove to be a lot of work for this one simple step. But this one simple step is the best thing you can do to get out of the darkness and remain out of it. You need the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is a subject sorely missed and under-taught (whether by design or ignorance) but it’s absolutely paramount for every disciple. Before the Spirit came to me: The Christian life was difficult. I understood the Scriptures somewhat – in terms of head knowledge. I understood and believed the promises of Yahweh but didn’t quite “feel” them. They always seemed to be connected more to other believers. But as for me at that time, I felt that my sins and continuance of them kept me away from the Father. I felt as if the Father and Jesus were looking and talking to other believers but that I was on the outskirts – never quite catching Their eyeline or feeling Their warmth. After the Spirit came to me: The Christian life was exciting! The Scriptures came to life. The more I learned, the more I saw there was to learn! I felt the promises of Yahweh within, with a tangible feeling deep within me. It feels like an ever-flowing fountain inside you that gives life and joy and peace. It kind of feels like when you have a real big holiday or positive move coming up in your life – no matter what happens, you still have this excitement and joy safely locked inside of you, which cannot be shaken by external matters. Rather than trying not to sin with my own strength, effort, heart and mind – which would always fail - now I noticed my behaviors start to naturally change. I’m not saying I’m without sin or don’t, but now I feel an internal compass guiding me, intuitively and convicting me kindly and gently. My desire not to sin outweighs the desire to do it, because I don’t wish to grieve the beautiful Spirit of Yahweh within – who is so loving, kind, gentle and peacefully. So how to do this? If you know of a man filled with the Holy Spirit of Yahweh, ask him to lay his hands on you and pray for it to happen. However, this doesn’t work for everyone – so don’t pretend to react or assume it will never happen. For some people it happens quickly, for others, a long time. Some people need laying on of hands, others do not. For me, it happened when I was on my own, praying. But I was seeking the Spirit hard for a long time with prayers, fasting and tears. I resolved in myself to SEEK NOTHING ELSE BUT THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. It may take you a while as well brother, but do it! Seek this above all things. Nothing else is more important. Seek it and seek it hard, with all your heart – whether by the hands of another or alone directly. It will happen, if you seek it above all things. You have shown you have a repentant heart and a desire to follow the Messiah. My friend, as someone who was where you are at, please hear me, it WILL happen. But you have to continue your adventure by truly searching, and TRUST that He WILL reward you. It will happen, so never give up. Whether it takes 1 hour, 1 month, 1 year or 1 decade to receive the powerful and beautiful Holy Spirit - never give up. PRAY and TRUST. Love & Shalom
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    Shalom Kenyon, Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you don't get kicked out of this one! :S Remember, fill your heart and mind each day with the Word. If you seek the Father passionately for Wisdom, he will send her to you. Love & Shalom
  12. Shalom brother I'm glad you decided to sign up to the forum, Welcome aboard! If you are looking to edify, I'm very pleased to welcome you as a brother. And, after 35 years, I'm sure we have much we can learn from you! Love & Shalom
  13. Shalom Paloma What a great sentiment. Welcome to the forum! Please make yourself comfortable Love & Shalom
  14. Shalom Lightwell Fantastic news! Praise Yahweh for opening your eyes to the truth! I hope you enjoy spending time in this forum and it is a blessing to you. Welcome aboard! Love & Shalom
  15. Shalom family, I wanted to post a praise to our Father, the Creator of all things, El Elyon, for the gift of the Holy Spirit. I know we are always incredibly thankful for this but like..... wow! The more I think about it, the more it shakes me up. That such an indwelling, through the work of the Lord Yahushua (Jesus), has enabled this to happen! Without the beautiful, precious Ruach HaKodesh, how could we ever: Understand the heart of the Word Feel Yahweh's presence and love Have guidance and wisdom in all things Live peacefully and with joy in this crumbling world Relate to other disciples with the bond of siblings Be eager to share love and shalom Share spiritual gifts to live, serve and praise the Father daily. Such things are not possible without the Spirit. Truly, there is nothing better in this whole world than the gift of the Spirit of Yahweh. The beautiful, precious, gentle, wise, loving and all-powerful Ruach HaKodesh. It seems superfluous to say but, thank you Father! Thank you eternally for this undeserved gift, the seal of eternal life, given to us in the name of the Lord Yahushua! I know I cannot make it without your Spirit. My own strength would fail and my own wisdom would prove to be foolishness. So may I never take this gift for granted and seek to be guided by the Spirit each day. Love & Shalom
  16. Amen! Surely written by the heart of a true disciple.
  17. So very true! I still need to work on my anger. Anger can also breed pride, as my wife wisely pointed out. Oye ... I'm so sorry Abba. Back to your subject, which is an awesome reminder for us all, my favourite scripture in this regard is: "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others." ~ Philippians 2:3-4
  18. Shalom Cletus, Amen. I'm with you all the way on this one. Those who think the "God of the Old Testament" is angry and unloving compared to the "God of the New Testament"... Man, I honestly thought Christianity had moved on from that era. Perhaps those of that mindset haven't considered the Messiah's words in John 8:26 to the Pharisees: "I have much to say in judgment of you. But he who sent me is trustworthy, and what I have heard from him I tell the world.” Yahweh IS love. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. How can a man, changeable with seasons, years and environment, say: "He was different then to now! Fact!" Those who speak this way are without understanding of the Scriptures (likely due to poor knowledge of the Old Testament). That's absolutely fine, if admitted, we're all learning daily. But to speak so boldly in this error, even rebuking one who speaks the truth? Not cool. Keep up the good work Cletus. The severity of our Lord and the need for refining our walk daily are worthy reminders. Thank you. Love & Shalom
  19. Shalom brother, Amen. It's nice to want such things but I guess not everyone are given the same gifts. For if all Christians could cast out demons, there would need to be more people tormented by them for us to work accordingly. Or if every hospital we prayed for was healed in it's entirety, when then would be the fruit worthy of repentance from the sick and introspective? Or would Yahweh get the praise rightfully instead of the hospital staff? Or even everyone prophesied, who would they then need to prophesy to? But it's good to desire such gifts. Who knows, maybe the day will come when the Spirit will move you boldly to such things as your heart desires! Love & Shalom
  20. Shalom Novella, Welcome to WCF! This is a great place to come to if you want to find fellowship online. We also have plenty of Godly women on here that I'm sure you'll soon form strong bonds with, as Yahweh wills. Love & Shalom
  21. Shalom Whitedove! Praise Yahweh for waking you up and revealing the truth to your eyes! Truly, you must be a called child of God as you a recognising His voice, as scripture says. Welcome to the forum and please post as many questions as you have, without fear. Love & Shalom
  22. Shalom Twak (is that short for something?) Welcome to WCF. I hope you enjoy your time in this forum. Love & Shalom
  23. Shalom Mikey, Welcome to the Forum and thank you for a good sober reminder of His love towards us with your post. Love & Shalom
  24. Shalom brother, Welcome to the Forum! It's a pleasure to have you with us and I'm looking forward to learning from you in future posts. Amen! This is the best intention you could have! You will be an asset to this forum. Love & Shalom
  25. Shalom Ty, Welcome to WCF! I hope you find this forum a blessing to you. Love & Shalom
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