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  1. Shalom Sister, What you wrote in the quote above tells me all I need to know to have so much hope and faith for you! Be encouraged! Look, in terms of likes and dislikes, it's absolutely fine for you to like the Sci-Fi and games and cool stuff like that. That doesn't effect your sexuality, it just means you have good taste in art As for your seemingly natural behaviour and fleshly desires - be encouraged sister, your quote above fills me with much hope! Paul wrote in Romans 7 that his spirit wanted to act in one way, but his flesh in another. He wanted to do what is right and what was good by God but kept finding his flesh doing the opposite. That's not to say he was having homosexual thoughts but it's the exactly the same principle. You, yourself deep inside, wrote something similar (as quoted above), it's just that your flesh is winning at the moment, that's all. Again "winning AT THE MOMENT". Trust in the Father, who is love. Do you think he is unaware of your post? If we know about it in here, surely it cannot be hid from the Father. If I, a man with many issues, can see hope for you in your words, wouldn't the all loving Father see more hope for you? Were you baptised with the Holy Spirit? If not, seek this above all things. For now, put the flesh under your control. If you like video games, then you need to realise your flesh is your constant enemy, your final boss, that would seek it's own pleasure and not the You deep inside. Fight it! Take it's thoughts captive and say "no, I don't wanna be thinking about that stuff now". This is your real opponent. Not the devil, not the one world order, not our neighbours. But rather, our darker side, which must be put in subjection to the Real us. You fight enemies in a game using a Controller - well your controller in this game is your mind and the guide to win the game is the Bible. Read or hear His word regularly. Don't look for condemnation in it's verses, but look for truth, wisdom and strength. Be encouraged sister! You will get there. He will not lose you, so you're definitely not lost. And also read Romans 7 to 8 again Love & Shalom
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    What Does It Mean To Be Spirit Filled

    Shalom Mabel, Amen to the above. And it feels like their is a spring inside you, deep at the centre of your body, which feels joyful, exciting and peaceful, reassuring and nourishing. Sometimes the love can be a quietly bubbling and other times like the love could burst out of you. It seems to correlate directly with how worldly we are being or not. This could be what others are saying about a fresh refilling of the Spirit. Either way, a quiet bubbling fountain or bursting spring, there is Love & Shalom
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    Hi ^^

    Shalom Nika, Welcome to the forum. I hope you feel blessed by your time here. Love & Shalom
  4. Shalom Mystic You got it. It can be distracting when others are like that but prosperity in this life doesn't mean God's blessing, however you torture scripture to agree out of context. In fact, prosperity in this life can be seen as possibly a very worrying sign! God did indeed bless the kings of Israel in such a way but new covenant Christians have a different calling. Maybe when scripture talks about the Lord being a "man of sorrows" is referring to the fact that he was walking in Jerusalem knowing the fate that lay before it. The destruction of Jerusalem was completely horrific to read about. Our Lord had such burdens to bare with this - insults thrown at him, doubts from all sides, betrayal, threats on his life regularly for doing good and the constant thought that he would soon hand himself over to his creation to kill him. I'll probably never really comprehend the Messiah’s love, bravery and restraint. Everytime I think it through, it stirs me greatly. Such love... What a wonderful, perfect and awesome Lord we serve!! Love & Shalom
  5. Shalom Mystic, Great question. I think the life of the Christian should be filled with shalom and joy, despite the circumstances. Now, if you have shalom that doesn't mean you cannot suffer persecution and unfair treatment. You can feel like all is against you but the shalom inside should not be uprooted by such things. Being filled with joy doesn't mean you are always happy. In fact, happiness is slightly different to joy. You can be sad, cry with others and even have periods of stressed out emotions but the joy inside should not be entirely snuffed out. I think that if you can always Praise Yahweh, in every situation (sickness and health, poverty and wealth) then you are living as a Christian. If you want to help your brothers and sisters and feel genuine love towards them, then you are living as a Christian. It you want to follow the heart intention of the Scriptures and Torah, then you are living as a Christian. When I read the letters of the apostles I feel that attitude glowing from them in abundance. Love & Shalom
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    Verse by verse audio commentaries

    Shalom brothers and sisters, I'm looking for some good verse by verse audio commentaries that go through the whole Bible. I have completed the ones by David Pawson and Chuck Missler and I know more are out there but I was wondering if anyone had some personal recommendations? Thank you! Love & Shalom
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    Anybody wants to post a Bible verse ?

    Shalom family "Yahweh your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” What a precious verse. Zephaniah 3:17 Love & Shalom
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    Shalom Elainaway, Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you've cime to the right place! Love & Shalom
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    Shalom warren, Welcome to the forum brother. Love & Shalom
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    Hey, I'm new

    Shalom ajmch! There really is a great bunch of brothers and sisters here. I'm sure you'll enjoy uour time here. Welcome! Love & Shalom
  11. Shalom everyone, Please bear with me on this thought for a short while. Suppose for a moment you were reading Sherlock Holmes and I happened to be a scholar on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Imagine you had an insight on the novel that you shared with me and I replied “No, no! What Doyle is saying here is this and that! And, when you look at what he wrote in another novel, it proves that he means this and that! You’re wrong.” What would you think of my attitude? How could I know this for sure? I’m not the author, so who am I to speak so boldly on the matter? Some of us do the very same with the Word of God and it’s not healthy. We might feel we have been given an insight but why the boldness? Why do we take a hard and arrogant stance saying “No, No! What God is saying here is this and that! And, when you look at what he wrote in another book, it proves he means this and that!” Even if you did happened to be right, isn’t your attitude condescending and divisive? To the brothers and sisters that do such things, please understand that Word is not meant to be used as a sword against each other. Don’t become so proud and bold when speaking on God’s behalf. Because if you are right, you have been a poor representative. But, if you are wrong… Some scriptures that I thought I knew so well changed completely as I matured spiritually and will probably grow even more as I get older. Am I the only one who witnesses this miracle? The Word of God is alive! Don’t be fooled by the bold, sturdy letters on the pages in front of you. The Word of God is indeed alive. Only the author, the Holy Spirit of Yahweh, can speak to us saying “this means that”. Only the Messiah could speak on scripture with such authority. So let’s not embarrass ourselves trying to do the same thing whilst causing division and doubt in our own family. Is it not better to say “I THINK this means that” or “I BELIEVE this means that”? If you are right, Praise Yahweh, you have been a wise representative. But, if you are wrong, you won’t look as foolish when corrected. Imagine that Sherlock Holmes scenario once more. Again, you share your opinion on a novel but this time I listen intently and understand your perspective. After discussing your views to learn more, then I share my thoughts. I start softly with “What I think Doyle may be saying this…”. Which scholar would you prefer to fellowship with? Which one would you be more likely to approach on tough matters? Permit me to summarise the above in this final thought: The Pharisees used the Tanakh as a hard fixed code and legalistically punished others with it - missing the heart intention of the Scriptures. Let’s not fall into the same trap with the New Testament. Love & Shalom
  12. Shalom I said it before and I'll say it again and again.... David Suchet's one is excellent. Yes, it's the NIV which isn't my preferred translation. But hearing the word is a special meditative experience. David's one is less cheesy than some of the others out there as well Love & Shalom
  13. Shalom Figure, If you had to put your finger on one main issue (I appreciate there may be many) but one big thing that is causes you to feel that way and get into that pattern, what would it be? A second question would be: What would God have to do on His part to help you out of this thought process (in an ideal world)? I've been in these dark places myself in the past as I'm sure many of us here have been at one stage. But be encouraged. You sharing this is the start of something good! Love & Shalom
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    Baptism in the Holy Spirit

    Shalom brothers and sisters, An important moment in a Christian's life is the baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). Yet, everyone's moment seems to be different remarkably. I was wondering if we could all share how it happened for us. For me, it didn't happen after my water baptism. I searched for it for years and even after prayer from others, I felt no different. Then, one day whilst praying, I felt a cool wave over me, not unlike breath but also not unlike liquid. It felt like it was just resting upon me gently. From that moment, I stopped asking for the Spirit. Like it would be silly because I would be asking for something I already have. And, from that moment, I felt a spring of joy rise deep within me, still present today. Sometimes it quietly bubbles and at other times it feels like I could burst. And with it came a beautiful, untouchable shalom. Thank you Father! Thank you Lord! So, how did it happen for you? Love & Shalom
  15. Shalom Jostler The interpretation you brought on Psalm 119:105 was brilliant. I never thought of it that way. Thank you. Love & Shalom
  16. Tzephanyahu

    David and Saul

    Shalom Annette, I suppose a similarity between David and Saul was at the beginning of their anointing. Saul seems like a reluctant King at first. He hid from the coronation to kingship in front of Israel - they had to even search for him! He was humble at the start of his reign yet brave in war and fighting for Yahweh, like David. Perhaps that is a lesson for all of us in that... The anointing was a gift from Yahweh - neither Saul or David deserved it. Yet the difference between them was obedience. Now, David respected Saul as anointed despite his "falling away". In the same way we, after receiving the truth and Spirit, can become a Saul or a David. And, if we do become a David, we shouldn't speak ill or treat weaker brothers and sisters unkindly. The evilness of backbiting and gossiping cannot be underestimated. How much more so id we do it about other believers Love & Shalom
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    Trying to figure it all out...

    Shalom Chernelle, Welcome to the forum! A big move coming up is likely to test your faith, but be encouraged. In my opinion, when God acts in our lives, we only usually only notice it via the 'rearview mirror', suddenly realising that the moment was in his hands and then exclaiming "Wow, that must have been God!". I have never predicted or anticipated a movement of God in my life and I don't think anyone could. His ways and thoughts are far above ours. So what then? Is the move in God's will or not? I believe Yahweh has blessed us with intelligence and discernment to make small and large decisions for ourselves. Therefore, maybe it's your mind alone that's weighing up the pros and cons to make an informed thoughtful decision. I have found that, in general, it's wise to listen to your instinct like a best friend. Just don't mistake instinct for fear. However, whatever you decide to do: follow His ways, His Word and His heart in all sincerity. Then your path, wherever you go or rest, will be blessed. Love & Shalom
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    Shalom Bittersweet, Welcome back to the forum. Hope you stay a little longer this time! Love & Shalom
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    Greetings to all

    Shalom Joe, This is definitely the place to come with such questions. I'm sure you have found the eschatology section in this forum by now. Welcome to WCF Love & Shalom
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    Hello from Zetetica

    Shalom Zetetica, Amen and Amen. I believe we are going to get on well as we already have a lot in common judging by your opening post! Welcome to forum sister! Love & Shalom
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    hello i'm new here

    Shalom ShortAngel! Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your time on here as much as I have so far. Love & Shalom
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    Baptism in the Holy Spirit

    Shalom all, Enoob57, I have to say, that I'm not on the same page as you concerning this subject. Consider Acts 19:1-7 more thoroughly. Anyway, more than debating over this doctrine and that doctrine (probably none of us are completely right!), I was interested in hearing peoples testimonies, their stories. It seems that the baptism of the Holy Spirit can have different methods and out-workings in the Bible and in our lives today. I think that is a fascinating subject and more uplifting and insightful. We cannot box the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) in with scriptures or theology saying "He can only do this or He can't act like that". We can only experience or observe and learn. Love & Shalom
  23. Tzephanyahu

    Under Demonic Attack??

    Shalom LadyKay, Strange. So, it surely is one of the below: 1. Attack of the enemy (including possibility of undercover agents within the congregation cursing) 2. Outbreak permitted by God (due to acting against His will or Word) 3. Natural phenomenon (viral outbreaks and careless actions) It could be one of the above or a mixture of the above. Concerning the enemy's attack - Having worked for a ministry in the past that was focused on spiritual warfare, I have seen how the enemy can attack when he has a foothold given to him by an ignorant brother or sister. Fake congregants integrating to curse a happy church is not out of the question either. Yet, such things should be nothing to be afraid of if we are walking right with the Father. Indeed, even if you make the devil angry, you'll be fully protected - unless someone is giving evil spirits the right to enter (an idol, a hidden sin, blasphemous actions). Concerning God's permission - As for the the Father causing such things, yes, it is very possible. Let's not forget the many lessons from the Bible. Consider the failure in the battle of Ai in the book of Joshua as just one example. God's discipline is not to be forgotten about or doubted. Is everything okay in the fellowship? Are the leaders upright people as far as you can tell? (rhetorical, please don't share that). Either way, there is positive news! The response can be the same in all situations. Follow His word and His good and perfect will in all our ways. For, if you do, then: 1. Any enemy attack will fail 2. The Father will bring healing and restoration 3. No harm will come to you, even though scientifically and logically it should. Of course, such advice will not help the church as a whole, unless it comes to everyone from person with authority there. But for now, until the cause is revealed, you and your family stay safe and ensure your part is in order, which I'm sure it is. It would be a wise move to pray to the Father to reveal the cause to whoever he chooses at the fellowship who can instigate the turnaround. Maybe even with fasting. May Yahweh give your church leaders wisdom, discernment and strength. Love & Shalom
  24. Tzephanyahu

    Principles of Fasting

    Shalom angels, True indeed. What power lies behind fasting would probably shock us if we truly understood. I would love to study this but currently I feel that the Father has laid two large topics of study in my heart already. Isaiah 28 and Leviticus 19. However, I am working on a website for Christians (new and experienced) and non-believers. I definitely want a page on Fasting as it's a big subject. May I contact you at that stage to collaborate? As your research already in your opening post is a fantastic resource. Love & Shalom