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  1. I am a believer and I know God loves all his children. So none is predestined to go to heaven or hell. It totally depends on their deeds they perform while staying on earth. Much like parents who punish or award their children for their bad and good works, God too awards us all for our good deeds and punishes us for bad ones. I know, he is always by my side, encouraging me to do the right. Likewise, he is always there for every of his children. He takes account of their good and bad deeds, which are finally calculated on the day of judgement. Each one of us is destined to face the day where we'll be awarded for our good works and punished for the bad ones. In his eyes, we all are equal irrespective for our status in the mortal world. Thus, its important for us to devote our life in helping the needy as well as follow his told path. This way, we'll be able to gain his love and get a place by his side. It's not easy for us humans to stay on the right path, its not in our nature, that's why we are humans. We need his hand to hold on. As to feel his presence in the real world, you can buy some religious jewelry or T-Shirts. Of course, you must have a firm belief on him or it would be waste for you to have these items. These items can help you stay connected with him, as you might recall his name, multiple times in a day. Amen
  2. Hello Turtletwo, You have written a nice and emotional poem. For sure, you think very deep and thus you were able to feel and understand the pain and hardships he had to bear, in the process to save us. He gave his life for us and what did he asked us for? It’s our duty to walk on his told path and keep our belief on him.
  3. Jesus is the creator and our father. He loves us for our good deeds, as well well as guides us away from the bad ones. He has always been my side and I feel him near to me whenever I am in need. He wants us to help the needy and have faith in him. I always try to help others as in this way I can stay close to him, my real father. I devote my work, Corinthian's Corner to him and in this quest donate some percentage of my income for the betterment of the poor.
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