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  1. The White House asked Google to help them with a more sophisticated software . Google said no but they will team up with China! I heard it on onlyxworthy news there is; Fox news. Tucker Carlson did a piece on it. Congress is talking about reigning google in. I think it needs to happen asap
  2. It doesnt build up if you clean up after yourself often. I rinse the tub after every bath. You are overthinking things.
  3. 1sheep

    Unitarian Universalist Gets Saved

    I didnt ask your opinion.
  4. 1sheep

    Unitarian Universalist Gets Saved

    Do I need to be a mod or watchmen to point out the rules?
  5. 1sheep

    Unitarian Universalist Gets Saved

    Ok. I didnt know that was allowed either! I learn something new every day. Thanks angles4u
  6. 1sheep

    Unitarian Universalist Gets Saved

    Oic. So the video posted on this thread was already previously posted in video forum? Just trying to understand .
  7. 1sheep

    I bought lottery tickets

    So it cant be both? What about the man who was able to put all his kids through college and the marriage that was better because both had more time for each other and a better quality of life.
  8. 1sheep

    Unitarian Universalist Gets Saved

    You didnt post a link. You posted the video. There is a difference. You didnt know that?
  9. 1sheep

    I bought lottery tickets

    Its not either or. 9 out of 10 pentecostals are living in poverty. Most on tv including pat robertson are wof prosperity emergent apostate false prophets. That doesnt mean that there arent people with money who use wisdom and follow the leading of God to glorify Christ! God said the love of money is sin because in most cases it can lead people to rely on money and not the Lord! . More offten than not you wont hear about those who are wealthy that are glorifying the Lord with their money because they are humble and meek in spirit. Stories like theirs mostly never gets told because they wouldnt hear of it! They are humble. I knew a man like that. He earned every penny by the sweat of his brow on the land. He also served in ww11 and was the district attorney of his county. He loved the Lord and he served the Lord and his community. He walked the talk. He lived modestly. God intrusts those he knows can handle it . It does afterall take money to run a ministry. It takes millions and millions to run an international ministry I also know that there are few poor people who dont demonize wealthy people because of their money! They are envious in their heart. Which btw a person doesnt need to be wealthy to be guilty of the love of money! Many a pauper dreams of having alot of money to make their lives better one way or other. They are as guilty before God for lack of faith just as much as the rich man who lacks faith! Ponder on that....
  10. 1sheep

    Unitarian Universalist Gets Saved

    Great teaching tool but in the wrong venue. Rules apply to everyone.
  11. 1sheep

    Lonely Christian

    The irony in your comment is astounding
  12. 1sheep

    Does God Get what He desires?

    So to you any fire mentioned is the same fire? You are very confused and God doesnt author that.
  13. 1sheep

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    Sounds good. No veggies?
  14. 1sheep

    Does God Get what He desires?

    Wrong. Test the spirit
  15. 1sheep

    Does God Get what He desires?

    What spirit? It was NOT from God!