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  1. Yes, personal safety, security, well being, and even our Faith and Belief have to be 'well guarded from wayward people who are everywhere in to days Godless Society. Even finding the REAL JESUS is like 'looking for a needle in a Haystack.....with all the 'false christs now in in the earth.....pretending and claiming to be HIM 1Joh 4v1; Mat 24v4,5. 2Pt 2v1; It is sad when we no longer can trust fellow man.
  2. How about GOD's Commandments ? Transgressing the law/commands of God IS SIN. GOD sets the 'mark and the standard'.
  3. I have always maintained it takes a 'lifetime' to be perfected....but that is not popular with most who want and claim everything INSTANT. Christianity is a HOTbed of confusion with no general Unity except for the one that is ERROR from beginning to end with no biblical support....yet uphold with all their might.....sun day.
  4. All will be revealed in good time. It is getting late now ...and experience on these Boards should tell you that nothing can be settled in a few words. Basically what I mean by referring to different groups of people is that there is no unity in any as each contains a multitude of various beliefs...not all believe the same thing even within their own group. If you think there is no 'distinction WHY all the arguments and disagreements, the fighting and killing ???
  5. I have no intention of making this a personal issue. I used this distinction in reply to someone who made reference to ISRAEL.
  6. Just my way of describing people according to their birth or their belief.
  7. Hi Marilyn C, nice to get to know you...wish it was under more agreeable circumstances. I get what you are pointing out. So where do the Gentiles and Christians fit into God's Plan of redemption ? do THEY not need Covenants and laws in order to be HIS people ? I thought the 'veil of division had been torn down and we are all equal IN CHRIST - starting from the same level !
  8. Heb 8v10.......NT.....I will put my laws into their mind and write them in their hearts.....
  9. SO WHY do Christians continue to sin ? very simply because they TRANSGRESS the Law/Commandments of GOD 1 Joh 3v4. To do so is to sin against God and are obviously NOT converted and therefore unable to deal with fleshly sins. As long as people are subject to the 'god of this world' and continue to reject and ignore Scripture they are DISOBEDIENT and can not receive GOD's HOLY SPIRIT Acts 5v32. It's a first step all must take to be converted, born again and saved.
  10. Yes, it is so obvious from all knowledge available that Gentile Christians have been HI-JACKED and very SUBTLY led astray.....yet most PERCEIVE IT NOT....even after so long a time ! in fact, time has only embedded the 'god of this world more into the hearts and minds of people who support his horrible lies.....they quote SCRIPTURE but use it to worship ANOTHER. I DESPAIR !!!
  11. I know quite a bit about the RCC since I was born into it and followed them for 50 years....never having been allowed to read a Bible and being instructed by the Priest at school, and whose word was LAW. They never once mentioned the Holy Sabbath or the 7th Day. It was only after coming to the UK that I first saw and read the Bible....and I turned and changed ! Yes, there is also the problem of not being allowed 'free speech on forums which is not helping to spread TRUTH and the true Gospel. Come SOON Lord Jesus !!!
  12. Can somebody tell me who is the Head of this earthly christian religion ? is it the POPE ? ALL churches have certainly followed the Dictat of the Roman Catholic Church who brought in SUN day worship, for which there is no GODLY Instruction and has led Christian Gentiles down the wrong Path away from the God of Israel....whose Holy day is the Sabbath 7th Day and Jesus is LORD of. Why are Christians settling for such blatant misleading teaching ? Is it time to take a stand and fight on the side of the returning Christ our TRUE SAVIOUR ?
  13. I am beginning to think that 'christianity itself is a tradition., that is why they/we have no success in spreading the Word of God truthfully to impact the lives of the lost. Where are the scriptural instructions for our Faith and Belief we are trying to teach and uphold ? Jesus Himself....in whose footsteps we should follow never taught or observed what Gentile Christians are doing.....so where has it all come from ? We need to be much more discerning as to the original introduction of Beliefs UNgodly men brought in, because these false traditions started all long ago.
  14. I do beg your pardon, you are right....it was One Light who mentioned scriptures. (i'll have to be more careful of who says what, sorry).
  15. To be fair....the OP did state we were to compare any 'moral knowledge received with scripture ! Of course we should NOT believe anything PEOPLE tell us without checking it out....we see the results in our God-less society....even Christianity.
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