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  1. It seems to me that we are in agreement...BECAUSE we are saved we will now produce GODLY fruits in our lives ! Does that not mean we will now DO things we did not do before when we were in the old man (body) of disobedience ? So - if we transgressed God's law/commandments before being saved does it not follow we will now keep and observe it with HIS help and power/Spirit ? Jesus/Yashua came to save us from our sins....and breaking His commandments IS SIN ! 1Joh 3v4. It should be our first concern to please and obey God and no longer sin against Him through disobedience Heb 5v10 HIS Example as a man was to be Obedient unto death Phil 2v8. Since we are being conformed to the image of Jesus to follow HIM should be our aim. With God's help we should be able to be obedient all our lives to do HIS Good Works HE wants us to do ? Eph 2v1o. they are not our works, or else we would always have done it and never sinned. But obviously we have sinned and now there must be a drastic change or our conversion/salvation is false as in being DECEIVED. Mat 7v21-23. not having worshipped God IN TRUTH !
  2. GOOD POST my friend ! Grace has been taught and recognized as the beginning of our Salvation...and so it is !! it is to bring us to Christ to 'grow in His knowledge and become mature 2 Pet 3v18, and go on to the next stage 'learning to obey'. Heb 5v9. There has been not enough teaching on obedience as people have been conditioned to entirely rest on Grace alone....which is ok for INFANTS and Babes ....but when we get past that stage GOD expects us to grow up ! (think of your own children as example). We are to become DOERS of God's Word, no longer be hearers only Jas 1v22. It becomes essential to move on to obedience....like taking a second step when learning to walk.
  3. Repentance is to acknowledge you are a sinner transgressing the law/commandments of God 1Joh 3v4. If you are truly repentant you will STOP and TURN from the way you are on and take a direction specifically indicated/instructed by GOD. Yashua/Jesus is our living Example to follow !
  4. It means to put up with all evil that comes up against the Righteousness of God. Please read a few verses of Heb 12. Yashua/Jesus is our example of learning Obedience the hard way Heb 5v8, 9. We are not exempt from this lesson.
  5. Then why does scripture say ( Heb 6 ) that it is possible to 'fall away ' and can not be 'renewed again' ? is that a lie too ? Friend, you are looking at salvation from GOD's side ONLY and not your side as well....WE are personally involved in this process and have 'to go along with the way GOD/Jesus does it - and then it will work out. But if WE for some reason or another FAIL to do OUR part in it we 'fall away' BECAUSE we are in a 2way relationship with Jesus/Yashua and have to do OUR part....He does not drag, pull or force us to obediently FOLLOW Him, we must do so of our own free will....and being weak, human and vulnerable to sin we/some may at times find it hard to stay the course according to HIS WAYS. HE/Yashua will never put us aside that is true - but WE are always 'at risk' of falling away because the devil continues to tempt us to sin as long as we are in the flesh , and he is a master at deception deceiving the whole world Rev 12v9....to TRANSGRESS God's Commandments.
  6. Heb ch 6 certainly bears this out v 4,5,6. we should not count chickens before they are hatched, much can go wrong, from our side of course. God would never forsake us.
  7. HHMMM you obviously see no reason for things to change ....one satisfied customer !!!
  8. how can it be an errant conclusion when you see people say and do things that God does NOT tell them to say or do ? it means they are speaking and doing things of their own will which we are supposed to stop doing. 'Easter with all its human traditions (same goes for xmas or anything else we do of our own bat) needs to be abandoned by true followers of God. WE should DEcrease so HE can INcrease !!!
  9. Are we surprised at the state this world is in ? we should not be ! look at who is the god of this world , look at his ministers 2Cor 11 v 13, 14. 2 Cor 4v4, Yashua warned against being DECEIVED ! Mat 24v4,5.... ....but the whole world has fallen victim to lies. Rev 12v9. Praise the Lord for the salvation of His people !
  10. Dual house theology is a 'biblical fact....not somebodies imagination. read 2 Kgs ch 17 or Heb 8, where even God makes that separation.
  11. Never said there are 'no Jews left to fulfil it' - you are reading me wrong. What I said was that the 10 lost tribes (the house of Israel) are UN-known today to the world. The JEWS are known and present. Seems we have a different understanding.
  12. A Mormon ? what on earth makes you think that ? Those that come to my door and I have discussions with do not observe the Sabbath, so we are a million miles apart. Rev 7 lists from all the tribes of the children of ISRAEL/Jacob but they are NOT ALL JEWS - please be aware of that....only Descendants from JUDAH are Jews who live in Israel today. They at one time had also been in captivity but some had been allowed to return and are in Israel today. The Descendants/sheep from the other Tribes of Jacob/Israel are lost and un-known to the world today because they are in spiritual captivity for Sabbath-breaking. Following another god has led to their loss of identity. You obviously did not read the scripture I posted which might have explained it. All disobedient people are blinded to Truth, so there is little point discussing it....they won't and can't believe until they repent and turn from their false Beliefs Joel 2v12, 13; Ezek 18v 31....for why will you die oh house of Israel.
  13. When Jesus said 'it is finished' He was ref to His mission on earth, NOT to wiping out His foundation . Since He and His Father are ONE He would be doing away with eveything HE had been brought up with and become the Cornerstone for all else to follow. What happened to : Bring up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it ??? Sir - you are stretching this too far. Does not Yashua/Jesus tell us to do the Will of the Father to get into His Kingdom ? With all due respect I think you should repent of your UNgodly thoughts.
  14. So is God making a New Covenant with people who don't exist ? Oh they still exist but have lost their identity, why ? because of DISOBEDIENCE. Israel were supposed to have been an example to other nations but lost that privilege when they took on pagan practices instead....thus becoming estranged from their true GODgiven past. They are still in captivity today and don't know it. Tragic !!!
  15. This world is truly confused regarding the House of Judah and the House of Israel.... 2 separate nations....clearly so stated in Heb 8v8. We can read about this separation way back in 2 Kgs ch 17 and other scriptures. All Jews are of Israel - but not all Israel are Jews. Jacob renamed Israel Gen 32, had 12 sons , not only Judah/Jews Gen 35..... have they vanished off the face of the earth ? Most people today can not see the Wood for trees......all because of DISOBEDIENCE.
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