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  1. Hi T2, I have never forgotten how you came to my rescue when I was a Newby and lost on forum . Yes, the Butterfly holds a lot of serious meaning for me ! Bless you !
  2. Hi, are you really only 12 years old ? I did not realise there were children on this forum.....but nothing to forgive, i realised you did not mean it in a bad way.....i think you will be hard pressed to find other children of your age in religious interests, whether forums or church...i used to still play with Dolls when your age. Of course we did not have any of the Technology available then NOR DID WE HAVE BIBLES ! i grew up in the RC church in a small mountain village high up in Austria and were instructed at school by the Priest, whose word was law....so no Bibles !!! I read my first Bible when I was 50 and lived in the UK where we have religious freedom. The RC keep a tight grip on who is born into their church....never even knew there were other Beliefs apart from theirs. When you have lived as long as me you will have experienced a bit more in life. God bless you !
  3. Thanks for that post...it describes my feelings and Avatar perfectly....that's why i chose it ! but let me tell you that Caterpillars are not worried or afraid of any CHANGE seeing they are 'mentally pre-programmed (like all animals) and have no need of a 'conscious reasoning Mind as MAN has.
  4. I could be offended IF i took this literal, being 90 years old....but maybe it was not meant that way ???
  5. It very likely IS the answer to all the human confusion that exists in christianity....who each man/denomination manipulates according to their own understanding. We need to get back to the firm FOUNDATION and stop building on shifting sand.
  6. Just been reading through this thread and see much mention of HOLINESS....which of course is biblical. What perplexes me is how Christians can claim HOLINESS when they reject God's invitation/requirement to REMEMBER HIS HOLY DAY and KEEP it HOLY - as given in His Commandments. As far as I know God has never abolished nor transferred HIS HOLY Day....it has always been the SAME since Creation. Is it right for man to MOVE GOD's FOUNDATION ?
  7. Afraid there is just a MIS-understanding here. Yashua has paid the HIGH PRICE once for all, HE has done what needed to be done FOR us. Problem is that false teaching more or less tells people to STOP there and rely/depend on continual Forgiveness. GOD wants us to STOP SINNING and what better way to start than 'STOP SINNING AGAINST GOD HIMSELF ! 1 JOH 3v4. Do people not understand GOD's definition of SIN ?
  8. The GRACE of our Lord DOES INCLUDE forgiveness. I do not think that any of us can achieve 'sinlessness in this life....but it is what we have to AIM for. Does your Bible not include Repentance ? THIS is what helps in our fight against sin. IF we don't repent we are likely to go on sinning and never even want to stop.
  9. Most people take it that ALL sins are repeatedly forgiven or even fully paid for, some say that comes as a FREE gift. Seems some have a slight misunderstanding concerning this matter. Scripture says that all PAST sins have been fully remitted/paid for/wiped out, so we can start with a clean slate Rom 3v25.. Does that include PRESENT sins ? it does not say so....it particularly mentions PAST sins. So we come to the next stage Present sins....what happens there ? When we REPENT we are forgiven....does that wipe them out ? IF it does why are they not included in PAST sins ? because PRESENT-TIME sinning is being dealt with differently when we come to Christ, seeing we now have HIS HOLY Spirit-power to help us STOP ! Rom 6 we are now no longer to continue in sin, we need to STOP sinning....WHY ? does not FORGIVENESS do the job for us ? it sure does UNTIL we become sin-FREE. Continual sinning and continual forgiveness is not the PERFECT state a Human is supposed to be in.....and GOD requires us to be/become PERFECT - FREE from sin....so we don't do it any more. Look at the scripture quoted above Acts 3v19 REPENT therefore and be converted....TURN AWAY from transgressing the Law/Commandments of God, which is GOD's definition of SIN 1Joh 3v4. Doing the Will of GOD should/must be our priority if we want to be in HIS Kingdom Mat 7v21. There is no arguing with this !
  10. Hi Gayla, i see you quote from the OT and that is fine, since it is the foundation of the NT. But since much has changed in practice and observing things since then are you saying we should still do it the same way ? Since the Priesthood changed from Levitical to Melchisedec there have also been changes in the law Heb 7v12. Would you like to explain what you mean ?
  11. Thanks for your concern....in case my post came over as a cry for help. My ??? simply referred to satan testing us (well, in my case) and not God who would never knock His old people around breaking arms, legs, hips etc etc. No, I am fine relying on the Lord for help ! thank you and God bless you !
  12. You have raised a very important point that needs more study. I believe that most things written in the Word of God pertains to ISRAEL and of course Jews, seeing to THEM were given the Oracles and God was dealing with them looong before gentiles and christians. YET TODAY we have these people 'christians and gentiles' in charge of a major religion that is keen to abandon for good 'GOD's Authority' by rejecting HIS Commandments FOR ISRAEL, a nation God had chosen to be an EXAMPLE to all others who did not yet know Him see Deut ch 4 (V6-7-8.). We are told that JESUS is the express image of His Father and also kept His Fathers Commandments....why would He now try to do away with something that was/is part of the CREATION itself....the HOLY 7th Day !. Gentiles and christians have rejected what GOD established and built their own religion.........instead of JOINING the God of Israel. When the NT was written 2000 years ago EVERYBODY knew who JESUS was, HIM being the only one by that name....NOW TODAY we have MANY using HIS NAME but only in order to CONFUSE and DECEIVE people. TODAY there is NO CLEAR understanding as to WHO the REAL JESUS IS !!! Mat 24v 4,5. DISobedience has consequences...ultimately Death ! Yashua said we had to be CONVERTED or we would not share HEAVEN. Mat 18v3.
  13. I can go with that....I seem to have been 'knocked about a bit more still in the past 10 years in my old age and I can't and won't blame it on God !!! sooo...?
  14. The biggest test could well be when Yashua says....'Come, follow me. There is only ONE TRUE JESUS......but MANY false ones who also use the same name, yet deceive all who follow them. Since scripture tells us that the whole world is deceived one would assume that to be everybody, even we ourselves. I know that I was deceived for 50 years UNTIL God opened my eyes to see the TRUE YASHUA/Jesus. The name JESUS/YASHUA needs to be applied to the ONE TRUE LORD.....not the FALSE one introduced to christianity by UNgodly men whose agenda was/is to DECEIVE and lead people AWAY from the TRUTH. So, the biggest test for most Christians may well be YET to come !
  15. yes, people use the strangest 'handles to be known by...it can lead to confusion...understood only by themselves. So be it !
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