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  1. Yes I understand there is a problem ! but if we are honest it is of 'Christians own making by rejecting the Sabbath as their OFFICIAL Day of Rest/Worship Day and electing 'Sun day' instead.. God never told them to move one of HIS foundational Weekly Creation Days to another day. The consequences of 'meddling with GOD's established Principles can be severe.....however, we find that things /works are much more relaxed in the NT and we can now do lots of things on the Sabbath we could not do in the OT,.....which may also be misunderstood creating hardship and poverty for people that was never intended. So , 'HAVING to work for a living on the Sabbath or caring for those in need (Man and Beast) is definitely not a sin when seen in the proper context/comparison to 'doing 'your own pleasure' see Isa 58v13 which of course would be sin.....there is a difference.
  2. And that would also include keeping God's Holy Sabbath.....Yashua most certainly kept it....not because He was a Jew but that He always did those things that 'pleased the Father.' Should not Christians emulate Him ?
  3. Confusion, lack of knowledge, ignorance, rebellion, disobedience and many more 'negatives.... are 'rife' among Christians..... and not surprising !!! Go back to the Beginning of the true 'Christian Faith starting with Jesus/Yashua and His personally chosen Disciples which had a different 'Assembly Day' to NT Christians that chose 'their own.....'moving God's FOUNDATIONAL Cornerstone to another day....which modern christians are still observing. It is not surprising that a lot of false teaching has arisen from such a grave error.
  4. Don't worry about them. God is not saving everyone at the same time ! ' Each in their own Order' 1Cor 15v22, 23. When their time comes God will do His utmost to save them....if they will respond !
  5. It is not only Sport that 'christians' idolise especially on God's Holy Day.....but anything and everything has priority with them on the Sabbath but GOD ! AND THEY HAVE SET IT SO ! They have moved the basic foundational Cornerstone planted by God at Creation Gen 2v3 and then wonder what is wrong ! It is more than 'sickening...it is spiritually criminal. And the Lord will have to come 'as a Lion, with a sharp two-edged sword to smite/correct all nations Rev 19.
  6. Very few see God already 'at work establishing His KGD on earth ! It is obvious from the opposition His Saints are experiencing as they 'speak HIS Words....not always 'sweet and gentle since they seem to have no effect...why else would the Lord have to return as a LION and with a 'sharp two-edged sword to smite people ? stronger measures are needed now - compared to early Beginning when 'hopefully a 'soft word may have sufficed.....but not anymore it seems Heb 4v12. We are in a Battle with the Lord to reclaim what is HIS !!! but the natural/carnal man does not care for the 'Will of God to be done Rom 7v8. Let US take comfort from Phi 1v29.
  7. Few go all the way....seems even less 'go the extra mile. No wonder God wanted soooo many people born just to get a few into His Kingdom, willingly, lovingly enduring to the End !
  8. Saved by JESUS ? Are you suggesting they can be saved by any Other ?
  9. I am not sure if 'repent' takes us beyond 'regret....i believe a few more steps are needed to 'turn from sin.. Gen 6v6, GOD repented of having made man....and in spite of trying different ways with us nothing has worked so far...we are as wicked as ever. Only the 'death of the old corrupt man and creating a NEW MAN will put things right. Repentance by itself changes nothing....not even for God....how much less for us until we actually DO something New - be CONVERTED ! Mat 18v3.
  10. we are repenting of our sins.....and then what ? nothing else ? just feel regret, being sorry for having messed up ? we need to take repentance a step further and 'not sin again Rom 6...that is the whole point of being washed and cleaned up. Continual repenting is not dealing with our sin-problems....is how i see it.
  11. We do a different work after having been saved ! ever heard of the 'works of God ? Eph 2v10......
  12. For what it is worth Margo....I agree with you and feel as you do ! WE have our part to do in God's gracious free Salvation because we are 'in Partnership with Him following HIS instructions ! Can two walk together unless they are agreed ? Amos 3v3, To be in God's KGD requires obedience to Him - BECAUSE WE LOVE HIM !
  13. I find it actually MORE satisfying when I 'add Obedience to Repentance. ....not keep repeating same mistakes. This is hard when dealing with bad habits and is really a JOB for God in us !
  14. I can second that from experience. Been 'at it 40 years now and still learning at age 90 ! God bless you in your effort !
  15. Yes, too many 'christians' think they are already 'seated in heavenly places' when as yet they have never walked with Jesus on this earth. How can such ELEVATION take place without the original 'footwork ?
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