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  1. sure they can, but it's not very likely that someone using the name Yashua or Lord of Sabbath will be a sun day worshipper....they are mostly Jesus supporters (from my experience)
  2. Right....if you set out on a personal shopping spree, redecorate your house and do other things just for your own pleasure NOT NECESSARY on the Sabbath and could be done on other days. Every Sabbath has a preparation day on which any mundane jobs can be done. as well as all the rest of the week.
  3. Sure by their fruits they are known ! but their title/name will usually be an indication of their actions.
  4. Don't write yourself off too quick ! There is work that must be done even on the Sabbath. We are not talking about work that is purely for our own pleasure and should not be done on GOD's Holy Day. There is a difference !
  5. There is only 1 weekly holy Sabbath day which in our calendar is saturday. I am not aware of a 'prescribed amount of obedience, we just give to God what we are motivated/moved to give Him in response to His Word. It's a slow 'growing-process during our lifetime.....just as fast as the NEW MAN develops in us. We all react different. We need BELIEF as a Beginning, but must eventually grow into DOERS of God's Word. giving our Lord His rightful name and title will help us to identify Him from among the many FALSE Preachers and Pretenders.
  6. I think I understand your problem , which also seems to affect us all. Obedience is important and required for salvation but not at the initial ENTRANCE stage when we are ignorant of how God works. HIS IS THE FIRST MOVE in SAVING US and is a FREE GIFT !!! at that point in time He does not base salvation on our obedience , because we are saved WHILE STILL SINNERS ROM 5, - BUT as we learn HIS WAYS we are expected to change and obey Him.....to GROW in His Grace and knowledge 1Pt 3v18, Heb 5v9. We are NOT to remain Sinners !!! We must become DOERS of HIS WORD and not remain hearers only Jas 1v22, which will stunt our growth. So, being deliberately, stubbornly and continuously DISobedient in whatever God wants can not help our salvation. We must be open to CORRECTION !
  7. friend you have me back to front. I do NOT WORK for salvation of my own effort but rather RESPOND TO HIS Requirements when He has graciously granted me correction and repentance from my errors. We are saved while still Sinners BUT are not to remain that way !
  8. Exactly, the NT observances are BASED ON LOVE....not on commandments.....and we show our love after HE first loved us ! This is the love of God that we keep his commandments, which now are better described as PRINCIPLES and the inclusive Sabbath from the very FOUNDATION of creation.....absolutely essential to keep in place as GOD commanded. Breaking (not keeping His law) is SIN and will keep us from the Kgd. 1 Joh 3v4.
  9. I think we can assume that most Gentiles who become Christians are told that Jesus resurrected on Sun day ? This comes from the RCC who introduced Sun day as the new worship day ! Since this is a blatant lie how can those who believe it 'be saved ??? To believe the Gospel 1 Cor 15 v1-4.means to believe the TRUTH ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE....NOT a concoction from the Pope ! So now if you are prepared to be corrected by the Word of God will you TURN to the TRUTH and BE SAVED ?
  10. Friend you are still clinging to OT observances , expecting NT Sabbath-keepers to do.....NOT SO ! there is no confusion except in people's mind who have not studied the Word of God sufficiently to DISCERN difference. We don't have to please everybody...ONLY GOD ! Problems arise when we look to other people's Doings instead of GOD's requirements....and keeping the Sabbath-day Holy has never been rescinded by God, only people.....so - let us obediently return to the Lord and be saved !
  11. When Yashua had dispute with the devil he referred several times to ' it is written'....obviously showing that scripture can be our guide in the first instance, and not necessarily the Holy Ghost who is not received UNTIL a person becomes obedient Acts 5v 32. so we must not put the cart before the Horse, but proceed in the correct manner. If people ignore/reject correction it is only right that they are made aware of chastisement and consequences...don't you think ? or should they just be allowed to go down the wide road of destruction ...for fear of upsetting them ? We are to help each other - but in the end it's their own choice !
  12. I forget the times i have been called a JUDAIZER ....totally missing the fact that the Sabbath 7th day BELONGS to GOD Lev 23 and not to the Jews. It is GOD's OWN HOLY DAY into which He Gracefully invites us to join Him !
  13. Perhaps you have not thought this out very well....we are here to DO THE WILL OF GOD....not what any MAN considers right.in his own eyes. Tell it to GOD that you don't care for HIS HOLY DAY.
  14. seeing scripture says there are MANY how will you identify the real one ? Christianity and their many denominations are each claiming to be the real one...how can you tell ?
  15. I take it that this love stretches to Commandment-keeping...1 Joh 5v3 for this is the love of God that we keep his commandments.... 1 Joh 2v4 He that says 'i know him and keeps not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him. many christians are going to have to give this some more thought as they go about breaking God's law 1 Joh 3v4.
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