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  1. Sure Salvation starts with 'Believing' but must 'Grow into becoming a 'DOER of God's Word, or we 'deceive ourselves (into thinking that believing alone is enough) Jas 1v22....it is not. Serious conversion must follow !
  2. Perhaps your OP and following Posts have been somewhat 'misleading' we may have formed a wrong opinion of your views...which you are now expressing in a more acceptable form. Whether Patterns, Maths or Science - God invented all and is using all in His Creation, but HE does NOT consist of them as you gave us first to believe. Glad it is getting sorted now.
  3. It has always been some common belief that humans came from monkeys...but we still have apes and monkeys today....so why have they not all as a species transformed themselves into Humans ? do they just like being monkeys ??? scripture says that among the animals was not found a MATE for Man.....implying that man was not an animal. You have no scriptural proof for your Belief, my friend. As far as I can see there are no 'other mechanics for re-production, or at least have not been known of millennia ago than the 'human process and of course GOD's Creation.....in which HE made the first man and woman. Now, if people don't believe GOD what are they doing discussing HIS BOOK and HIS WORK ? because OUR OWN opinions surely do not matter.
  4. If it is just a story please explain where all the people come/came from. No matter who they were...they did NOT make themselves. I can not follow your reasoning. LIVING people are the evidence of real existence and not some fictional story.
  5. Oh great, we seem to be doing ok so far....except where the first people came from. How can there be ANY to reproduce with IF IF IF there was not a FIRST MAN. ? you mention other types in our DNA and comes from 'interbreeding....but WHO was the FIRST HUMAN ? GOD SAYS it is ADAM....why do you not believe ?
  6. Friend....what other types of people ??? if the first never existed how can there be any ??? you also seem to confuse the 'human spirit with the SPIRIT OF GOD. (hope we can discuss in peace, don't wish to argue)
  7. IF Adam and Eve were not REAL where have all the people come from ? God did /does not make each one of us a personal single physical Being....we all have HUMAN PARENTS.....starting from ADAM.
  8. So we don't blame Adam and Eve for EVERYTHING, but the fact is that all EVIL got a foothold in mankind through their DISOBEDIENCE. I will add that they did not act from outright malice against God but rather from human weakness and ignorance, lack of knowledge and Truth......and I believe that is the reason God has so much PATIENCE with man in the hope we - who are humble and submissive - learn FROM HIM !
  9. Yes Joh 20v29 came to mind and Jesus/Yashuah saying that the BLESSING is on those who BELIEVE God rather than look for literal proof. I am afraid Christianity have built their Faith on visual Facts of the resurrection rather than the Word of God/scripture which gives another time and Day.
  10. Yes it is important to first have a 'willing Mind 2 Cor 8v12. God always starts off from the smallest point.
  11. Heb 11v1 Now Faith is the 'substance of things hoped for, the evidence of 'things not seen. Faith is based on what can not be seen.....once we see a thing it is Fact and NOT Faith.
  12. To get some clarification I have to ask you....does ALL TORAH include 'the commandments contained in Ordinances (works) ?
  13. Hi, thanks for your reply.There is no problem with the scriptuires you quote, all perfectly acceptable.....to those obedient in all things 2 Cor2v9, lest satan should gain a foothold in us v 11 (disobedience is his strength) My question is 'how can people claim HOLINESS when they purposely reject one of HIS Commandments pertaining to it ? It is a FOUNDATIONAL Principle established at Creation Gen 2v2 and as important as any other Day on which He Created. What reason is there for Christians to break it ? 1Joh 3v4..
  14. REVLORI, you bring out an interesting point in Eph 2 when you reply to the OP.....we are the temple of God now, we are holy and the Spirit of God lives in us. This obviously applies to all of God's people.....but how do you know you are one of them ? Are we HOLY to GOD IF we reject the Holy Day we are commanded to REMEMBER to keep Holy ? Ex 20v8, 31v16, 17 is eternal and included in the 10 Commandments and JESUS lived and kept all His life on earth ...... but we don't ? JESUS is the chief Cornerstone of the Christian Faith v 20, laid firm and secure by God at Creation ....for us to remember and keep ! Who has given MAN permission to move it ? there is no scripture or instruction for it. Our Eternal Life is bound up in God's Holiness....how can we achieve it by 'skipping to Enter by that Door ? Joh ch 10.
  15. I can see a very big problem ....that people no longer KNOW who exactly they are after all that has happened to them over millennia, captivity, inter-marriage and accepting any and every Belief from pagan nations. When God dispersed His Own people (Judah and Israel) for disobedience they lost all possibility of maintaining their identity/background/heritage. If they could not obey God while they were with Him, how could they when separated ? However, Judah was allowed to return after they repented and today are KNOWN (as well as a few Christians) as people of God. Sabbath-breaking was the reason for their captivity and in the case of ISRAEL is still in force today...please read 2 KGS chapt 17.
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