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  1. I never thought of it in that way....but you are right. I'm just always quick to forgive.
  2. He misquoted me as well but I have already forgiven him....for they don't know what they do.... or say. (I love him really, but don't tell him)
  3. Agree with you - the Lord teaches those who will hear and obey HIS Instructions in,through and by LOVE and GRACE.
  4. I agree....very much so !
  5. Hi friend, if you already know why would you need someone else to explain it to you ? It would seem that the reason for your interest stems from another motive than to gain more knowledge. We are all to 'work out our own salvation that does not depend on other's opinions.....so let it just rest there .
  6. Very much so, this world is already in deep trouble because of unbelief, disobedience and all their evil doings which will have to be cleansed with fire. Lk 12v49 I am come to send fire on the earth....said Jesus, because there will be nothing GOOD left on it worth saving. What feww are being saved the Lord will have taken care of ! Our God is a consuming fire and He will not put up with continual rebellion.
  7. The Bible tells us that SIN is the transgression of God's law 1Joh 3v4....so to STOP sinning would mean 'to START keeping/observing God's law/Commandments'...it's a bit more serious than telling the odd Fib or ignoring your Neighbour ! How many people take Sin against GOD that serious ?
  8. Friend, you are turning REPENTANCE into a very complicated and confusing procedure that only very few will be able to fathom out. Let's forget all the Old system and what the Jews did or did not do....it's a MINEFIELD for even the most learned Student ! Today 2000 years later let us just approach Scripture AS GIVEN TO THOSE who would RECEIVE HIM.Joh 1v12....the rest of people will not understand no matter how well it is explained to them, not until their time comes. God is not saving the whole world all at once...hence the 'first and the last' far and near, and the first and second resurrection....etc...etc
  9. A very good post with which I can agree....except for one - point 7 (Jesus) sits at the right hand of power and reigns for ever and ever. What is happening to 1 Cor 15v28 ? ''And when all things shall be subdued unto him then shall the son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him that God (the Father) may be all in all.'' Seems to me Jesus/Yashua is handing Ruler-ship back to His Father once He has accomplished His Part in God's Plan.
  10. Acts 17v30.......but now (God) commands men everywhere to repent.....(ALL men - EVERY man) ....hope that answers your question.
  11. What many do is not done with purpose but in IGNORANCE...simply not knowing Truth and therefore UNABLE to LIVE it !...so they continue to live a lie and even do it with vigour and conviction...all done in ignorance of Truth and consequent DISOBEDIENCE to the REAL GOD. Scripture tells us that satan transforms himself into an angel of light and so do his ministers (many false christs) who are DECEIVING this earth 2Cor 11; Rev 12. preaching a FALSE Gospel that can not save. What then is Ignorance ? it's NOT believing what God says to all, including themselves....they just CAN NOT believe that they are being deceived and going the wrong way.....in their estimation it's always OTHERS who are wrong. Jesus/Yashua says we must be converted or we can not enter the Kgd. Have they been 'converted from their original beliefs and TURNED to the True LORD from Heaven ? No, they are still enslaved to the god of this world who deceives them 2 Cor 4v4....all because of their UNBELIEF and DISOBEDIENCE to GOD's WILL and Commandments which are the firm foundation we need to start with.
  12. I would say we need to become His Disciples and walk with Him 24/7....DO what He does and GO where He goes...develop a close/intimate relationship and not just follow from afar as masses of people did.
  13. Yes and that guidance is given us by the 'Written Word and the Holy Spirit THROUGH INSTRUCTIONS we are to FOLLOW. It makes sense to START at the Beginning and Foundation....which christians and gentiles are NOT doing....having been led astray by UNGODLY men.
  14. I agree that LOVING and OBEYING GOD should have PRIORITY in our life since since it fulfills the 1st Commandment.
  15. Absolutely right jtb with the exception I am not without sin yet, hoping to become perfect before i draw my last breath, ready to enter the Kgd of God.
  16. Yes when we read about 'keeping the Law in the NT' James definitely refers to the 10 Commandments Jas 2v10,11. Why do gentile christians have a problem ? because they break one...hence all !
  17. This is a wonderful post with much Light, Hope and Encouragement we all so badly need, thank and praise the Lord !!!
  18. Hazard quoted a LOT of scriptures, don't people have BIBLES to check them out ? a little effort on our part won't come amiss and is all part of growing and learning....instead of having it all so conveniently served up !
  19. There is a lot more to this conundrem whether God knows a thing or does not know. We should not leave out the role of the devil and the power he so subtly wields over Humans who are totally UNaware of it....thinking it is all from God. Don't get to thinking that satan only does 'evil....far from it....he appeals to the weak human nature /flesh - which in a natural/carnal man/woman have to be satisfied and comforted. There is a fine line between what we NEED and what we LUST for where the devil can have his evil way with us ....since we are not educated/trained to discern the difference. There is more but I'll stop here for now.
  20. I just happened across this post of yours and must say that I AGREE WITH YOU ON THIS ! so WHY are we arguing about it on another thread ??? or am I misunderstanding you ?
  21. God's FOUNDATIONAL Principles are as important as ever they were and we should make effort to keep them INTACT.....starting with the 10 Commandments. Now when it comes to His True NAME that gives us even more clarification of WHO HE IS !!! why is that essential ? because people worship many gods other than the GOD of ISRAEL . People quote scripture, read His Bible and speak HIS WORDS.....BUT they don't OBEY Him/His Principles as established at Creation....and rejecting it as the correct starting point has led to much confusion that will end in destruction by fire. It is high time to awake from sleep/ignorance and return to the TRUE LORD and GOD !
  22. I agree with everything you say here George ! We are here to learn and different ways are open to us which we can explore. But the purpose of all this 'seeking' is to get at the 'truth' which is Yashua/Jesus HIMSELF WHO IS TRUTH, among everything else a man /woman NEEDS to be transformed and get into the Kingdom of God. Scripture tells us if we 'ask, seek and knock' in time we WILL RECEIVE/find what we are looking for and having found THAT TREASURE 'JESUS OF NAZARETH' need look no further. Having found, or rather having been found by Him I will now 'wait on Him !!!
  23. I agree with 'spiritual blindness that has swept this world...it happens to all who DEPART/DIGRESS from GOD's WORD.....most specially from HIS established Foundation ! 2 Cor 2v4. This scripture is being fulfilled 'as we speak. Even christians are building on the leaning Tower ( Pisa) and not on GOD's sure foundation stone. The only solution is the RETURN of our TRUE Lord and Saviour !!!
  24. Thank you George for the 2 Links on Chaistic study which I am unable to reach as I am on an old system. I had never heard of it and believe it best to stay with the SOURCE already available to all....The WORD OF GOD ! I can not see ANYONE doing better ! Thank you anyway.
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