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  1. maryjayne


    how do you fund yourself?
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    @Betha this is exactly what i want to ask know too please. I want to know what a Holy Convocation is in your worship as well as the other bits so I can be obedient as well.
  3. maryjayne


    so when do you do your paid work?
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    that cant be right, it uses 'sins' which is a plural................... (British humour again, I am agreeing with you)
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    well, having started this thread, I am now totally, completely, utterly flummoxed by all this, and will go back to reading the gospels, and praying, and wait for the Lord to speak to me through His Word. Considering what a basic question I thought I was asking, i seem to have unleashed a storm and am lost in the dust cloud it raised and no wiser than i was before. But I thank most of you for your contributions and will come back and selectively read this thread again and have another think.
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    doesnt matter, you KNOW it doesnt matter that first they went to the Jews, then the Gentiles. Some of them preached to the Gentiles. You know this. Jesus preached to a Samaritan woman, and then to other Samaritans who return to the well with her. He preached to, and save the child of a Canaanite woman. Peter and Barnabas preached to Gentiles.
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    dont worry about it, given the different ways people communicate internationally, i am amazed at how well we all understand each other : )
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  9. maryjayne


    I was not using sarcasm, I was attempting a bit of straightforward British humour . Hence my : )
  10. maryjayne


    I was making the point that anyone can speculate erroneously : )
  11. maryjayne


    John Wesleys concept of original sin, in an essay by Leo G Cox: Wesley summed up the nature of the fall of Adam by pointing out that his sin \\ as un belief - he chose to belie\'e Satan rather than God. It was pride. Even after Adam sinned he would not acknowledge his fault, but blamed Eve and Satan. He even blamed God when he said "the woman whom thou gavest to be with me". This first sin was revolt and rebellion.o Because of his sin, so, thats Wesleys view.
  12. maryjayne


    I see you have edited this to put in the quote from s charnock. No-one has said unbelief is the only sin which condemns. We have said that its not the only sin which requires repentance. Not the same thing.
  13. maryjayne


    I am not only interested in doing what is needed for salvation. I am also interested in doing what is right, according to scripture, to live as a Christian. I do not think you have a definition for inward sin, or recognise it, as all your focus is on outward visible sin, and doing the minimum required for salvation. For me, thats like taking the free gift and running, without saying thanks or appreciating the gift fully.
  14. maryjayne


    not only did Adam disobey, he also obliquely blamed God for creating Eve the way she was, and therefore landing him (Adam) in trouble!!! and what was Eve doing mooching around the Tree, eyeing up the fruit anyway? The Bible does not say anything about Satan taking her to the tree. Sounds like Eve was coveting what she could not have as well as disobeying. My speculation is as good as anyone else's at this point : )
  15. maryjayne


    how? edited to clarify: how does the holy Spirit know about our outward sins if we dont confess them in prayer? How does the Holy Spirit know of our inward sins if we dont confess them in prayer?