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  1. Christian partners are free to separate from their abusive husband or wife. They are even free to have a civil divorce, if that is required to keep them safe. However, they are not free to marry or portray themselves as single to others unless there is adultery involved.
  2. it seems like people read the same scriptures differently. And your experience is unique to you. I do not believe people are sinning if, for some reason, they are unable to fellowship with other Christians. Nor do I accept that God would punish them or consider it sin. However, putting burdens on people which are not in the Bible is a sin. Many, if not the majority of Christians around the world have to spend time alone due to persecution from their government, family and state, or through sickness, disability etc etc etc. To call them sinners is wrong. Many do not have a healthy church within reach, or other Christians nearby, or it is not safe for them to find other Christians. Why on earth would they be considered to be sinning. The scriptures talk about fellowship, gathering, if and where possible. Thats all it says.
  3. You are making some mighty big assumptions, based on very little, about obedience, churches and motives.
  4. we are meeting together here. We meet together in many ways, it doesnt say we have to get together in building. People meet in family group. I see this passage of scripture as saying not to isolate ourselves deliberately for any length of time, unless we are called by God to a time of solitude with Him.
  5. where does the OP say he is too good for the local church, or disparage it. Some 'churches' are anything but Christian. Some church goers are actively harmful to Christian life. Getting a building and slapping the word Church on it does not make it so, and buying a cross, attending church, or having fish sticker on ones car does not make someone a Christian either. It is not sin to not go to Church. We are church, not a building. This is one of the commonest misunderstanding of a scripture going.
  6. challenging your comment is neither opposition or strife.
  7. I do not accept that one bit. God Word speaks to us today as it always has. The words in the Bible are consistent through millennia, since creation. To take modern thought and interpretation to change the words in the Bible and their meanings is wrong. Jesus came to free us, to remove the heavy burdens from us. To say that His life and words are not to be understood by us all, regardless or where in time we live, is also wrong. At no point has Jesus, or God said we have to undertake a series of studies to be able to understand Him and His Word. Such teaching is not the work of the scriptures or the Holy Spirit and puts the same blocks in the way of believers as the Pharisees did, and look at how Jesus dealt with them............... The concept of hidden knowledge available to a few after much study is an old concept, trailed out from time to time, to hinder Christians. Such practice is condemned in the Scriptures.
  8. desire to be with anyone, regardless of the gender of the people, is wrong outside Gods clearly and explicitly stated rules of marriage. That point seems to be conveniently ignored by those who have not said a word, for decades, about sexual relationships outside of marriage between heterosexuals. Supposing I fell in love with a man who is married. I carried that heartbreak secretly within me for my lifetime, in obedience to God commandments. Living unmarried, in celibacy. Is that any different from a homosexual persons feelings? Yet that scenario is somehow OK, but that of a homosexual is not? Think about it.
  9. its not about the reason for the pregnancy. Its about the death of a human being. Murdering a baby is wrong. period. Adding murder to rape is wrong adding murder to incest is wrong. Often conception through incest is also usually rape.
  10. Do you mean purely for vanity? some plastic surgery is for restoring damaged faces, or bodies, isnt it.
  11. This is a developmental disorder which occurs in the wiring of the brain and is clearly seen in brain scans and EEG's. It is not a mental health issue, it is a genetic developmental issue. Neither is it a sin, or is having it a result of sin. Nor can it be medicated, therapist or counselled away. It is like Down Syndrome, or Cystic Fibrosis in that one is born with it and, unless God miraculously chooses to heal that person, if it is His will, it is lifelong. It is a processing disorder and has nothing to do with being unloving, unable to feel love or express love. This is a misconception. The person with AS is unable to process and express love in the way people who do not have this wiring are able to, but they still feel emotion and show they care in different ways. However, their struggles to negotiate this world and relate to the majority of people in it can make them have meltdowns. Once different means of communicating emotions are found, they can express loving behaviours just as much as anyone else. Just like if someone is blind, they learn to negotiate and share their world with others. It is very very rare for someone with AS to be premeditated in anything, their spontaneous honesty and inability to lie or dissemble is a feature of this disorder. I think you may be confusing it with Narcissism.
  12. as I understand it, the sex act is a unique joining literally of two bodies into one - the two become one flesh at that time - and is therefore reserved for those who are married and have been joined spiritually before God.
  13. can you tell me where that symbol on the front of the video originated from please? I would like to find out more about who designed it and its origins.
  14. May I ask, do you mean from the viewpoint of a non-American?
  15. from the age of 18 months to 18 year, I moved house 20 times my schooling started at the age of 4 years old, and ended when I was 18 years old, and I went to 12 different schools in that time. mindblowing, now I look back on it. oh, and i have lived for 6 months or more in 6 different countries just during my childhood - up to the age of 18 years old.
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