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  1. this is the problem. The attitude of misogynistic men. Why is it ok for them to struggle harder than a male counterpart, due to their gender? People who believe this is ok are either missing the point, or dont care about fairness and justice. A very cursory search into wages and terms will show you that gender inequality in work is rife. How can it ever be right to pay a woman less for doing the same job as a man, and therefore she has to work longer hours to earn the same income as a man, simply because she is a woman. That is gender exploitation. The Bible says a worker is worthy of a wage. It doesnt say a male worker is worthy of more wages than a female one.
  2. This is not about envy, this is about justice. Something God views as important. It is not Just that a woman should have lower pay, longer hours and harsher conditions in order to earn enough to raise her family due to her gender. There are many single women out there. Single by choice, single by circumstances, single due to being deserted or through widowhood. Why should they have to struggle harder than a man? And there are married women who have spouses who cannot, for various reasons, work. I think that we should support Justice in all its manifestations, regardless of whether we are suffering personally or not from that injustice.
  3. you may have missed the posts about legalised rape by husbands. The UK only made rape in marriage illegal in the 1990's
  4. I will say this: I do know of one person with Aspergers who can feel and hear electricity. Others can sense the magnetic currents in the air, and phone waves. We may declare all of these impossible, but its well known that different animals, for example, can sense things we cant. Maybe, in the different wiring of people with AS some of them can see,feel and sense things others cant? The ultra sensitive issue of AS people, including my son, leading to their sensory issues, is well documented. My son, for example, can see the flickering of lights and it give him motion sickness, even though some of these lights are apparently flickering too fast for the naked eye to see. And for what its worth, if you translate the original Swedish you will see that it is a metaphor linked to the story of the Emperors New Clothes and people refusing to see what is before their eyes, not a literal vision thing. This mistranslation has been thoroughly debunked on Twitter. https://www.afrinik.com/my-daughter-can-see-co2-with-the-naked-eye/ This is the website originally quoted from on this thread, with the correct explanation. I have included the website link so you can check to see that it is gross misrepresentation and mistranslation.
  5. Much of modern day feminism is not something i recognise as the fight for equality I grew up with, where it was about equal pay for the same job, or respect for choices. These days it is not even respecting the right to be feminine, let alone the right to choose to be married, or be a mother, or home maker. I stopped listening to feminists the day they told women that marriage was a betrayal of our fellow women, and having children with a committed male partner was anti-feminist. They even looked down on the choice to breastfeed!!! Men AND women should be equally respected, cherish, love and celebrated for our unique gifts to bring to each other. I get the idea of the #metoo campaign but again, once they started speaking of all men as potential rapists and abusers, it went too far in my opinion. However, maybe things are different in the UK?
  6. in most of the scriptures quoted in the last three pages of this thread.
  7. Thank you all for your love and support. I am sorry i havent responded before. Its been a difficult time. I forgave my father years ago, and prayed for him every day. Only God knows if my prayers were answered, and I trust God and leave that with God. I am able to grieve now for the earthly father shaped hole in my life. And to praise God that i found, through Him, a true Father in heaven. I will continue to pray for the rest of my family daily, by name. I forgave them years ago too and pray that they come out of their religion and come into the Light of God.
  8. forgive me if i am misunderstanding the three quoted scriptures but isnt the bible talking about the unsaved? those who are not born again with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit? There are many who call themselves Christian, but not all are born again. Only those born again cannot blaspheme against the Holy spirit.
  9. why not say Christians and non-Christians? I dont understand what difference our birth bloodline makes in referring to people. Its not a trick question, I just dont understand your distinction between gentile Christians and Jewish Christians. I wasnt aware there was any difference.
  10. I know. Hence my asking for clarification from @Bethaon a term she uses frequently on these boards. Unfortunately, it looks like I am not going to get an answer from her. I dont see why the word 'gentiles' is used by her, as all Christians - Jews and Gentiles - are called Christians, with no distinction between us.
  11. I am not making it a personal issue, I used myself as an example of someone who is Jewish by birth, but is also a Christian. You use the term gentiles and Christians in many threads. I just wanted clarification of what you mean and who you are terming 'gentiles and Christians'. That is all. I will assume you are not going to clarify. peace to you.
  12. Yuletide pig roasts have been done for centuries, due to it being the right weather to kill the pig which has been fattened all year, and a celebration that the pig will feed the family all through most of the winter by being salted, or bacon and hams being made. Nothing to do with any religious subject, just practicality.
  13. so do you also use the term Jewish and Christians as well for someone like me who is of Jewish descent but also a Christian? Honest question, its not a distinction I have seen before.
  14. I am saved. I remain saved even as i sin due to my human flesh. I repent and say to God that I acknowledge my human sinfulness, and am sorry for the times when I am sinful, in the knowledge that my sins will be forgiven by Him. In the same way that a loving parent knows when their child has done wrong, often not in cold deliberation but due to thoughtlessness or a sinful nature, but says sorry, secure in the knowledge that their parent will forgive them. This cushions the consequences for that sin, which cant be escaped. I may still suffer, due to my sins, but I dont have to suffer the withdrawal of Gods love and approval as well.
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