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  1. as I understand it, the sex act is a unique joining literally of two bodies into one - the two become one flesh at that time - and is therefore reserved for those who are married and have been joined spiritually before God.
  2. can you tell me where that symbol on the front of the video originated from please? I would like to find out more about who designed it and its origins.
  3. May I ask, do you mean from the viewpoint of a non-American?
  4. maryjayne

    How many schools, how many new situations?

    from the age of 18 months to 18 year, I moved house 20 times my schooling started at the age of 4 years old, and ended when I was 18 years old, and I went to 12 different schools in that time. mindblowing, now I look back on it. oh, and i have lived for 6 months or more in 6 different countries just during my childhood - up to the age of 18 years old.
  5. maryjayne

    So is weed a sin or not?

    hey, you are the one who came up with the definition I quoted, not me.
  6. maryjayne

    So is weed a sin or not?

    you mean - like anesthetics or similar? they affect our mental state. Or a drug induced coma for ICU patients? or any drug which causes drowsiness? no mention of mental state there.
  7. maryjayne

    So is weed a sin or not?

    how are you defining the word 'drug'?
  8. maryjayne

    So is weed a sin or not?

    many thanks for your reply David. Peace and Blessings to you to.
  9. maryjayne

    An atheist requires an answer

    so very much agree.
  10. maryjayne

    So is weed a sin or not?

    Nothing wrong with what I have said. Your attitude is astonishing in accusing me of condemnation. I see you have not read my other posts on this matter I have done neither of these things. I find your post strange and unpleasantly antagonistic. I am not unloving in either my posts here, or elsewhere. I suggest you get to know me better before attacking me.
  11. maryjayne

    So is weed a sin or not?

    I dont plan on taking this theme anywhere. I know where I stand on it, and what the Bible says.
  12. maryjayne

    An atheist requires an answer

    I dont see Christians on this forum saying "Yep, commit suicide, its OK, no worries" I DO see Christians on this forum saying "God reads all hearts and understands and will make that judgement call, but God loves you, this will pass, I am here for you"
  13. maryjayne

    So is weed a sin or not?

    Everything God created is Good. However, the man made concoctions and mixes and chemical alterations of some drugs, including legal drugs, are not using the ingredients as God created them, and are man made for evil purposes, likewise for some alcoholic drinks. God created flint, but using it to make a blade to murder is not good, whereas using the same blade to prepare food to eat is a good purpose. Intent, mans use of Gods Good provision, and mans alterations of God Good provision are important considerations.
  14. maryjayne

    Abuse, Not just Catholics

    would you mind clarifying what you meant by "the guilt of the ordeal" and the victim being "spiritually sick" as I dont want to jump to any assumptions from your post.
  15. maryjayne

    An atheist requires an answer

    My take on all this thread is that if we, in full possession of our senses and minds and hearts, deliberately and cold bloodily commit suicide - its a sin. If we are out of our minds with grief, pain, suffering, and literally mentally unwell enough to lose reality and perspective on life, we are in the grip of severe mental illness. It is death through illness. Death through Mental illness, just as any other death through any other illness. And is not a sin.