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  1. Is It a thing in the US that married couples, man and woman, are looked down on And married women are considered to have let feminism down?
  2. I have reread my replies to you and want to apologize if I seemed terse. I am so used to my AS family that I can get too direct and communicate in bullet points.
  3. Neither of those articles even mildly suggest any attempt to legalise such practices. The first link, at the bottom paragraph, stresses that adoption by sex offenders will not be considered. The second link is a historical retrospective of a book on the subject and again, at the end, stresses the harm done to children. Let's stick to accurate reporting on this subject. There is no hint of legalisation attempts going on.
  4. Where has it said people are trying to make sex with children lawful?
  5. Your whole remaining underlined original post is still linking to the video.
  6. I do not consider anyone violated by another person's lust to be tainted by sin.
  7. Removing everything just worked for me. See above
  8. You open edit, make the deletion s, press 'save' under the reason for edit box - job done. I just did a test on an old post of mine to make sure it works.
  9. So how did you edit it for typos? Just remove the words, that's all you need to do.
  10. No, I mean you edit it just as you do for typos.
  11. PS you may have to do it word by word,
  12. Underneath every post we make it say edit. Click on that and it lets you edit what you wrote. You can delete everything on the post.
  13. Remove the writing or delete your first post.
  14. Read my previous post. Go to your first post on here and delete the writing, and the link. Easy
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