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  1. I have not had a church to attend for years. Over time I have found, or been led to, other Christian women, and we fellowship and worship together online, due to our geographical and/or health issues. It works well.
  2. Can you tell me where that quote is from please?
  3. I think people were healthier and more genetically pure than we are now.
  4. It is possible that people grew, matured and aged over a much longer period of time then. Puberty could take 100 years, for example.
  5. Well, it's not a spiritual request, for spiritual reason, is it?
  6. I don't know. When we have to go to central London to work we pray for an easy journey and parking. Isn't that the same?
  7. One of my friends has 6 rottweilers. They are all rescue dogs. When I visit I get knocked down by them as they rush up for cuddles. They are wonderful!!!
  8. Hello again, I am just using the brown preventer and spacer this week and next week, then I see the nurse again. Is there a way of stopping the first breath feeling like it has hit the back of my throat, making me feel panicky? I think my technique is right, judging from the asthma UK video for tidal breathing, but some you are very experienced with this, and may have insider suggestions please .
  9. I, my husband, and two of my children learned to read and write by the age of three. Two of us are ambidextrous, the other two are left handed. However, two of us couldn't walk until our third year, and two of us were mute until nearly 4 years old. The mute ones had no issues with understanding speech from others. My third children had a textbook normal development, except for dyslexia, and is right handed. Humans are fascinating!!!
  10. How long has this behaviour been going on? It is often assumed that only one person, of a couple, develops dementia or similar at a time. But it can happen to both during the same timeframe. I am not suggesting you are assuming anything, I am making a general point. There could also be undiagnosed mental or physical health issues, for either or both, which are not getting picked up.
  11. Just as an aside, if I were to use a linen warp and a wool weft, the resulting fabric would distort. It would also shrink unevenly when washed, and wear unevenly in use. For all practical purposes the fabric would be useless. This is still true today. I suspect there is also a symbolic reason for the prohibition?
  12. I don't know the situation, so please excuse me if I have misunderstood. Do you ever talk to the woman on her own about this? Who rings you or contacts you about the violence? Who starts the violence, physical and yelling? I just wonder, having spent many years helping domestic abuse sufferers, if somehow having conversations with you is letting one of them accept blame for something which isn't their fault. Also, Stockholm syndrome is a powerful thing. Blessings to you
  13. I live in a valley between two sets of hills. It is dry and windy here most of the time. I often see the rain clouds pass over the valley and pour down over the hills.
  14. https://www.nichd.nih.gov/newsroom/releases/042115-podcast-child-abuse https://defendinnocence.org/myth-abused-becoming-abusers/ https://www.livingwell.org.au/managing-difficulties/addressing-the-victim-to-offender-cycle/ Three to start with, for you to consider. Overwhelming evidence that the majority of those abused do not become abusers, whether they have a loving presence in their lives or not. I have worked in this field for decades, and am a survivor myself.
  15. No they don't. Some do, the minority. Most do not. Google the research. This sort of incorrect belief needs to be stopped. Many deliberately give their own children the opposite of what they had. And many use their experiences to enter caring roles, and supportive roles to help others.
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