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  1. BrotherIan

    Hello my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

    Welcome Home.
  2. BrotherIan

    Alcoholics Anonymous?

    Thanks for sharing your Story. My Story is a little Different to yours. I grew up going to church every Sunday, and Attending a Christian High School. I was a defiant student, especially in Religous education class. I believed, maybe there was a God, but i had a life to live, and didn't want to waste time with R/E I left school, and went working around the Country side, from Shearing sheds, Cotton farms, Engineering shops, and just being a drifter. I used to have the Phrase, Work hard, Drink hard. Little did i know at the time i was pre disposed to Alcoholism. My Grandfathers, were both in the War's you see, and liked a drink after the War . I end up in Rehab at aged 18, because a Kind Employer, seen i had a Problem, and gave me the ultimatum to get help, or get fired from work. I went to rehab, and AA, but something stirred within, i wasn't finished with the Party yet. I traveled again, and at 32 yrs old, alcohol was taking a heavy toll, on my life. I returned to Rehab. I then started to Talk to Jesus, and asked him to be my best friend i would go into the cathedral, when it was vacant, and lye on the wooden seats and cry, my eyes out. Mentally/Physically /Spiritually bank rupt. I lye on the bed one day in rehab and scratched with a nail in to the concrete wall, GOD HELP ME. I Prayed and said i will meet you half way, i shall give my all, and can you help with the rest Please. I forgot my end of the deal, when i got well, even though i had tasted serenity to a small degree whilst there. and another Bender followed, a few years later, i returned to AA, was a relief hearing about people's stories i used to think " HEY" they just took my thunder that's my story i was going to tell. Relief at last, and finally the ears opened, i related to these AA people, i seen there sensitivity in which was instilled in me, i heard what tools they used to combat, the restlessness, irritable, and discontent that sometimes popped up in there recovery. and prevented them from taking the First drink or becoming a dry Drunk. And yes it was all about GOD. But also it was about cleaning up the Past, going and making amends to people i had Hurt. It was about looking at my Character defects, where had i been selfish, self seeking, inconsiderate, unkind, the resentments i had harnessed, and taking stock, it was about, Helping other alcoholics, it was a selfless program and what a sigh of relief i was starting to feel . Sure i was going to Church inclusive, but no one there knew how i really ticked, i had to do my AA meetings to be around folk like me, that had this Disease of Alcoholism, i had to be reminded, where i came from, learn new tools to keep me arrested from picking up the first drink. Years went by, i tried to educate myself and found myself Bullied/harrased, poisioned, drugged, intimidated, Physicaly mentally harmed, stalked, friends were silenced from me, by A few government officals and there side Kicks , relating to reporting them for there conduct many years earlier in my drinking days, Tortured twice by them, i was encouraged to neck myself Accused years after that of things i had not done, my life threatened, Intimidated for years after that. Then last year, my body could not cope anymore, i had not been drinking for 8 years, and eating well, but i had a Heart attack, from the fear i injured and was about to pass out, i gasped "GOD HELP ME" and came good. I went 3 days living scared in my house, with a ruptured artery not knowing this and to frightened to go to Hospital. Got the courage, and went to Hospital, had surgery, returned home, and had 2 amazing Epiphanys happen in my Lounge room, right next to where i had my heart attack. I recently posted Photos of what i captured on camera, but later felt the need to take photos off line. I ian 100% know there is a Loving GOD, i am at rest now, and no one can hurt me, they may try, but believe me they will have to answer to God and there conscience will never rest, if they don't Repent , and i PRAY to God they Repent to him for there Transgressions. Like i said, coming from from a Kid at School, that was defiant about the Bible, to a Man today that Loves God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit my Faith is Unshakeable, it is set in Concrete, my Faith is going to the grave with me, Thank you God for showing me You are Present and the Creator, and thank you AA for the tools and understanding i have today, to never pick up that first drink, and live in Harmony with my Fellow brothers and Sisters. Amen Love Brotherian 12/10/2018 1.15PM
  3. BrotherIan

    Alcoholics Anonymous?

    Hi Kristen. Great Question. 1 in 10 people are born with Alcoholism If there's 200 people living in your street, 20 are Alcoholic. They may all not be excessive drinkers, one might be a high court judge, another a garbage collecter, another a school teacher and there might be a few unemployed that drink around the clock., Alcoholism doesn't discriminate, with Job title. Those that find AA only, 1 in 5 remain abstinent from Alcohol (Ethenol) that stuff you put in your car. Those that remain sober, go on to live a productive and happier life. They have learn't to forgive other's and continue to do there own Personal Inventory , they commence service work, or reach out to the still suffering Alcoholic. (I am sure Jesus Loves this) Bill W was the Founder of AA in 1935, shortly before that, he had a Epiphany in hospital after being three days sober. Not many had hope for him before that, but that moment in Hospital changed his Life forever. He was a stock brocker on Wall Street intelligent Man, and a Atheist, untill that night when God made himself Present. AA has restored thousand's of lifes since. I have seen People that were written off from society, only to go on and live there Dreams, become Editors of large Magazine Company's etc etc, Familys reunited, children with there spirit back, thanks to AA. AA is Great, because you are mixing with people with a common thread, people that have walked in your shoes. They know what your going through, it's like you don't go talk to a Doctor, when your Car breaks down, you go talk to a Mechanic. It's like trying to describe the taste of a Guava, to someone that's never tasted that fruit. Alcoholics are born very sensitive people, they will often give the shirt off there back, they are beautiful hearted people thats why we drank, we didn't want to feel the pain of the World. Alcoholism Preys on people with wonderful Gifts from God. So AA is all about putting God into your Life, every step of step 12, is walked in unison with God. There's a saying. You can go through the suffering of change, or go through suffering the way you are. AA works, i am a Living example, just about to get 10 years sober early next year, and Gratefull to God, and those in AA that reached out to me. The only Friends today i have in my Life, are Christian Friends and my Loyal AA mates, they have proved there Friendship from the unconditional love they shone upon me. I wish my old Drinking mates, had found AA, but there Deceased unfortunately. I hope this Message has helped with your Question. Blessings Friend.
  4. BrotherIan

    Photo's of Holy Spirit.

    Hi. As a few may know from reading my first few post's what actually happened during and after my Heart attack, i have some screen shots of Photos taken from video camera. This Proof gives us all Hope, and Proves God is Remarkable, and loves everyone. Blessings. B/i http://s1244.photobucket.com/user/brotherian/slideshow/
  5. BrotherIan

    A Tune i Dreamed of.

    Whilst having a Siesta one Afternoon, i heard a Tune in my Dream. I live in the Quiet Country side, and there was total silence around me. The Tune woke me eventually, and i sat up whistled the tune, and immediately wrote some words to the tune, that i felt inspired to write. Has taken a lot of Courage to post this, because i never sing, and know i never will be a You Tube Spectacular.🎼
  6. BrotherIan

    urgent prayer request

    I have just read some Loving advice. Mix with Christian People, and when your feeling under attack, Visualize Jesus, kicking Satan into the Fiery Lake of Sulphur. (Revelations 20:10) and know that evil has been done away with, and a Loving World is about to appear, free of sin and suffering. Live in the Moment embrace it. Jesus teaches this in Mathew, for our sake. Mathew 6:25-34 Praying for you.
  7. BrotherIan

    Isolation in the home.

    Hi Mary Jane Sure i can Pray for you. Hope your Circumstances become much better for you. I know what it's like to isolate, i then realized, Aloneness was a time to be spent in meditation with God. And when i felt lonliness , i reverted back to Aloneness. 🙂 Am sure there would be a fellowship of Brothers and Sisters, that do visitations in your area. Surely someone, also would be delighted to share bible study within your home weekly, its worth looking into. And something to look forward to each week. Take care, and keep your chin up. Blessings. B/I
  8. Under Water Digital Painting. Commissions Welcome. http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg574/brotherian/treesandbarkgmail_zpsdjpcqj6z.jpg
  9. Seven - Deadly - Sins Painting by BrotherIan Digital Artist, Commission's Welcome. http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg574/brotherian/treesandbarkgmail_zpscklq4chs.jpg
  10. Seven- Deadly -Sins . Painting by BrotherIan http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg574/brotherian/treesandbarkgmail_zpscklq4chs.jpg
  11. BrotherIan

    Am I cursed/hexed?

    Be Courageous, Mate, stay strong. What i do when someone persecutes me, or i feel i am under attack, is go and help a random person, in the street, any where. Go and talk to the oppressed in the street's ( reverse it). But a $2.00 lotto ticket, walk up to someone that you are drawn to help, Say excuse me i want to do a random act of Kindness today for some one, and i just selected you, i bought this lotto ticket and would like you to have it. Your Love and generosity, will alight the amber within them. Give them hope, that there's is nice people like you around, Love can only blossom in someone if they are shown Love, this is what Jesus Taught. If someone Cuts me out in the traffic aggresively, i make sure i don't get up tight and angry i reverse it, and look for an opportunity to let someone into the traffic. I feel better, they usually have a relieved, and grateful look on there face, and when they get home to there kids, they don't transmit it. Transform what is going on in your life, don't transmit it. Jesus said, they persecuted me, they will persecute you. But keep strong, and your Heavenly Father will reward you in the end. I have a saying " My happiness doesn't depend on the Approval of other's" Only my Creator. Peace Brother.
  12. Hi Friends 6 years ago, before i had come to Know the Bible, i was inspired to do a Art piece that resonated within. Free Hand drawn, and Digitally Painted in Poster size. I am offering a Free Poster, to anyone that can Interpret my thinking behind the Painting, or please give your own Interpretation's. If it's not your Kind of Painting to hang in your home that's fine, there is only one other, ever printed Limited edition. Please Join in. Perhaps if it's ok with the Forum Manager?, this Competition can go until the end of December 2018. Interpretations begins now. click on link below, then when it takes you to Photo Bucket will have to click > forward then , back < to see full Image.
  13. BrotherIan


    Thanks for the Warm Welcome Shanee. Its Great to find Home. 🎇
  14. BrotherIan


    Hi Brothers and Sisters I would like to share a real life experience i had. Last year i narrowly survived a Heart attack, in front of my indoor fire place. As i was having the Heart Attack, a silver fog filled my vision, i was losing consciousness, and could feel my 2 dogs fussing around my feet. I gasped " GOD HELP ME" in what seemed was going to be my last breath, and words i would ever speak. I came out of it, and drove into town to Hospital. I was told days later, my blood results had shown, and indicating i should be dead. The next week i was released from Hospital, and went home. I awoke, around 2am one morning, days later, crying and lying on my mattress, i had put in front of my wood fire. I started to Pray, and thank God, Jesus for saving me. I noticed a spiral, appear within the fire, behind the glass, and was suprised, I went and grabbed my Video Camera from the Kitchen and returned to the living room, and sat on the side of the mattress and began to record and kept praying. slowly as minutes passed, the spiral started to turn into a Beautiful Heart, Intense in color's of red. So i thought this was beautifull, and just a coincidence. Days Followed, and one evening after burning a wooden object, then going to the kitchen to get a glass of water, i noticed a intense Amber (yellow) reflection, reflecting off the kitchen window from within the house, i thought "what" the lounge room must be alight, running to the lounge room, i heard crackling, and hissing noises, and ash was getting sprayed at fast intervals onto the glass door of the fire, my friend that had came to stay with me, to assist in my recovery was sitting in a sofa, with an awe look on his face. I then noticed a distinced Image of Christ's face had been stained onto the Glass door of my fire place, i said "Hey you see that? Pointing at the fire place, he said YER, i asked what do you see then? He replied that's Jesus. I ran to the Kitchen and retrieved the video Camera, hurried back to the lounge room and started to record. So the next couple of months i was compelled to walk the streets in my neighbouring town's and seek the Oppressed, the unfortunate, even the Wealthy, to show them, this recording. No one to date, has dismissed what they have seen with the Heart of flames, and Image of Jesus Christ, one atheist did put up a challenge, but in the end he said, yer i believe there's something out there. Sometime soon i will upload these 2 videos on my new You Tube site. I believe this wasn't intended specifically just for me, but whom ever wants to Believe we do have a Creator, and his Loving son Jesus Christ. Thank you for letting me share this, Though most of all Thank You GOD, and Jesus, AMEN.