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  1. She is a believer but not baptized (yet) because her family are all atheists. She believes because of her encounter with Jesus when she was little. I was trying to make a different point than I came across as making, I suppose.
  2. Jesus cast 7 demons out of Mary Magdalene before she joined and followed him (presumably she was a prostitute) Sometimes the enemy can hold people captive who God desires to use.
  3. I mean... I think the fact she told me on her own "I trust my Lord and savior Jesus Christ" means it passed. How exactly do I test it? "So... were you sent to me from Satan to deceive me and destroy me?" "Dang. You got me. Boss, he knows!"
  4. Y'all don't understand lol. If I wanted to find "someone", I would just find someone. Or get a hooker. A prostitute is "someone"... God told me and confirmed through others there is a "daughter of the most high" coming to me so we can fulfill our destiny serving/ministering together. A particular woman, not just someone. Since I had a feeling for some reason I was looking for a "Magdalene", and her name is Madeleine...
  5. If you were demon "possessed" you would not be in control of your actions and maybe not even self aware to an extent "Oppression" and "possession" are two different things. If she told you that you are possessed, she doesn't know what she's talking about.
  6. That was due to a voice i heard one night say someone's name (Hosanna) but we we're never actually together. I was confused about what I heard, but that person was never actuallt interested in me. Yes, i know "Hosanna" also means "Salvation has come" or more literally from Hebrew "Save, please" so very well may not have been a name i heard spoken to me.
  7. No it has not, not with so many signs like this. *Rejection in general? Yes. Constantly.
  8. That's the point. Not normal does not mean impossible. What the Virgin Mary went through with Gabriel was not "normal" either. Not comparing her to the Virgin Mary, but I'm just saying. People are always scared of what they don't understand. Me? I crave what I don't understand. I don't feel a purpose otherwise. Not at home in THIS world.
  9. I know. I have been doing both. Not praying for her to change her mind, but against whatever evil spirit is working through her family and that man
  10. I wasn't saying otherwise, but I can see how the Devil used him to split us up. Then the Devil planted in her mind at the same time "All the attacks you are going through are because of Pearce. If you leave Pearce, it will stop." Not exactly a lie. Just clever. I know how that SOB the devil works. I know his methods.
  11. I truly believe I heard correctly. I have already had very bizarre words spoken over me in the past, most notably "You are him!!" It all made sense when i met her. I was thanking God. I have been praying for her constantly but nothing has changed (yet)
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