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  1. This person you refer to is separated from the Catholic Church as is every other protestant denomination. So, is this person any different from you? A wealth of knowledge. And some were taught by the Apostles themselves. Ignatius of Antioch was John's disciple. Read what he has to say. It appears your comprehension is lacking. If you could be more specific with your misunderstandings I will try to help if I can.
  2. Yes, the bible is a product of the Catholic Church.
  3. 1517: Luther initiated reformation and 5 million souls leave the Church. 1531: Our Lady of Guadeloupe appears and 9 million join. Just another example where Our Lady win a battle against the forces of evil.
  4. Let the original poster decide. The questions raised may be the grace of God acting to bring him/her home to His Church
  5. God allows suffering in all our lives. God also allows some to suffer more than others. According to Paul, His grace is sufficient in all cases. Why does God allow someone to have the wounds of Christ? I would say Love. As far as miracles, I would suggest you research Eucharistic miracles. Many are substantiated by secular source. Start with one of the most famous "Lanciano" God Bless
  6. Wrong. I know that within the last 100 years or so that this position has gained populatity, but it ain't true Jesus said to them, "Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God
  7. The term Catholic works is confusing to me. Might I suggest we both keep our prejudices at bay while we work through this. Neither can I or anyone else You can however strive for perfection. Through the grace of God you can better yourself. You can continually make sin less frequent. You can work out your salvation with fear and trembling (St Paul). You can respond to His graces and be pleasing to Him. You can judge others as you would like to be judged. By responding to His grace, we change our inner person. As you should. Without Christ and His sacrafice, we are all hopelessly lost. I dont think the bible does teach eternal security. St. Paul frequently write of "Hope". The Gospels convey what will happen when the Master returns and finds unworthy severants. As St James writes, we need faith and works. His epistle nicely lays out the need of both faith and works.
  8. Agreed. I never said it was. I just ask you during our discussion not to quote from an anti Catholic website. It seeks to be a quite popular thing to do around here. Ok. On not sure how this expanded explanation of you original post addresses my post on how the Church teaches we are saved by Grace. Yes, otherwise posts be too large and cumbersome....easy to get off topic. Ok, I'll start. The Church teaches that salvation is through His sacrafice on the Cross. It is through His grace freely given. Man can do nothing to earn His grace. Man can of course accept or reject the free gift of His grace. That's enough for now. Your turn.
  9. You seem to subscribe to non biblical ideas. And what is funny you quote Trent with what appears not the slightest understanding. Here is some more from Trent. HOW THE GRATUITOUS JUSTIFICATION OF THE SINNER BY FAITH IS TO BE UNDERSTOOD But when the Apostle says that man is justified by faith and freely,[44] these words are to be understood in that sense in which the uninterrupted unanimity of the Catholic Church has held and expressed them, namely, that we are therefore said to be justified by faith, because faith is the beginning of human salvation, the foundation and root of all justification, without which it is impossible to please God[45] and to come to the fellowship of His sons; and we are therefore said to be justified gratuitously, because none of those things that precede justification, whether faith or works, merit the grace of justification. For, if by grace, it is not now by works, otherwise, as the Apostle says, grace is no more grace.[46] So, instead of listing websites, if you want to take one topic at at time, Iwould be more than happy to engage in a discussion with you. But I am not going to engage in a discussion against some anti Catholic website.
  10. None of these anathemas are at odds with what I posted.
  11. Exactly, he doesnt need to convince me.
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